5 reasons not to visit Opatija in summer

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Opatija is a seaside resort town on the east coast of Istria. Back in the 19th century, Opatija has been a fashionable holiday resort for the international upper class. Today it is definitely not the holiday destination it used to be. In my opinion it is definitely not worth visiting in summer. Not to be completely harsh on this resort town, you can find out also the reasons why you should visit Opatija in spring and fall.

Reasons not to visit Opatija in summer

#1: Parking

If you don’t like spending hours searching for an available parking space, then you shouldn’t choose Opatija for your summer holidays in Croatia. Unlike other tourist destinations in Croatia, the town simply doesn’t have enough parking spaces to fulfill summer demand. To find a parking spot, especially one close to your hotel, is a real hustle and often a mission impossible.

Opatija Beaches


#2: Beaches
If you like swimming and you think summer holidays are all about enjoying the sea, then you shouldn’t choose Opatija for your summer holidays in Croatia. Beaches are terrible, most of them just concrete platforms and the sea is very deep and thus cold right from the coast.

#3: Nightlife
If on your holidays you look for an array of nightlife hot spots, dancing from dusk ’til dawn, excellent after-parties and vibrant streets, then you shouldn’t choose Opatija for your summer holidays in Croatia. Its nightlife is almost nonexistent.

Cloudy Opatija

Cloudy weather

#4: Weather
If on your summer holidays, you simply don’t want a drop of rain, then you shouldn’t choose Opatija for your summer holidays in Croatia. The town has as many rainy days a year as Dublin Airport. That is a lot.

Scary hotels in Opatija

Scary hotels

#5: Historical hotels
If when choosing your hotel, you look for a perfect nice sleep on super-soft cotton linens, fluffy covers and plenty of pillows, don’t choose Opatija for your holidays. If you like sexy bathrooms with topnotch toiletries, glass walls and multiple shower-heads, then don’t risk with hotels in this destination.

Opatija hotel bathroom

Even scarier hotel’s bathrooms

Many hotels in Opatija still have bathrooms with clingy curtains, beds with sagging mattresses, room temperature at 35 degrees Celsius with no air-conditioner or a way to cool it down. Many hotels date back from the early 19th century and in some of them you still feel it is a 19th century.

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  1. Hi Frank G., I live in Opatija and I agree with you 110%. And you just touched the tip of the iceberg: outdoor advertisements with no regulation at all, garbage along the streets and roads, many unfinished buildings and construction sites and new urban-villa like architecture that looks ugly.

  2. #3 if you have an apartment in the center is not a good place for a good night sleep either! some of the hotels and bars play horribly loud live music until 2 am…. its an absolute nightmare…

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