Hotel Lone Restaurant L, Rovinj

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Hotel Lone Restaurant L is the latest addition to Rovinj restaurant scene. Located in a newly built, unique, design hotel Lone, restaurant L features young chef Priska Thuring. Priska Thuring is one of Croatia’s most hotly tipped young chefs, praised for her innovative yet simple cooking. Restaurant L seeks to position itself as unpretentious, yet elegant, fine dining establishment with fusion food designed to delight the eye and palate.

Frank recently went to the Hotel Lone Restaurant L for a lunch. Priska just created her new menu for the season 2013. Frank had a perfect timing and was excited to taste the new culinary art, created by this young chef.

Hotel Lone Restaurant L Rovinj - Smoked Duck Breast

Smoked Duck Breasts

The place was rather empty, but it didn’t bother. Frank had a company of 6 in his group. Enough to enlighten the place with laughter and lively conversation. It is a fair size restaurant accommodating 200 people. Interior is slick and modern. Restaurant’s terrace is superb with lots of space between the tables ensuring the privacy.

Hotel Lone Restaurant L Rovinj - Spinach Cream Soup

Spinach Cream Soup

Hotel Lone Restaurant L Meal

Frank doesn’t know if there is a printed menu at restaurant L. If so, he wasn’t given one. The waiter introduced daily menu, actually two menus, meat and fish menu. Frank’s entire party went for fish menu, that actually did include some meat :-). Starter included smoked duck breast with beluga lentil and tomato relish. Served on the black plate with burning cinnamon stick, it was a perfectly prepared and designed dish. Everything was extremely tasty and harmonious. Waiter suggested Bolfan Rhein Riesling 2009, top quality semi-dry white wine, bronze winner of 2011 Decanter World Wine Award. The wine was delicious.

Hotel Lone Restaurant L Rovinj - Halibut Fillet

Main Course: Fish Fillet

The meal continued with a spinach soup accompanied with tofu and rice noodles. The dish was introduced as playful experience, where you first add tofu to the soup, and afterwards you add rice noodles. Idea seeking to give you impression of eating two different soups. Well taught, perfectly cooked, and attractively presented.
The main dish consisted of a white fish fillet served on a bed of green peas and horse bean. Frank would love to tell you which fish he ate, but he has not a clue. All that he remembers that it is a north Atlantic white fish, similar to hake. And that it was delicious. Food was accompanied with local white wine Coronica Gran Malvasia.

Hotel Lone Restaurant L Rovinj - Dessert

Dessert at restaurant L: Apple Jelly

Dessert was a bit disappointed. Here Frank finds that the creation and the eye catching presentation, being different and unique, went ahead of just serving dessert that people will love. Apple jelly served in a glass jar wasn’t particularly taste. And while it looked great in the jar, it wasn’t easy to reach it and eat it. It did come with a delicious doughnut.

Hotel Lone Restaurant L Rovinj - Terrace

Terrace of restaurant L

All in all, Hotel Lone Restaurant L in Rovinj, lived to Frank’s expectations. Highly recommended.


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  1. That is a good restaurant there, but i like more Wine Vault in nearby hotel Monte Mulini, Lone is too futuristic for me …

    • frankaboutcroatia says:

      I didn’t have a chance to eat in Wine Vault, but I am very looking forward. As soon as it reopens, I am planing on checking it out. As for Lone, I didn’t think it would be that good. The truth is the food was really excellent. The only downside was that the place wasn’t very busy. This makes every restaurant look a bit sad.

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