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Riva, Split seafront promenade with a church bell and palace walls in the back

Split Croatia Travel Guide

Split Croatia is the largest town in Dalmatia and second-largest in all Croatia (after Zagreb). A typical Mediterranean city, Split has a small-town vibe, lots of murmurs and easy-going locals (Did you know that in Dalmatia locals use a word pomalo (take it easy) as a greeting?).
Driving in Croatia: All you need to know

Driving in Croatia

If you are visiting Croatia for the first time, you might wonder what driving in Croatia might be like.  Don't worry about it! Here in this guide, you will find all you need to know if you plan to drive in Croatia.
Split Accommodation: Where To Stay In Split | Croatia Accommodation Guide

Where to stay in Split Croatia

In this Split accommodation guide, we'll try to help you choose the best place to stay in Split. We cover everything from different Split neighborhoods, pros, and cons for each type of accommodation in Split, and other tricks and tips to make you choose where to stay in Split Croatia.
Rovinj Hotel Guide | The Best Hotels In Rovinj

Rovinj Hotel Guide: Best Hotels In Rovinj

Our Rovinj hotel guide lists all hotels in Rovinj detailing their pros and cons in order to help you choose the best hotel in Rovinj for your holidays.
Car Rental in Croatia | Croatia Travel Tips

Car Rental In Croatia: All You Need To Know About Renting A Car In Croatia

We get lots of inquiries regarding car rental Croatia. So, we’ve decided to write this detailed car hire Croatia guide. If you plan on renting a car in Croatia, you’ll find here all you need to know about car rental in Croatia, from reasons to rent, recommended types of vehicle, car rental companies, rates, to our best car rental Croatia tips and deals.
What To Do in Dubrovnik Croatia | Croatia Travel Guide & Blog

Things To Do In Dubrovnik in 2020

For all of you who plan on staying in Dubrovnik, we've gathered this extensive list of things to do in Dubrovnik. We've done the hard part, we've kayaked, cliff-jumped drank wine, cruised on a motor yacht, tested local restaurants, so you don't have to :).
Things To Do in Split Croatia | Croatia Travel Guide & Blog

Top things to do in Split Croatia in 2020

In this article, we bring you a comprehensive guide on things to do in Split. Split is a typical Mediterranean town: vibrant, charming and fun.
34 Things To Know Before Traveling To Croatia | Croatia Travel Guide

Croatia Travel Guide 2020: 34 Things To Know Before Travelling To Croatia

When I think of Croatia, I associate it with small, safe, sublime, pebbles, islands, sea, countryside. The country has over a thousand islands, 8 national parks, 11 nature parks, over 6.000 km of coastline and ten World Heritage sites.
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Best travel money belt for international travel 2020

If you are looking for the best travel money belt that you can…