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Restaurant Hrast Porec Croatia | Croatia Restaurant Guide

Restaurant Hrast Porec

Restaurant Hrast Porec is often overlooked by many people, including…
Fish Stew (Brudet) | My Croatian Food & Other Recipes

Fish stew (for 4 persons)

Fish stew is a popular dish in the coastal Croatia. There are…
Mussels In A White Wine Recipe | My Croatian Food & Other Recipes

Mussels alla buzara

Mussels in a white wine sauce is very common dish in coastal…

Fish Cake (for 4 persons)

Fish cake is a Basque seafood recipe. It is simple, easy to make…

20 Istrian winemakers featured in Vinibuoni Guide 2012

This year, 20 Istrian winemakers are featured in prestigious…
Vinistra 2012

Nonexistent properties bookable at

/, you would probably agree with Frank, is the leading…
Labin Istria, City Walls

Labin, Istria

Labin, Istria (itl. Albona) is a top-hill town on the east coast…

Rabac, Istria

Rabac, a small town, on the east coast of Istria, gets quite…
Vinistra 2012

Vinistra - experience Istria's best wines

Vinistra, an international wine exhibition, is the official start…