Villa Meneghetti | Istria, Croatia

Villa Meneghetti Croatia: a wonderful getaway to Istrian countryside

Woo-hoo! what a day we had today in Istria! First of all the weather has been wonderful this past month. One of the best Indian summers we had in a long, long time. And since we knew that sunny days were counted (and that cold, rainy winter, like you only find in Istria, is just around the corner), we decided to get out and enjoy a full day in the nature.

Restaurant Peteani (ex. Riva) in Labin Croatia | Croatia Restaurant Guide

Croatia Eats: Restaurant Peteani Labin

Restaurant Peteani (ex. Riva in Plomin Luka), opened in 2016 in a lovely, family-run design hotel Peteani in Labin. The same family run a restaurant Riva in Plomin Luka for many years, but closed it prior to opening their new venture in Labin. 

Istralandia Water Park Istria Croatia | Croatia Things To Do

Istralandia Water Park, the first water park in Croatia

We’ve waited long time for the first water park in Istria, and now not only that Istralandia water park open its door, but there is another water park Aquacolors opening next year. I wonder if there is really demand¬†for two water parks in Istria, but Aquacolors will be very close to home, and hopefully it will help our apartment rent easily.