Wine, Olive oil, Cheese at Agrolaguna, Porec

Agrolaguna is a big company from Porec. The company has 65.000 olive trees planted on 220 ha on five locations near Porec; 520 ha of vineyards, farm with 800 sheep. It produces over 100 tons of extra virgin olive oil, over 100 tons of cheese, and over 2 millions liters of wine annually.

Cheese At Vodnjan Olive Oil Fair

7th Olive Oil Fair In Vodnjan

Olive Oil Fair in Vodnjan, Istria is happening every year in November, for 7 consecutive years. It's been around as long as Frank's been in Istria. But for some reason Frank has never attended the fair. Until this year.

Konoba Vodnjanka Vodnjan Croatia | Croatia Restaurant Guide

Konoba Vodnjanka in Vodnjan

Another weekend another restaurant – konoba Vodnjanka in Vodnjan near Pula. This post might appear confusing as the day itself was.

Belic Olive Oils: Oleum Viride

Olive Oil Tasting

I had another great experience – Extra Virgine Olive Oil Tasting in Istria. I went for olive oil tasting at Belic Family. Belic Family are one of the best olive oil producers in Istria. They produce 11 different extra virgin olive oils under the brand Oleum Viride. The name itself was used by ancient Romans for olive oil produced from medium ripe olives.

Restaurant Kukuriku in Kastav

Restaurant Kukuriku in Kastav

Another great meal at Restaurant Kukuriku in Kastav. I love Kukuriku. I've already been his fan for a while. In Kastav, a small town close to Opatija, owner, Nenad Kukurin, has two restaurants with completely different concepts, but equally great food.

Konoba Tramerka Volosko Croatia | Croatia Restaurant Guide

Konoba Tramerka

Weekend was approaching and I really had some good plans ahead, but Friday afternoon brought a surprise… and at first not a pleasant one. The working Saturday :-(.