Peperoncini-Anchovies Tapas | My Croatian Food & Other Recipes

Tapas of pepperoncini and anchovies

Tapas of pepperoncini and anchovies (Spanish: pintxo de guindilla y anchoas) is believed to be the original Basque tapas. Apparently, in one bar in the old part of San Sebastian, the owner used to serve olives, anchovies and pickled pepperoncini to his customers. One of the customers got the idea of combining them all on one spike.

Homemade Mayonnaise Recipe | My Croatian Food & Recipes

Homemade mayonnaise recipe

I love homemade mayonnaise. When I just moved to Europe, I couldn't find a good mayonnaise in the grocery stores. European mayonnaise is too sour for my taste. After tasting them all, I turned to a simple solution. I started making my own mayonnaise. Below I share my recipe for homemade mayonnaise.

Spanish Omelet Recipe | My Croatian Food & Other Recipes

Spanish omelet (Spanish tortilla)

Spanish omelet (Spanish tortilla) is a typical Spanish dish. It is one of the main picnic dishes in Spain. It is a delicious dish that can be served cold or warm. With a glass of chilled sangria, it is even better.

Fish Cake (for 4 persons)

Fish cake is a Basque seafood recipe. It is simple, easy to make and delicious. It is a great dish to have in a fridge over the summer. Frank's saying goes: it is better to have a fish cake in the fridge than money in the bank. If you like a seafood, you would certainly love fish cake.