Mali Bar Zagreb, a cozy bistro with yummy food

This was our second time to eat at the bistro Mali Bar Zagreb. But before we tell you about our experience at this wonderful tapas bar, we need to tell you a bit about Zagreb courtyards (something that deserves an entire post, and we plan to write it soon).

Mali Bar Zagreb | Photo credit: Mali Bar

Zagreb is full of interior courtyards. Many buildings in the Upper and Down town hide wonderful courtyards behind the facades; the entire squares where social interactions take place.

One such courtyard hides two awesome places to eat and hang out with friends: pizzeria Karijola, the best pizzeria in Zagreb making a thin crust pizza with unusual toppings; and Mali Bar.

Run by Croatian star chef, Ana Ugarkovic, Mali Bar is a cozy and unpretentious place that serves tapas-style dishes and has a great selection of Croatian wines by glass, and international beers.

The interior is designed with earthy and warm colors. The bistro has seven wooden tables and mismatched wooden chairs that create a playful and an easy-going atmosphere.

Food is simple, a fusion of yummy Croatian and Asian dishes, and super-fresh. The chef buys her ingredients daily at a local green market, or directly from local producers, and the menu changes accordingly.

Our experience at the Mali Bar Zagreb

We've eaten here at two occasions, both times at lunchtime. And both times food was simply mouthwatering.

Ana's spring peas soup was one of the best we've ever eaten. Thick, and creamy, this soup came with raw young green peas, basil and chamomile.

Mali Bar Zagreb | A yummy pea soup

Chinese pot-sticker dumplings filled with meat, shrimps and pok choi were delicious. Veggies tempura was light and delicate. It consisted of fresh asparagus, zucchini flowers, carrots, and parsley. I don't even like parsley, but found it delicious when made this way.

On earlier occasion we had a chance to taste grilled tomino cheese on a bed of endive, radicchio, and lettuce. Simple and yummy! Then, roasted cod fillet served with potato & green garlic mash and a spicy tomato sauce. Cod was awesome, but we went crazy on that mash. We've also eaten here the best fish & chips … ever. A hake fish was fried in a beer batter. Fish was light and crispy on the outside, and moist and soft on inside. Really, really excellent!

Mali Bar Zagreb | Just some of dishes we've tasted at the Mali Bar

Desserts here are also great. You can always find three to four different daily desserts. We've tasted passion fruit crème brulée, carob & chocolate cake, and white chocolate & hazelnut cake.

Final verdict: We are seriously in love with Mali Bar's food. This place simply speaks to us. Many of our friends complain that portions here are way too small, and prices are high. However, I think they are missing completely the point. Food here is super-fresh and yummy, innovative, but yet simple. Yes, portions are small, but in a tapas-style bar you are meant to eat many small portions of different dishes. Price range from 35 kn to 120 kn, and majority of dishes cost around 70 kn. House wine, Pilato's Istarska Malvazija (white wine) and a blend of teran and cabarnet sauvignon (red wine), costs 10 kn a glass. Other Croatian wine costs around 25 kn a glass.

Expect to pay around 200 kn per person for a meal with a glass of house wine.

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Mali Bar Zagreb: Location & Contacts


Contacts | a: Vlaska 63, Zagreb | t: +385 1 5531 014 | e: | Facebook:

Working hours | Mon-Sat: 12 pm-12 am | Sunday closed

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