Rabac, an Istrian seaside town with crystal clear sea

Simona, an Italian blogger from BagniDalMondo, visited Rabac last summer. And we were delighted when she accepted to share her experience of Rabac with us and our readers. The best part of blogging is getting to know other great bloggers, and making friends along the way. Here is Simona’s story.

Rabac Holidays: Crystal clear sea
Crystal clear sea in Rabac

Bagni dal Mondo visited Rabac – this is their story

Last summer I spent a week in Rabac, with the only aim of switching off my brain and enjoying the clear sea I had read about.

It was my first time in Croatia. It could sound a little bit strange for those who live near Istria but I usually go on holiday in southern Italy so those places were totally unknown to me. My boyfriend and me heart the sea. We both were born in Naples and we miss the smell and the color of the sea very much. Rabac remembered us the places where we used to go on holiday when we were children. I don’t know why… and maybe I wouldn’t be able to explain this feeling in words.

Rabac Holidays: Gorgeous apartment
Apartments Rabac – our “home” in Rabac

The Apartment | I found a beautiful flat on the top of Rabac Hills while surfing on the net. A recently renovated apartment 1 km far from the main beaches of this little village. Cozy and clean, it was bigger than our house (!) so I was very happy  to spend some time at home. The flat had a big bathroom with an enormous design shower zone (you have to know that bathroom design is my passion and job). We also had a terrace, free WiFi and a car park. The owners, Ivana and her husband, are a couple of young home owners who rent many other apartments in Rabac. We are still in contact with them (next week my parents-in-law will go there!), they are very nice!

Rabac Holidays: Beautiful beaches
Beautiful pebble beaches in Rabac

Rabac and the seaside | Rabac has a lot of small bays with free rock beaches. As they are quite small,  they’re usually quiet, especially the ones on the left side of the hill (that side is a little bit windy then the sea is slighter). We had heard about “Girandella Beach”, the coolest bay, but it was not our “style”. You know, loud music, young guys dancing all the time…

Do you know what I did not like of Rabac? Its cold water!! I must confess: I’ve never had a complete swim! What a shame!!

Rabac Holidays: our favorite Bay
Our favorite bay inrabac

Boat excursion and the coast | The coast around Rabac is breathtaking! We chose the boat excursion that took us to the Island of Cres, I think nobody should miss it! We caught the “Pyrates Boat” :). You can eat grilled fish and salad on the boat while reaching the island, and there’s also a stop in a wonderful bay where it’s possible to bathe and relax.

Rabac Holidays: Fish picnic
Fish picnic is a popular excursion in Rabac

Around Rabac | We were too curious to taste some typical istrian food so we tried different restaurants. I remember “Due Fratelli” (located 2-3 km from the center) where we had a chance to try fantastic fresh (and low coast!) sea food. We also tried a local restaurant suggested by our home owners where to eat typical meat dishes (such as Cevapcici).  It was no easy to find but… after 3 or 4 answers to locals and car up-and-down we finally got it! Unfortunately I did not remember its name.

Rabac holidays: Visit to Cres
Visit to Cres

We also visited Labin (an historical village overlooking Rabac) and its old town. It’s very small but it’s typical and you can eat something in one of its characteristic restaurants.

Coming back to Rabac… there are a lot of restaurants and small shops where you can have a drink, a pizza, a kebab or simply buy some souvenirs. There’s a seaside promenade where you can walk and relax in the evening, but… to be honest, you can’t do more.

I think that Rabac is a place for families and for the ones who want to relax for a few days.

If you like (as we do) to move and visit the surroundings, you have to take your car and drive for at least 10 km. For example, we went to Pula to visit the Arena but it takes one hour by car more or less.

Would I go back to Rabac? Well, I think so, but maybe just for a few days (not for a whole week) just to relax.

We are so happy that Simona took time to share with us her experience and impressions on Rabac. We hope you enjoyed reading it. Please check Simona’s blog – Bagni dal Mondo. You can also connect with her on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

How does Rabac sound to you? Would you visit it (at least for these gorgeous beaches and crystal clear sea). Let us know in comments below.


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28 thoughts on “Rabac, an Istrian seaside town with crystal clear sea”

  1. Croatia is truly a beautiful country. Having traveled there a great deal some years ago (last time in 2013), the beauty of the beaches, islands and the people are a draw for another return May-June-July of 2016.


  2. Thanks for your comment, Virna! Rabac is gorgeous, and it’s got the best beaches in the entire Istria.

  3. As someone who is from Rabac, I am always curious as to what others have to say about this beautiful place. It is true, Rabac the way it is now is not the same the way it was in the late 80s and possibly 90-91. There was music everywhere, clubs…now it has gotten more quiet, but what we may lack in night entertainment, we make up with beautiful nature that surrounds the entire area. And yes, the water really is that clear and inviting!

  4. That sounds like an amazing place to visit! It’s quite interesting that you chose Rabac for your first first to Croatia, since most people choose Dubrovnik or Split. It’s great you could share your experience with us and show us the Croatian coast never disappoints!

  5. Rabac looks like a sweet relaxing getaway. I love the idea of the small quiet beaches. I would like to see the rock beaches and the water is gorgeous. Simona described it wonderfully. Thanks for sharing!

  6. It feels like I say this in response to each of your posts but that water! I can’t believe how bright blue and clear it is – I want to go for a dip right now!

    Again a city we haven’t had the chance to visit but looks incredibly inviting. I like the sound of a town that is family friendly, although we don’t have kids Travis and I really enjoy a quieter, more laid back atmosphere :)

  7. Simona, Rabac sounds actually quite good to me. Even if it seems to be more a relaxed type of place and even if the water seems to be quite cold, it still looks like a great place to visit, especially considering the crystal clear sea. Also visiting the historical village of Labin sounds like a pefect thing to do and I am sure I could spent easily few days there, although I wouldn’t rock up with the rest of the family… :)

  8. Oooohhh I love the small towns and villages and Rabac seems so perfect! I have never heard of the place before this blog post so thank you for increasing my travel list!

  9. I swear Frank, I can’t look at another picture of a perfect Croatian beach with the clear turquoise water anymore!! Everytime I do, I wonder why I don’t have Croatia in my Europe itinerary this summer!! Rabac looks lovely!

  10. It looks like Rabac is a beautiful place to spend a few days relaxing. Glad you had such a great time and thanks for sharing! :)

  11. Rabac looks like the ultimate summertime beach destination, love the clear pebble beaches.

  12. Those beaches look stunning! I would most definitely take the time to visit and relax … adding it to my list :)

  13. Rabac looks wonderful with water that I could just drink right up! I would love to visit Croatia in the near future and visit this charming little seaside town :)

  14. This is awesome. I am actually in the process of writing an article on this. It is nice to see another bloggers side of it. The apartment is perfect! I’ve always been spoiled by Florida water, then I traveled to the Caribbean and was blown away. From there it was game on, a hunt for the most amazing beaches!

  15. I enjoyed reading about Simona’s relaxing week in Rabac. It sounds so soothing, although I also prefer warmer waters in the sea.

  16. Frank, Rabac sounds like yet another awesome Croatian destination. The list is getting longer and longer!

  17. Oh my goodness this is turning into torture now. How beautiful is this place!! I think I will have to set aside a good 2 weeks off my holiday allowance just to see more Croatia’s pretty sights.

  18. I thank you very much Frank!
    And… yes guys, it is a gorgeous place to relax and enjoy the sea :-)
    My parents-in-law came back home so excited!! They have definitely fallen in love with Rabac and the apartment :-D

  19. It looks amazing! That crystal clear water is inviting, and it looks like it would make for great snorkelling. The apartments look really great too! Hope you enjoyed your stay.

  20. Looks and sounds like an amazing place for a holiday. It’s just a shame the water was cold! The Pirate boat excursion and the delicious sounding food made up for it though!

  21. I do not remember seeing water that clear – amazing! I’m not surprised that you sent the in-laws here, it looks like a perfect spot to spend a week or two, with all of the excellent food and day trips available.

  22. This looks amazing!! We don’t get water this clear in my area in Florida. I would probably struggle with a swim in cold water too, but I could get used to sitting on those beaches with that view!

  23. Ahhh beautiful! I love the water. Absolutely looks like a perfect place to unplug.

  24. Looks like a lot of fun! It’s always great to connect with other bloggers, and the beautiful photos are a great perk too!

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