Croatia Festivals

Croatia Festivals 2017

It is time to update you on Croatia Festivals that will take place in 2017 in Croatia. All the festivals for 2017  have been confirmed by now, so this overview should be pretty reliable.

What To Do In Porec |Parenzana Train Ride

What to do in Porec: Parenzana Train Ride

Parenzana Train Ride is no longer available. However, the Parenzana trail is still there if you are interested in hiking or cycling it.

Parenzana is a name of a 123-kilometer long narrow gauge railway which used to connect Porec in Croatia with Trieste in Italy. The Parenzana train service ran from 1902 to 1935. The railway was a lifeline for villages in Istria, that were on the Parenzana route. 

Porec Croatia Travel Guide | What To See In Porec

What to see in Porec Croatia

Lately we've attended a couple of workshops and lectures about Porec past. Seriously, this town tells stories; like the fact that even in Roman times, people kept fish farms in today's Tarska Vala; or how Porec got seriously bombed during the WWII due to its shallow seas – curious?! Porec is a small town with barely 15.000 people but its old town is full of wonderful historical and cultural sights worth exploring.