Istralandia Water Park Istria Croatia | Croatia Things To Do

Istralandia Water Park, the first water park in Croatia

We've waited long time for the first water park in Istria, and now not only that Istralandia water park open its door, but there is another water park Aquacolors opening next year. I wonder if there is really demand for two water parks in Istria, but Aquacolors will be very close to home, and hopefully it will help our apartment rent easily.

Hiking Dalmatia: View from the Dingac region

Hiking Dalmatia for the great views

Hiking Dalmatia will reward you with some of the best views you've ever seen. Dalmatian mountains are not extremely high, but they rise steeply from the sea, creating a dramatic scenery. The highest Dalmatian (and Croatian) mountain is Dinara, although its highest peak isn't in Croatia but in Bosnia.

The Mestrovic Pavilion Zagreb Croatia: Kapulica & Lampioni Event

In the spotlight: The Mestrovic Pavilion Zagreb Croatia

The Mestrovic Pavilion Zagreb Croatia is an often forgotten jewel of Zagreb modern architecture. Built in 1933 it was conceptually designed by famous Croatian sculptor of international reputation – Ivan Mestrovic.  The circular shaped building contains over 2.500 tons of white stone, carved by local stonemasons from the island of Brac.