What to do in Croatia in spring: Visit Zagreb

What to do in Croatia in spring

We’re celebrating the start of spring with this week’s Sunday Traveler. This is my favorite season. Spring usually arrives suddenly. I don’t know if you feel this way. One sunny day, after many grey winter days in Croatia, we wake up just to realize that the days are longer, that the trees are blooming, and the birds are back.

Sea Kayaking in Dubrovnik: Pretty scenery

Sea Kayaking in Dubrovnik

This is a hilarious guest post from travel writer Ashley Hubbard

I’m sitting in the middle of the Adriatic, my shoulders and upper arms are numb from exhaustion, and my mother is doing nothing to help. An hour ago I thought kayaking three hours would be a piece of cake, now I was rethinking my overly confident judgement skills.

Things to do in Dubrovnik: drive Napoleon road

Things to do in Dubrovnik beyond the city walls

City walls are without a doubt Dubrovnik's biggest attraction. They are still the reason number one to visit Dubrovnik. The average visitor stays in Dubrovnik only three days and as far as I know they spend most of the time within the old town, visiting museums, walking the city walls, and enjoying Dubrovnik bars and clubs. 

Dinosaur Park Funtana

Dinosaur park Funtana is located in a village Funtana, half-way between Porec and Vrsar. The park is open since 2009. Any time my niece and nephew come to visit us in Porec, we need to go to the Dinosaur Park Funtana. If we listen to them, we would go there everyday. They really enjoy it that much!

Events in Rovinj

Events in Rovinj

Events in Rovinj range from art exhibitions to lively music festivals and anything in between. Events include anything from street art, open-air concerts, culinary events, to photo exhibitions and small antiques fair.

Istria Off The Beaten Track: Hilltop towns

Istria off the beaten track

Istria off the beaten track – Istria has much more to offer than sea and sun. Tired of crowded beaches, cheap souvenirs, mediocre food and icecream parlors… discover different Istria. Discover Istria off the beaten track. Below you will find Frank's ideas to help you discover Istria off the beaten track. These are 6 things to do in Istria that are a bit under the radar for non-locals.