Frank is simply frank. He moved from north to south because he likes sunny and hot weather. He cooks, he reads, he watches news, he travels. He likes good food, good wine and good people. And he writes about it.

About Frank's Friends

Frank actually has no friends. Frank only has true fans. They love him simply for being frank.

And now for real

Hi! Thanks a lot for reading our blog. We are Frank and Vera, a Canadian-Croatian couple, currently living in Croatia. Passionate about Croatia, we've created, a Croatia Travel Guide and Blog.

We started  FrankAboutCroatia because we like to share the best of Croatia just as we discover it. We would like any visitor to Croatia to have a truly enjoyable and authentic experience  of the country and its people.

We’re always happy to offer our advice, or answer any question regarding traveling to and around Croatia, so please send us an e-mail: info(at)

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