Best Beaches In Porec Croatia | Croatian Beaches Guide

Where to swim in Porec Croatia: A guide to Porec Beaches

Porec, a small town located on west coast of Istria, is the most visited town in Croatia along with Zagreb, Dubrovnik, and Rovinj. Unlike Zagreb and Dubrovnik, where visitors in average stay only a day or two, visitors to Porec spend in average six days in the town.

Best Beaches In Porec Croatia | Croatian Beaches Guide

Best Beaches In Porec Croatia | Croatian Beaches Guide

This shows that Porec is a real holiday destination, where people come to enjoy, relax and recharge during their main yearly vacation.

Porec offers lots of things to do for people of all ages, world-class historical and cultural monuments, good restaurants, decent nightlife, a variety of accommodation, a good value for money, and above all kilometers of coastline: from Porto Bussola to the north to the Zelena Laguna to the south.

Porec beaches – practical info

  • Coast is generally rocky, with quite difficult sea entrance at some places. Wear water shoes or jelly shoes at all times.
  • In tourists resorts, like Zelena Laguna or Lanterna, there are lots of man-made pebble beaches. However, since most of pebble beaches are man-made, the entrance of the sea remains natural, at rough at some places.
  • All designated beaches have garbage bins, changing cabins, showers, bars / restaurants, deck chair and sun umbrella rentals, and a variety of water activities: like jet-ski, pedal boat rental, or parachute and banana rides.
  • In the vicinity of many beaches, there are also small grocery stores, and beach wear stores.
  • Public toilet facilities are not common, although some beaches have them. However, you can always use a toilet of any bar or restaurant in the vicinity. Some charge a fee for using toilets, others keep toilets strictly for bar's guests.
  • You'll encounter lots of excursion bookers at the beaches. Those guys usually sell daily trips, most often boat trips to Lim Fjord, or along the Riviera. They can be annoying. If you are not interested in buying anything from them, tell them right away.
  • At some beaches, you'll encounter guys selling donuts, other pastry, and sometimes boiled corn. It's OK to buy it from them if you feel like having a bite.
  • Porec beaches are generally not overcrowded. Sure, if you go to the most popular part of the beach, you'll certainly need to deal with the crowd. But if you just move few meters left or right, you can have lots of space for yourself.
  • There is lots of shade on all Porec beaches. At many of them pine trees almost border a shoreline. Plenty space to hang your hammock too.
  • Unless you like to walk in the heat, you'll most likely need a car to reach any of Porec beaches (regardless of where your accommodation is located). The good part is that there are plenty of parking spaces in the vicinity of the beaches, especially if you decide to swim in Zelena Laguna Resort.
Porec Beaches | Porec Beach near Hotel Delfin

Porec Beaches | Beach in Porec (with Shadow)

Porec beaches – activities

The most common activities you can find at Porec beaches include:

  • Jet-ski rental; it costs 250 Kn for a 15-minute ride. The guys running a jet-ski rental are very attentive, and if you don't return at agreed time, they'll go out and bring you back quickly.
  • Banana ride; simple, but fun, banana ride is perhaps the most common activity at Porec beaches. Expect to pay around 50 Kn for a 10-minute ride.
  • Crazy UFO; similar to banana ride, crazy UFO is a inflatable tube for 5-6 persons pulled by a speed boat. Prices start from 70 Kn for a 10-minute ride.
  • Solo tube: a tube ride with a speed boat, but as it names suggests, the speed boat pulls at the time three to four solo tubes, as opposite to one large tube for more people. Prices start from 70 Kn for a 10-minute ride.
  • Pedal boat rental; Prices start from 70 Kn per hour.
  • Motor boat rentals; motor boats can be rented with or without a skipper; the fleet usually range from a small leisure boat with a couple of horse power engine; to speed boats with serious engines of 50 hp or more. Rental prices start from 1.000 kn per day. Boats can also be rented by hour, or week.
  • Flyboard; at the moment it's only available at the Jet Ski Porec, at the Spadici beach, right below hotel Pical. Price for a 15-minute ride is 400 Kn.

A list of Porec beaches

1 | Zelena Laguna

A large resort located 5 km south of Porec, Zelena Laguna consists of many bays, small peninsulas, over 10 km of a coastline, eight hotels, one apartment complex, two campsites, many bars, restaurants, and activities.

At the entrance of the resort, just before the hotel Molindrio, there is a wake board park, and a small beach near it. There is a story that the ski lift park was made there with the idea to keep moving the sea water, as the sea here is very shallow, and the water tends to stay still, warm up too much and attract all kinds of bugs, and mosquitoes. I don't know if this is a true story, but to have a wake board park in Porec feels awesome. Next to the wake board park, there is a small pebble beach. Beach is mostly used as an exit point for wake-boarders. There isn't much shade here, but there is a nice grassy area with hammocks, sand volleyball court, as well as a small children playground with a sand pit, and a couple of swings. A bar with a large terrace is a centerpiece of a wake board park. Public toilets are available near the bar, and are free of charge.

Porec Beaches | Delfin Beach in Porec

Porec Beaches | Delfin Beach with Beach Bistro

Further south, you'll come across the Parentium beach. It's basically a coastline along the small peninsula where the hotel Parentium is located. The beach here is mostly rocky, with cemented sunbathing areas, especially on the north side of the peninsula. This part is mostly designated for the hotel guests. The southwest part of the peninsula overlooks the central area of the resort. This part is popular with locals. However, sunbathing area is mostly grassy, and there isn't enough shadow. There are two restaurants at the beach.

The central part of the Zelena Laguna Resort is the area between the hotel Plavi and the apartment complex Astra. The beach here is mostly cemented, with few pebble parts. Here you'll find lots of sport facilities (mini golf, table tennis, tennis courts, small inflatable aqua park, motor boats rental, pedalo rental, bicycle rental, etc.) and lots of restaurants, shops, grocery store, etc. There isn't enough shadow at this beach, and coastal part s actually narrow, as many facilities are built right at the seafront.

The regular boat line connecting the resort with the center of Porec departs from here. A one-way ticket costs 20 kn per adult, and 10 kn per child up to 12 years of age.

Further south, you'll find our favorite beach in Porec – Delfin beach. This beach is located below the hotel Delfin, the largest hotel in all Croatia. The hotel is located on a hilly peninsula, with a seafront promenade going around. The coast here is mostly rocky, and mostly intact, without any facilities except few benches and garbage bins along the promenade. Some parts are very steep that very few people dare to swim here. Other parts consist of coves with tiny natural pebble beaches. The whole peninsula is covered with thick pine forest, and it offers lots of natural shade. Southwest shores of the peninsula feature a popular beach bar Saint & Sinner, a small restaurant, a children playground, a large sand pit for small children, a water slide, a sand volleyball court, a small grocery store, a beach wear shop, a stand selling French fries, chicken nuggets, and pancakes. Beach here is partly rocky, partly cemented, and partly a pebble beach. There is lots of shade under the pine trees, and a large grassy area for a relaxing time at the beach. Activities offered at the Delfin beach include a jet-ski rental, a crazy UFO ride, a banana ride, a parasailing, a motor boat rental, pedal boat rental, and a kayak rental.

Porec Beaches | Porec Beaches | Zelena Laguna Beach in Porec

Porec Beaches | …still at Hotel Delfin Beach

Further south starts the campsite Zelena Laguna where you can find an additional sport offer like mini golf, table tennis, bicycle rental, etc. Campsites Zelena Laguna and Bijela Uvala also offer lots of swimming and sunbathing areas. In Zelena Laguna you'll find a small naturist beach where people swim cloth-less.

2 | Brulo Beach

Located just 2 km from the center of Porec, the Brulo beach is right below hotels Diamant, Crystal and Rubin. The thick pine forest covers the entire area, and it creats a wonderful natural shade. The beach is mostly rocky with cemented sunbathing areas, and few pebble parts here and there. At the central part of the Brulo beach, there is a small natural pool with shallow sea water for small children, a children playground, and a large sand pit.

There are lots of beach showers, and changing cabins all along the beach. There are a number of bars and restaurants near the beach. There aren't any public toilets, but you can use toilets of the nearby bars and restaurants.

Brulo beach also offers lots of sport facilities like tennis courts, table tennis, mini golf, and fun activities for children like trampolin, inflatable water park, etc.

Brulo is a good beach with lots of activities, natural shade, and a choice of bars and restaurants. It's close to the town, and it can get crowded.

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3 | Town Beach

Just next to the Brulo beach, you'll find the town beach. This beach is similar to Brulo, although a bit less active. There is a big children playground in the wood above the beach.

4 | St. Nicola Island

A small island just a 5-minute ride from the downtown Porec, St. Nicola actually doesn't have top-notch beaches, but it has always been popular for swimming, especially among locals.

Sea here, especially on the west cost (opposite of the town), is very deep. You basically dip directly from head to toes. On the east coast of this small island, in front of the hotel Valamar Isabella, there is a cemented beach with sand-filled sun bathing area. Next to it, there is a really tiny man-made pebble beach. The rest of the cost is rocky, with cemented sunbathing areas here and there.

You can reach an island with a small boat from Porec seafront promenade. The ticket costs 40 kn per person for a return trip. A bit expensive, but the hotel company on the island tries to limit the number of non-staying guests to the island with a high price of a boat ride.

5 | Old Town

Not too many people swim around the old town. However, the only place where you'll see people swimming (mostly locals) are on the north part of the peninsula, near the tip of the peninsula, just out of the city walls.

The beach here is, well, a boardwalk. Yes, people just put their beach towels anywhere at the boardwalk, and that's it.

6 | Pical Beach

Pical Beach is the first beach on the northern part of the town. It's located below hotels Zagreb, and Pical, a 15-minute walk from the old town. This beach is very popular among locals. It's within a walking distance from Porec neighborhoods of Mate Balota, Pical, and Finida, so it's the most convenient beach if you live or stay in town.

Porec Beaches | Porec Beach Brulo

Porec Beaches | Pical Beach

The beach was renovated two years ago; with new sunbathing areas, improved seafront promenade, etc.

There is a nice pebble beach at one part, children playground with big wooden ship and a sand pit, rental facilities, bars and restaurants. One of Porec popular night bars – Tequila Bar – is set at this beach. The Tequila is a Porec summer hot spot with live music and really good atmosphere.

The Porec Jet-Ski Center is located at the far end of this beach, bordering the Spadici Beach. The center offers jet-ski rental, crazy UFO, solo tubes, and banana ride, as well as a flyboard experience.

There is a lot of natural shade, although the whole area is a bit rougher, or not as neat as Zelena Laguna Resort. The restaurant Hrast, with an awesome seafront terrace and a really good food, is in the vicinity.

There is a tourist train connecting Porec with Pical Beach (it actually goes all the way to Spaidic). It costs 10 Kn per person, and a ride is 10 minutes long.

Children Playground at Pical Beach in Porec

Porec Beaches | Pical Beach Playground

7 | Spadici Beach

If you continue walking along the coast from the Pical Beach, you'll come to the Spadici Beach. Spadici is located below hotel and residence Valamar Pinia. The beach is cemented, with a large, grassy sunbathing area. However, this beach is often crowded with hotel guests, and very few locals swim here.

There isn't any natural shade. There are couple of restaurants and cafes at the beach, and along the main road, just behind the beach. Showers and changing cabins are at your disposal.

8 | Materada Beach

Materada beach is located in the neighborhood of the same name. It's right next to the Spadici beach. The beach is cemented, but funnily enough, at its large part, the beach has a sandy seabed. There isn't any natural shade at this beach. But there are lots of sport, and entertainment facilities, restaurants, bars, grocery stores, showers, changing cabins, etc.

Porec Beaches | Materada Beach Porec

Materada Porec

At the far end of this beach, you'll find a small privately-owned campsite Materada, and further down, the Laguna Materada Hotel.

9 | Porec Wild Beaches

When in Croatia we reffer to the beach as a wild beach, it simply means that the beach doesn't have any infrastructure (no toiles, no showers, no changing cabins, no water sport activities, no bars, no restaurants, etc.).

Porec Beaches | Porto Bussola Beach in Porec

Porec Beaches | Porto Bussola Beach

In Porec wild beaches start after Materada beach all the way to Cervar Porat. This entire area is intact, and unihabited, except for a campsite Ulika that is located halfway between Materada and Cervar Porat.

The most popular part of this area is Porto Busola, a peninsula and a bay, where locals love to go for a picnic by the sea. It's so popular among locals, that some of my friends, wake up at 4 am to secure a super private place at this beach.

The beaches here are rocky, with a somewhat difficult sea entrance, but there is a lot of shade, and improvised BBQ facilities.

Porec Beaches Map


If you have any questions, or would like to share with us more about Porec beaches, please leave a comment below. 

For those who like swimming there is a swimming marathon every September in Porec, and it is called Porec Delfin.


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