Where to stay in Porec Croatia

If you are looking for a place to stay in Porec, our Porec accommodation guide is here to assist you. Here is an overview of the best places to stay in Porec, including hotels, hostels, campsites, holiday rentals, and villas. Some popular areas to stay in Porec are the Old Town, Borik, Brulo, and Zelena Laguna.

Porec Accommodation: Where To Stay In Porec, Illustration
Porec Accommodation: Where To Stay In Porec, Illustration

We also share all the nuts and bolts of choosing the best accommodation in Porec for you.

Best Porec accommodation

If you don’t have time to read this entire post, here are the 8 best accommodations in Porec for every style and budget.

Where to stay in Porec: location on the map

Tips to help you decide where to stay in Porec

If you are planning to visit Porec, it’s important to choose the right place to stay. To help you with that, we have compiled some useful tips. These tips will cover the best areas to stay in Porec, everything you need to know about parking in Porec, and how to choose the right type of accommodation for your needs.

Best neighborhoods to stay in Porec

It can be challenging for first-timers to know where to stay in Porec, although Porec is not a large town. Below is an overview of the best neighborhoods and areas to stay in Porec.

Old town Porec

The Porec old town is a great option, as it is within walking distance of all major attractions and a few beaches. This area is ideal if you are planning to stay for up to three days, as you can easily visit all the major sights without wasting time on transportation.

If you plan to travel by car, keep in mind that the old town is mostly car-free, so it can be challenging to find parking spots. The old town is the center of activity, with numerous bars, restaurants, and attractions. Therefore, it may get noisy at night. Depending on where you choose to stay within the old town, you might also experience some morning noise from garbage trucks and cleaners who start their work early in the morning.

Consider staying in Porec’s old town if you don’t have a car, plan to stay up to three days, and don’t mind street noise.

Wider town area

In addition to the old town, there are other popular neighborhoods within the town limits, including Finida, Cimizin, Bolnica, Borik, Spadici, Materada, and Brulo.

  • Finida, Cimizin, and Bolnica are residential areas located to the east of the old town, consisting of multi-story family houses and a few apartment buildings. The houses here are built close to each other and do not offer much privacy, and there is some traffic noise. However, these neighborhoods are attractive to renters due to their proximity to downtown and supermarkets. You can also reach Pical Beach within 10 to 20 minutes on foot, depending on your exact location within the neighborhood.
  • Located north of the old town, Borik, Spadici, and Materada are a mix of residential and resort areas. Borik is within a short walking distance from the old town, and you will find a number of apartments, hotel Pical (closed for renovation), hotel Valamar Parentino, and a variety of vacation rentals here. Spadici and Materada are further north, but still within walking distance to downtown. Here, you’ll find 5-star Valamar Marea Suites, hotel Materada, hotel Laguna Park, camping Materada, and plenty of vacation rentals. These neighborhoods are connected to the town by a tourist train. The short walking distance to the sea makes these neighborhoods attractive to tourists.
  • The Brulo neighborhood is also a mix of residential and resort areas, located within a 15-minute walk from the old town and a 5-minute walk from the sea. There is a nice walking and cycling path, as well as an electric tourist train connecting Brulo and downtown. This area is an ideal place for a beach vacation, and you’ll find Hotel Valamar Diamant, Sunny Hotel Rubin, Valamar Crystal Hotel, and Hotel Mediteran, as well as holiday rentals in private houses here.

Zelena and Plava Laguna

The Zelena and Plava Laguna are two resorts, located 5 km south of the old town. These resorts offer a range of accommodations including hotels, apartments, and campsites. Laguna Porec, a Croatian hotel chain, manages all of the properties. The resorts also offer amenities such as restaurants, bars, sports facilities, and beaches. There are walking and cycling trails, as well as a tourist train, that connect the resorts to downtown. If you’re looking for a beach vacation, these resorts are an excellent choice. Hotel Delfin is an affordable option for those on a budget in Porec.

Nearby villages

For the best stay in Porec, we recommend staying in small villages near the town. Private accommodations like apartments, villas, holiday homes, and B&Bs can be found in these villages, and they often offer good value for money and a peaceful environment. Staying in a village ensures a better night’s sleep as they are quieter. Our favorite villages near Porec are Mugeba and Kukci. To get a feel for the type of accommodation available in these villages, check out B&B Korta Gira and Castello Rausch.

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Traffic is restricted in Porec’s old town, requiring a permit to enter by car. While some downtown hotels offer limited parking, guests typically need to park outside the area after check-in. However, hotels provide free parking and shuttle service for guests. Apartments in the old town usually have limited parking.

Hotels in outer Porec neighborhoods offer free parking, while holiday rentals may have limited parking. Check if your chosen property provides free parking because it is convenient and saves you money.

Having a car is convenient for exploring the area, and moving around, especially on hot summer days. Remember, that Porec Airbnbs in the nearby villages are usually more affordable than accommodation in Porec downtown, and they all provide parking.

Hotels or Vacation rentals in Porec

Hotels and vacation rentals are both good accommodation options for travelers visiting Porec. Hotels in Porec often offer half-board (breakfast and dinner) included in the room price, which can be a great option for budget-conscious travelers. However, if you stay in an apartment, you’ll have a fully-equipped kitchen, allowing you to save money by cooking your own meals. Generally, apartments are a better deal than hotels, but hotels offer more services, such as breakfast, dinner, daily cleaning, and room service.

If you choose to stay in a hotel in Porec, we recommend Valamar Hotels as they are well-known for their great choices and good quality buffet food. Laguna hotels, on the other hand, offer great buffets and may be a cheaper option during the high season.

Best hotels in Porec

Two Croatian hotel chains, Valamar Hotels & Resorts, and Laguna Porec, own and operate the majority of hotels in Porec. Besides these two big hotel chains, you can also find a few small, family-run boutique hotels.

Some hotels, although not many, are located downtown, while the majority of hotels are scattered along Porec Riviera, from Zelena Laguna to the south and the Materada neighborhood to the north.

Valamar Isabella Miramare

Valamar Isabella Miramare Hotel Air View

Guests love the Valamar Isabella Miramare Hotel for its exemplary customer service, exclusive boat transfers to and from the island, seafront location, spacious suites, and infinity pool. The property is on St. Nicola Island, a 5-minute boat ride from Porec old town.

This 5-star boutique hotel features 36 suites, all with breathtaking sea views.


Valamar Riviera Hotel and Residence

Parentino Residence, Suite

Perfect for couples and city-dwellers who want to be in the center of the action, Valamar Riviera Hotel & Residence is conveniently located at Porec waterfront. This 105-room boutique hotel features an excellent à la carte restaurant, Spinnaker, a lounge bar with a lovely outdoor terrace, beauty, and a massage parlor. In-room amenities include a flat-screen satellite TV, a minibar, coffee and tea maker, and complimentary WiFi. Free boat transfer to the island of St. Nikola is available for hotel guests.

Valamar Riviera Hotel & Residence is known for serving the best buffet breakfast in the town.

The price starts from 80 € per double with breakfast.


Hotel Valamar Isabella

Valamar Isabella Hotel Swimming Pool

Hotel Valamar Isabella is a part of a Valamar Isabella Resort on the island of St. Nicolas. Valamar Isabella Resort comprises 4- and 5-star hotels, villas, studio apartments, and a castle.

The Island of St. Nikola is just a 5-minute boat ride from downtown Porec. This is the place to stay in Porec for families with children but for couples as well. The properties are spread across the island, having an active family-oriented zone around Hotel Isabella and a relaxed zone for couples around Castle Isabella on the west side of the island.

The family-friendly hotel features 180 Superior and Family rooms, ranging from 23 m2 to 68 m2. All rooms have a balcony, terrace or loggia. In-room amenities include a flat-screen satellite TV, a minibar, and safe and complimentary WiFi.  Baby equipment (baby cot, bottle warmer, etc.) is available on request.

The hotel also features an active heated outdoor pool, a baby pool, a small wellness center with an indoor pool, a buffet restaurant, an Isola, and a trattoria Vista.

Prices start from 120 € per night for a double room with half-board.


Boutique Hotel Mauro

Double room in Hotel Mauro, Porec

Located at Porec’s waterfront, boutique hotel Mauro features 21 rooms and an à la carte restaurant with a nice outdoor terrace. In-room amenities include a flat-screen TV, mini bar, bathrobe and slippers, complimentary WiFi internet, and a safe. The staff is friendly and genuinely caring. The rooms are well-furnished, clean, and comfortable, although small.

Prices start at 90 € per night for a double room with breakfast.


BO Hotel Palazzo Porec

Grand Hotel Palazzo, terrace

Constructed first time back in 1910, the BO Hotel Palazzo was refurbished in 2009 back to its 20th-century glory. Located at the tip of the peninsula, in Porec Old Town, the Hotel Palazzo Porec is surrounded by the sea.

The rooms are comfortable and clean. Superior rooms are more expensive but also more spacious than Classic rooms. The hotel features a small outdoor pool, wellness center, shops, and a restaurant.

Prices start from 80 € per night for a double room with breakfast.


Valamar Parentino Hotel Porec (ex. Hotel Zagreb)

Valamar Parentino Hotel (ex. Zagreb), air view

This 4-star property is just a minute’s walk from the old town. After undergoing the last renovation in 2019, the hotel got an additional 40 family rooms and suites, an outdoor swimming pool with slides, entertainment programs for different age groups, and a new buffet restaurant.

The hotel Parentino features 270 rooms, all with a balcony, WiFi, flat-screen TV, minibar, and air-conditioning. We find that Hotel Parentino stays under the radar but often offers much better deals than other hotels in Porec. The food at breakfast and dinner is great and included in the room’s price.

Prices start at 100 € a night for a double room with a half-board.


Hotel Parentium

Hotel Parentium, air view, sunset

Renovated in 2012, hotel Parentium Porec quickly became one of the most sought-after hotels in Porec. Hotel Parentium Porec is located in Zelena Laguna Resort, on a small peninsula overlooking the sea and a marina. Its location is superb and a bit secluded from the rest of this busy resort.

The hotel features 268 rooms, it has a large, airy lobby, a lovely outdoor swimming pool, and nice beaches around. Thick pine forests surround it and offer lots of shade during hot summer days. The rooms are slick and modern. Make sure you book a room with a balcony.

Prices start from 110 € a night for a double room with breakfast.


Korta Gira

This family-run B&B offers a peaceful location in a small village, copious breakfast with many homemade and homegrown products, beautifully restored and tastefully decorated premises, and warm and welcoming hosts.

If you like small and intimate bed and breakfast and don’t mind a short car drive to the town and the beaches, then B&B Korta Gora is right up your alley.


Hotel Delfin

With over 700 rooms, hotel Delfin is the largest hotel in Porec and possibly in Croatia. This property is large and usually wouldn’t make our list of the best hotels in Porec. But Delfin is the best budget place to stay in Porec. Because the hotel has so many rooms, it rarely gets fully booked. So, you can always find a deal for this hotel. Besides, it’s only 2-star, and it isn’t air-conditioned. But, it’s clean, right by the beach, serves an excellent buffet breakfast and dinner, and is dirt cheap.


Apartments in Porec

We have been renting an apartment in Porec and have noticed since the advantages and disadvantages of apartments in the area. Although I won’t go into detail (as I could write an entire post on the subject), knowing what you are renting is important.

Many people look for apartments in downtown Porec and overlook apartments on the outskirts. However, my personal preference is to avoid staying in downtown Porec due to the crowds, noise, and parking difficulties. Furthermore, many apartments in downtown Porec are outdated, and the newer ones are much more expensive than those located outside the town.

Additionally, even if you decide to stay in downtown Porec, you will most likely need a car to get to the beach. The distance between staying 1 km from the beach in downtown Porec and 5 km from the beach outside of Porec is negligible. You would unlikely want to walk with all your beach equipment in 35-degree heat on a sunny summer day. However, if you still insist on renting a downtown apartment in Porec, we can recommend a couple of good options below.

Frank’s Place

Living Room, sofa, Frank's place Porec

This is our own apartment to rent in Porec! It’s located in a small village, Mugeba, only 3 km from Porec and less than 2 km from the nearest beach.

We completely renovated it in 2020 (because we had lots of time during the lockdown!) and started renting it. The interior is stylish and cozy. The apartment consists of one bedroom, bathroom, living room, fully-equipped kitchen with a dining area, and a balcony.

The apartment is air-conditioned. Amenities include free WiFi, electric stove and oven, microwave, toaster, coffee maker, mosquito nets on all windows and balcony doors, and private parking.


Urban Premium Apartments

Urban Premium Apartments in Porec, Living Room

Goran, our good friend, owns these apartments, along with his family. But his sister and brother-in-law (also Goran) run the property and are great hosts. And nice people too! Their Urban Premium apartments, located in a quiet residential area of Porec, are modern, comfortable, and well-furnished. Each apartment has one bedroom, a fully-equipped kitchen with a dining area, a living room, a bathroom, and a terrace.


Apartment Lili

This lovely and brand new apartment in Porec, belongs again to one of our friends. This time, to Ivan, Vera’s colleague from work. You’ll find it in a residential neighborhood of Porec, in a quiet street lined with family houses and friendly neighbors. The apartment is spacious, located on the top floor of their family house, with a lovely balcony, nice views over the town, and all the way to the sea. It’s only a 15-minute walk from the old town.


Maj Luxury Apartments

Maj Luxury Apartments is a resort with luxurious one-bedroom holiday apartments in Porec. The holiday apartments are well-appointed and modern, with a shared swimming pool, children’s playground, and volleyball court. This resort is located in a quiet residential part of Porec, 800 m from the beaches and 4 km from the town center.


Villas in Porec

Staying in a villa in Porec can make your vacation experience even more enjoyable. These villas offer many benefits, such as a private pool, a garden with a BBQ, a trampoline for children, and more. Additionally, you can enjoy privacy and seclusion while staying in a villa in Porec. Most of the villas are located in villages that are within a 15 km radius of Porec.

Villa Rupeni

Villa in Istria | Villa Rupeni: Bird's Eye View From The Front Of The House

This is our villa, which we bought in October 2016. You’ll love its tranquil surroundings, far from the hustle and bustle, but yet only 15 km away from Porec and 30 km from Rovinj. The villa has three bedrooms and three bathrooms; two are en-suite. The garden is beautifully landscaped, and it features a private pool. We also love a covered patio in the back of the house with a BBQ and outdoor dining area.


Villa Rajna

This is a fantastic villa in Porec with a stunning modern design and less than 4 km from the city center. The villa has four bedrooms and can accommodate up to 6 people. All bedrooms have en-suite bathrooms. The villa has a private pool and a beautiful garden.


Glamping and Camping in Porec

Camping Lanterna Mobile Homes

Camping is a trendy holiday choice in Porec, and the city boasts some of Croatia’s largest and best campsites. Camping Lanterna and Bijela Uvala have won the German and Dutch auto-clubs “Best campsite” awards for many years.

Porec’s campsites are well-maintained, spacious, and clean, with excellent infrastructure that includes modern toilets, large outdoor swimming pools, a variety of restaurants and bars, and a range of sports facilities. The average plot size is 120 m², with most plots offering electric and water hook-ups and some also providing drainage.

Camping in Porec means camping by the sea, as all the campsites are located along the beautiful Adriatic coast.

Glamping in Lanterna

Camping Lanterna is the largest camping in all of Croatia. It covers an area of 83 hectares, and it can accommodate up to 9.000 people at once. Besides plots where you pitch your own tent or park your own camping van, Lanterna also offers a variety of rental accommodations, like mobile homes and our favorite – glamping tents.

There are, in total, 14 luxury tents. The tents are 36 m2 big, each consisting of two bedrooms, a full kitchen, a full bathroom with shower, and a large outside deck. A shared swimming pool is also available exclusively for guests of glamping tents.


Polidor Glamping Resort

If you dream of sleeping under a tarpaulin while enjoying the comforts of home, the glamping tents at Polidor campsite are the right choice. These glamping tents can accommodate up to 5 people in two separate bedrooms. The glamping tents in Polidor also have a fully equipped kitchen (including a large refrigerator with a freezer), a full bathroom, and a covered terrace.

There are also glamping rooms and studios that can accommodate up to 4 people. They are smaller and offer less privacy as they do not have separate bedrooms. Nevertheless, they are a great accommodation choice for your vacation in Porec. There are around 20 glamping tents in two locations on the campsite.


Camping Valkanela

This is our favorite camping in Porec! We spend four months a year camping in Valkanela. We love it for the wonderful and preserved nature, lovely seafront promenade, good vibe, plenty of shade, and nice cycling path in either direction, toward Porec, Vrsar, or the countryside.

There is a swimming pool, lots of accommodation options, including mobile homes and glamping tents, a couple of beach bars, a restaurant, and a grill.

Some toilet blocks are new and renovated, others are a bit older, but they are all well-maintained and clean. A supermarket, two bakeries, and a fruit and veggie stand exist. However, all commerces except for one bakery are extremely expensive.

However, Valkanela is located in the village of Funtana and has plenty of options to eat and shop outside the campsite for half the price.


What’s your impression of accommodation in Porec? What kind of accommodation do you fancy? Let us know in the comments below. 

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