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Welcome to our Croatia Travel Tips series. Here we cover a wide range of topics including our best car rental tips and tricksa packing tips for a vacation in Croatiamoney-saving tips, and more.

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Boats anchored in a bay in Croatia

Getting around Croatia

Getting around Croatia isn't really difficult, but it does require some planning. Since it's a question that concerns almost every visitor to Croatia, we've decided to give you an overview of what to expect, and to help you better plan your travels within the country.
Where to go in Croatia, a boat anchored at the beach on the Krk Island in Croatia

Where to go in Croatia

Planning to visit Croatia but don't know where to start? Read our article on where to go in Croatia and find out the best places to visit in Croatia, off-the-beaten-path places in Croatia, popular multiday tours, and which destination is the best for each type of holidays.
How to choose your destination in Croatia | Croatia Travel Tips

How to choose your destination in Croatia

In this post, we will show you how to choose your destination in Croatia. These simple steps will help you to narrow down your choices and ensure that you have the best travel experience in Croatia.
Packing List For Vacation In Croatia | Croatia Travel Tips

Ultimate packing list for vacation in Croatia 2020

As a part of our Croatia travel tips series, in this article, we'll cover things that should make your packing list for vacation in Croatia. With airlines charging a fortune for an extra bag, it's essential to keep a packing list for vacation in Croatia as short as possible. We will help you figure out what to bring and not to bring for your vacation in Croatia.
How to get from Split to Dubrovnik and from Dubrovnik to Split

How to get from Split to Dubrovnik and from Dubrovnik to Split

So many of our readers plan a visit to Split and Dubrovnik, and…
Driving in Croatia: All you need to know

Driving in Croatia

If you are visiting Croatia for the first time, you might wonder what driving in Croatia might be like.  Don't worry about it! Here in this guide, you will find all you need to know if you plan to drive in Croatia.