Visiting Croatia During Covid-19 Pandemic: What You Need to Know

Do you plan to spend your holidays in Croatia? But the coronavirus pandemic makes everything uncertain and you keep your plans now on hold? If this is you, then this post is for you! Here we explain everything you need to know if you plan to visit Croatia during the pandemic.

There aren’t any Covid-19 restrictions for traveling to or in Croatia.

Covid-19 in Croatia

As of August 1, 2021, Croatia has 1.100 active Covid-19 cases, out of which 150 are hospitalized and 12 are intubated. Although the number of SARS-COV-2 positive cases in Croatia increases, like elsewhere in the Mediterranean, the number of hospitalized and intubated patients doesn’t increase with the same pace, and instead, it keeps stable.

However, some people will still get infected, some of them seriously, and some of them will even die from the virus. For this reason, please be responsible and respectful of the rules, regulations, and measures regarding Covid-19 in Croatia, no matter if you agree with them or not.

We’ve written a more in-depth post about the current Covid-19 situation in Croatia.

Can you enter Croatia?

Visiting Croatia During the Pandemic, Coronavirus in Croatia, Illustration

As of April, 1st entrance to Croatia is simplified.

If you are traveling from both – EU/EEA or Non-EU/EEA countries, regardless of your citizenship, you can enter Croatia in the following circumstances:

  1. with a valid EU COVID pass showing that the person has either been vaccinated, has already recovered from Covid-19, or has been tested negative in the last 48h (antigen test) or 72h (PCR test) – (EU/EEA citizens only)
  2. with a negative PCR test not older than 72 hours or a rapid antigen test not older than 48 hours.
  3. in the period of 22 to 42 days after you have received the first dose of Pfizer, Moderna, or Gamaleya vaccine, or in the period from 22 to 84 days after receiving the first jab of AstraZeneca vaccine (EU/EEA citizens only)
  4. 14 days after receiving the first (and only dose) of Johnson&Johnson vaccine (valid up to 270 days)
  5. with a certificate showing that you have been fully vaccinated (valid up to 270 days)
  6. if you have recovered from SARS-COV-2 in the last 270 days but not less than 11 days, and you have a positive PCR or rapid antigen test to prove it or you have a medical certificate to prove it
  7. if you have recovered from SARS-COV-2 and have received one jab of the vaccine, you can enter Croatia up to 270 days after the vaccination
  8. if you test in Croatia right upon arrival and remain in self-isolation until you obtain negative test results. If you test positive, you will need to self-isolate for 10 days.

The above rule doesn’t apply to children under 12 years of age. They can freely enter Croatia without any additional documents besides travel documents.

If you travel from non-EU/ non-EEA countries, besides the above-mentioned requirements, you will also need to present evidence of accommodation paid in advance and in full or other proof that your travel is essential (property or boat owners, seafarers, family reasons, and alike).

As of July, 26 if you are traveling to Croatia from the UK, Russia, Cyprus, and India you will need to provide negative PCR or antigen test upon entering Croatia even if you are vaccinated, or have recovered from Covid-19.

If you are arriving in Croatia from Albania, Australia, Israel, Japan, Lebanon, New Zealand, North Macedonia, Rwanda, Serbia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, United States, Uruguay, China, and special administrative regions of the People’s Republic of China – Hong Kong and Macao you don’t need to prove the reason of your travels in order to enter Croatia (eg. no need to have a proof of accommodation). People coming from these countries can enter Croatia in the same way as EU/EEA citizens. Here is a link to the official document.

The people traveling to Croatia from South Africa, Brasil, Zanzibar, besides negative PCR test not older than 72h, need also to self-isolate for 14 days. Self-isolation means that you can’t leave the apartment where you are staying. It also means that police can, and certainly will check on you during your self-isolation term to make sure you are locked in. Self-isolation can be shortened if, after 7 days, you make another PCR test in Croatia and the test results are negative.

If you plan to visit Croatia, then fill an online form prior to your arrival in order to reduce waiting time at the border.

If your situation is specific and you need clarification, you can fill form at the bottom of this page, and get your answers from the authorities.

Covid testing centers in Croatia

If you are required to have a negative PCR test not older than 72h or a rapid antigen test not older than 48h in order to enter Croatia, but you don’t have it, or it’s older than the requested time, you will need to test in Croatia. You might also need to test in Croatia in order to return to your home country.

The PCR test in Croatia costs between 400 Kn (55€) to 700 Kn (95 €) in the majority of testing centers. Some testing centers charge an extra 100-150 Kn (12-20 €) to have your test results translated into English.

The rapid antigen test in Croatia costs around 150 (12€) to 250 Kn (35€), and you can do it in many private polyclinics in all Croatian towns. Some towns have also organized extra testing points, particularly for tourists. For example, in many hotel companies in Croatia (like Valamar, Maistra, Laguna Porec, etc.), hotel guests can test at the reception of many properties. Split has organized an extra testing center at the airport, and so on.

We list below Covid-19 PCR and rapid antigen testing centers for the most touristy towns in Croatia. Korona. hr lists all of Covid PCR testing centers for all towns in Croatia. The page is in Croatian, but don’t worry, information is pretty simple and universally understood (address, contacts, prices, waiting time, and alike).

If you want to test privately, you will need to make an appointment by email or telephone. If certain centers do not have a prominent price for testing, it means that they do not take private users, but only test people who have a referral from a doctor. Ignore those centers, they aren’t for you. Look for ones that list a price for the Covid-19 test because that means that they test people for private reasons.


  • Croatian Institute for Public Health (PCR test), 500 Kn (70 €), 24-48 hours for results, only by appointment via the online form
  • Teaching Institute for Public Health “Dr. Andrija Štampar” (PCR test), 500 Kn (70 €), results within 24h, by appointment via the online form
  • Clinic For Infectious Diseases “Dr. Fran Mihaljević” (PCR test), 501,49 Kn (70 €), results within 24h to 48h, by appointment via online form
  • Specialty hospital Sv. Katarina (Rapid Antigen Test), 250 Kn (35€), results in 30 min, by appointment via online form
  • Polyclinic Analiza Lab (Rapid Antigen Test), 250 Kn (35€), results in 30 min, by appointment via contact page
  • Zagreb Airport, Departures – check-in area, Level 2 (PCR and Rapid Antigen Test), 650 Kn (85 €) for PCR and 250 Kn (35 €), results within 24h-48h for PCR, and 15 min for antigen test.


  • Split Hospital KBC Split (PCR test), 698 Kn (95 €), results within 12h, first come first serve basis
  • Institute for Public Health (PCR test), 400 Kn (55 €), results within 24h to 48h, by appointment via online form
  • Polyclinic Analiza (Rapid Antigen Test), 130 Kn (18 €), results in 30 min, by appointment via contact page
  • Polyclinic Lab Plus (Rapid Antigen Test), 200 Kn (35 €), results in 30 min, by appointment via contact page
  • Split Airport (PCR and Rapid Antigen Test), 450 Kn (65 €) for PCR and 200 Kn (27 €), results within 24h, except for samples taken on Sunday (36h).


  • Dubrovnik Hospital (PCR test), 650 Kn (87 €),  results within 12h to 24h, by appointment via e-mail:
  • Institute for Public Health (PCR test), 650 Kn (87 €), results within 6 hours, by appointment via e-mail:
  • Dubrovnik Hospital (rapid antigen test), 150 Kn (20 €),  results within 15 min, by appointment via e-mail:
  • Polyclinic Marin Med (Rapid Antigen Test), 375 Kn (50€), results in 30 min, by appointment via contact page
  • Dubrovnik Airport (PCR & RAT), for PCR test 800 Kn (105 €), results within 9 hrs; for RAT 200 Kn (27 €), results within 20 min; more info via email:

Porec, Rovinj, Pula

  • Institute for Public Health in Pula (PCR test), 550 Kn (75 €), results within 24h, by appointment via cell phone: 099 5298 222 or e-mail:
  • Terra Medica (Rapid Antigen Test), 200 Kn (30€), results in 30 min, by appointment via contact page
  • Polyclinic Jerkovic (Rapid Antigen Test), 200 Kn (30€), results in 30 min, by appointment via contact page
  • The Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Hospital “Prim. Martin Horvat” (a: Luigi Monti 2, Rovinj; t: +385 91 633 32 02, e-mail:; Sample collection: Daily, 8.00 am – 3 pm; By appointment only using contacts listed above (the best is to make an appointment a couple of days in advance); Results within 24h;  Prices are as following 375 Kn (50 €) for PCR or 105 Kn (14 €) for rapid antigen test;
  • Porec Covid Test Point (Parking of the Zatika Sports Hall); on Mon, Wend, Fri, and Sat from 9 am to noon with prior appointment via email: Prices: 375 Kn (50 €) for PCR or 100 Kn (13 €) for rapid antigen test;

All the above-listed centers offer results translated into English for no extra charge.

Do I need to wear a face mask in Croatia?

Woman wearing a face mask, Coronavirus, Illustration

Face maks are mandatory in enclosed public spaces including supermarkets, malls, public transport, pharmacies, hospitals, government buildings, and any commercial and service businesses where the staff is in direct contact with customers.

In the accommodation, both staff and guests need to wear masks. This includes also any cafe, bar, or restaurant when you eat or drink inside. Once at your table, you can remove the mask. Should you need to use a toilet, you’ll need to wear a mask from your table to the toilet and back.

You don’t have to wear a face mask outdoors except where the physical distance can’t be observed.

What are other restrictions in force in Croatia that concern tourists?

  • You need to maintain a social distance of at least 2 m indoors, and at least 1.5 m outdoors.
  • A limited number of people in enclosed spaces including supermarkets, churches, cinemas, and alike. Basically, this means that sometimes you will need to wait outside in line to enter a supermarket or another enclosed space you intend to visit.
  • You won’t be able to buy booze from midnight to 6 am.
  • The gathering of more than 100 people (in coastal Croatia 50) isn’t allowed unless it is an event or gathering attended only by persons with an EU digital COVID certificate or other proof that the person has either been vaccinated, have already recovered from Covid-19, or has shown a negative PCR or rapid test not older than 72h (PCR) or 48H (antigen)
  • All public events need to end by midnight except the events attended only by persons with an EU digital COVID certificate (or other certificates mentioned above)

Can I move freely within Croatia?

Fortunately, you are free to move from one part of Croatia to another. Although, you are advised to avoid any unessential travel.

Are tourists welcome to Croatia during the pandemic?

The livelihood of many Croatians depends on tourism and tourists. So, many Croatians, while maybe mistrustful and slightly concerned, are very happy to see tourists around.

In fact, Croatia is the closest Mediterranean country for many European holidaymakers like Austrians, Germans, Czechs, Hungarians, Slovaks, Slovenians, Polish, and alike. This gives us a great advantage as many people today avoid taking a plane, and instead decide to travel by car. Croatia is within 6 hours drive from many European cities. Here is our full post on why to visit Croatia post-pandemic.

Croatian hospitality and tourism workers are working hard to implement all the regulations. They also go above and beyond to ensure a safe environment for their guests. Croatian tourism workers have already been massively vaccinated in order to guarantee their own safety as well as the safety of their guests.

So, let’s hope that with warmer weather, natural or vaccine-acquired immunity, and basic measures we should all respect (avoid big gatherings, keep social distance, wear mask where distance can’t be maintained, ventilate enclosed spaces often, and wash your hands regularly), we can put this disease behind us, and we can see lots of tourists in Croatia in the years to come.

What businesses are open in Croatia?

Below we will explain the situation with the businesses and services you might need in Croatia and the way they operate according to the current set of rules, regulations, and measures.

Food and convenience stores, pharmacies, and “non-essential” businesses

All food and convenience stores, pharmacies as well as shopping malls, or just any type of commerce are open. They have restrictions regarding the number of people that are admitted in a store per square meter. So, it can happen that when this limit is reached, you need to wait outside until somebody goes out of the store. However, this doesn’t happen often, and when it does, the waiting time is not too long. At least for now.

Gas stations

Gas stations are open as usual.


There are no restrictions on accommodation in Croatia. There are some health requirements, like available hand sanitizers, cleaning protocols, social distancing, the distance between tables in the restaurants, etc. Many hotels, resorts, and campsites are closed due to seasonality, and not because of the Covid-19.

Some hotels, resorts, and campsites that are open year-round even have special deals for guests who would like to spend the winter in Croatia. And many people from various European countries decided to do so, especially taking into account the strict lockdowns en vigor in their home countries. You can check Istra Premium Camping Resort in Porec, Ježevac Premium Camping Resort on Krk Island, Porto Sole Camping in Vrsar, Hotel Marvie in Split, and many more for these long-stay offers.

Tours and activities

Activities and tours are allowed as long as you follow general rules where they apply. Similar to accommodation, many tours and activities aren’t available due to the seasonality and not because of the Covid-19.

Public transport

Public transport operates normally and all passengers and staff need to wear masks at all times.

Intercity buses are operating, but bear in mind that at the moment many lines are either suspended, or they run less frequently.

Taxis and Ubers, as well as private transfers, are allowed to operate. Wearing a mask is mandatory.

National parks and beaches

All national parks, nature parks, and beaches are open for visitors.

Bars, restaurants, cafes, casinos, and nightclubs

In all Croatian regions, restaurants and cafes serving food are open and can serve guests inside and outside. Bars can only serve guests at the outdoor terraces. They are allowed to remain open from 6 AM to midnight. Delivery is available at later hours.

Casinos are open, but can’t serve food or drinks inside.

Nightclubs, night bars, and disco clubs can only serve clients on the outside terraces. They can only serve clients who have a valid EU Covid certificate (or other proof that they have either recovered from Covid-19, have been fully vaccinated, or had a negative Covid-19 test). Under these circumstances, these premises can stay open longer than midnight.

When and if Croatia will lift or ease measures regarding nightclubs and working hours?

The measures have been eased as of July 1, 2021. Now, the night bars and clubs can remain open in later hours as long as they only admit and serve clients with one of the following proofs: negative rapid antigen or PCR test not older than 48h (antigen) or 72h (PCR), have recovered from Covid-19 in the last 270 days, or have been fully vaccinated. They can also only serve the customers on the outside terraces.

However, local restrictions still apply. For example, all public events where it is not possible to verify the status of attendees regarding the Covid-19 in Zadar county have been canceled until further notice.

So what happens if I get Covid-19 while in Croatia?

If you suspect a Covid-19 infection, inform the staff of the accommodation you are staying at. They will know what doctor to call, and the doctor will assess if you need a Covid-19 test or no. Meanwhile, keep self-isolating until you get a negative test.

If you test positive or are suspected of having the Covid-19, for 10 days, you will be placed under quarantine.

If you test positive and you would rather go home, you will need to arrange that through the doctor in charge. The doctor will communicate with your country’s authorities in determining the conditions of your return home.

Hospitalizations aren’t very common, but if you do need one, you will be directed by the doctor to the nearest hospital. Many hospitals in Croatia are equipped to deal with Covid-19 patients. For EU citizens, hospital stays are covered by their home country’s health insurance, through mutual agreements between member states, and your insurance back home should pay for it. However, make sure that you have a European Health Insurance Card. It’s easy to apply and free to get it. The procedure is just simpler. Last year in Spain, we didn’t have our card, and we could only get treated in the emergency room, and we had to pay with our own money. If we have had the European Health Insurance Card, we would avoid all those problems.

If you are a non-EU citizen, you will need to pay for the hospital treatment yourself, and then your insurance back home (if you have one) should reimburse you if you are covered. The exact cost of a hospital stay is hard to predict because it depends on many factors, but you can roughly take into account that for Covid-19 it can cost you anywhere between 50.000 Kn (6500 €) to 100.000 Kn (13500 €). It all depends on if you need to stay in the ICU, or if you need mechanical ventilation.

Tips for visiting Croatia during the pandemic

  • Avoid public transport, rent a car instead!
  • Keep social distance, avoid shaking hands, and wear masks in enclosed spaces.
  • Plan your activities in advance! Reach out to businesses to make sure they address all your concerns. Make sure you are comfortable with health and safety protocols for a particular activity or tour.
  • Avoid hotels, stay in vacation rentals, mobile homes, or villas in Croatia. You get much more privacy and way fewer social contacts in these types of accommodation.
  • Do something different, travel by RV, trailer, or camping van. Campsites in Croatia are awesome, like luxurious resorts providing full comfort and tons of facilities. Seriously, you won’t regret it!
  • Avoid eating indoors in restaurants. So what if it is a little cold or a little hot?! Better be safe than sorry.
  • Do as locals do! Follow the recommendations of the Croatian Institute for Public Health.
  • Benefit from the flexible cancelation policies when booking accommodation, activity, or tour.
  • Rates are a bit down, but not as much as you could expect given the situation. This is especially true for the high-demand periods (like Whitsun holidays, or August).
  • Enjoy beaches, parks, and all the outdoor activities in Croatia.
  • Choose smaller villages and less-known destinations for your stay in Croatia. Peljesac peninsula, small islands off the coast of Zadar, coastal villages like Komarna, are all great places to spend your holidays in Croatia during pandemic worry-free.

Should you visit Croatia during the pandemic?

Well, yes, of course! Croatia is a small country, underpopulated, with lots of open spaces, and not too many crowds. Zagreb is the only big city, with 800.000 people living there. Split has 180.000 inhabitants, Rijeka 130.000, and Osijek 110.000. No other place reaches even close to 100.000 people.

I know that the only comparable measure is the number of cases per 100.000 inhabitants, but if you ask me, I would still rather chose a smaller place for my holidays than the big one. So, Croatia, in my opinion, fits the bill perfectly!

Rates are also a bit lower than in previous years, and we’ll see fewer tourists this summer (even if we do believe that tourists will return, we will hardly reach the pre-covid numbers). We don’t expect crowds, or lines, or traffic jams, or anything alike. There will be plenty of places on Croatian beaches too. In that sense, it is a perfect time to visit Croatia.

Also, many people have already had Covid-19, and they have natural immunity. There are some speculations that in Croatia that number is over 30% of the population. Besides, we started vaccinating our citizens, and that will add another layer of people who are immune to the virus. In summer, as we spend more time outdoors, it’s harder for the virus to spread. And don’t forget that we all should still respect the basic epidemiological measures.  With all this in place, I believe that you can safely book your travel to Croatia.

But, in the end, it all depends on you. I think that Croatia as a country is ready to receive visitors and whatever happens with the virus, we should be able to handle it. But, you know the best if you feel safe traveling in these times.

Also don’t forget that some countries still have a mandatory 14-day quarantine, meaning that you will need either to self-isolate when you come back home from the vacation, or you will need to take and pay for the COVID-19 test to prove you are not contaminated. We hope that this condition will be removed by spring as it will additionally ease international travel.

Do you have any other questions regarding visiting Croatia during the Covid-19 pandemic? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Frank, we love your website so much and are incorporating many of your recommendations into our upcoming trip, particularly the restaurants and wine bars. Thank you for all the work you do.

    This is a long shot, but you’ve been so helpful in answering everyone else’s questions that I figured it’s worth a try. We are American, Chicago based and fully vaccinated. As I understand it, we don’t need a negative test to arrive in Croatia.

    We have a brief layover at Heathrow and will be arriving in Zagreb on a BA flight. As I understand it, the vaccination exemption does not apply to the UK and a negative test is required for entry. What I cannot understand is whether our US vaccinations are still sufficient, or if by taking a BA flight from London to Zagreb, we’ve now arrived from the UK, so that a test is necessary.

    We took Rapid Antigen Tests this morning – 72 hours before our UK flight, but it doesn’t seem this would meet the negative test requirements to enter Croatia (72 hours PCR / 48 hours RAT).

    Phew. Thank you for reading and all you do for us!

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    My husband and I are so keen to get back to our favourite and most beautiful place to sail! We are both double vaccinated but are aware we can still test positive. Should we be unfortunate enough to test positive prior to completing our PLF, returning to the UK, what happens? Does the test centre recommend a place for us to isolate ie an allocated hotel or do we find our own accomodation to isolate? Would we be able to get back onto an available yacht?

    Many thanks

    Alex and David xx

  3. For all good restaurants, you need to make reservations in the high season, regardless of the Covid situation. At less popular places, you can get a table without reservation.

  4. Oh, I didn’t list ALL the Covid centers in Croatia, just the ones that our readers will most likely need to use. I am sure you can get tested at the hotel where you are staying because it is a common practice in many Croatian hotels.

  5. You need to check this with the airline. I believe they do passport checks in Croatia upon landing, but not really sure.

  6. No problems! As long as you are in transit it is like you haven’t exit Croatia, if you stay longer in another country than the same entrance rules apply like you are entering it for the first time.

  7. A mixed vaccine isn’t a problem as long as you are vaccinated with approved vaccines (both of yours are ok). Just have all certificates becuase it takes no effort and you’ll be on the safe side. Upload the second one (I guess somewhere on that second certificate is written that is 2/2 jab).
    Theoretically, you should have your accommodation paid in advance but I haven’t heard yet of anybody having a problem with a guaranted booking confirmation.

  8. Croatia at the moment doesn’t require a negative test for fully-vaccinated travelers coming from within the EU (and many other countries).

  9. Hi Frank,

    Thanks for this website, it’s been very helpful! Myself & a friend are hoping to travel from Ireland to Split on the 30th August, however the only flight we can get on the day we want is through Amsterdam! Do you think just having our Covid passports is enough, or do you think a negative test will also be needed due to the layover?

    thanks for your help!

  10. Hello,

    What are the current requirements to enter Croatia from UK. I’m aware of tests but also seen I will need to provide proof of booked accommodation? Reason to visiting Croatia? Is this still in place?
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  11. Hi there! Thanks for this amazing site; so informative! I am a Canadian citizen travelling to Dubrovnik (transiting through Heathrow) so I am getting a PCR test because the UK needs it for transit. My question is, I am fully vaxed with first dose Astrazeneca (I checked and confirmed it is not COVISHIELD) and second dose Moderna. I haven’t read anything about mixed vaccines being an issue, but have you any knowledge on this? Also, since in Ontario each vaccination has its own certificate, which one should be uploaded to the form? Just the second certificate? I will bring paper print outs of both anyways – and will have that 72 hour PCR test in my back pocket to cover all my bases.

    Another question: I have 2 hotels booked in Croatia, and both are confirmed, but are paid upon arrival. Will a printout of the confirmation suffice?

    Thanks so much in advance!

  12. Update to my precious post – you DEFINITELY need the car paperwork to get into Montenegro. Also be prepared to spend 2+ hours crossing the border each way. That being said, it was absolutely worth it. Don’t focus too much on Kotor – Perast is idyllic and has perfect access to Our Lady of Rocks. If it weren’t for border and town traffic we would have tried to do more.

    Another tip – if you want to do multiple cities (i.e, Dubrovnik and Split), start or end your trip in either – you lose a day making the round trip over two days. We would have done so much more in Split had we started or ended there. Instead, we did morning in Dubrovnik, spent 4 hours driving to Split, had a few hours on the beach, then did morning in Split, spent 3 hours driving back to Dubrovnik, where we at least had time to do city walls.

    Thanks again for such a great website Frank! We had an amazing time and I’m sad it’s already over.

  13. Hi Frank,

    This was so informative! What can you share about crossing borders to Bosnia and Montenegro via private car? I can’t seem to find that answer online. Thanks!

  14. This 10 days mark isn’t en vigor any longer. But if you would like to go to the nightclubs or attend any festival, or gathering of more than 50 people (coast), or 100 (the rest of Croatia), you will need to have a negative test not older than 72h (PCR) or 48h (RAT). So you might need to re-test.

  15. yes, once you are past 72 h (PCR) or 48 h (RAT), you’ll need to re-test. It’s easy because now many places have it organized on spot (eg. Zrce beach on Pag island)

  16. Yes, this is correct. You should be able to book, although some owners might be hesitant to accept you if you are positive.

  17. can’t believe how this kind of rumour gets to start. Anyways, you don’t need to do this. Accommodation providers don’t check your Covid status. Night bars, nightclubs, festivals, bigger gatherings organizers, border control officers do.

  18. You aren’t allowed to leave the apartment/room where you isolate. You can’t leave the residence.

  19. No restrictions on the flights within Croatia (only mandatory masks). And since you are fully vaccinated, that’s all you need to enjoy all activities (eg. nightclubs, or concerts if you wish). To be honest, I don’t think there are many government-operated facilities. Theoretically, every municipality should have one, but I honestly don’t know about one, not even in our hometown. I only know about one in Zagreb ( – Croatian only. I think you need to plan to stay in a commercial accommodation and pay regular rates.

  20. This isn’t required, and I believe it’s false information. Hotels or other accommodation providers don’t check your Covid status.

  21. Can’t really help you. Now it is a high season and perhaps that there isn’t much available accommodation for the last minute bookings. Hope he finds a place to isolate himself.

  22. Children below 12 don’t need any proof regarding Covid-19 to enter Croatia. Regarding entering Croatia the same requirements apply whether your flight is direct or connecting. However, you need to check with airlines if they require anything else.

  23. This website is great – thank you for updating the news on Croatia travel. My family is hoping to make a summer vacation trip to Croatia for 3 weeks stay. My daughter is only 1 years old – does she need a covid test prior to going? Everyone else is fully vaccinated so we will show proof of our vaccine cards. We will be flying from USA and connect flights in France coming to Croatia, and Amsterdam leaving Croatia back to US. Since it is not a direct flight, do we need to get tested for covid (even though we are vaccinated) because of the connection flight?

    Thank you

  24. My son is in havar in CROATIA and has had a positive pcr test so unable to return to the uk. He has to isolate in havar for 10days but little advice or help is available to get accommodation. Can you provide any advice at all pls?

  25. Hi Frank,

    I have found your site very helpful when planning my future trip to Croatia.

    I had a question around Covid testing. Have you heard of a requirement where if you are staying in multiple accommodation you require proof of a negative PCR test for each one? Meaning multiple tests all no more than 72hours old.

    This isn’t outlined on any government websites I have read but have hear rumours.



  26. Just want to share our experience as we arrived from the US on Sunday 7/25. The entry in DBV airport was seamless. While we had a letter from our hotel, the guard did not look at it. Additionally, we crossed the border going to and from Split via our rental and at no time did they require anything more than our passport. We are going to Montenegro on Friday so will report back if anything is different.

  27. Hi, thanks so much for the information, very helpful! My husband and I are traveling from the US to Dubrovnik on August 28, and then flying to Zagreb on August 30. Is it a problem to arrive in Dubrovnik and then get on another plane within Croatia two days later? Also, we are vaccinated but if we happen to test positive before our flight home and have to self-isolate for 10 days do you have any idea at all what that cost would be? I realize we have to pay for it ourselves but I can’t find the cost of a government-operated facility for self-isolation. Thank you!

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    Thank you for this incredible extensive write up. Super helpful. I am travling to Croatia from South Africa on the 14th August. I know I need to self-quarantine in a place of my choosing and provide proof of where I am staying. One thing I cannot find answers to is during the self – isolation period will I be able to leave the residence to buy food or exercise?

    Would love to get a better understanding of the quarentine rules.

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  29. Hello!

    I have been told that if I travel around to different places in Croatia I am required to provide proof of negative PCR test within the last 72 hrs of arriving at EACH hotel. Are you able to confirm this or having any information on this. I cannot see this information anywhere on any sites linked on this blog.


  30. Hello Frank Thank you so much for this information. we are in our 50s and double vaccinated. We’re hoping to travel to Cavat on 15th August for 1 week from UK with Jet2 holidays. Our prime concern is becoming positive whilst there and not being able to return home. I have read that if that happens, we can arrange our own quarantine accommodation and not be taken to a quarantine hotel, until we are negative. Is this correct? Do you know if we would be able to book accommodation there and then through something like as long as it’s isolated from others ( apartment etc) and order food and drink in? Obviously we’d let the owners know and stay in our room/ balcony/ terrace.
    Many thanks for this site.

  31. This is super helpful! Quick question – for the nightclubs and bars that can remain open past midnight, can they also serve booze past midnight??

  32. Hi Frank, I’m not vaccinated and British but will have a document showing proof of negative PCR test from the UK. I won’t have an EU digital vaccination passport however.

    Will my negative test be accepted in bars and nightclubs? Also, my test will will only be valid for 72 hours so will I need to get another PCR test in Croatia in order to get into bars and clubs for another 72 hours?

    Many thanks,


  33. Hi Frank. We are flying to Split from the UK on 7 August for 2 weeks and will need to show a negative PCR/RAT on arrival. I understand if we have a RAT we need to retest again if we are staying more than 10 days. If we need to do the second RAT, can we take our own EU certified tests and obtain our own certificate? If so, do we need to present these certificates somewhere during the remainder of our stay? Many thanks.

  34. Hi, we are traveling from the U.S. through Amsterdam, then Amsterdam to Dubrovnik. Do you know if we will do a passport check only in Croatia? I ask because we only have 1 hour to change planes. It is a single ticket. I am assuming since Croatia in Non-Schengen, they will make us go through passport control in Amsterdam.
    Thanks in advance if you know the answer to this, KLM just hangs up the phone saying their wait time is over 30 minutes!
    Appreciate it!

  35. Hi Frank

    We will go to Croatia in September and would need a PCR test on the way back. We will stay in TUI blue Arcadia beach hotel. I checked the location of ALL covid testing centres on your link and none of them will be anywhere near us!

    What do we do??? Where do we get tested? We can’t travel 2 hours to Split or Dubrovnik. Please help.

  36. Hi frank,

    So far this has been the most informative blog I’ve come across.

    Do you happen to know if a hostel would suffice as “paid accommodation”?

  37. Hi Frank,

    What is the current situation like for restaurants? In England it’s tricky to get a table unless you book in advance. Is that the case in Croatia or would we be ok to just find a restaurant and get a table like in ‘normal times’


  38. Hi Frank,
    Brilliant site and great COVID info. I noticed in the media about tightening of restrictions in the last day or two eg restaurant indoor requirements.Have there been any changes on the ground?
    Thanks so much

  39. Hey everyone,

    Could you please advise if any restrictions in place when traveling by car from Croatia to Slovenia?

  40. Hey Frank,

    Planning to travel to Zadar from the UK but I only plan on staying for a night or two max and then travel to Hungary by car. At least I would like to…

    Would this cause any problems for showing proof of accommodation booked? Is it necessary to show a return ticket to prove that the accommodation is booked for the entire stay?

    Also, are there requirements for the type of accommodation as well or can any be booked on airbnb for example?

    Sorry, would just like to get this right and there is a lot of information on the internet.. Thank you! I appreciate your response!

  41. As long as I know they only check you when entering. You can maybe even obtain your second dose in Croatia as they started talking about allowing foreigners to get vaccinated in Croatia. Yes, NHS certificate is accepted, but if your arrival is from July 26 you will also need a negative PCR or antigen test. As long as you only transit through Bosnia, you should be ok.

  42. The US citizens don’t need any longer to prove the reason for their stay, so you are all good to go. Enjoy your stay in Rovinj and your house.

  43. Yes, you can do it both in Jelsa and Hvar Town, at the building of the Agricultural Cooperative Hvar

  44. As of July, 26 you will also need a negative antigen test not older than 48h or negative PCR test not older than 72h.

  45. Not true. Kids up to 12 years of age only need their travel documents in order to enter Croatia. Have fun!

  46. They do! There are many more places that offer the testings, I haven’t listed them all. But, I have added Zagreb Airport now. Thanks!

  47. Hi Melissa, you will need to check this with the airlines in question. We do use standard tests approved in the EU. As for accommodation, this question comes up nonstop and as I answered before, theoretically you should have it for the entire stay, but the majority of tourists only have it for the first couple of days and so far it has been working. Hopefully you won’t be the first one to have problems. Enjoy your stay!

  48. Hi!
    I was just checking, are the rapid antigen tests available at split airport sufficient as proof to return from Croatia to the UK. The UK requirements say a test is required 3 days or less before you depart and can be a lateral flow, I was just checking this was an okay location?

  49. Hi Frank,
    I’m looking forward to my trip to Dalmatia next week. Would love some advice on 2 topics please, really struggling to get clarity from the official sources.

    1) Entry requirements say “in the period of 22 to 42 days after you have received the first dose of Pfizer, Moderna, Gamaleya vaccine, or in the period from 22 to 84 days after receiving the first jab of AstraZeneca vaccine (EU/EEA citizens only)”.
    – Is this regarding the date of entry only, or the entire stay? i.e. it will be 40 days after my 1st Moderna vaccine but I’m staying well past that period
    – do you know if the UK NHS certificate is accepted? (I’m a EU citizen living in UK, so the rule applies to me but I don’t have the EU passport)

    2) Planning to go from Split to Dubrovnik and back by public bus (I assume crossing Bosnia), should I expect any Covid related checks at the border?

    Many thanks!

  50. Hi Frank,
    You have the best and clearest guide to travelling to Croatia and what to do to prepare.
    I live in the US, but own a vacation home in Rovinj, Istria. I will be travelling with my children but also my boyfriend. I plan to travel with documentation showing ownership, however, do we need some type of signed documentation that my boyfriend will be staying with me? If so, what is your direction on that front?

  51. Hi Frank, great site you have here. Myself, my wife and son (8) have booked to go Zadar then onto Zagreb for 10 days. We are double vaccinated. One question on return to UK I need to provide an antigen test (lateral flow) but need to provide results on printed document or email/sms? Is this possible in Croatia?

    Thank you.

  52. Hello,

    We’d like to visit Croatia and are both double jabbed. If we tested positive for Covid when doing our return to the UK test, what would happen please?

    Do we have to find and pay for our own accommodation? I know in some countries this is provided by the government.


  53. Hi Frank

    Great article- my wife and i have traveled to Croatia many times. Specifically Brač and surrounding areas. Quite comfortable with Navigation etc.
    However never travelled during Covid! Both my wife and i will be fully vaccinated 7/8 weeks prior to our arrival.
    In terms of obtaining a test to return to the UK, my understanding is that a lateral flow, will suffice dependant on its efficiency rating.

    We are planning on visiting Hvar, and wanted to confirm if you know about any testing sites there?
    We would stay in split for 1 night prior to travel but maybe cutting it fine to get the results in time if we do the testing the day before! Would welcome your thoughts.

  54. Hi,

    Flying into Dubrovink with negative PCR test but driving to Split after 1 week. Should I repeat the COVID test if I’m only transiting through the border ( dubrovnik -split) and not stopping anywhere for re-entry? IS it easier to take a ferry and rent a car after from Split?


  55. Hi Frank,
    Thanks for the great tips.

    We are coming from UK and wondered whether home testing Lateral Flow tests are okay for entry? (Antigen tests administered by ourselves)?


  56. Hi Frank,

    Love your sight which is really informative.

    Quick query I am coming to beautiful Istria (14th time since 2007) in 2 weeks time. I am from Scotland and i have a written copy of my NHS vaccination status showing i was double vaccinated on 5 May 2021. I have also completed entry to Croatia form and have printed copy of my ref number and i have proof of paid accommodation.

    Do i need to do anything else in advance or is that sufficient.

    Any info greatly appreciated

  57. Hi! I’m traveling to Croatia next 6th of August.
    I planed to rent a car to travel from Split to Dubrovnik.
    I know that there are Bosnia borders in our way. Do you know something about this and the corona situation? Do I need somethin special to cross it? PCR or antigen or something?

    Thanks for your time and your responde!
    Your blog is really great!!

  58. Hi Frank,

    thank you for your information. We are from Belgium, travelling to croatia by plane next week, with our 11 months old daughter. I’m fully vaccinated, but my partner got only one dose of Pfizer. I read that my daughter need to be tested because we’re not both fully vaccinated. But i read here that’s not true?
    Also, do you have any idea if we need te mention her on the enter Croatia form?

    Big thank you

  59. Super helpful, thank you :)

    We found on the Zagreb airports website that they do offer PCR and antigen tests as well but it’s not listened on your list. Are they restricted to locals ?
    Would you happen to know if those certificates are in Englisch as well if we can take the test before we fly back home ?

  60. I am hoping to go to Dubrovnik in a couple of weeks for three weeks stsying in a friends from England apartment, what type of proof of accomadation would be suitable please.

  61. Hi Frank,
    Thanks for the comprehensive page! I am having a hard time confirming something and wondered if you knew…do you know if the Rapid test offered at the Zagreb airport is accepted by the airlines for re-entry to the US? From what I have heard it may be airline specific?

    I saw that KLM does but not sure about Air France or Delta…do you happen to know? IT would be the most convenient to take there at the airport before the flight lol but don’t want to wait and see and be denied haha.

    Also, for the “paid” accommodation…if you have several different places, just the first one showing paid is sufficient correct? Since you don’t have to pay until the property, if just the first one is paid then that should be good right?

  62. Hi Frank,
    First, thank you for being the most comprehensive an up-to-date source of Croatia information on the Internet. I mean that! Questionnaires, we are US citizens that have been vaccinated fully. Our immunization cards are hand written in pen as is the standard here. When I look at Pag nightclubs for example on there is only discussion of the digital EU covid pass. There isn’t anything about if our US covid immunization cards will work. Do you happen to know? I guess I would have same question about nightclubs in Dubrovnik or Split. Thank you so much for what you do!

  63. As far as I am aware, you don’t need anything except your travel documents to enter Montenegro and since you are only transiting through Croatia, you also don’t need any extra paperwork. However, if you want to be sure, the best is to check with your friends, or with Montenegrian officials.

  64. Yes, you can isolate yourself wherever you want. You aren’t supposed to leave the premises while self-isolating. This means – no swimming!

  65. In order to enter Croatia, you will need the proofs that we have listed in this article. For Italy, it is the same (vaccinated, have rec overed, negative test). However, for this specific trip, the best is to contact directly Kompas company as I guess you are traveling on their vessel.

  66. This shouldn’t be a problem. Many people had a similar situation like you but nobody reported any problems.

  67. Hi Colin, yes there have been some updates, and we have added them all here in this post. For now, you’ll be able to stay in bars past midnight if you have recovered from Covid-19, have been fully vaccinated, or can present a negative antigen or PCR test.

  68. Hi Jonma, I really can’t answer this question. You should contact the airline or US and Croatian authorities.

  69. I think this is the cross-EU requirement. According to the rules in vigour, yes you would need to present the negative antigen or PCR test.

  70. As long as I know, you don’t need anything except your travel documents in order to enter Montenegro. However, every time you enter Croatia you will need to show proof of vaccination or a negative test for your son. To enter Bosnia you will need the same proofs as when entering Croatia (this means another test for your son).

  71. My family will be traveling to Croatia from the USA in a few weeks. There are 8 of us total. 5 are vaccinated and 3 are not. Those not vaccinated are ages 13, 9, and 2. I understand the rules for testing prior to arriving from the US (that only the non-vaccinated 13 year old will need a test). My questions are regarding a day trip to Kotor and a trip yo Mostar when transiting from Dubrovnik to Split.

    Which of us need tested to enter Montenegro? And which to re-enter Croatia the same day?

    Which of us need tested to go to Mostar? And then return to Croatia the same day?


  72. Hi! Would you have any idea if they allow an Albanian to enter Croatia just to collect somebody at an aiport and then leave before 12 hours.. Would they need a test or anything. I would appreciate any answer because I’ve been researching everywhere but no luck. Thank you

  73. Hi Frank!

    Thanks so much for the information! We are traveling to Croatia from the United States in August and we’re all fully vaccinated as of early January. I’m confused by Croatia’s guidelines saying that the vaccination certificate is only valid for 210 days. It appears Croatia is the only country with this sort of guideline. Is it correct that since we are outside of the 210 window, we will still need to present a negative covid test despite being fully vaccinated?

  74. Hey Frank – thanks so much for this article! Definitely the best source of information I’ve found. Quick question.

    I am a US tourist visiting in July with my family (all fully vaccinated), and US tourists are required to show a negative test before they return home. I am wondering what would happen if only one of us tests Positive and the rest test Negative. Would only that person be placed under quarantine, or would the whole family? And if the rest of the family is placed under quarantine, would they be forced to share the same space as the positive individual?

  75. Hi Frank,

    Thank you for your blog! It really helps in planning our holiday.

    You mention that a new assessment will be done on 30th of June. I have been searching the internet but cannot find anything. Is the update there already?

    Me and my girlfriend are planning to visit Croatia from 21-28 July. Our main consideration is whether we can attend some parties/stay in bars after 00:00.

  76. Hi Frank!

    My husband and I are traveling from the US to Croatia in August. We are staying for two weeks. He is an American citizen and I am an Argentinian citizen, but we both live in the US and have the two shots of the Pfizer vaccine. We have accommodation paid for our first 3 nights in Dubrovnik, but we do not have prepaid accommodation for Split, Brac and Zagreb (which are the other places in our itinerary). Do you think this would be a problem at the border?

    Thank you!

  77. Greetings from Los Angeles. I need your help. I have looked everywhere and can’t seem to find a definitive answer. We are doing a 16 day trip next month. We are in Istria for several days, and one of those days we’ve decided to do a day trip (leave at 7am, back by 8pm) to Venice on a speed catamaran from Rovinj. What requirements are needed? Do I need a visa to reenter back in to Croatia from Italy? Anything special to enter Italy from Croatia? Or as a US citizen, does this not apply? Your expertise is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  78. Hello,
    Could you tell me, Is it possible to receive a Pfizer vaccine in Croatia (in Makarska) if you are a tourist?

    Kind regards,

  79. Hi Frank,
    My partner and I are all booked and ready to go to Croatia in July. We have a flight through Madrid both ways and were wondering what we need to do as far as Covid information. We are both vaccinated in the U.S. and have filled out the form for entering Croatia. What other info do we need if we are going through Spain?

  80. Hi Frank,

    We are traveling into Dubrovnik Airport (from USA) and hired a shuttle to drive us to Rafajlovici, Montenegro. We are staying with another American family who own a villa in Montenegro. Since we are staying with them for free will I still need some sort of paperwork to show at the border crossing, proving we have a destination in Montenegro? We are all fully vaccinated. Thanks!

  81. Hello Frank,

    Thanks in advance for your effort!

    My mom wants to fly to Dubrovnik from Armenia with the purpose to drive further to Montenegro. Is it allowed at the moment?


  82. Hi Frank. Thanks for this. We are thinking of visiting on August from South Africa. Will be allowed to self isolate as a family in a private accommodation rather than a hotel? We are hoping to find something with private beach access so that we can still swim whilst self isolating. We would love to camp but I am guessing that won’t be acceptable for self isolation?

  83. If you go strictly by the book, you should have them all booked. However, I still haven’t heard about anybody being denied the entrance solely based on this. So fingers crossed you won’t be the first one :)

  84. If any of you test positive you will need to isolate. Also, you will need to show either a negative PCR or rapid antigen test, or proof that you have recovered from Covid-19 in the last 180 days.

  85. The document usually has a couple of more info, like where the test was taken, the date, and the results, among other personal info.
    Also, if you come from a country that has started issuing digital Covid certificates, you can simply show that document at the border.

  86. If you have only one shot of Phizer and are a resident of EU/EEA you can enter Croatia in the period from 22 to 42 days after the first shot. You can also enter Croatia from the day you are fully vaccinated. Kids up to 12 years of age don’t need to show a negative test in order to enter Croatia.

  87. You can travel this way without the test only if you are fully vaccinated or recovered from Covid-19 in the last 180 days. Otherwise, you will always need to show a negative PCR or antigen test not older than 72 or 48 hours.

  88. The officials will count the time you have spent transiting. You have 12 hours to leave the country.

  89. Yes, you should be fine visiting Mostar and Kotor if you are fully vaccinated. I don’t know about the US (I think they only accept the PCR test results), but you should check this with your officials. Enjoy Croatia!

  90. Theoretically yes, but I believe you will be fine. It’s important to have some nights booked, I think, in reality, that should be enough. Enjoy!

  91. Hi Martin,
    In Croatia, you don’t need to wear masks outside, only inside. So, the majority of people don’t wear them outside. Avoid crowded places, which, generally speaking, shouldn’t be that difficult in Croatia.

    Inside the premises, everybody needs to wear a mask except people who can’t wear them for medical reasons, or small children (no age defined but the rules stipulate the following “preschool children don’t need to wear a mask if the child, despite the efforts of the parent/guardian to wear the mask, resists wearing the mask or cannot refrain from touching the mask and face with his/her hands)”. Also, small children and those who still attend the lower grades of primary school (up to 11 ys of age in Croatia) can wear the mask only when participating in activities that last a maximum of an hour or two and when they are under the constant supervision of parents/guardians.

  92. Hi Frank – appreciate all the info you put together. Really helpful.

    I have a question. I am scheduled to fly out of Denver to Zagreb tomorrow. So far I have booked all 5 nights of my stay at the Sheraton Zagreb. I spoke with them last night, and I had ’em charge my credit card for the first two nights ONLY (it was actually their recommendation, just in case my plans change). I have an email confirmation of that pre-payment. I am hoping that will suffice at passport control.

    Still wanted to get your thoughts.

  93. Hi Frank
    Nice webpage with many good informations.
    We are 3 familys travel to Croatia (Istrien) from Denmark and I have 2 questions:
    – I can’t find anything about facemask for kids? The kids is between 6 and 10 years old.
    – Are people mostly use facemask outside, or is there allot of space to maintain the distance rules?

  94. Dear Frank,

    Im due to arrive in Croatia this week. I only have my first 5 nights booked and paid for but as a UK national…

    “If you travel from the non-EU/ non-EEA countries, besides the above-mentioned requirements, you will also need to present evidence of accommodation paid in advance and in full.”

    Does this apply for the whole trip? As im not sure when ill be travelling home yet. I may stay a month or longer and plan to hire a car and camp at campsites… Many thanks for all your help.

  95. Hi Frank,

    We are fully vaccinated US citizens traveling to Dubrovnik in late August. Will we be able to go to Mostar for a day trip without having to get COVID tested? Same question about a day trip to Kotor.
    Also, do you know if the US accepts the rapid antigen test results or only PCR for reentry?

    Thank you

  96. Hey. I want to go from Dublin to Dubrovnik on the 19th of July. from Dubrovnik I want to leave to Albania Asap Is there any restrictions I can face and would you know how I can prove that I am transiting

  97. Frank this is great info! Thank you I am so happy to have reached your site!

    Can I travel from Medjugoria to Dubrovnik and back without taking COVID test? I am American and will have a negative PCR entering the country, I am just wondering if I need a new negatove COVID test to travel between the above two locations. In reading your article I believe the answer is no but I would like your confirmation! Thanks!

  98. Any new update from those transiting through Amsterdam to Croatia from the US? I’m heading to Split from the US via Amsterdam layover. It seemed like they relaxed the rules on needing a Covid test if you are just transiting. Anyone have an experience?

  99. Hi Frank,

    Thank you for this very useful post. I am planning to travel to Croatia from the US with my 4 year old in mid-July. I am fully vaccinated but she is too young to get the shot. Does she need a test prior to entering? Would the CDC vaccine card be sufficient proof of my vaccination status (I had both my shots)?

  100. Hi! My boyfriend (from US) and I (from France) are both unvaccinated and we hope being able to enter France after staying 2 weeks in Croatia. As we still didn’t get an answer about that we didn’t buy our return tickets but we wonder if it will be an issue to enter Croatia ? We do have proves of Airbnb for the 2 weeks.

    Also, do you know if Americans have to quarantine even if they are positive when they go back to US ?

  101. Hi Frank,
    Thanks for great information!
    We are planing travelling by car to Croatia this July and was wondering what the documentation requirements for a negative test? Is it enough with a document with your full name on?

  102. Hello Frank
    nice blog you have with lots of interesting information.
    In the month of July we like to come to Croatia. My wife is fully vaccinated, I have 1 vaccin from Pfizer. So I think we can enter without a PCR-test. But what about my child of 7? Does he have to take a test? I only find on croatian websites that the PCR-test for a child isn’t necassary if both parents are fully vaccinated. What do you think?

  103. Hi Eric, have a safe flight and great time in Croatia! Children above 12 should be tested. Transit through Amsterdam is allowed under the rules listed on their Government website. I’ve already linked to it in previous comments.

  104. Wen just had the first cruise ship sailed into Dubrovnik port, MSC Orchestra. Anyways, so far only guided and organized shore excursions are allowed.

  105. Theoretically yes, but a booking confirmation for the first couple of days should suffice in reality,.

  106. I think they all do. In Dubrovnik, besides Valamar, I know for sure that Adriatic Luxury Hotels provide this service too. And as I said, I believe all others do too. The best is to contact them directly.

  107. Are you a Croatian citizen, or EU/EEA citizen? There are some rules regarding family reunions. However, the rules about people traveling from non-EU/EEA countries to Croatia stipulate that non-essential travels aren’t yet allowed. Touristic reason is an economical (and thus essential) reason to enter Croatia, and for this you will need a proof of paid accommodation. This also means that if you will go strictly by the book, your grandparents place won’t be enough to cross the border.But, the best would be to contact directly immigration office at the bottom of this page:

  108. Hi Kyle, it is definitely less crowded than pre-Covid. We don’t yet have nearly as many tourists as we used to have before Covid. And this is especially true for Asian coach tours (all used to visit Plitvice). However, this doesn’t mean you won’t have crowds in July and August. They just won’t be nearly as big as pre-Covid. Will you stay a day or two, it really depends on how much you want to explore. If you are very much into hiking, stay two days. Otherwise, one day will be enough. You don’t need to arrive before 10.30 am, but if you want to explore as much as possible in a day, and avoid crowds (no matter how small they are), the earlier you arrive the better the visit will be.

  109. Hi Frank! Great article and tips! I’m curious how crowded Plitvice lakes National park is currently due to covid?? Less crowded than normal or back to pre covid levels? I’m planning to take a bus from Zagreb to Plitvice (and on to zadar) in a couple weeks (part of a 19 day Croatia trip), and I’m debating if I need 2 days or not in Plitvice based on how crowded it is (aka do I really need to get in the park before 10:30am to avoid the crowds?). I’d guess the waterfall views are better in the afternoon when the sun is overhead, so I’m hoping I can just make a day trip of it (I’m fairly fit and can do the upset/Lower lakes semi quickly). Thanks for your help!

  110. Hello Frank. I am planning my visit and staying with my Great Uncle (Grandfathers brother and family) – and therefore will not have paid accommodations. Is there a guarantee letter that is required? Thanks for your response in advance

  111. Frank – Thanks for this excellent information! My husband and I are flying to Croatia in August. It will be our second visit and we can’t wait to be there again! We would like to make life easier before flying back to the US. Do you happen to know of any other hotel companies doing on-site testing? We are looking into Valamar (flying out of DBV), but were wondering if you knew of any others. Has not been an easy thing to research.

  112. Hi Frank

    I read somewhere on an official Croatian government website that private gatherings should be no more than ten people from two households. Is that a recommendation or by law? If we are 12 people from three households renting a holiday home we would go above that.

  113. Hi Frank, thanks for providing such great info. I’m a New Zealand passport holder travelling from Spain EU. I am wanting to come to Croatia for 3 months. Do I need proof of paid accommodation for the entire 3 months? Thanks

  114. Hello Frank!

    I was wondering about the status of crowds from cruises in Dubrovnik at the moment. We’ll be traveling in September and was wondering if the crowds are expected to return to normal or will things be slower? Are cruise passengers currently coming ashore?

  115. Frank

    My wife and two kids are flying from USA to Zagreb on June 18th, arriving on June 19th. We have a 3 hour layover in Amsterdam on the way. Two questions:
    – Youngest child is 12, is he exempt? The other 3 of us are fully vaccinated
    – Based on latest read, I think we are clear to transfer in Amsterdam as well, what are your thoughts?

  116. If you’ve been in South Africa in the last 14 days before entering Croatia, you will need to self-isolate. But you can always send an email to the officials to be 100% sure.

  117. Hi Frank,

    Thank you for this article it has been extremely helpful.
    I am planning on flying from South Africa to Croatia (transit through the UK). Do I need to isolate if I have been fully vaccinated?
    I am a British Citizen.

    Thank you ☺️

  118. Hey!! I plan on traveling July 21st-July 27th from the US to Dubrovnik. I will be staying at a hotel there and Im fully vaccinated. My question is in regards to my return flight. I leave on a Tuesday but testing is required withing 3 days of my flight. Do you know where I can get tested that is open and results provided within that timeframe?

  119. Hi! I‘ve read somewhere that you need to make another test if you stay longer than 10 days. Is it so?

  120. Hi Frank,

    I am travelling to Croatia in two weeks. Is it possible to cross the 22 min drive border Split-Dubrovnik without issues due to pandemic?

  121. Hi, Thanks for all your great advice. Is the testing center at the Split airport operating? Do you have to be flying from there to use it? I am flying from Zagreb the next day, so I want to do a PCR test in Split in advance.

  122. Yes for now Bosnia still requires a negative PCR test to enter the country. However, Montenegro for example just removed all requirements for the entrance. There is a good chance Bosnia will ease the requirements in the weeks to come. At the moment the closest PCR testing center near Plitvice is in Karlovac (as far as I know).

  123. Croatia has been low on parties these days. If you are after partying then your best bet at this time is to stay in Zagreb, or Split.

  124. Regarding the entry into Croatia, you only need a proof of vaccination. But you need to check with an airline what their requirements are.

  125. Not really! The same way you would arrange with the hotel staff you can arrange with private accommodation owners. You can also use services like wolt, glovo, etc to deliver you to your address whatever you need or grocery shop online (in the bigger towns), or just order a food delivery from many restaurants.

  126. In theory yes, but in reality no. Just have your accommodation booked for the first couple of days.

  127. I don’t think that there is a particular format, maybe just a temporary failure. Try again!

  128. Hi Ben, no issues whatsoever. All you will need is a proof of vaccination and the proof of paid accommodation.

  129. Hello Frank, Great article, thank you! I am planning to go to Croatia from Costa Rica in late August. I am a US citizen but living in Costa Rica, my girlfriend is Costa Rican. We are both vaccinated, is there any issue with us going given that we would be coming from Costa Rica? Thanks!

  130. Hi Frank,

    Myself and 3 friends will be traveling to Croatia from the US, and are fully vaccinated. I have been trying to upload our vaccination certificates on the online form, but it is not allowing me to do so? Is there a particular format required to upload the certificate? Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you!

  131. Hello,
    please do I need the proof of booked accommodation for my entire stay? I want to visit several places all across Croatia and I do not know my itinerary in advance, it depends on the conditions at the place. So please, at the border check to get in the country do I need booked accommodation for at least one day or for the entire stay?
    Thank you.

  132. Frank,

    I would like to rent a vacation home but since I have to self isolate for at least 7 days. How can I buy groceries etc? Doesn’t the self-isolation force me to stay in a hotel?

  133. Thank you for this!

    I was having trouble finding the green list countries so I’m double checking:

    I’m a vaccinated American who is spending two weeks in Vienna and then flying to Dubrovnik to stay for a month. Is my vaccination card enough or do I need to be Covid tested in Vienna before I fly?

  134. Hi Frank, thanks for all your helpful information. My husband and I are visiting Croatia 6/26-6/30. We were thinking to land in Split, try to find the party around there or on the islands nearby , then drive up to see KrKa before we leave from Zagreb. Do you have any suggestions on the best places to visit near split for a party vibe? We heard hvar is the place to go for party, but unsure if it’s still true in these times or if there might be more open bars/beach on the coast? Thanks in advance!

  135. Hello,

    Upon entering Croatia from the US, Do you need a negative Covid 19 Test for further domestic Travel in Croatia via Plane?

  136. Hi Ryan, no, I din’t see any issues with these confirmations. They are paid in full useing points instead of money but they are still paid. Enjoy Croatia!

  137. Rapid antigen test is enough to enter Croatia. With it you get the results faster (usually within 30 min) and it is cheaper than the PCR test. As for nightclubs and bars, it is hard to predict. But there is a good chance that they will be open later than 11 pm.

  138. Hi Sid,
    thanks for reading!
    1) Since you are fully vaccinated you’ll be able to travel back and forth between Croatia and Slovenia.
    2) It depends! Both travel options are Ok! Travelling without Hvar on a ferry is chesper. The ride between Split and Dubrovnik is beautiful especially if you take the Adriatic coastal road. So it all depends on your preferences.
    3) If you can enter those countries – yes! Since you are fully vaccinated, regarding Croatia, you can cross the border as man times as you want as long as you have sour vaccination certificate and a proof of accommodation.
    Enjoy Croatia!

  139. You won’t be able to board a plane if you test positive and you will certainly need to self isolate for 10 days.

  140. Great idea! Stay somewhere on Peljesac peninsula. It’s a lovely area, great beaches, not too many tourists, and great wine.

  141. You will be able to self isolate in Pula. You will need to give an address where you will be self-isolating and the police can check on you to make sure sou remain in self-isolation at all times.

  142. Is proof of accommodation necessary for the entire length of the trip or just a portion? My wife and I are planning an extended trip through the Balkans and would like to have some flexibility which planning out all accommodations will not allow. So we are curious if it would be a problem to just have the first few days of accommodations booked.

  143. Thank you so much for this article. We are going to be in Hvar, Split and Dubrovnik. We will be leaving from Dubrovnik on Saturday the 24th. Since we will be going to the US, we need to get a negative test. Is there any way we can get the test Thursday evening or early Friday morning (we won’t be in Dubrovnik until Thursday afternoon, traveling from Split that morning) quickly enough to board the plane on Saturday at noon? It’s hard to find times they are open so would really appreciate the help! Thank you!

  144. Hi Frank! Thanks for such a great website. My wife and I are super excited about our July trip!

    The paid accommodation requirement has me concerned. For our six nights there, our first and third nights were booked using Hilton free nights, and our second and fourth thru sixth nights were booked using Chase UR thru their travel portal. Do you foresee any issues with us getting cleared for entry?

  145. Hi Frank,
    I am from Ireland. I have a trip booked from 21 July – 1 August to split. In ireland travel restrictions are lifted in July for non-essential trips within the EU. The question is, will we need to have a negative PCR test or a rapid antigen test? What exactly is the difference between the two? Would a rapid antigen test be enough ?
    Another question, do you think nightclubs and bars(after 11pm) will be opened up end of July ?
    Thanks very much for all your helpful information

  146. Hi Frank
    Can you clarify the kid policy as I’ve heard 2 different things.
    Is it “12 and under” or “under 12”?
    My kids are 12 years old so I just want to clarify if they need a test or not.
    Thank you.

  147. Hi Frank…Fantastic post, thanks for all the details. I had a couple of questions that I am hoping you will be able to help with. We are US citizens (all fully vaccinated) planning to travel to Croatia for two weeks starting July 23, 2021. Had the following questions:
    1. Will we be allowed to travel to Slovenia to visit Lake Bled for two days, we plan to rent a car from Zagreb and drive to Lake Bled for a couple of days.
    2. Is it advisable to drive from Hvar to Dubrovnik or take a ferry (we are three adults traveling together)
    3. Can we visit Kotor and Mostar as day trips from Croatia?
    Thanks in advance for all your help.
    Best Regards,

  148. Hi Frank – nice article. Quick question about Americans returning to the USA. What if one of the 2 people traveling tests positive before traveling back to the States? Does Croatia require anything specific?

  149. We’re flying to Dubrovnik direct from NYC in Sept. However, we’re booked for a tour that starts in Split (and ends in Dubrovnik). We’re thinking of renting a car and staying overnight somewhere along the way. What would you suggest? During our tour we will see Dinara Mountains, Brac Island, Hvar, and Korcula, so would like to see something else. Do you foresee any issues with us driving a rental car from Split to Dubrovnik (just 1-way)? Thanks – any helpful hints are welcomed!

  150. Hi Frank, thank you for this guide, hugely helpful. Apologies in advance if a similar question has already been answered.
    I am flying from India into Zagreb. I understand I will have to isolate for 14 days (and can retest again on day 7). My question is that will I be able to isolate in Pula instead of Zagreb. Will I be able to get a car from the airport and drive down to Pula for the 14 (or 7 days) instead of having to stay in Zagreb.

    Thanks so much

  151. Hi Carol, travelers from Argentina at the moment are not required to do mandatory self-isolation. Only travelers from
    Brazil, South Africa, India and Zanzibar. Hope it stays that way and you have a blast in Croatia!

  152. Thanks for sharing your experience, R! I guess then you had no troubles transiting through Amsterdam from the USA. A couple of people asked that question, so I am happy tou helped us answer it.

  153. Hi Josh,
    there were some talks about allowing people traveling to Croatia from Israel to be exempt from the Covid rules. However, nothing is yet official. If your kids are below 12 years of age, they won’t need to test. If they are older they will need to provide a NEGATIVE rapid antigen or PCR test anytime they enter Croatia.
    Enjoy your time in Croatia!

  154. Sara, I think this is the same requirement. For the airplane is deprture for the country you are arriving at is arrival. You basically have 42 hours of overlap.

  155. On May 26 the measures were announce and they were in effect from May 28 2021. Kids under age of 12 don’t need a negative PCR or antigen test to enter Croatia.

  156. Plan maybe a day trip to Spit or/ and Trogir from Zadar on Sunday and try to test at Virion (please call them in advance to be sure to get the spot). They work on Sunday and have a fast-PCR protocol where you get the results within 3 hours. Here is the link with all data:

  157. Hi Amy, officially it’s not a reason to enter the country unless you are marrie or in a civil union and you can provep it as spouses of Croatian citizens can enter under eased conditions. However, he can always rent somewhere for a couple of days in order to have a proof of accommodation.

  158. Hi January :),
    thanks for reading!

    1)Booking confirmation will suffice if it’s written on it that the accommodation is paid in full. If you don’t have this written just reach dorectly to the propery owner / management who runs it and ask them to write you a more detailed conformation. This is really only formality, it’s not like they will ask you the account statement. But, to avoid complications, the best is to have it clearly written on the document.
    2) U fortunately, I haven’t find anything closer either. Try to contact a property where you are staying they might be better informed locally.
    Enjoy Croatia!

  159. Hi Amy, so far Honduras is not on the red list in Croatia, only Brasil, Zanzibar, India and South Africa. At the moment, you are not required to self-isplate in Croatia upon arrival.

  160. Hi Lisa,
    please check the Virion testing center, near Split airport ( They offer fast-PCR protocol with resukts within 3 hours. It costs more, 120€ but you get it quickly! Hope this helps! Enjoy your time in Croatia!

  161. This is a great post. Thank you! It might have already been asked in the comments so I apologize if I missed it. We are planning a trip to Dubrovnik on 24-29 June. Are we able to do day trips to Bosnia or Montenegro? If we do would we need to re-test to get back into Croatia? We are a family of 5. The adults and oldest child are fully vaccinated and the youngest two children are not yet able to be vaccinated. Also, we reside in Israel. I have heard that Israel is being put on a “green” list with fewer restrictions. Thank you!

  162. Hi Frank, Thanks again for your website. We are renting a sailboat and we get back to split on July 2 at around 5pm. We are flying out of split the next day around 2pm. We are US citizens and need a PCR test to go back to the US. I am having trouble finding a place with a rapid turnaround time for the PCR test. They only seem to offer rapid antigen tests which I do not think is adequate for return to the US. Do you or anyone else have any suggestions?

  163. I am in Mostar right now.
    I flew from Houston – New York – Amsterdam – Vienna – Sarajevo.

    Beat advice I can give is get both a PCR and Rapid Test as close to your departure time as possible. Even if you are just transferring planes in Europe you still have meet their Covid requirements.
    I’m going to Croatia tomorrow and then Montenegro. Getting PCR test for Croatia and then another for Montenegro

  164. Frank hello, we are travelling to Croacia on June 20 and we have rented a boat to sail around departing from Split.
    We are from Argentina which is now considered a high risk country (COVID meaning). So, as we have bought our flight tickets by lufthansa last year, we now decided just to take a connecting flight from Franckfurt to Dubronock without entering Germany.
    We are fully vaccinated (certified Astra Zeneca), and we will travel with the mandatory PCR as well.
    My concern is if we will be ask to self isolated at our arrival at Croacia or not.
    Could you be so kindly to clarify it to us?
    Thank you!

  165. Hi Frank,
    You sight is great and so helpful. We are US citizens- a family of 4. We are all fully vaccinated. We were planning to drive into Mostar for a day According to Bosnia’s website, it seems they are still requiring a negative covid test within 48 hours. Will they accept our CDC cards as proof of vaccination instead? We will be coming from the national parks of Plitvice and krka. Are there places to get tested there? How long to the test results usually take to come back if we need them?

  166. Hi,

    I am traveling from Dubai, and it states in the pre-travel requirements of the airline that I need a test result issued within 48 hours of departure. However in you website it says the PCR test should be done 48 hours prior to arrival. Could you please confirm which is more updated

  167. Hello! Just to confirm, as of May 26,2021 kids under the age of 10 do not need to take a PCR test?
    I as the adult traveling with them will have one.

    Please confirm. Thank you in advance!

  168. Hey Frank, thanks for such useful information!
    My husband and I will be travelling from the Netherlands to Zadar at the end of July. To enter the Netherlands we are obliged to present a PCR-test which is not older than 24 hrs prior boarding. My problem is that we departure from Zadar on Monday at 6 am and I cannot find any test locations in Zadar which are open on Sunday. As far as I understood there is also no testing location at Zadar airport for a quick PRC-test. Is there any location or any possibility to get a (quick) PCR-test on Sunday in Zadar?
    Thanks a lot for your help!

  169. Hi,
    Im a croatian citizen, and my boyfriend and i will be flying from the US to croatia this summer. Is him staying at my house there acceptable proof of accomodation, or does it need to be a paid, commercial place of stay?

  170. Hi Frank!

    Great website! I have been checking here to plan our trip to Croatia in July. :)

    Two quick questions, if you don’t mind:

    1. We are all Portuguese passport holders and we’ll be driving from Serbia to Zagreb. Will we need to show fully paid accommodations or will a booking confirmation do?

    2. Our last three days will be spent at the Plitvice National Park and from there, we’ll be driving straight back to Belgrade. Would you know if there is a PCR testing center near the National Park? The closest I found so far is a 40 minute drive. A negative test is required for our return to Serbia.

    Thanks a lot!

  171. Hello! We are fully vaccinated and want to travel from Honduras, end of June. Do we have to isolate for 14 days upon arrival?

  172. Hi Frank,

    Very informative guide, thanks. I’m a UK citizen (fully vaccinated) and plan on flying UK to Pula, hiring a car and driving straight to Slovenia with a couple of days in Rovinj on the return journey. My question is as a tourist flying into Pula with only booked accommodation in Croatia for the 2 days prior to my return to the UK will I be allowed into the country ? I have read elsewhere that it is OK to transit to another country within 12 hours of arrival in Croatia.

    Any advice appreciated.

  173. I don’t have experience (maybe someone else has), but I have posted a couple of links in other comments that you can check. Good luck!

  174. Yes, Richard, that’s right! You shouldn’t have any problems entering Croatia if you are fully vaccinated. This PCR test you need to take is the USA government requirement, not Croatia requirement. You can double-check with the USA authorities if you want to be absolutely sure.

  175. Hi Michele,
    for now, Zanzibar is on the red list, meaning the travelers from Zanzibar need to self-isolate in Croatia for 14 days. But the way it is written it is not quite clear if this rule is valid only for Zanzibar or entire Tanzania. I have sent a question to Croatian authorities and I would let you know once I get their answer. You can try to do the same by filling up the form on the following web page:

  176. Hi H,
    there are no problems crossing the border in Neum, on your way from Split to Dubrovnik. Except, a normal hassle if there are lots of cars in a queue, just like it happens everywhere. Ferry from Hvar to Dubrovnik can also be interesting! It all depends on what do you prefer. But if the border is of concern, it doesn’t have to be. Also, this road sequence between Split and Dubrovnik is awesome, especially if you take the old Adriatic coastal road – it is a beauty!
    You don’t need an international drivers licence (unless it is in another alphabet but Latin letters). Being vegan, you will have more choices in bigger towns, like Zagreb, Dubrovnik and Split. In other towns, you’ll need to get by with salads, grilled and cooked veggies, maybe pizzas and rice dishes without the cheese.
    Have fun!

  177. Hi Clarissa, I am certainly not an expert on Dutch Covid-19 rules and restrictions, but from what I have understood from their website, transit is allowed as long as you have a negative PCR test not older than 48H, you have a connecting flight, and you can prove that you will be allowed in your final destination (nota verbale from that country’s Embassy). Here is the link:, or this one here: If you have any doubts, the best is to contact the officials or the airport staff directly.

  178. Hi Frank,
    My wife and I are vaccinated and plan to visit Croatia at the end of June from US, we should not have any problem to enter Croatia, right?, however, i heard that we need to take a PCR test 3 days in advance in order to return to the US, is that true.


  179. Hi frank- we are hoping to visit Croatia in July . We are US. Citizens and are a family of five. My 23 yr old daughter is planning on volunteering at a clinic in Tanzania for June then meeting us is Croatia at the beginning of July. All 5 of us are fully vaccinated but wondering what if anything my daughter will have to do if she spends 3 weeks in Tanzania before heading in vacation.

  180. Hi Frank,

    I’ve read somewhere that it was hassle to go through the border from Split to Dubrovnik with a rental car. But from reading the comments, it seems like this is not the case?

    Because of that, I was thinking to take a ferry from Hvar to Dubrovnik. What are your recommendations?

    I am a fully vaccinated, US citizen. Thinking of flying in June to Zagreb and returning home from Dubrovnik to the United States. Visiting cities: Zagreb, Plitvice Lakes National Park, Omis, Brela, Split by car and taking ferry rides to: Hvar and Dubrovnik.

    Also do you need a international driver’s license to rent a car? I will be getting one.
    I am also vegan, was wondering if it will be more difficult to find food during this time.

    Thank you!

  181. In Croatia now and plan to spend 3 months (in accordance with regulations)– best place on earth to be during this covid stuff in my opinion. Everything here is calm and normal. Sure, you have to throw on a mask to go in the stores but no one acts as “mask police” except for the airlines. No big deal if you need to pull it down to breathe. Plus, everything you really want to do here is in the beautiful outdoors. Come enjoy one of the best places on earth in normal times, and absolutely THE best place I’ve found during difficult times. I hope that people remember Croatia handled this time with grace and goodwill and that their tourism income skyrockets in the future. Frankly selfish, phobic, panicked paranoid countries deserve to take a long-term hit on tourism and places that show LIFE is valued deserve to be on everyone’s travel list for good. I want to spend my travel dollars in places that are welcoming, safe and free, and am happy to skip the countries with draconian “safety” policies…for good.

  182. Hi Frank,

    I read Matt’s earlier comment about transiting through Amsterdam, and I wanted to reiterate the same concerns. I read on both the Delta Airlines website and a Netherlands official website very conflicting rules. They both said that you cannot transit through the Netherlands from the US to get to Croatia (among other countries in the EU) but you can transit through AMS if your destination will allow you to enter (which Croatia does since I’m vaccinated). Does the fact that Croatia will allow us to enter trump the rule that says we can’t transit through AMS to Croatia?

  183. Hi Jenny,
    here are our answers:
    1. No, you don’t need a negative PCR test if you are fully vaccinated. You just need a certificate of vaccination.
    2. No need for the PCR test.
    3. Yes, you can move freely within Croatia.
    4. A booking confirmation either of your host if you are staying in a vacation rentals, from a hotel, or booking sites like Airbnb,, and alike.

  184. Hi Sumoy, according to the current rules, your kids will need to show a negative rapid antigen test no older than 48h in order to enter Croatia.

  185. Hi Katie,
    no, you won’t need any other test taken once in Croatia. Also, for Croatia, negative rapid antigen test will suffice. It’s usually cheaper and quicker to obtain.

  186. Hi Dina, this isn’t true! The foreign nationals are allowed entry into Croatia under the conditions we stated in the article above. have a nice time in Croatia and don’t cancel your trip.

  187. Hi Jenny, for which town did you check? In any case, I just double-checked them, and all links work.

  188. Yes, Alex! The Airbnb booking confirmation is a valid proof of paid accommodation. Don’t forget to fill the form on Enter Croatia website prior to arrival to speed up your immigration clearance.

  189. Hello! We are flying in from the United States in July and just wanted to confirm that Airbnb is accepted for the proof of paid accommodation.

  190. Hi Frank, Such a great article, I’m trying to plan a group coming to Croatia this fall and this gave me such succinct, clearly written descriptions of the current condition. Thanks for this! -Kristin

  191. This is so incredibly helpful! We are hoping to visit in early September and will check back for updates on reopening. Thank you for answering all out questions.

  192. Hi Frank, thanks for the information! The link you provided for Institute for Public Health (PCR test) does not work. I also tried to order PCR test from them on their official site but it does not work either. If possible, please let me know how I can order a test from them. Thanks.

  193. Hello! Thank you for detailed information and wonderful site.
    We are planning a one week trip to Dubrovnik very soon -22.05. We are residents of Latvia (EU), traveling from Riga. Our Foreign Ministry has announced: Prohibition of foreign nationals to enter Croatia extended until 31 May 2021. We are scared, maybe the trip should be canceled?
    P.S. we have only first vaccine.
    Kind Regards

  194. Hi Frank,

    Thanks for the info! I’m coming to Croatia from the USA. Is the vaccination certificate required just the card we were given from the CDC when we got the vaccine?

  195. Hi Frank! Love the site. I’m having trouble finding information about this so I hope you can help me! I’m thinking of traveling to Dubrovnik from Madrid, and I will get a PCR to do so. But, if I take a ferry to different islands do I need another PCR for each ferry ride? Thanks!

  196. Hi – We are US Citizens with adults fully vaccinated and kids above 7 years who are not. The kids will be taking PCR tests prior to going to Greece from where we would like to travel to Croatia. Since we will be traveling to Croatia from Greece (EU) is it fair to say that the kids will not need another PCR test for coming to Croatia ?

  197. Hi,

    I am interested in traveling to Croatia from the USA and I have a few questions. Thank you.

    1. Do I still need the PCR test if I am already fully vaccinated? (I am fully vaccinated)

    2. If I still need the PCR test, when does the time countdown start because we will be coming from New York which is a different time zone?

    3. Can we travel between the islands in Croatia?

    4. What is considered as documentary evidence of an accommodation paid in advance and in full?

  198. Hi Harmen,
    unfortunately, according to the current rules, all passengers arriving from SA, regardless of their citizenship, need to show a negative covid-19 test not older than 48 hours and to self-isolate for 14 days. Maybe rules change by July. Keep an eye on it!

  199. Hi Ieva, testing-wise, kids above 7 years of age need the same proofs as adults. Thus they need to have a test taken in order to enter Croatia (or proof that they have recovered from Covid-19 in the last 180 days).

  200. I’m struggling to find any information about travelling to Croatia with kids 10-14 years old.
    If parents have been fully vaccinated, what is the policy for kids older than 7?

  201. Hi Frank
    I am a South African currently staying in Belgium. I’m looking to hire a 35 foot yacht from Dubrovnik the last week in July. My adult daughters who both live in SA are joining me for the week. We all have EU Passports , in fact Netherlands. Will we all be able to enter Croatia and not have to self isolate for 7-14 days. We arrive on Friday night the 23 July and will then pick up the boat and island hop for a week, each night ,staying in a different marina

  202. Hi Marko,
    thanks for reading! You should be OK entering Croatia as many times as you want as long as you are vaccinated. You will need to show vaccination certificate, and a proof of paid accommodation. Both should be easy. There aren’t delays at the borders at the moment as traveling is still pretty much slow. However, in season, yo can expect some delays as the border control will be checking all those extra papers due to Covid-19. Hope you will enjoy Croatia!

  203. Hi Mark, yeah, Croatia doesn’t really have a covid recovery roadmap with dates. Up until now, nobody was even talking about night clubs, or large events, but in the last few days that subject started taking space. There are some talking about doing test event before opening them to all who are either recovered, vaccinated or negative on COV-SARS-2. But nothing is yet official.

  204. Hi Laura,
    children up to 7 years of age don’t need a test, all others do. So your daughter would need a test if you following the rules. However, since she’ll be seven but not yet eight, if you don’t like to have her swabbed, you can always come here without the test and see if they let her in. If not, you can do a test in Croatia easily.

  205. Hi Frank:

    Your website is really great. Thank you for all the wonderful information. My girlfriend and I are planning on visiting Croatia in July. We are from the USA and are both fully vaccinated against Covid 19. We also want to take trips to Bosnia (Mostar and Sarajevo) and Montenegro (Kotor) during our vacation. My understanding is that if we are fully vaccinated we should be able to travel between these countries is this correct? If we went to Bosnia for a day or two would we have difficulty returning to Croatia? Do you know if there are delays on Croatia’s Bosnian and Montenegrian borders due to Covid?

    Thank you!

  206. Hi Frank,
    I really appreciate your blog. I am visiting Croatia from USA for the first time in early June, have my Covid vaccination certificate and trying to submit my arrival form but not excepting my certificate picture. Do you have any idea why?
    Thank you.

  207. Hello Frank

    Thank you for keeping us up to date with such good content, it’s been of much use to our group.

    We had booked to go to a 5 day music festival in the first week of August, set on the beach in Tisno. I can’t find a Croatia ‘covid recovery roadmap’ anywhere, that might outline when Croatia might expect to be able to allow such events (and nightclubs) to run.

    Are you aware of any such roadmap dates, or able to provide as to whether such a festival might be able to go ahead in August?

    Many thanks

  208. Hi my daughter will be aged 7 years old when we travel in July. She will be 8 years old in October.

    Will she require a negative test? The information online is conflicting.

  209. Traveling is allowed but under certain conditions. Since both Bosnia and Serbia are non-EU countries, any time you enter Croatia from either of them you will need to show negative PCR or rapid antigen test not older than 48h, or the proof you’ve been vaccinated, or that you’ve recovered from Covid within the last 180 days + proof of fully paid accommodation. Tese measures are valid at the moment. If anything changes in future, we’ll update this post.

  210. If you are planning to spend a couple of days in Kotor, and before and after you plan to spend time in Dubrovnik, I suppose you will have accommodations in Dubrovnik booked for both stays. In that case, you should be able to enter Croatia both times. The first time, you will show a booking confirmation for your first accommodation, and when you come back to Croatia after visiting Kotor, you will show them a booking confirmation for your second accommodation.

  211. Happy to hear that you found the post helpful! Thanks! Does your friend’s family rent apartments? Or know someone who does? If yes, maybe they can provide you with the booking confirmation.

  212. Hi Victoria, yes, you can go from Split to Dubrovnik without any restrictions and tests. Transit through Bosnia in Neum is allowed. But you are not allowed to stop in Bosnia, only to really transit through. When you cross the border, the officer will take your data, and the travel time. This will be checked as you re-enter Croatia to make sure that you haven’t stopped in Neum. They won’t make problems as long as you arrive within a reasonable time, it’s only 10 or so km, so it shouldn’t take you long. We’ve transited a couple of times last month and haven’t had any issues.

  213. Hi Julie,
    we aren’t really famed for wellness services, although we do have them in many hotels. If you like spa & wellness a lot, I think the hotel Bellevue on Losinj Island is the best place to stay.

  214. Hi Sara, happy to hear that you will be spending your holidays in Croatia! Unfortunately, I don’t have any recommendations for the transfers. But you can try with Connecto transfers.

  215. Thank you so much for your help, is crossing borders into the other countries where tourists are allowed (Serbia, Bosnia) allowed? Coming in mid July for two weeks.

  216. Hi Frank,
    We are planning a 9 day trip to Dubrovnik in July 2021, but was hoping to spend a few nights in Kotor. Our party is fully vaccinated. But it looks like the requirement for entry at DBV would be proof of paid in full accommodations for the entire visit. Do you know if proof of accommodations in Montenegro would fulfill this requirement?
    Thank you

  217. Hello, this post is incredibly thorough and helpful – thank you!

    I am traveling from the US to Hvar as a tourist to stay with a friend on the island. She is a local and I plan to stay with her family, meaning I don’t have a way to provide “proof of paid accommodation”. I can’t find information anywhere on this and I’m hoping you can help me understand what type of documentation I will need to present at the airport. Thank you.

  218. Hi Frank,
    can i go from Split to Dubrovink by car without any restrictions and pcr tests? I mean I have to pass a bit of Bosnia&Hercegovina while driving directly from Split to Dubrovnik and back without any ferries,etc.
    Are there any restrictions while passing Bosnia via Neum? I am EU citizen.

  219. Hello Frank,
    We are planning a trip in early July. I have heard that Croatia in known for its wellness services. Are the Hammams / sauna open?

  220. Hm, this is more complicated unless they are registered renters. Do they have official approval to rent their property to tourists? If yes, you will only need them to provide you a booking confirmation. If not, maybe you can try to contact border control (we have a link to the form in the post anove) and ask them. Or, rent somewhere else for a couple of days and then move to your cousins’ house.

  221. Hi Jim,
    there aren’t any restrictions on travel between the islands and I believe that ferry schedules won’t be disrupted in July.
    Enjoy Croatia!

  222. Hi Diana,
    your cousins who are renting apartments can just write you a booking confirmation where they state that you’ve already paid in full for the accommodation. And I believe it can be for a shorter period of time. Arriving from the non-EU country, if you arrive with a negative rapid antigen test, you will need to repeat that test on the 10th day in Croatia (as per current requirements).

  223. Hi Maria,
    from Monday, May 3, 2021 the restaurants and bars terraces in Dubrovnik can be open until 10 pm

  224. Hello, thank you for your informative site.
    I am not sure of the documentation that is required for a Canadian to prove accommodation. I have numerous family members that have rental apartments and they are asking me if they need to provide me official receipt or can it be an email confirmation and does it have to be for the entire duration of visit (87 days).
    Thank you in advance. I leave in a couple of weeks.

  225. Hi Frank

    Thanks for keeping us up to date on the situation in Croatia. We’re planning a trip in July, sailing from Dubrovnik for a week towards Korcula and back, stopping at different islands, followed by a week in a villa on Korcula and a couple of days in Dubrovnik. Are there any restrictions on travel between islands? And are the usual ferry schedules likely to be running?

  226. Hi Frank, I really appreciate your blog. I hope you can answer my question.
    We have Canadian family with homes in Croatia. They will not be going this summer but I would like to go, what documentation would be acceptable upon arrival if I pay them to stay at their property for the summer?
    Thank you in advance

  227. Thank you for all the info, this site was so helpful! Flights and accommodations are booked for a month in Split starting in late June, I am wondering if you have any recommendations for airport transport into town? I would prefer something private, just to be safe. Thanks in advance!

  228. Hi Mathias, this is really the most open question we have here. It’s impossible to predict, and so far, nobody talks about nightclubs. We haven’t had one single info since their closure back in August last year. I’ll update the info here as soon as I hear anything. But so far, unfortunately, I can’t help. Sorry!

  229. Hi James, yes, the restaurants are open. At the moment, they can serve clients on the terraces, from 7 am to 7 pm. The restrictions shouldn’t get worse only better in the next two weeks. We are speeding up the vaccination process, the current wave is also flattening, and hopefully, with warmer weather, the infections will decrease seasonally. I am positive in every sense, and can’t wait to see more tourists in Croatia!

  230. Hi Monique,
    traveling within Croatia in summer should be great. If we can compare it with the last year, we can tell that it won’t be overcrowded, but there will still be tourists around, and all services open and running (except maybe nightclubs, but I don’t think it concerns you). The rules clearly state that accommodation needs to be paid in advance and in full for non-EU citizens traveling to Croatia. However, it is hard to say how strict the border control will be with this requirement. I am guessing not too strict. But maybe you can pay in advance for your first accommodation, and you can do that a few days prior to arrival. That way you can be sure not to lose the money in case of cancellation.
    The list of approved rapid antigen tests, you can find here: If I was you, I wouldn’t cancel the trip. Regardless of the little obstacles in the way we travel today, I still believe you will have a great time and be able to experience the best of Croatia. We are also now vaccinating all tourism industry workers which should add another layer of safety for people visiting Croatia.

  231. Hi Svetlana,
    you can book a hotel using points, and although you can perhaps show the border control the confirmation, I would have it printed out. It doesn’t take any effort, and it’s the question to be on the safe side. For your other question, I would say yes, as long as you have at least your first accommodation fully paid. As for flying from Croatia to Greece, you will need to check Greek entrance requirements. At the moment, anybody arriving in Greece is required to show a negative PCR test not older than 72 hours.

  232. Hi Natalya, at the moment we have no additional restrictions for people traveling from non-EU countries to Croatia, except to have proof of paid accommodation along with proof that a person isn’t contagious. So I don’t see any reason for you not to transit through Turkey unless Turkey requires additional documents (this I wouldn’t know).

    In what town are you staying?

  233. Hi Scott, yes the bars and restaurants are open in the Dubrovnik region (with the exemption of Neretva Valley). They can serve guests on terraces, from 7 am to 7 pm. Delivery is available for longer hours.

  234. Hi Gabrielle, I don’t know where did you get this info, but it is inaccurate. Once you enter Croatia, proving that you are not infectious (either by negative rapid antigen or PCR test, proof that you have recovered from Covid-19 within the last 6 months, or that you are fully vaccinated) you can move freely within the country, using services and commerces as anybody else in accordance to epidemic measures.

  235. Hello Frank

    Thanks for this informative blog

    I’m planning to visit Croatia for a week or more

    My fist stop is Zagreb in terms of paid accommodation can I book a hotel in Zagreb using Hilton honors points and show the confirmation to a border agent when I arrive or do I need a print out ? Also I plan to visit other cities can I just make a hotel booking without paying in advance on ? ( as long as I have first few nights confirmed and paid for )

    I plan to return to the US via Athens
    To my understanding do I still need a PCR test to fly from Croatia to Greece ?

  236. Hi again Frank,

    First thanks a lot for your previous reply a couple of weeks ago, do you know if there has been in change regarding restrictions in Dubrovnik?

    Many thanks again

  237. Hello Frank,
    We are a family of four traveling from The US to Zagreb via Frankfurt. One of us is a US citizen, the other 3 are German citizens. We realize we need some form of covid testing. Two of us are healthcare providers. Two of us are worried that Croatia is desolate with no ability to experience the culture, the cafe scene, and people out and about, including eating in restaurants. We are staying at Airbnbs and only have confirmations as advanced payments were not required. Our original plan when we made our reservations was to fly into Zagreb, rent a car, do a day trip to Ljubljana, drive to Plitvice, KrKa, Split, Mostar and Dubrovnik with a day trip to Montenegro. Since then, things have changed. It appears that this trip will require a ton of covid tests and nobody is up for that. We also have the ability to do our own rapid antigen testing and don’t know if this will suffice. Two travelers are pressuring us to cancel our trip thinking that this trip is going to be a nightmare. We are all well-seasoned travelers but it is difficult to get accurate information and what Croatia is truly like right now. I would appreciate some insight and guidance.

  238. Hey Frank, thank you for all the information! As of now planning on visiting Dubrovnik, Hvar, and Split beginning May 15th. Are Dubrovnik restaurants open currently? And if not what do you anticipate restrictions looking like for these dates? Really great info and thank you.

  239. Hey Frank,

    I wanted to know whether you think if nightclubs in Split will reopen until the End of August? Because I’m going to Split with some friends at the 28th of August and we are looking for some partying. I couldn’t find anything in the internet concerning that, so I would be really glad if you could tell me :)

    Kind regards


  240. Hello Frank,

    This is an amazing and helpful site! My husband and 3 children under 4 years old are going to be in Dubrovnik in June. We are traveling from the US.

    Right now we are trying to book our tickets and wondering if there are any restrictions if we transit through Instanbul, Turkey. Or Is it best to find an airfare through some EU country instead?

    Any advice for travel in Croatia with little kids? What to avoid, and what is an absolute must? We are staying in a villa on Mostarska Street.

    Thank you!

  241. Hi Frank,

    I saw a couple reports that bars and restaurants in Dubrovnik have finally started to reopen. Are you able to confirm this? We are hoping to visit in mid May, but would look at delaying the trip if haven’t started to reopen yet.


  242. Hi, we are planning on visiting Croatia June 10-20. I read on the embassy website that tourists will receive a pamphlet and in there it says you can’t go out to eat for the first 14 days you are in Croatia? Does anyone know about that ? Thank uiu

  243. As soon as they do we will update the info here. But it is so hard to guess. We hope to have everything back to normal by June. We are now vaccinating all tourism industry workers in order to make guests feel safe, and have services up and running.

  244. Hi Irena,
    prices have tendency to go down. Not long ago it used to be 750 Kn, now we are doen to 400 Kn. I really don’t expect it to go up. If you need your results translated in English, you will need to pay 50 kn extra. There are also other clinics where you can make a test, but they are more expensive (750-900 kn).

  245. Hi Daniel,
    for the moment restrictions are not too bad, restaurants and bars are open until 8 pm for outside dinning. The rest is pretty much open. Masks are obligatory inside and outside where you can’t keep distance. Nightclubs are closed. I believe the measures won’t get worse by May, only the same or better. The same situation is on Brac and Hvar, as they belong to the same province as Split and these measures for now are on the level of province. The only thing is that with a lack of tourists many business on the islands might remain seasonally closed.

  246. Hi Frank,

    I am visiting Croatia in May and wondered if you could advise on what type of restrictions to expect in Split and whether any of the islands are open etc.?


  247. Hi,

    I am planning a trip to Croatia at the start of May. I intend on staying in Split but would consider Hvar also – do you know if Hvar remains under same restrictions as Split for eat/drinking out etc.?


  248. Hello Frank, I am very grateful for all the information. Our trip to Croatia is scheduled for June 15th.We have a hotel in Poljicka Cesta Duce. When returning to Sweden after a holiday, our Covid test must be no older than 48 hours.From your description, I understand that we can take the test Split Vukovarska ul. 46 is that true? Is the test price stable? Doesn’t it change? Currently 400kn?

    Sincerely Thank You.

  249. Hi Frank, thank you for sharing the detailed and up-to-date information! I’m wondering whether there is any news on further easing of restrictions, e.g. opening hours of restaurants will be extended or indoor dinings will open.

  250. Hi Mikkel,
    I am glad to hear that you find the blog helpful! Have a great time in Croatia and let us know if we can help with anything else.

  251. Hi Maria,
    yes, a negative rapid antigen test is enough to enter Croatia (as from April, 1st). I believe that the restaurants in Dubrovnik would be open later than 7 pm by the time you arrive. Fingers crossed

  252. Hi Aileen, family reunion is a valid reason to visit, but I din’t think that visiting friends fit the category. If your friend rents apartments to tourists he can give you a booking confirmation, or maybe he knows someone who can do it. Or just book a hotel for a night or two.

  253. I am from the U.S and am planning to visit friends in Croatia. Is this allowed or am I better off staying at a hotel?

  254. Hi Frank! many thanks for all this information, it helps us a lot!
    We are flying to Dubrovnik from 7-9 May, and I have read that a negative rapid antigen test is enough to enter Croatia (from Spain), do you know if that is correct? (most of european countries do not admit a the antigen test bust just the PCR).

    Also, do you think that by then (7th of May) maybe resaurants in Dubrovnik are allowed to close later than 7pm?

    Many thanks again,


  255. Hi Frank,

    We have planned our vacation going to Croatia this summer, driving down from Denmark. Just wanted to compliment you on this very informative easy to understand website, makes it a lot easier to navigate in these difficult times! We will surely do whatever it takes to come back to beautiful Croatia, and take all precautions. Thank you, best wishes from Denmark 🥰

  256. Hi! We are thinking about visiting Croatia in June.

    We would like to visit the Cathedral of St James in Šibenik and Episcopal Complex of the Euphrasian Basilica in Poreč and probably some other cultural sites. Are they open for tourists?

  257. Hi Julie, glad to hear you are visiting Croatia! Yes, it can only be your first hotel. As far as I know, at the moment, the only place where you can take a PCR test in Istria is at the Institute for Public Health in Pula, Mon-Sat, at 9 AM. You will need to make an appointment well in advance to be sure to get the slot (as the daily number of tests is limited), either by email covidtest(at) or telephone +385 99 529 82 22. It is possible that hotels and tourist boards will organize additional testing points by June, but at the moment I can’t confirm this. I will update the info here as soon as I have it.

    If you are flying through Zagreb, there are a couple of private clinics offering the testing, so it might be easier to obtain the exact time slot you need. You can check Medikol, Poliklinika Apnea, Synlab, Poliklinika Analiza Lab, etc.

  258. I plan on visiting Croatia in June. I am fully vaccinated. For the requirement regarding “paid accommodations “ — does that mean just your first hotel OR every hotel we plan to stay in? Also, can you advise places/clinics for PCR test in Rovinj that we can be certain to get result before a return USA flight? Thanks for any help you can provide!

  259. Hi Sooz, I certainly hope so. We have a plan to vaccinate all tourist workers by June, and summer will certainly bring the number of cases down. But, nothing can be certain in those times. Last year, night clubs, particularly those in Hvar, Makarska and Zrce were detected as places where virus spread during the summer which made Ctoatia labeled as covid-risky country in the middle of August. I hope the same won’t happen this year, but it’s really hard to predict. Good thing is that festivals aren’t cancelled yet. So, let’s hope for the best.

  260. Hi Teresa,
    yes, you should be fine. However, at the moment, Germany still requires a negative PCR or rapid antigen test not older than 48h, even if you are only transiting and not even leaving the transit area, and even if you are vaccinated. This can change in weeks to come to include fully vaccinated passengers. But it’s not a case at the moment. Rapid antigen tests aren’t so expensive and results are quick to obtain, so this requirement shouldn’t be a big problem. Good luck!

  261. Hi Arne,
    great to hear that you are visiting Croatia in June. Yes, you can make an appointment in one of the labs in Split and have your test done on arrival. The best is to contact them asap to set the date. Maybe you can also ask your hosts the best place to get tested. For example, in Rovinj, where we are, tourists can conveniently take test in all hotels, even if they stay at private accommodation. Anyways, we have enlisted two labs that do rapid antigen test in Split, you can also simply contact them and take an appointment.
    Let me know if we can help with anything else.

  262. Hi Frank!

    Me and my brother’s family have plans for a two week vacation in Kaštelj and Postira in the middle of June. We will be travelling with car from Sweden. My concern is a negative test not older than 48 h. Because if we do the test in Sweden we’ll not be able to make it in time before the test expires. So my question is if we enter the country without the test but make an appointment that same day in split for a COVID-19 test are we able to enter the country? Thank you for a great blog!


  263. Hi Frank, I am planning a 3 or 4 day trip to Zagreb next month. I’m fully vaccinated but do you think i will be ok with a connection in Frankfurt in getting to Zagreb? Also, do you recommend a place in Zagreb for a covid test I need for my return to the US? Thx so much Teresa

  264. Hey Harrison,
    great news as of this morning – starting from April, 12 outdoor dining will be allowed in Dubrovnik and the surrounding towns until 7 pm. The same goes for cafes and bars. Enjoy your stay!

  265. Hi Amanda, we just got a new set of measures for Dubrovnik area – starting from April, 12 outdoor dining will be allowed in Dubrovnik and the surrounding towns until 7 pm. The same goes for cafes and bars. Hope you’ll enjoy your holidays!

  266. Hi Matt,
    it’s hard to say if things would improve in summer, but as for now you would be able to do day trips only if you are fully vaccinated or recovered from corona. Otherwise you would need to have a rapid test made every time you cross the border. Things might change by summer.

  267. Hi Harrison,
    glad I can help! Unfortunately, at the moment, Dubrovnik is one of the few places in Croatia where bars and restaurants are still closed (except for delivery). Let’s hope it changes by time you arrive. Otherwise, maybe you can rather consider staying in Split.

  268. Hi, you don’t need any test to transit through Bosnia. At least not if you are transiting through Neum. We’ve passed through 4 times in the last week without any issues. Just make sure you really only transit and not stop there.

  269. Hi Amanda,
    unfortunately Dubrovnik is one of the few places in Croatia where restaurants are still closed. They only do delivery. Restaurants are open in Split, Istria, Zagreb, etc.

  270. Are restaurants open at all in Dubrovnik? If so, until what time. Your article seems to suggest that people should come as tourists and plan to eat outside but it also sounds like there are no restaurants open in Dubrovnik. Same for split–are restaurants open there and until what time?

  271. Hi, I am planning a trip to Croatia during the first week of May. We are going to drive to Dubrovnik, entering Croatia from Hungary. As we need to pass through Bosnia on our way, I am curious if we need a PCR test because Bosnia asks for one even if it is only for transit. We are vaccinated, therefore I would not need to get tested to enter Croatia. Thank you!

  272. Hey frank, this info was super helpful! I know im late to the party but my friend and I will be flying into dubrovnik and I was wondering if any of the terraces there are open yet or any of the bars open at all to minimum capacity?

    thanks again!

  273. Hello
    Thanks for posting as this is very helpful
    While in Croatia this summer we plan a few day trips to Bosnia , Montenegro and Slovenia. Are day trips allowed to those countries from Croatia without having to take another Covid test?

  274. Hi Frank! Great site!
    We’re meant to be going to a large festival at the end of July in the garden resort. Will this still be allowed to take place by then? What’s your road map looking like ? Will you be classed as safe country so we won’t have to quarantine when we return?( we are due to have a traffic light system introduced with ‘green’ countries void of quarantine)

  275. No, you won’t need another covid test to move between Zagreb and Split, or anywhere else within Croatia. Enjoy your stay!

  276. Hello!
    Do you know which ways are more comfortable to travel from Zagreb airport to Osijek ?
    Thanks in advance

  277. My husband and I are flying from the U.S. to Zagreb in May 2021and will get a covid test before leaving.. We plan to stay 3 days in Zagreb and then fly to Split to meet our tour guide. Do we have to have an additional covid test to fly to Split?

  278. Hi Matt,
    as we have already discussed via email, you’ll be fine transiting through Amsterdam as the transit is allowed, although you might be required a negative Covid-19 test. Enjoy Croatia!

  279. Hi James,
    people in Croatia are very welcoming and we can’t wait to have tourists back here. You will feel fine as long as you follow the rules. Don’t try to walk in a supermarket not wearing the mask if masks are obligatory. But for the rest you will feel very ok. We had almost normal tourist season last July and August and we hope to have the same this year just longer.
    As for the entry rules they are changing from April 1st. Anyone who’s vaccinated, went through the covid-19 in the last 6 months, or can show negative PCR or antigene test at the border, is allowed to enter Croatia.
    Hope this helps! Enjoy your time in Croatia!

  280. Hello Frank. I am curious about two things.

    One is your section of the blog re “Are tourists welcome?” I think this is the main thing stopping me from booking a trip.

    My wife and I are fully vaccinated and we have young children (less likely to get severe covid or spread covid). So we are very unlikely to spread covid or tax Croatia’s health care system in any way.

    But I would understand if there was a negative perception of foreigners coming during a pandemic to lay on the beach while a disease is spreading and people are suffering. I would not want to come if there was a general unwelcomeness (something I would fully understand).

    What do you think? It might be hard to generalize but I don’t want to be unwelcome.

    Second, any sense of whether we might see policy changes for fully vaccinated travelers? Just wondering if requiring a negative test is likely to change as more people are vaccinated.

    Thanks so much

  281. Hi Frank,

    We are US citizens booked to visit Croatia in June 2021 from the US. We are trying to line up flights now. Our first choice of flights takes us through Amsterdam. I read conflicting information about transitioning through the airport. Do you know if US citizens can come through AMS as a tourist on the way to Croatia? I am aware that we have to stay in the terminal until we board our next flight which is not a problem but I also read we could be turned back. Is there a better route through a different city that is more certain than through AMS? Thanks.

  282. Hi Kristin, yes, everybody needs to show negative PCR test, regardless of age. Enjoy your time in Croatia!

  283. Hello :)

    We would be traveling next week with our 2 years old boys to Zadar and wanted to ask do they need a PCR Test also?

    Thank you for answering

  284. Hi Yura,
    yes, you are right, the restaurants in Croatia can only serve customers at the terraces. But you don’t need to worry, there aren’t long waiting lines, and actually, terraces are well equipped for a pleasant outdoor dining experience. Many have gas or electric heaters. Or, on a sunny day, you can just bask in the sun. I would rather rent a car in Dubrovnik and then drive to Split, because that drive is so scenic, and you can plan nice stops along the way (like Peljesac peninsula, Ston walls, beaches of Makarska Riviera, etc…). I am sure that you can negotiate with a rent a car company to waive a drop-off fee at that time of the year and in this situation. I doubt that there will be too many tourists renting a car. Enjoy Croatia! If the weather is nice, I am sure you will enjoy it a lot.

  285. Hello Frank,

    My husband and I are considering to travel to Croatia from 4/10-4/19 soon. We live in Munich and we are residents of Germany. Is it not difficult to go to restaurants and cafes? I read about eating only outside terraces and is there a long line to get food? Also, we want to fly to Duvronik and back to Munich from Split. Which way is better to rent a car in Duvronik straight or take a bus to come to Split area and then rent a car in Split? It would be very helpful with your information.



  286. Did you check both boats: Kompas’ Prince of Venice, and Venezia Line? Check also Porec as a port of arrival, I think that on some days they stop in Porec without necessarily stopping in Pula. If that doesn’t work, then you can either stay in Venice a day shorter or longer or check a Flixbus for the buses. The problem is that at the moment you can’t really check any schedule as they are all suspended due to the current coronavirus situation. But, I am sure by June, the companies should have them updated and published.

  287. Hi Will, the rules state that it is important where you travel from, not whose citizen you are. So you should be fine, as far as I understand it. Also, the best way to be sure is to ask a question here at the official site: However, you definitely need a negative PCR test not older than 48h. Or, alternatively, you can do it in Croatia once you arrive, and self-isolate until you get the results.

  288. Hi. I am a UK national but I have been in Madrid, Spain since January and have not been back to the UK. Will I be permitted entry into Croatia? I plan to travel on the 10th March.
    Many thanks in advance.

  289. Hi Frank,

    We had to move our planned June/July 2020 holiday in Croatia to July 2021. We are South African’s, family of 4 and so uncertain about our holiday plans which all had to change again. We arrive 8th July at Marco Polo for a 3-night stay in Venice and Check-out Sunday, 11th July 2021. We’ve tried to hire a rental car at Marco Polo for the duration of our stay travelling Croatia and then give the car back in Zagreb on the 26th July. The car rental agencies won’t allow for that, we must take the car back to Marco Polo, but we are departing from Zagreb airport. We thought we could ferry from Venice to Pula, but it seems Sunday’s are not a good day for availability. Do you have any suggestions for us? We were able to carry our bookings made for June/July 2020 over to the new dates in July 2021 (so thankful!!!). We are visiting Rovinj, Split, Dubrovnik and then back to Zadar and then Zagreb.

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