Best Restaurants In Dubrovnik Croatia | Croatia Restaurant Guide

Dubrovnik restaurants: where to eat in dubrovnik

Dubrovnik restaurants, I must admit, are fairly good. Seafood still seems to be the most common delicacy. The most popular seafood dishes you can find in many Dubrovnik restaurants are fresh seashells, octopus salad, squid risotto with black squid ink, and grilled fish. But we must admit to be pretty impressed with the diversity of Dubrovnik restaurants.

Best Restaurants In Dubrovnik Croatia | Croatia Restaurant Guide

Best Restaurants In Dubrovnik Croatia | Croatia Restaurant Guide

Don't expect New York City dining scene, but compared with the rest of Croatia, in Dubrovnik you'll be able to taste different national cuisines to the certain extent. You can choose between Italian, French, Asian, Asian fusion, Bosnian, Mexican, International and Croatian cuisine. Not bad for a small town like Dubrovnik.

Recommended Dubrovnik restaurants

1 | Lokanda Peskerija

Located along side the city walls, in the old harbor, restaurant Lokanda Peskerija is a very popular seafood restaurant. Its menu is limited, but the food is good, affordable, and the atmosphere at the restaurant is excellent. The restaurant offers simple Adriatic seafood dishes like fried calamari, mussels in a wine sauce, octopus salad, seafood risottos and alike. Food is served in small pots rather than in plates (which I personally find very cute). Interior is small, but it spreads on two floors. The terrace is right at the seafront, and almost always busy. Portions are generous, and service is decent.

Dubrovnik Restaurants: Lokanda Peskarija

At Lokanda the dishes are served in pots

2 | Orsan Yacht Club

Located away from the crowds, within the Orsan Yacht Club on Lapad peninsula, restaurant Orsan is a seafood restaurant with a superb seafront terrace. My colleague from Dubrovnik invited me for a lunch here, so I assume that the restaurant has a good reputation among locals. They also offer daily lunch menus (cheaper option if you are on budget). Food is good, but restaurant's main appeal is its exquisite terrace.

Dubrovnik Restaurants: Orsan

Superb seafront terrace at the restaurant Orsan

3 | Restaurant Komin

A bit away from the old town, on Lapad penisula, restaurant Komin is conveniently located if you are staying in any of Valamar hotels in Dubrovnik. However, it's worth a bus ride from the old town if you feel like tasting a simple, but honest Croatian food. This restaurant serves hearty traditional dishes, and has a charm of an old tavern with a big open fire place. We've tasted here traditional Croatian dish – Peka. Peka is a special cooking method where the food is cooked in a shallow but wide casserole covered with a terracotta or metal lid. The casserole is covered with burning wood embers and cooked slowely. We ordered lamb and veal Peka with delicious potatoes and other veggies. The dish was delicious, juicy, and meat was very tender (I am not a big meat eater, so I attacked the veggies like there is no tomorrow).

Dubrovnik Restaurants: Komin

Lamb & veal peka with potatoes at the restaurant Komin

4 | Restaurant Nishta

Back to the old town, restaurant Nishta is the only 100% meat-free restaurant in Dubrovnik. The restaurant offers vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dishes. This is a must-go restaurant for any vegetarian or vegan visiting the city (and not solely because it's the only one in the town). And it is a nice place to go even if you are not vegetarian (we can all take a day off from meat or fish). Tucked away in one of the narrow alleyways leading off the main street, its interior is colorful, but tiny, with seating only for maybe 10 people. The restaurant also has a nice outdoor terrace for dining out on a warm day.

Dubrovnik Restaurants: Nishta

Cheerful interior / Photo credit: Restaurant Nishta

5 | Restaurant Proto

Considered one of the best fish restaurants in Dubrovnik, restaurant Proto is located in the old town, just off the main street Stradun. This is one of the rare restaurants in the old town frequented by locals. It's an upscale place so the dining here doesn't come cheap. We were invited to the restaurant Proto by our business partners. The first floor terrace is gorgeous. The food was excellent, and the service very attentive. Read our full review on restaurant Proto.

Dubrovnik Restaurants: Proto

Terrace at the restaurant Proto

6 | Restaurant Taj Mahal

Despite its name, the restaurant Taj Mahal serves traditional Bosnian dishes. Tucked away in one of Dubrovnik old town's back streets, this small restaurant is not easy to find, but it's definitely worth searching out. Interior is small and get busy quickly (it can accommodate maybe maximum of 25 people). Outside terrace offer some additional seating on a sunny days. Although they do have some vegetarian options (e.g. filo pastry with spinach), this is a mecca for meat lovers.

Dubrovnik Restaurants: Oyster and Sushi Bar Bota

Photo credit: Oyster and Sushi Bar

7 | Sushi & Oyster Bar Bota

Tucked away in a small alley next to the Cathedral, Sushi & Oyster Bar Bota has a sleek interior and splendid terrace. This is a family-run restaurant with long tradition. They have their first restaurant in Ston, famous for its oyster and seashell farms. Now the family runs four restaurants throughout the country (Ston, Dubrovnik, Split, and Zagreb). The offer is simple, but the food is simply divine. The menu includes fresh oysters and oysters tempura, fresh-made sushi, sashimi, spring rolls and few local specialties including home made prosciutto and fish carpaccio. Staff is warm and welcoming, the ambiance is beautiful, food is delicious (and very fresh!). The prices are affordable considering the quality of ingredients and the location. Read our full review of Oyster and Suhi Bar Bota in Dubrovnik.

8 | Restaurant Azur

If you are into a fusion of Asian and Croatian cuisine, you'll be happy to eat at the restaurant Azur in Dubrovnik. Tucked away in a small side street, not far from the famed Buza bar, the restaurants Azur is a tiny joint offering Thai-style dishes. Their seared tuna sliced steak is awesome and a must-try if you are a seafood aficionado. Read our full review of the restaurant Azur Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik restaurants: Location and Contacts

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Which restaurant you are most likely to choose in Dubrovnik? Let us know in the comments below.

42 replies
  1. Jennifer C.
    Jennifer C. says:

    Thank you, Frank, for sharing your personal expertise! We are spending my birthday in Dubrovnik this August (on our first trip to Croatia) and just made reservations for the terrace at the Orsan Yacht Club. It’s always reassuring — and such a nice service on your part 🙂 — to have a recommendation from someone who has a personal relationship to the area. Happy to have discovered your blog.

  2. Erica
    Erica says:

    My husband LOVES octopus, a dish that is hard to get where we live in a land locked area! Where do you recommend in Dubrovnik that has the best octopus dishes?


  3. Morgan
    Morgan says:

    Where can I get traditional Croatian food in Dubrovnik? I grew up with my baka making me lots of palacinke, dumpling soup, mlince, chevapi. Suggestions? Your website has been lots of help!

    Thank you!!

  4. j hair
    j hair says:

    Hi. We’re coming to Dubrovnik on the 16th and were thinking about booking a special restaurant for our friends birthday. We’re considering Villa Ruza , but I notice it’s not on your list , is it because it’s Kolocep or do you have better recommendations.
    Thanks John.

    • Frank G
      Frank G says:

      Hi John,
      Villa Ruza is an excellent choice for a birthday dinner. Its location, right at the seafront, is superb, and the food is fresh and well prepared.

  5. Kylie Chua
    Kylie Chua says:

    Hello Frank,

    Thank you for such informative website on travelling and living in Croatia. Your love for Istria has spurred me to make a detour to come visit the town of Motovun and also to try the thin crust pizzas with loads of tomato sauce .

    I have been researching on the web a lot, but can’t seem to find a way to get to Istria by overnight bus/train from Austria. My best friend and I will be in Hallstatt, Austria on 22nd Sept. Am wondering if you have any experience travelling from Austria to Istria? Hope you can enlighten us because we really wanna experience Istria through your eyes, before we head to Plitvice and Dubrovnik.

    Thanking you in advance!

    Kylie, Malaysia

    • Frank G
      Frank G says:

      Hi Kylie, thanks for reaching out to is. Glad that you are considering to visit Istria. I don’t think there is an overnight bus / train connection from Austria to Istria. I could only think about a bus/ train to Ljubljana or Zagreb; bus to Istria or Rijeka, and then to Istria. Or if there is a easier / faster connection from Austria to Trieste (I couldn’t find it), and then from Trieste to Istria. Let us know if we can help with anything else.

    • Frank G
      Frank G says:

      We too, Sam! We love sushi, and it’s so hard to get it in Croatia (as far as I know you can only get it in Zagreb and Dubrovnik).

  6. Chris Boothman
    Chris Boothman says:

    I am a lover of seafood so I think that many of these options would be perfect for my tastebuds. The Orsan restaurant looks particularly appealing as you can sit out on the marina terrace overlooking a beautiful view, that’s a great way to have a relaxing lunch before heading out exploring Dubrovnik more.

    • Frank G
      Frank G says:

      Thanks, Chris! Oh, yes if you are a lover of seafood, Dubrovnik restaurants would definitely be perfect for you. Love that terrace too!

  7. Nina
    Nina says:

    Even though I’m more into fish I totally would love to try Peka. I like vegetarian food as well (the real vegetarian dishes, not the ones where they only replace or skip the meat) so Nishta is definitely on my list.

    • Frank G
      Frank G says:

      Thanks, Nina! Yes, majority of the places when you mention you’re vegetarian they offer you any side dish they have on the menu. But at Nishta it’s total dedication 🙂

    • Frank G
      Frank G says:

      Thanks, Brianna! Yes, that terrace is really special. I love eating outside, and especially by the sea. Everything even tastes better!

  8. Anastasia Sofia
    Anastasia Sofia says:

    I did some research into the vego food before I went and heard great things about Nishta… It really was great!

    Feel I have to mention the ultimate backpacker Dubrovnik food stop, Fast Food Presa just off the high street, I think, was undoubtedly the cheapest place in town. Every backpacker seemed to eat there… they did the most amazing salads for only 20 kuna! I had lunch there every day ha 🙂

    • Frank G
      Frank G says:

      Thanks, Anastasia for the addition. I wanted to mention Presa, but simply forgot to do it. Thanks heaps to reminding me about it. It’s a good, simple and affordable. And it’s right downtown.

  9. Syd
    Syd says:

    I also love dishes served in pots and pans. All of these restaurants seem to have a cool atmosphere. And this post in general is reminding me that I haven’t eaten breakfast yet.

  10. Conversant Traveller
    Conversant Traveller says:

    I love it when they serve up your dinner in pots and pans too, one of my favourite meals was in calamari in a frying pan in Cape Town. And there’s something about overlooking the water whilst you eat too. My waist line will certainly suffer if we ever visit Dubrovnik (which I hope we do some day!).

    • Frank G
      Frank G says:

      You too?! Yes, we love it, and we are usually sold on such small cute things. It gives a certain style to the place. It feels like you are eating in somebody’s house and not in the restaurant. It’s just very casual.

  11. Sammi
    Sammi says:

    I totally thought I’d seen this post before, and then read yours and SJ’s comments above and thought that must be why!

    Great post- I always love posts about food and restaurants. I’m trying to eat more veggie food and cut down on meat so I might well try Nishta 🙂

    • Frank G
      Frank G says:

      Thanks, Sammi! Yes, Croatia is small so we’ll have to overlap sometimes. But I was shocked to find we haven’t had more places in common.

  12. SJ @ Chasing the Donkey
    SJ @ Chasing the Donkey says:

    Wow, what are the chances we both publish the same type of post within a few days of each other. And we both selected Nishta – of all of the places huh! I for one wanna try the Bosnian dishes, I’d love to compare the difference and see it. Thanks Frank.

    • Frank G
      Frank G says:

      Chances are actually pretty huge :). I am surprised we only have Nishta in common. Another great example how different tastes can be. Taj Mahal is a good Bosnian restaurant (run by my neighbor’s sister :), although the name is really strange when you think they serve Bosnian food 🙂

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