Where to stay in Split Croatia in 2024: 7 Best Areas and Hotels in Split

Split, Croatia, located on the Dalmatian Coast, is the second-largest city in Croatia after Zagreb. Split is known for its rich cultural heritage, great food scene, vibrant nightlife, pristine beaches, and central location.

Split Accommodation: Where To Stay In Split, Illustration
Split Accommodation: Where To Stay In Split, Illustration

Diocletian’s Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage site that once served as the retirement home for the Roman emperor Diocletian is the heart of Split. Its ancient walls today pulsate with life, housing shops, cafes, and residences.

If you are planning to visit Split but not sure where to stay in Split, Croatia, our Split accommodation guide is here to help!

The seven best areas to stay in Split include the historic Old Town, the charming Veli Varos, Dobri, Manus, and Lucac, known for their creative atmosphere, the family-friendly Trstenik, the beach-side area of Bacvice, the leafy neighborhood of Meje, and the budget-friendly Spinut.

Find the perfect stay in Split, Croatia, with our top picks for every traveler. Split offers everything from small, luxury hotels like Hotel Palace Judita and the family-friendly Radisson Blu to the budget-friendly Slavija Hotel.

Beach lovers will adore Hotel Park’s seaside views, while those seeking a unique stay will enjoy Studios No. 81, the top-rated AirBnB. Backpackers and solo travelers can experience the best at Ciri Biri Bela Boutique Hostel.

Below, we dive into details if it is worth staying in Split, share the best areas to stay in Split, various accommodations in Split, and the complete list of the best Split hotels, resorts, vacation rentals, and hostels for all travel styles. 

The 7 best areas to stay in Split, Croatia

Split, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the second largest city in Croatia, is among the most sought-after destinations in Croatia. It is on the itinerary of almost all first-time visitors to Croatia.

  1. Split Old Town is the best area to stay in Split because you will be in the heart of everything.
  2. Stay in the Veli Varos area if you like a local vibe and a central location without all the hustle and bustle of the old town.
  3. Young adults choose Dobri, Manus, and Lucac areas for their chill and artistic vibe.
  4. On the other hand, choose Bacvice if you are looking for where to stay in Split near the beach.
  5. Meje is a lovely leafy neighborghood for those who seek tranquility during their stay in Split, Croatia.
  6. Trstenik is a good area in Split for families with children, and so is Znjan neighborghood!
  7. If you are looking for a place to stay in Split on a budget, then Spinut neighborhood is your best choice.
Best areas to stay in Split
  1. Old Town – Best Place To Stay In Split
  2. Veli Varos – Best Place To Stay In Split For Couples
  3. Dobri, Manus, and Lucac – Best For Young Adults
  4. Bacvice – Best Area To Stay In Split For Nightlife and Beach
  5. Meje – Best Neighborhood In Split For Tranquil Retreat
  6. Trstenik – Best Area To Stay In Split For Families With Children
  7. Spinut – Best Area To Stay In Split On Budget

Let us help you decide where to stay in Split!

The 6 top Split accommodation options

Split, Croatia offers various accommodation options, including B&Bs, boutique hotels, and vacation rentals in Split Old Town. While luxurious or 5-star hotels are scarce, the city boasts charming boutique hotels in historic buildings and contemporary hotels in beach areas.

A few international hotel chains are also available, including Le Meridien, Radisson Blu, and Small and Luxury Hotels of The World.

Vacation rentals in Split are ideal for more space and comfort, especially for families or groups. Budget-conscious travelers can find affordable options like cheap hotels and modern hostels with private rooms and bathrooms.

Best hotels to stay in Split
  1. Heritage Hotel Palace Judita – Best Hotel In Split, Croatia For Couples
  2. Radisson Blu – Best Hotel In Split For Families With Children
  3. Slavija Hotel – Best Budget Hotel In Split Croatia
  4. Hotel Park, Split – Best Beach Hotel In Split, Croatia
  5. Studios No. 81 – Top AirBnB In Split:
  6. Ciri Biri Bela Boutique Hostel – Best Hostel In Split Croatia

Where to stay in Split Croatia: Split Neighborhood Guide

You must be wondering which area to stay in Split, but worry not. There is no right or wrong neighborhood to stay in Split. The best area to stay in Split Croatia depends on your preferences, budget, and travel style.

From the historic old town, charming Veli Varos, to the fancy Meje and beach-side Bacvice and Trstenik area, you will find neighborhoods in Split to suit your needs.

Our favorite places include the old town (Diocletian’s Palace), Veli Varos, Dobri-Manus-Lucac, Bacvice, and Meje. Other areas include Firule, Spinut, Gripe, Trstenik, and Znjan.

7 best areas to stay in Split, Croatia: Split neighborghood map
Map of the 7 Best Areas To Stay in Split Croatia

The good thing is that wherever you stay in Split, you will be within a 30-minute walking distance from the old town. And if you don’t like walking, Split public transport is good, or you can use taxis to move around.

1. Old Town, Best Area To Stay In Split

People's Square in Split old town
Photo credit: kirkandmimi & Pixaba

Split’s Old Town (Diocletian’s Palace), a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a historical monument but also a living city filled with shops, restaurants, bars, and residences. The charming cobblestone streets, lively marketplaces, and ancient architecture blend the old and new, offering an unforgettable experience of Split’s vibrant culture and history.

Split old town is the best area to stay in Split because you will be in the heart of everything and close to the action. The old town is a great place to stay in Split for first-time visitors.

Here you will find a range of accommodation options, from cozy B&B, like Abokamento Boutique Rooms or Grgur Ninski Rooms, to lovely heritage boutique hotels like our favorite Palace Judita or Antique, as well as charming self-catering apartments like Riva Luxury Suites or Grisogono Residence – all housed in historic buildings with character.

The old town is car-free, and if you travel by car, you’ll need to park outside the palace walls. Hotels usually have a porter service to help you with the luggage, but not Airbnb. 

You can expect some noise at night (bars, people, etc.) and morning (street cleaners). But the majority of accommodations have soundproof windows. However, if you are someone who likes to sleep with the windows open, take this into account.

Accommodation within the palace is usually more expensive. As everywhere, a prime location costs money.

2. Veli Varos, Best area to stay in Split for couples

Veli Varos offers many exquisite self-catering apartments and several small boutique hotels. Veli Varos is the best area to stay in Split for couples. It is also our favorite area of Split.

Houses in Veli Varos neighbourhood in Split, Croatia

Stay in Veli Varos if you like a local vibe and a central location without all the hustle and bustle of the old town. Veli Varos is partly a pedestrian-only area.

Housed in a former olive oil press, the Heritage Hotel 19 is an elegant property with a quiet setting and friendly staff.

Divota Apartment Hotel offers the comfort of fully-furnished studios and apartments with the amenities and convenience of a hotel, like a copious breakfast, reception, and spa.

Stylish Captain’s Guest House comes with modern furnishings, a comfy bed, great bathroom facilities, and a kitchenette.

3. Dobri, Manus, and Lucac, Great Area To Stay in Split For Young Adults

National Theater in Split

Less preserved than Veli Varos and a bit rough around the edges, Dobri, Manus, and Lucac areas, in an architectural sense, are a mix of simple stone houses from medieval times and Austro-Hungarian and even post-war socialist architecture.

Dobri, Manus, and Lucac neighborhoods in Split each offer distinct characteristics and charms, catering to a variety of preferences and lifestyles.

Known for their central location, proximity to the old town, vibrant and bohemian vibe, and a bit cheaper accommodation make Dobri, Manus, and Lucac the best areas to stay in Split for a young adults, particularly artists and students, drawn by their creative atmosphere and lively street culture.

Simple but functional studio apartments Mirakul comes with a well-furnished kitchen, free parking, and a friendly host.

Located just a couple of minutes walk from the old town and the ferry port, Hotel Luxe features comfy rooms, quirky decor, small wellness, and a gym.

One of our favorite hotels in Split, Cornaro Hotel, is just out of the old town walls, and it features 147 modern rooms, a spa, gym, buffet restaurant, and best of all, a rooftop terrace with spectacular views over the Split old town.

4. Bacvice, Best area in Split for beach and nightlife

Bacvice neighbourhoods view from the air

Bacvice is the name of the most famous beach in Split and the neighborhood around the beach.

This residential area, only a 10-15 minute walk from the old town, is a great place to stay in Split because of its proximity to the beach, the old town, the bus central station, and the ferry port. You will find different accommodations: apartments and rooms in various-styled buildings, boutique hotels, and B&Bs.

Choose Bacvice if you are looking for a place to stay in Split near the beach, you need parking, you like the feel of a residential rather than a touristy area, and you like green and leafy neighborhoods. Bacvice neighborhood is also the best place to stay in Split for nightlife.

Completely renovated in 2015 and a stone-throw away from Bacvice Beach, a luxury hotel Park has the historical charm of the early 20th century with all mod-cons of our times.

The Villa Muller Apartments are moder, well-appointed with a fully-equipped kitchen, fantastic sea views, and easy access to the beach.

Intimate Green Park Luxury Rooms offers trendy, clean, spacious rooms, a great location, and an attentive and helpful host.

Bacvice is a good neighborhood if you wonder where to stay in Split near the beach.

5. Meje, A leafy Split neighborhood for Those Seeking Tranquility

Meje, Split's neighborhood from the air
Best places to stay in Split: Meje

Meje, a prestigious neighborhood located in Split, Croatia, is renowned for its tranquil ambiance and stunning natural beauty. Nestled between the slopes of Marjan Hill and the Adriatic Sea, Meje is distinguished by its luxurious residences, lush green spaces, and breathtaking sea views.

This area embodies an upscale lifestyle, attracting those who seek a serene environment within close proximity to Split’s dynamic city center. Meje is also home to several cultural gems, including the Mestrovic Gallery, dedicated to the renowned Croatian sculptor Ivan Meštrović, offering art enthusiasts a deep dive into the country’s rich artistic heritage.

The neighborhood’s proximity to Marjan Forest Park ensures easy access to hiking trails and leisure spots, making it a coveted location for both nature lovers and those who prioritize health and wellness.

Meje can feel like any small coastal town with its oversized multi-unit houses, seafront promenade, beaches Kastelet, Kasjuni, and Jezinac, beach bars, and hectic parking situation. Yet, you are still within 20-minute walking distance from the Split old town.

Meje is an excellent neighborhood to stay in Split for families.

Here you will find self-catering apartments and just a couple of small hotels.

Hotel Cvita offers outstandingly large rooms, lovely sea and city views, a fabulous pool area, an excellent breakfast, and friendly staff.

Studio apartment Lju on the Beach offers simple accommodation in a lovely property with a beautiful garden right by the sea.

One-bedroom beachfront apartment Mala Tereza is compact but well-appointed with a long balcony perfect for dining al fresco and chilling out.

6. Trstenik, a residential Neighborghood Idela For Families With Children

Trstenik exudes a residential vibe, with its well-maintained beach and a variety of cafes and restaurants that cater to every taste.

This neighborhood prides itself on its tranquility and family-friendly atmosphere, making it a perfect spot for those who wish to experience the laid-back side of Split.

Trstenik testify to Split’s ability to balance bustling city life and serene coastal living, embodying the city’s multifaceted charm.

Trstenik has a range of accommodation options, from full-service hotels such as Radisson Blu, Hotel Posh, and Hotel Marvie, to private rooms and apartments for a more authentic stay.

Offering modern amenities like pools, spa, and beach access, Radisson Blu Resort Split, located near the beach, is a great choice for families with children. 

Featuring a heated swimming pool with sunbeds, and a whirlpool with panoramic sea views, Luxury Rooms Pino is a modern and comfortable accommodation less than 200m from Trstenik Beach.

7. Spinut, Best Area For Budget Stay in Split, Croatia

Spinut, another esteemed neighborhood in Split, Croatia, stands out for its unique blend of peaceful residential life and sports-centric enthusiasm.

Located just a short distance from the historic city center, Spinut is particularly famous for hosting Poljud Stadium, a key site for football matches and various large-scale events. This proximity to Poljud nurtures a vibrant community spirit and makes the area a hotspot for sports lovers and event-goers.

In addition to sports facilities, the neighborhood boasts ample green spaces and parks, where residents and visitors can enjoy leisurely strolls or engage in outdoor activities. Despite its lively atmosphere during events, Spinut maintains a tranquil and welcoming environment, offering a balanced lifestyle for its inhabitants.

For travelers seeking an affordable stay in Split without compromising on location, Spinut emerges as an ideal choice.

Predominantly residential, this neighborhood lacks the big hotel chains found in more tourist-centric areas, allowing visitors to experience the city through a local’s lens.

Instead, Spinut offers a plethora of private apartments and rooms that cater to budget-conscious tourists, providing both comfort and a glimpse into the daily life of Split’s residents.

Charming balcony views, comfortable beds, a prime location, modern bathroom amenities, a well-equipped kitchen, local tips, and an affordable price, make Apartments Tonis in Split, Croatia a hidden gem for travelers.

Offering a large, super clean, and functional space, Apartment Cvit Jadrana is easily accessible and within walking distance to historical Split, complemented by easy and safe parking in the building’s garage.

How Long To Stay In Split, Croatia?

Stay in Split 2 days at least! A great choice of accommodation, many attractions and historic sites, a myriad of restaurants and bars, a decent nightlife, beaches, and its central location make Split one of the best places to stay in Croatia.

However, Split is also a great place to base yourself for up to a week during your trip to Croatia! From Split you can easily explore central Dalmatian islands like Hvar, Brac, and Vis. You can visit Trogir, a UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, take a day trip to Krka Waterfalls, or go zip-lining, canyoning, kayaking, or rafting to Cetina Canyon. You can even make a day trip to Plitvice Lakes, Croatia’s most popular national park. Here you can find our list of best day trips from Split.

Best Split Hotels

Split doesn’t have large hotels. Besides a few exceptions, like Radisson Blu or Cornaro, the majority of Split hotels have less than 100 rooms, and most of the hotels in Split Croatia are in a range of up to 20 rooms.

You won’t find genuinely luxurious or 5-star hotels in Split Croatia. Instead, You will find lovely boutique hotels set in historic buildings labeled Heritage hotels.

Double room in the heritage hotel Judita Palace in Split

Palace Judita Heritage Hotel

Palace Judita Heritage Hotel is without a doubt one of the best addresses for your overnight in Split. On our stay there, we loved Palace Judita’s outstadning location, and a warm atmosphere set by both, owners and the staff. Located at Pjaca, just a block behind the Riva boardwalk, hotel Palace Judita is set in the Pavlovic family palace dating back to the 16th century.

Elegantly decorated rooms are spacious and well-appointed with modern features. The staff is super friendly and they go above and beyond to meet guests’ needs.

The hotel features a wonderful courtyard. Buffet breakfast, WiFi, and parking are available and included in the price.

Prices start from 150 € per night for a double room with breakfast.


Hotel Antique Split, Double bedroom

Heritage Hotel Antique

Housed inside a centuries-old palace, heritage hotel Antique Split has exposed stone walls and contemporary furnishings. All 8 rooms are spacious and immaculately clean.

Regardless of its location, in the heart of the old town, and just stone-throw away from Peristyle and the Cathedral St. Dominus, the hotel remains a peaceful and quiet oasis.

The prices start at 110 € per night for a double room with breakfast.


Hotel Vestibul, dining room

Hotel Vestibul Palace

When we visited Hotel Vestibul Palace, we liked the location, breakfast and kind and welcoming staff.

A part of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World, hotel Vestibul Palace is a 7-room historical hotel located at the heart of Split’s old town. The hotel features a restaurant, a bar, and a wine cellar.

Rooms have hardwood floors, partly-exposed ancient stone walls, and modern furniture. Standard rooms are a bit small (20 m2). The staff is outstanding and helpful. The hotel also offers 4-rooms in the Villa Dobricic annex. Breakfast is included in the price.

Prices start at 125 € per night for a double room with breakfast.


Hotel Luxe Split, a room with balcony

Hotel Luxe

We’ve chosen Hotel Luxe for one of our stays in Split because of its great location, free parking and good value for money.

A stylish contemporary hotel, located just outside the old town’s walls, hotel Luxe features a bar, small wellness and spa center, and a gym.

Complimentary breakfast, WiFi, and parking are available and included in the price. Rooms are well-appointed, clean, and comfy. Some rooms feature wonderful views over the harbor and the sea.

Prices start at 105 € per night for a double room with breakfast.


Radisson Blu Split, sea-facing room

Radisson Blu

We stayed in Radisson Blu in Split on one occassion, and loved hotel’s proximity to the beach, and onsite facilities like outdoor swimming pool, and saunas.

While it lacks an old-world charm, hotel Radisson Blu offers modern resort facilities and amenities. Located in Trstenik, Split’s residential neighborhood, Radisson Blu Resort Split is just a few meters from the sea, and 30 min walk from the old town.

The hotel features an indoor and outdoor pool, beach for hotel guests, a spa and wellness center, a gym, three restaurants, and two bars. Radisson Blu Resort Split offers 250 comfortable and spacious rooms and suites. It is one of the best hotels in Split Croatia on the beach. And it is also a good choice for families.

The prices start at 135 € per night for a double room with breakfast.


Double room in the heritage hotel Cornaro, Split

Hotel Cornaro

When staying at Cornaro Hotel in Split, we really looked forward to having a glass of wine and chilling at the rooftop terrace after the day of exploring Split.

Featuring 147 rooms, hotel Cornaro is actually one of the few larger Split hotels, and one of the best hotels in Split, Croatia.

Set across the street from the old palace, the hotel attracts guests with nicely decorated rooms, attentive staff, a rich breakfast buffet, and a top location. A rooftop bar with whirlpools, a sun-bathing area, a bar, and stunning views over the old city are a bonus.

The prices start at 195 € per night for a double room with breakfast.


Hotel Ora, bedroom

Hotel Ora

Hotel Ora is a mid range accommodation in Znjan neighborhood on a busy street. However, the hotel itself is really quiet. The location is convenient for someone with a car as the hotel provides parking. It is a good choice for business travelers because of its easy access to and out of Split.

You can easily reach the old town either by bus (the stop is right next to the hotel) or by taxi (expect to pay around 5 € each way).

Hotel Ora is brand new, has a great contemporary design throughout, and nice facilities like an onsite bar and restaurants, conference facilities, and gym.

The prices start at 120 € per night for a double room with breakfast.


Hotel Park Bacvice, bedroom

Hotel Park

We only spent one night in hotel Park before heading to Hvar Island the next day. For us it was a convenient stay because we needed a parking. We found rooms small but stylish, and breakfast was really good.

Set in the 1921 building, hotel Park’s 72 rooms are well-appointed and stylish although a bit on a smaller side. Hotel Park is one of few 5-star hotels in Split Croatia.

The hotel benefits from a great location, just a minute walk from the famed Bacvice beach. Guests also appreciate the hotel’s lovely garden and an outdoor pool, as well as onsite parking.

Breakfast is ok offering a good variety of food, and the staff is friendly and accommodating.

The prices start at 150 € per night for a double room with breakfast.


Villa Split Heritage Hotel, Bedroom, stone walls

Villa Split Heritage Hotel

Villa Split Heritage Hotel features 9 rooms in two locations in the old town Split. All rooms are tastefully decorated and spacious with ancient artifacts, up-to-date furnishing, and modern en-suite bathrooms.

The staff is friendly and enthusiastic and eager to share great tips on local sights and restaurants.

The prices start at 110 € per night for a double room with breakfast.


Murum Hotel in Split, Bedroom

Murum Heritage Hotel

Murum Heritage Hotel reflects the true spirit of Split’s 1700-year-old Diocletian Palace with its stone walls perfectly integrated into the hotel’s overall interior design. However, the furnishing and amenities are all up-to-date and very modern.

Rooms are comfy and well-appointed, breakfast is great and the staff goes above and beyond to make your stay memorable.

The prices start at 175 € per night for a double room with breakfast.


Hotel Agava Split, swimming pool

Hotel Agava

This family-run hotel is housed in a stone villa dating back to the beginning of the 18th century. The hotel’s interiors and exteriors feature lovely details from that time like hand-cut stone stairs, brick arches, and exposed stone walls.

Accommodation is split between the main building, and an annex building a few streets away. Both buildings are within Varos neighborhood.

The prices start at 70 € per night for a double room with breakfast.


Divota Apartment-Hotel, studio interior

Divota Apartment Hotel

Divota apartments, located in Split’s lovely Varos neighborhood, offers fully-equipped studios and rooms. Apartments are located at different addresses around the Varos area.

Although all studios come with a fully-equipped kitchenette, including a coffee maker, a dishwasher, and an oven, copious breakfast is included in the price of accommodation.

Prices start at 120 € per night for a two-person studio.


Heritage Hotel Marmont, double room

Hotel Marmont Heritage

This 21-room adults-only hotel has a superb location in the heart of the city close to restaurants, shops, and the seafront promenade.

The hotel also features a lovely terrace on the second floor, a lounge bar, and an onsite restaurant.

Rooms are spacious, clean, and modern with WiFi, A/C, electric kettle, hardwood floors, a king bed, and an en-suite bathroom.

Prices start at 160 € per night for a double room.


Hotel Priska Luxury Rooms in Split

Priska Split Luxury Rooms

This lovely boutique hotel Split might be a bit hard to find due to the unassuming entrance and lack of signage. However, once inside you will find tastefully decorated spacious rooms with en-suite bathrooms and large walk-in shower.

The staff is helpful and kind.

The prices start at 85 € per night for a double room with breakfast.


Hotel Slavija

Housed in a historical palace from the late 16th century, hotel Slavija is the oldest continuously operating hotel in Split. It first opened its door in the early 20th century.

Today, hotel Slavia is a 3-star hotel, and a perfect place for a budget stay in Split. The location can’t get better.

THotel Slavija the best budget hotel in Split, offering small, but recently renovated and impeccably clean rooms. For a complete experience ask for a terraced room. They are worth the extra.

The prices start at 100 € per night for a double room with breakfast.


New and Modern Split Hotels

Split never ceases to attract the attention of world travelers. Split is becoming increasingly popular and one of Croatia’s most popular cities year after year.

With the influx of tourists, the number of new hotels opening in the city grows yearly. Below are some of the most interesting hotels in Split that have opened in recent years.

Outdoor terrace and exterior of the Briig Boutique Hotel in Split Croatia

Briig Boutique Hotel

The Briig Boutique Hotel is a modern, futuristic hotel in Split’s Bacvice neighbourghood, just steps away from the beach, an 10-minute walk to the old town. The hotel is gaining popularity rapidly, especially since its ultra-modern architecture still creates controversy and criticism two years after its opening. But if you like clean lines, minimalistic look, contemporary feel this is a great place to stay in Split Croatia. The rooftop pool, attentive staff, and central location are additional reasons to choose Hotel Briig for your stay in Split.

The prices start at 169 € per night for a double room with breakfast.

The view from the corner room in the hotel Ambasador in Split Croatia

Hotel Ambasador

After a six-year renovation, the 5* Ambasador hotel finally opened its doors to guests at the end of summer 2022. The hotel is located on the west coast promenade, right by the sea. The hotel is modern, with the large glass walls throughout the hotel that provide unobstructed views of the sea, the old town of Split and its seaside promenade, Riva. Facilities include a rooftop swimming pool, onsite restaurant, two bars, and a spa center with finish and steam saunas, beauty salon, and a gym. If you like modern architecture, amazing views, and to be centrally located, then hotel Ambasador is made for you.

The prices start at 135 € per night for a double room with breakfast.

Exterior and the outdoor infinity pool of all suites Posh Hotel in Split, Croatia

All Suites Hotel Posh

Located just above the Zenta Marina, and a few steps away from Trstenik beach, a 5-star aparthotel Posh offers accommodation in spacious and well-equipped suites. The design is modern, and some people can find it too flashy. But if you like to stay close to the beach, and to enjoy comfort of fully-furnished and serviced apartments, then Posh is a place for you. All apartments except studios, have sea views and balconies. Common areas include heated outdoor pool, spa center with Finish sauna, beauty parlor, and a gym, an underground garage, and a breakfast bar.

The prices start at 257 € per night for a 2-person studio apartment with breakfast.

Hotels near Split Croatia

If you don’t like the hustle and bustle of a big town, you look for cheaper accommodation, or you prefer to stay by the beach, you have a few options on where to stay near Split Croatia.

For the beach, head south of Split to Stobrec, Podstrana, Omiš, or even more south all the way to Makarska Riviera.

You can consider staying at the Hotel Plaza in Omis, Apartments Mistral in Mimice, or Valamar Meteor Hotel in Makarska.

Where to stay in Split near beach

Although you will find some hotels in Split near the beach, like Radisson Blu, hotel Park, or Briig Hotel, some of the best beach hotels in Split Croatia are located out of the town, in the vicinity of Split. So, if you are looking for a nice beach hotel in Split, consider staying in nearby seaside towns instead of staying in the Split city center.

Below, you’ll find some of the recommended hotels in Split Croatia near beach.

Beach hotel Split in Podstrana

Hotel Split Podstrana

Located in Podstrana, 10 km southeast of Split, Hotel Split is a family-run 4-star property with a wonderful beachfront location, an outdoor pool at the rooftop terrace, gym, a restaurant, and massage rooms.

The hotel features 40 rooms, all with sea views. All rooms, except Standard, are spacious and have a balcony. Hotel Split is one of the best places to stay near Split.

Prices start at 120€ per night for a double room with breakfast.


Beach Bar, Hotel Le Meridien Split

Le Méridien Lav

The only 5-star resort located in the vicinity of Split, Le Méridien Lav is a seafront property with 381 rooms and 9 sea view suites. It is one of few luxury hotels in Split Croatia.

The hotel features a large spa center with an indoor pool, treatment rooms, saunas, and gym; an infinity outdoor pool, an 800-meter long beach, six restaurants, bars, shops, a marina with 60 berths, and a casino.

Rooms are clean, comfortable, and spacious. Look for sea-facing rooms, as they offer wonderful views. Each room has a balcony.

Prices start at 115 € per night for a double room with breakfast.


Hotels near Split Airport

Although Split Airport is less than 25 km north of Split, the summer traffic between the two gets heavy. So, if you have an early flight and would like to stay near the airport in Split, you will find below the best hotels near Split airport.

You can stay in Trogir, less than 6 km from the airport. Hotel Trogirski Dvori is the closest hotel to Split Airport. We recommend Apartments & Rooms Tiramola, Villa Kudelik, or Rooms & Studio Stipcic.

Another option is to stay in Split and take a cab or shuttle bus to the airport.

Split apartments

Many locals own and rent apartments in Split. This is a common way to make extra income in Croatia.

There are many privately owned apartments in Split; most locals rent one or two apartments. We like the Apartments Villa Cambi and Bepo Luxury Apartments.

Apartments Sara, Split, Yard

Apartments Sara

Centrally located in a quiet street, just outside the old town, and close to ferry port, bus station, and Bacvice Beach, Apartments Sara offer fully-equipped 1- and 2-bedroom apartments. Diocletian’s Palace is literally 2-minute walk from the apartments.

All apartments are well-appointed including a fully-equipped kitchen, free WiFi, seating area, flat-screen TV, and air conditioning.

Owner Nada is friendly, and welcoming!

Prices start at 70€ per night for a four-person apartment.


Apartments Korta, interior courtyard

Apartments Korta

These tastefully renovated studio apartments come with a kitchenette, comfy bed, lovely bathroom. They are centrally located, yet on a quiet pedestrian street. Public parking is 50 m away. The owners are friendly.

The prices start at 40 € per night for a two-person studio.


Budget Accommodation in Split Croatia

If you are looking for budget accommodation in Split, you might as well consider staying at one of many hostels in Split Croatia. Alternatively, check guest houses offering cheap accommodation in double rooms with private bathrooms. You can also consider staying in an Airbnb out of the city center.

Hostel Dvor

Hostel Dvor in Split, Croatia

Hostel Dvor in Split is a synonym for comfortable accommodation for budget travelers.

Conveniently located just a short walk from the old town, Hostel Dvor offers air-conditioned 2-, 3-, 4-, and 6-bed dorm rooms with shared bathrooms, lockers, and free WiFi.

The hostel features a shared kitchen and a terrace. The staff is super friendly and happy to share their knowledge about this fantastic city.


BVB Rooms Split

Room, BVB Rooms Split

One of the best budget hotels out of Split’s city center, The BVB Rooms, is located in the Spinut neighborhood. This quiet residential area is conveniently close to both the old town and the historical Diocletian’s Palace, and you might even find some free street parking nearby.

This hotel doesn’t skimp on style or amenities despite its budget-friendly prices.

The small yet stylish rooms with modern decor and thoughtful amenities, including a seating area, fridge, flat-screen TV, and free WiFi.


Where to stay in Split: location on the map

Further reading

The best place to start if you plan to visit Split is our Split Travel Guide. We’ve also written a post on top things to do in Split. Split has a great vibe, and the heart of the city is the farmers’ market – Pazar, and the waterfront boardwalk – Riva. We’ve written about Pazar as well.

As someone who loves food, we are happy to tell you that Split is a foodie’s heaven. Our favorite local eateries are Fetivi and Villa Spiza. If you would like to know more about restaurants in Split, we’ve got that covered too.

Being the second largest town in Croatia, Split has a pretty exciting nightlife. Head here to start exploring Split’s bars, clubs, and nightlife. And although Split’s beaches are big-city beaches and nothing to write home about, they are still a great place to refresh in the Adriatic on hot summer days. Here you can read everything about the best places to swim in Split.

We have also compiled a handy guide on how to get from Split to Dubrovnik, in case you plan to visit this lovely town.

If you have any additional questions regarding your upcoming visit to Split, please feel free to drop us a line at info(at)frankaboutcroatia.com. We are always happy to help.

Have you been to Split before? Do you have any accommodation in Split to recommend? Let us know in the comments below.


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15 thoughts on “Where to stay in Split Croatia in 2024: 7 Best Areas and Hotels in Split”

  1. i am looking for small group of solo traverlers to get about sight seeing with /meet others
    have you any suggestions for solo accomadation not hostels or sharing bedrooms/bathrooms/
    and easy beach access

  2. Hi Frank,
    Thanks for this comprehensive guide and all the other useful posts about Croatia. It’s one of our favorite countries, and we can’t wait to return again. :) We like the apartments, especially since our son was born, because they are more like our own home, and Croatian people are so welcoming!

  3. Hi Frank… Just over 4 weeks and we will be there… A Brit and A Spaniard… Tell me… Do you know of the Hotel Inn at the Heart of the Palace? What will the weather be like in a months time, roughly… I´m guessing typically Mediterranian and still warm ;) :) Best Bar in your opinion…Best Club? Looking forward to getting there and having some chill time…

    I may pick your brains further when we land :)

    P.S Very comprehensive site you have here.. will browse further

  4. Hello Frank,

    My husband and I are looking into visiting Croatia: Split, Plitvices National Park, Krka Waterfall, and Dubrovnik, with a quick day trip to Montenegro.
    For planning purpose, how many days would you recommend staying in Split and how many days in Dubrovnik?
    Thank you!

  5. Well, I now see that both Old Towns are pedestrian only. Normally that is exactly what I love and I would 100% want to stay there. I don’t know how my foot will be though. Do you have any recommendations for somewhere right at the edge, so that I can walk a block into the pedestrian-only Old Town and get the best of both?

    Thank you,

  6. Is Old Town Split pedestrian only? I had a recent foot injury and can’t walk too far especially with luggage. I would like to stay in the Old Towns of Split and Dubrovnik when I’m visiting, but I wonder if that means a taxi/uber/bus/whatever will have to drop me off a few blocks away from my accommodations.

    Any information would be appreciated!
    Thank you!

  7. Hi,
    I will be visiting Croatia with my friends from the 29th of September to the 4th of October. Will be staying two days in pag 2 in split and the rest to explore Zagreb, plitvice etc.

    Since the summer has already passed will the nightlife in pag and split be dead?

  8. Hi! We have planned trip to croatia , from June 23 , 2017 ( we reach croatia by car from florence ) for 9 nights , we are thinking of 3 nights each in dubrovnik , split and Hvar ..
    We are 2 families –2 adults and 2 kids in each family age of kids are 5/7/9/11,… and we havent booked any accomodation yet , we prefer to stay in villas or apartments , if 1 big apartment we would like to stay toegther , or else 2 separate apartments .
    1. If you can help with Luxury accomodation at all 3 places
    2. if choice of these 3 places is ok ? we will rent 2 SUV”s , love driving .
    3. IF You aware that we rent a car in florence and return in croatia … ??
    look forward for your reply …, your site is amazing

  9. Hi
    So glad to have found this website. My husband I are booking our trip around Croatia independently. I’m doing all the research but finding it hard going. We’ve booked 3 nights in Dubrovnik at the beginning of our holiday on 2 July and 4 nights in Split at the end. Hiring a car for the last day in Dubrovnik then travelling up to Split and stopping en route to see as much as we can.
    Trying to get information on the car ferry from Dubrovnik, or that area to Mljet. Do you know if Prapratno to Sobra is the best route, we’d like to isit the National Park there too. As it’s July, is it best to precook everything? We’d like to see the beauty of Croatia. Can you recommend anywhere that would fit in en route please? Someone recommended Mostar to me, but that’s across into Bosnia. Too far?
    Any advice would be gratefully received.
    Many thanks
    Beverley Ann

  10. Hi Anato,
    don’t worry about public transport between Plitvice and Split. Once you are in Zagreb, at the bus station, check the schedule of buses passing through Plitvice on their way to Split. You can purchase your ticket right there in advance, or in the bus.

  11. Hi Frank – feeling luck that someone’s running such a comprehensive site about Croatia. I’m planning a visit in November, hoping to do Zagreb – Plitvice – Split – Zagreb. I’m just a little unsure about the Plitvice – Split transport side of things, any tips? Unfortunately none of us travelling have our licenses yet so we’re limited to public transport! Thanks!

  12. Hi Frank,
    how awesome! SO happy to see you guys finally booking that trip to Croatia. We should definitely find a way to meet. We can plan a day in SPlit, and take you out for a lunch. Or, if you want to come our way, to Istria, we’ll be happy to have you as our guests. We’ve got plenty of space. Keep us posted. And maybe, see you :)

  13. I went to Split last summer. I was based 30 km away in gorgeous UNESCO protected Trogir and the initial high-rise outer suburbs and industrial zones made me question my decision to visit! But when I got to the ancient centre, well, what can I say except Wow! The Diocletian’s palace complex, the Riva, the green market, the marina and then up to Marjan hill via the Ivan Meštrović gallery.
    And then, to cap it off, on Frank’s recommendation, a fabulous meal at the fun, eccentric Buffet Fife restaurant.
    The bus back to Trogir took me right past the Roman ruins at Solin and I could see the mountain range where Klis fortress sits – not enough hours in a day, sadly :(
    Superb day and thanks to Frank for pointing out lots of stuff to see and do :)

  14. Hey Frank – we’re finally getting to Split! Booked our stay with Airbnb Apr 3 – May 15. Total cost for 42 nights was $1100 Canadian (ie about $800/mo). Which is pretty good. Mind you I booked 10 days ago before the CAD really went to crap…
    We’ll probably prolong our stay in Croatia and look for other options while there. But I think the above, within 5 min walk of Diocletian’s Palace, is a pretty good deal and we’re looking really forward to exploring Split. Will be on your site a lot as we get closer.
    Frank (bbqboy)

  15. I’ve never been to Split Frank but must say all the spots look amazing, especially Le Meridien. I’ve seen many epic-looking Le Meridien’s in Thailand from Phuket to Chiang. 5 star hotel indeed and at least from the image above and from my drive-walk by’s it seems as if the chain delivers.

    Thanks for the share; I enjoyed your pictures, especially that Heritage Hotel shot!


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