Where to stay in Dubrovnik: Dubrovnik accommodation guide

Are you planning a visit to Dubrovnik but don't know where to stay in Dubrovnik? In this Dubrovnik accommodation guide, we share everything you need to know about finding the best place to stay in Dubrovnik, for your budget and travel style.

Vera is born and raised in a small town close to Dubrovnik, and she knows the town in and out. She also used to work for a Croatian hotel chain with hotels in Dubrovnik. This means you definitely get to learn some insider's tips and tricks.

Dubrovnik Accommodation: Where To Stay In Dubrovnik, Illustration
Dubrovnik Accommodation: Where To Stay In Dubrovnik, Illustration

In the following post, we’ll give you an overview of the town's accommodation offer, pros, and cons for each of them, best neighborhoods, and other tips to help you make a savvy decision on where to stay in Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik is one of the most visited places in Croatia. And it’s not without a reason. The town is picture-perfect, and one of a kind! The downside of its popularity is that it also gets really crowded, especially in July and August.


The best areas to stay in Dubrovnik for different travel styles

No time to read the entire post? No worries! Here is a rundown of the best areas to stay in Dubrovnik.

  • The best area to stay in Dubrovnik for the first time – Old Town
  • Best places to stay in Dubrovnik for couples – Ploce
  • Where to stay in Dubrovnik on a budget – Gruz
  • Where to stay in Dubrovnik for nightlife – Pile & Old Town
  • Best neighborhood in Dubrovnik for families – Lapad & Babin Kuk
  • A place to stay in Dubrovnik for beaches: Lapad & Babin Kuk

The 7 top Dubrovnik accommodations

If you are on the go, no time to read the entire post, or you are simply curious to find out top Dubrovnik accommodation, below you will find our quick list of best places to stay in Dubrovnik.

The best places to stay in Dubrovnik: FAQ

We gathered the most common questions regarding Dubrovnik accommodation and places to stay in Dubrovnik and answered them below.

Which is the best area to stay in Dubrovnik?

The Ploce neighborhood is the best area to stay in Dubrovnik. It is a quiet, residential area with a couple of top-notch 5star hotels and villas. The views over the sea and the old town are breathtaking.

Is it better to stay in Old Town Dubrovnik or outside?

Although it is hard to resist the charming historic hotels of the old town, it is better to stay outside of the old town of Dubrovnik. The old town is overcrowded, and the parking situation is complicated.

Which is the best place to stay in Dubrovnik for first-time visitors?

The old town is the best place to stay in Dubrovnik if you are visiting the town for the first time. You'll be in the heart of everything, and able to easily explore the town's main attractions. Alternatively, stay in the immediate vicinity of the old town, like in Pile or Ploce neighborhoods.

What's the best area to stay in Dubrovnik on a budget?

Gruz neighborhood is the best area in Dubrovnik if you are traveling on a budget. This busy neighborhood is home to Dubrovnik's main port and main farmer's market. However, it is further away from the old town and the beaches, and it lacks charm. This makes Gruz accommodation cheaper than accommodation in other areas of Dubrovnik.

Best hotels in Dubrovnik for families

Valamar Club Dubrovnik is the best hotel in Dubrovnik for families with children. The hotel offers three meals a day, a selection of drinks during meals free of charge, a separate supervised dining area for children, a mini club, and an entertainment program for kids.

Where should you stay in Dubrovnik for nightlife?

If you are interested in staying up late and partying until the wee hours, stay in the old town or in the Pile area. The majority of popular bars and clubs in Dubrovnik are located in these two neighborhoods.

Where do couples stay in Dubrovnik?

The Ploce neighborhood is a lovely area in Dubrovnik for couples. Wonderful views, finest Dubrovnik hotels, outstanding beaches, Orsula park, a perfect place for a romantic picnic make Ploce couples' favorite place to stay in Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik neighborhoods

Old Town

A pedestrian-only old town Dubrovnik is surrounded by famed Dubrovnik defensive walls. The old town Dubrovnik is Unesco World Heritage Site.

The old town is small and densely packed with historical stone houses, narrow cobblestone streets, small but lively town’s squares, an old port, and a great number of bars, restaurants, souvenir shops, and art galleries.

The main street, Stradun, divides the town into two. The east part of the town is hilly, and it involves lots of steps, while the western part of the old town is rather flat.

This is also where you will find the majority of Dubrovnik's historical attractions. The old town is also the best area to stay in Dubrovnik for nightlife.

You should choose to stay in Dubrovnik old town if you:

  • don’t mind paying extra for the prime location
  • can’t resist all that charm regardless of few drawbacks
  • don’t mind some noise (from passers-by, street cleaners, bars, etc.)
  • need no parking, or you don’t care to park away from your Dubrovnik accommodation neither paying extra for it
  • don’t care about extra facilities like the property’s own beach, sea views, swimming pool and alike

Dubrovnik's old town offers an array of charming small B&Bs, hotels, and lovely apartments. An intimate and charming Guesthouse Forty-four features 4 spacious and modernly designed rooms with en-suite bathrooms and one studio apartment. Comfortable, clean property in a great quiet location within the old city and a super-friendly host, makes apartments Festa one of the best places to stay in Dubrovnik's old town. And if you prefer to stay in small boutique hotels, both Pucic Palace and Prijeko Palace, are centrally located and housed in beautifully restored historic palaces.


Our absolute favorite town's area and the best location to stay in Dubrovnik, Ploce is the name of the eastern gate into Dubrovnik old town and thus neighborhood east and southeast of the old town.

This area is built on cliffs and hills, and many Dubrovnik accommodation in the Ploce neighborhood are up the hills. However, you will also be awarded by views over the old town and the sea that you can’t beat.

So, Ploce neighborhood is the best part of Dubrovnik to stay in if you:

  • love sea views properties
  • enjoy lovely views of Dubrovnik old town
  • like to be close to all the hustle and bustle but yet not amidst it
  • don’t mind a bit of uphill walking
  • need a parking

Some of the landmarks you will find in the Ploce neighborhood include Banje, St. Jakov, and Betina (or Cave) beaches,  Orsula Park, a former quarantine, and today's popular music club Lazareti, and a lower station for Dubrovnik cable car.

Some of our favorite Dubrovnik hotels are located in this area. Find below a few Dubrovnik apartments and hotels in the Ploce area. Hotel Excelsior, Dubrovnik's landmark hotel, hosted many celebrities in its 105-year rich history. Villa Dubrovnik, our favorite hotel in Dubrovnik, is also located in the Ploce area. And if you are looking for the comfort of home, the 87 Stairs Apartments are clean, spacious, beautifully decorated, and very close to the old town and the beach.


Pile is the name of the western gate into Dubrovnik old town, and also of the nearby neighborhood. The neighborhood stretches from the small harbor below the Lovrijenac Tower, and the Kolorina beach uphill north and west.

Just in front of the Pile gate is the most important transport hub in the entire town. Here you will find a public bus stop to and from the old town, the main bus stop for coach tours, and a taxi stop.

The small Pile suburb is a great place to stay mostly due to its central location. Lovrijenac Tower, Gradac Park, and Dance beach are some of the landmarks you can find in this neighborhood.

Dubrovnik's oldest hotel – today's hotel Hilton Imperial – is located in the Pile neighborhood as well as many wonderful guesthouses and apartment rentals. We like ZoomZoom Apartments as well as the guesthouse Villa Anica.

Babin Kuk

Babin Kuk is a suburb located on the Lapad peninsula, and as such it’s actually a part of a much larger Lapad neighborhood.

However, because of its distinctive characteristics, we consider it a separate suburb. Here you will find green spaces, popular beaches, a few Dubrovnik resorts and hotels, a variety of Dubrovnik apartments, and the only camping in Dubrovnik. The most popular beach in this area is the Copacabana beach.

Bus no. 6 connects the Babin Kuk neighborhood with the old town. The bus runs every 15 to 20 minutes throughout the day from 5.30 to midnight. The 1-hour ticket costs 12 Kn (1.8 US$, 1.6 €), while the daily ticket costs 30 Kn (4.5 US$, 4 €).

You can save money on public transport as well as Dubrovnik attractions by purchasing the Dubrovnik card.

Stay in the Valamar Collection Dubrovnik President Hotel if you look for a perfect beach hotel in Dubrovnik. Spacious, modern rooms, splendid sea views, and a great breakfast draw visitors to choose hotel Neptun for their stay in Dubrovnik.

Lapad peninsula

Lapad is a large peninsula located northwest of Dubrovnik's old town. This area consists of the residential part, resort part as a great number of Dubrovnik hotels is located here, the coast featuring some of Dubrovnik popular beaches like Uvala or Bellevue beach, and a forest park Mala & Velika Petka.

Lots of family houses and apartment blocks built in the 1970s make part of the Lapad setting. Today many are transformed into apartments and rooms to rent.

Lapad is also a very lively neighborhood and a place that feels very local. In the old town, besides people working there, you won’t see too many locals. It gets just too crazy there to survive through the summer. But Lapad is something completely different. Here you can actually see locals going about their day.

A few pebbly beaches aside, the coast here is mostly rocky. Lapad is a great area to stay in Dubrovnik for families with children.

Elegant and stylish rooms, a lovely seafront location, and friendly staff make travelers choose the hotel Kompas for their stay in Dubrovnik. Carved into a 30 m high cliff, Hotel Bellevue boasts spectacular sea views, direct beach access, and a lovely breakfast room overlooking the sea.


Gruz is the name of a bay, a port of Dubrovnik, but also of the neighborhood that developed around this bay, and the port. Besides the port, here you will also find Dubrovnik's central bus station and open-air farmer's and fish market.

This is where the majority of cruise ship passengers arrive in Dubrovnik, and also a place where you catch a ferry to nearby islands.

Some of our favorite restaurants in Dubrovnik, Bistro Glorijet, and Orsan Yacht Club, are located in the Gruz area. Since this area is a bit further from the old town and the beaches, but also because of its industrial feel, Gruz is a good place to stay in Dubrovnik on a budget.

Public bus no. 1 connects Gruz with the old town. The bus departs every 10 to 30 minutes from 5 am to midnight. It takes 15 to 20 minutes to reach the town depending on the traffic. The ticket costs 15 Kn (valid for one hour), or 30 Kn if you buy a daily ticket.

Small family-run Berkley Hotel & Day Spa offers a quiet location, comfy rooms with lovely sea views, and helpful staff. A hilltop hotel Adria features spectacular bay-views, free parking, and easy access when arriving by car. Nika and Nina are budget studio apartments close to the Gruz port and Dubrovnik main bus station.

Map of the best hotels in Dubrovnik

How to budget for your stay in Dubrovnik?

Accommodation in Dubrovnik can get really expensive especially in July and August, or during some big events taking place in the town.

Expect to pay at least 150 € a night for a double room with breakfast in July or August in a 3star hotel, 210 € in a 4star hotel, and 350 € in a 5star hotel. Alternatively, daily rental for a studio apartment in the old town will set you back 150 €.

But for instance in other areas of the town, like the Lapad neighborhood, you can find an apartment for 2 for as little as 90 € a day in high season.

Price shopping for Dubrovnik hotels using Google hotel search
Price shopping for Dubrovnik hotels using Google hotel search

If your travel dates are flexible you can price shop for Dubrovnik hotels using Google hotel search.

It helps you discover periods of low demand for Dubrovnik accommodation.

This doesn’t only mean traveling offseason, but it means looking for specific days that are simply cheaper than the preceding or the following period. How to do this?

Simply google the name of accommodation you would like to stay in, and use Google hotel search calendar to check daily prices for that particular property.

Choose dates with the lowest rates for your stay in Dubrovnik. For us, this option is available only on the mobile Google hotel search.

Dubrovnik old town hotels

Dubrovnik's old town offers an array of charming small B&Bs, hotels, and lovely apartments. Here are a few of our recommendations on where to stay in Dubrovnik old town.

Pucic Palace Hotel – $$$$

A small boutique hotel located in the heart of the old town features only 19 rooms and suites. A vibrant and fabulous morning market takes place in front of the hotel daily adding to the overall hotel’s charm.

The hotel is housed in a historic palace dating back to the 17th century. The interior decor breaths tradition with dark wood, high ceilings, wooden beams, old-style paintings, exposed stone walls, and antique yet elegant furniture. Other facilities include a restaurant, wine bar, and a cafe.


Hotel St. Joseph in Dubrovnik, Interior

St Joseph’s – $$$$

A small bed and breakfast housed in a 400-year old building in the heart of Dubrovnik old town, St Joseph’s offers accommodation in 6 suites.

All suites are spacious and consist of a large double bed, en-suite bathroom with double sink, a compact kitchenette, and a seating area. Deluxe King Suites also feature a rain shower as well as a bathtub, while a one-bedroom suite has a separate living and sleeping area and a fully-equipped kitchen.


Hotel Prijeko Palace, Double Room

Prijeko Palace Boutique Hotel – $$$

Housed in a 500-year-old historic building, this small 9-room boutique hotel offers a great location right in the heart of Dubrovnik's old town, various rooms each unique and different, nice in-room amenities like tea and coffee, and a lovely rooftop restaurant.

The staff is welcoming and the breakfast is made on order.


Hotel Stari Grad in Dubrovnik, Reception

Stari Grad – $$$

This lovely 8-room boutique hotel has a fantastic location on a small side street right in the heart of the old town Dubrovnik.

The old town hotel is housed in the historic building dating back to the 16th century,

Other facilities include a cafe bar and a rooftop Above5 restaurant that also serves a limited breakfast menu. The views of the city from the rooftop terrace are incredible.


Fresh Sheets Kathedral Dubrovnik, Room

Fresh Sheets Kathedral Bed & Breakfast – $$$

Set in a beautiful historic house from the 17th century, that once served as a convent, Fresh Sheets Kathedral Bed & Breakfast offers 6 cozy double and twin rooms and studios with lovely views over the Cathedral, and Rector’s Palace.

The rooms are cozy, beautifully decorated with a comfortable bed and practical if somewhat smallish bathrooms. Studios also feature a kitchenette, while guests can also take advantage of a shared kitchen.

The Fresh Sheets Kathedral Bed & Breakfast Dubrovnik for a small fee offers a porter service.


Scalini Palace, studio apartment

Scalini Palace – $$$

Located in the heart of the city, the Scalini Palace offers accommodation in 8 studios.

This is yet another lovely Dubrovnik bed and breakfast set in a historic stone building from the 16th century.

Studios are tastefully decorated, combining modern furnishing and finishes with old wooden beams and exposed stone walls. All studios have a kitchenette equipped with a two-ring stovetop, sink, fridge, and a microwave. Some studios have a balcony.

In-room breakfast can be scheduled at any time.


B&B Andio Dubrovnik

Bed & Breakfast Andio – $$

A small 6-room bed and breakfast, Andio is located within the old city walls.

Set in a historical building, each room is different in size and decor. Some feature lovely clawfoot bathtub, others have a gallery, some are all white while others are decorated in vivid colors.

All rooms are spacious, clean, and tidy with free wifi, air-condition and a minibar.

Breakfast is excellent with a cold buffet but also delicious omelets made to order.


Where To Stay In Dubrovnik Old Town

Apartments Festa – $$

Comfortable, clean property in a great quiet location within the old city and a super-friendly host, makes apartments Festa one of the most popular properties in Dubrovnik old town.

This is one of the friendliest Dubrovnik accommodation old town.


Where to stay in Dubrovnik Ploce area

Some of our favorite Dubrovnik hotels are located in this area. Find below a few Dubrovnik apartments and hotels in Ploce Dubrovnik area.

Hotel Excelsior Dubrovnik, suite

Hotel Excelsior – $$$$

A real classic and Dubrovnik’s landmark hotel, hotel Excelsior enjoys the best location in Dubrovnik. Just out of the town walls, the hotel offers incredible views over the sea, the islands, but above all, across beautiful Dubrovnik old town.

Romantic evenings with these stunning views can be enjoyed from the hotel’s Prora beach restaurant.

The hotel’s 158 rooms are spread between two distinct architectural buildings: 1913 villa Odak, and modernist “The Tower”.

The entire hotel went through an extensive refurbishment in 2017.


Hotel Villa Dubrovnik, indoor pool

Hotel Villa Dubrovnik – $$$$

Another one of the luxury Dubrovnik hotels, villa Dubrovnik features 56 rooms and suites. Carved into a cliff, the hotel boasts wonderful views across the Adriatic, while some rooms also have lovely views over the old town Dubrovnik.

Interiors are simple but stylish predominantly white reflecting on famed Brac stone that was used throughout the property.

A boat shuttle to the old town, private (though rocky) beach, indoor swimming pool, and a rooftop wine bar are other reasons people choose Villa Dubrovnik for their stay in Dubrovnik. Villa Dubrovnik is a member of the Leading Hotels of the World.


Dubrovnik Luxury Hotels, Hotel Villa Glavic

Hotel Villa Glavic – $$$

Housed in a historic villa, this 5-star Dubrovnik hotel is just a 10-minute walk from Dubrovnik old town and across the street from another iconic Dubrovnik hotel – villa Argentina.

Both hotels belong to the same hospitality group, Adriatic Luxury Hotels (as many other properties listed here do).

The hotel features 21 rooms and suites while all other facilities, including wellness and spa, restaurants and bats, and lovely gardens, are actually at the villa Argentina where the guests of Villa Glavic are granted access.


Grand Villa Argentina, garden

Hotel Grand Villa Argentina – $$$$

Further down the street from the hotel Excelsior, you’ll find Grand Villa Argentina, a 5star hillside hotel featuring 133 rooms and suites.

Other facilities include a luxury spa, direct beach access, terraced gardens, restaurants, and bars, outside saltwater swimming pools, and an indoor freshwater swimming pool.

The hotel provides the perfect vantage point from where to enjoy the sunset over the sea and Dubrovnik old town.


Villa Orsula, front terrace

Hotel Villa Orsula – $$$$

This small exclusive boutique hotel is housed in a historical villa dating back to 1931. The hotel features 13 spacious rooms and suites. Private beach and secluded gardens just add to the privacy and intimacy of the property.

The location, just a stone throw away from the ancient town, is ideal. The guests are granted access and use of facilities of the hotel Excelsior and Villa Argentina, the sister hotels next door.


Where To Stay In Dubrovnik Pile|87 Stairs Apartments

87 Stairs Apartments – $$

Clean, spacious, and beautifully decorated apartments are just a 5-minute walk from the old town and the beach. The house features a total of 4 apartments fitting 3 to 6 people.

All apartments are fully-equipped and all come with a terrace boasting magnificent views over the coast and the old town. Owners are friendly, responsive, and helpful.


Where to stay in Pile area

Below you will find some of Dubrovnik apartments and hotels in Pile area that we recommend.

Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik, front facade

Hilton Imperial Hotel – $$$$

Hilton Imperial is just a few steps away from the Pile Gate, a western entrance to the old town. The hotel is split across two historical buildings: the main building dating back to 1895, and a private villa was built in 1913.

The rooms and common areas have been last refurbished in 2017. The rooms are beautifully furnished and decorated with light colors that make them look very elegant. Some rooms have a balcony, and front-facing rooms on higher floors have also a sea view.

However, front-facing rooms also face the main road, but noise isolation is pretty good once the windows are closed. Bathrooms are a bit dated.

Other facilities include an onsite restaurant and bar, an indoor swimming pool, a gym, and an executive lounge.


ZoomZoom Apartments, Interior

Apartments ZoomZoom – $$

This beautiful 4star property offers accommodation in the studio and two-bedroom apartments. The building is located on the busy street, 15-minute walk to the old town. The walk back is uphill.

Apartments are tastefully decorated, very modern, and impeccably clean. They also come with free parking. The hosts are friendly and accommodating.


Villa Anica Dubrovnik, garden

Villa Anica – $$

Located in a quiet residential area, villa Anica is just a few minutes walk from the old town. This small guest house dating back to the 18th century offers accommodation in double rooms.

Breakfast is optional, and it costs around 12€ per person per day, but it’s worth every penny. The shared garden is a great place to relax after the day put, and do is the hot tub.  The owner is super friendly.


Lapad accommodation

Hotel Dubrovnik Palace, air view

Hotel Dubrovnik Palace – $$$$

A large hotel located on Lapad Peninsula boasts stunning views from its 308 rooms and many common spaces.

Guests also like it for its contemporary design, spacious rooms, swimming pools, a fantastic wellness and spa center that’s never crowded.

The hotel provides free wifi, free parking, and a kettle in each room.


Hotel Ariston Dubrovnik, terrace with a sea view

Hotel Ariston – $$$$

A 5star hotel located within Importanne Resort on Babin Kuk peninsula, hotel Ariston offers accommodation in 115 comfortable and contemporary designed rooms.

Many rooms boast beautiful vistas from the balcony. Guests can use facilities of the nearby sister properties, including many outdoor swimming pools, and bathing areas.


Hotel Bellevue Dubrovnik, double room

Hotel Bellevue – $$$$

Carved into a 30 m high cliff, Hotel Bellevue boasts spectacular sea views from all 91 rooms and suites. Bellevue hotel is located at the beginning of the Lapad peninsula, and thus only a 15-minute walk from the old town.

Guests also like it for the direct access to the hotel’s beach, lovely breakfast room overlooking the sea, and friendly staff. Hotel Bellevue is one of the top hotels in Dubrovnik.


Rixos Libertas Dubrovnik, restaurant's terrace

Hotel Rixos Libertas Dubrovnik – $$$$

Another hillside Dubrovnik hotel facing the sea and boasting incredible views from the majority of rooms and common areas, Rixos Libertas Dubrovnik is only 15 minutes from the old town on foot.

The rooms are large, modern, and comfortable. The outdoor pool area is right by the sea and there are few entrances to the sea directly from the pool area.

Other facilities include a wellness and spa area, indoor swimming pool, buffet and a la carte restaurant, a few bars, and a casino.


Hotel More Dubrovnik, outdoor swimming pool

Hotel More – $$$$

Hotel More is a lovely 5star boutique hotel located at the very seafront in the Lapad Bay. The hotel features 85 rooms, two outdoor swimming pools, a wellness center, a gym, two restaurants, and three bars. One of the bars is set over three levels in a natural cave.

Built into the cliffs, the hotel uses various elevators to get you from the bottom floor to the top and vice versa. The hotel is well-run, with friendly and helpful staff, and a great breakfast with a good variety of food.


Hotel Lero, a 4star property

Hotel Lero – $$$

Located at the beginning of the Lapad peninsula, hotel Lero is a 20-minute downhill walk from the old town. The hotel features 180 rooms and suites. Rooms are recently refurbished and spotlessly clean if somewhat smallish.

The hotel entrance faces the road, and the room on that side might be a bit noisy in summer. However, the interior courtyard with an outdoor swimming pool offers a more relaxed environment.

We find hotel Lero a decent choice for a city break in Dubrovnik. The staff is friendly, breakfast is copious, and the hotel is affordable compared with other Dubrovnik hotels.


Hotel Villa Wolf

Villa Wolf – $$$

Villa Wolf's lovely setting right at the seafront is this hotel's main attraction. If you are after the top seafront location, then you won't find a better place to stay in Dubrovnik than Villa Wolf.

This small hotel has only 6 units in total: 3 rooms and 3 suites. Onsite seafood restaurant Casa is open to the public and popular due to its seafront terrace, and romantic setting.

Rooms are decent, very clean, and a fair size. The staff is very friendly. The hotel is built into the cliffside, and it takes some stairs to reach the top floor from the restaurant.


4 Star Hotels Dubrovnik: Hotel Lapad

Hotel Lapad – $$$

Located at the Lapad Peninsula just across the street from the marina, and across the bay from the Gruz harbor, hotel Lapad's 163 rooms and suites are spread across two buildings. The smaller building is a lovely traditional stone building overlooking the swimming pool, while the newer building is in the back.

The rooms are elegant. Not all rooms have a balcony. If given a chance, choose a room with a balcony and lovely marina views. Dubrovnik old town is a 15-minute bus ride from the hotel. However, within walking distance from the hotel, you will find a good choice of restaurants and bars.

Other hotel facilities include an outdoor swimming pool, a buffet restaurant, and a bar.


Hotel Ivka Dubrovnik, double room

Hotel Ivka – $$

The family-run 76-room hotel is conveniently located in the Lapad peninsula, just a short walk from the seaside promenade, beaches, a number of restaurants, and bars.

The majority of rooms (although not all) have a balcony or a terrace. The hotel is clean and modern, offers a good breakfast, and has all the amenities you might need including free WiFi and free onsite parking.

The hotel works with coach groups and gets really busy when they are in the house causing also the service to get slow.


Boutique Hotel Kazbek at night

Boutique Hotel Kazbek – $$$$

Originally built in 1573 as a summer residence of Dubrovnik’s noble family, the villa today boasts 13 individually styled rooms and suites, a lovely courtyard terrace, a la carte restaurant, a sauna, and a heated outdoor swimming pool.

The hotel is located in Gruz harbor, 3 km away from Dubrovnik's old town. The hotel provides parking.


Hotel Perla Dubrovnik, double room

Hotel Perla – $$

Located in a pedestrian-only street full of cafes, Hotel Perla is only a 5-minute walk from the Bay of Lapad beach. Modernly designed, updated, comfy, and air-conditioned, each of Perla's 20 rooms has a balcony, free wifi, flat-screen TV, small fridge, and en-suite bathroom.

Rooms are smallish, and the bathrooms are rather tired. However, the location is great, breakfast is adequate, the staff is friendly, and bus no. 6 takes you to the old town in no time.

Hotel Perla is a good place for a budget stay in Dubrovnik.


Dubrovnik accommodation: Dubrovnik Luxury Residence L’Orangerie

L’Orangerie Dubrovnik Luxury Residence – $$$

Just steps away from Lapad Bay beach, L’Orangerie Dubrovnik Luxury Residence offers accommodation in various apartments ranging from 80 to 170 m2.

Apartments are very stylish, modern, immaculate, and well-appointed, each with a huge balcony. The staff is friendly, and there are lots of cafes, restaurants, shops, etc in the vicinity.


Babin kuk hotels

Valamar Collection Dubrovnik President Hotel, air view

Valamar Collection Dubrovnik President Hotel – $$$$

Lovely terraced hotel with spacious rooms and even a larger balcony, Valamar Collection Dubrovnik President Hotel offers wonderful sea views from all 292 rooms.

The hotel also features indoor and outdoor swimming pools, the hotel’s beach with sun loungers and sun umbrellas, a beach restaurant, bars, and wellness and spa.

For the extra level of luxury book President’s V level room and benefit from extra services like reserved sun loungers, free transfer to and from the airport, and snack time at the V lounge. We love hotel room decor, with hardwood floors, seating area, and blue and white details.


Dubrovnik Hotels 5 Star: Royal Blue Hotel

Royal Blue Hotel – $$$$

One of five properties to be found in Importanne Resort on Babin Kuk peninsula, Royal Blue Hotel boasts a lovely beachfront location, 81 spacious deluxe rooms, and an adults-only rooftop swimming pool.

The wellness zone including an indoor swimming pool, saunas, gym, and various treatments.

You can also enjoy a buffet or a la carte restaurant, as well as many facilities and various other restaurants within the resort.

There are various beaches within the resort for you to take a dip. The hotel provides beach towels free of charge.

Spacious and elegant rooms all have an en-suite bathroom and a balcony. Some rooms offer beautiful vistas over the sea.


Valamar Lacroma Hotel

Valamar Lacroma – $$$

Valamar Lacroma is a large hotel featuring 401 rooms and suites, an outdoor and indoor swimming pool, buffet and a la carte restaurant, a wine bar, and a wellness and spa center. With the largest conference facilities of all Dubrovnik hotels, Valamar Lacroma is one of the best business hotels in all Croatia.

However, in July and August, when business travelers are few and far between, the hotel is also a good choice for your leisurely stay in the town.

The hotel is located in the Babin Kuk resort area and within walking distance to the sea, beaches, cafes, and restaurants. The town is about a 20-minute bus ride from the hotel.


Valamar Argosy Hotel

Valamar Argosy Hotel – $$$

Valamar hotel Argosy is another 4-star Valamar hotel, located at Babin Kuk peninsula, just steps away from Valamar Lacroma Hotel and the other four Valamar properties.

The hotel was last refurbished in 2018. Valamar Argosy has 308 rooms, a small well-being center with saunas, an indoor pool, and a gym, two outdoor infinity pools, and a buffet restaurant with a panoramic terrace.

Guests also like it for its proximity to the beaches, new and modern rooms, great views, and a cozy courtyard garden with hanging egg chairs and comfy armchairs.


Hotel Tirena Sunny By Valamar, outdoor pool

Hotel Tirena Sunny by Valamar – $$

This no-frills 3-star hotel in Babin Kuk, a 20-minute bus ride from the old town, offers air-conditioned rooms, an outdoor swimming pool, free wifi, buffet breakfast and dinner, and overall good value for money.

The hotel is outdated a bit, but well maintained, close to the beach, and guests can use some facilities, like the wellness center and entertainment program, of nearby Valamar properties.

Hotel Tirena Sunny by Valamar is a stone throw away from popular Cava beach. The hotel also caters to large coach groups, so the buffet restaurant can be quite busy at times.


Gruz hotels

Find below a few Dubrovnik accommodation that we recommend for your stay in Gruz neighborhood.

Berkeley Hotel & Spa, double room

Berkeley Hotel & Day Spa – $$

This small family-run hotel features 24 rooms, Berkley Bar, a heated outdoor pool with a whirlpool, and a spa center. Guests also like it for its friendly and helpful owners and staff, lovely sea views from some rooms, and quiet location just a flight of steps from the port, local bus stop, and open market.


Nikolina Rooms – $$

This family-run property features one double room and one studio apartment. The units are a bit outdated but very clean. And the owners are friendly and at your disposal. The prices are super affordable. The location is quiet and close to the shops, restaurants, and a bus station. This is one of the few cheap properties in Dubrovnik and an absolute contender if you travel on a budget and look for a cheap Dubrovnik accommodation.


Apartments Miljas – $$

A nice secluded garden, outdoor swimming pool, friendly hosts, and super clean, comfy, and well-equipped apartments make Apartments Miljas travelers' preferred choice to stay in Dubrovnik Gruz area. The only downside is a steep set of stairs you need to take to reach the property. Otherwise, the location is perfect, and the views are nice.


Where to stay near Dubrovnik

Besides these Dubrovnik neighborhoods, you can also have your base out of Dubrovnik, in towns and villages in the vicinity.

Cavtat, Slano, and Elafiti islands are the best places to stay near Dubrovnik.

These places are certainly less crowded than Dubrovnik, some offer easier access especially if you travel by car, and they are more suited for a relaxed beach holiday with an occasional visit to Dubrovnik than for a city break kind of holiday in Dubrovnik.

Also, you will find more villas to rent available close to Dubrovnik than in the town.

Our favorite accommodation near Dubrovnik includes the following.

Sun Gardens Hotels

Sun Gardens Dubrovnik – $$$$

Located in Slano, 15 km north of Dubrovnik, and right at the beach, hotel Sun Gardens Dubrovnik is a perfect hotel in Dubrovnik vicinity to unwind and relax.

The hotel offers a variety of accommodation (rooms, residences, suites), and great facilities including 3 outdoor pools, an indoor swimming pool, tennis court, rock-climbing wall, a soccer pitch, and a state-of-the-art wellness and spa center.

The hotel provides a free shuttle bus to the old town Dubrovnik.


Hotel Sheraton Dubrovnik Riviera

Hotel Sheraton Dubrovnik Riviera – $$$$

Open in 2016, in a small coastal village of Mlini, 10 km south of Dubrovnik, a hotel Sheraton Dubrovnik Riviera features 250 rooms and suites, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, a public pebbly beach just in front of the hotel, spa, and wellness center, meeting facilities, and free parking.

All rooms are sea-facing, but rooms on higher floors boast great views across the bay and the sea. Mlini is a small relaxed village with a nice seafront promenade, shopping center, and a number of bars and restaurants.


One Suite Hotel Srebreno
Boutique Hotels near Dubrovnik |Photo credit: One Suite Hotel

One Suite Hotel – $$$

A beautiful modern design, spacious suites and rooms, rooftop swimming pool and sundeck, a lovely onsite bar Lokal, and extremely attentive staff make One Suite hotel one of the guests’ favorite boutique hotels in and around Dubrovnik.

One Suite Hotel is located just off the main road in a small village of Srebreno, 10 km south of Dubrovnik, but also just steps away from the nice pebble beach.

One Suite Hotel is one of the best boutique hotels near Dubrovnik.


Where To Stay near Dubrovnik: Hotel Bozica Sipan

Hotel Bozica Sipan – $$$

This small family-run hotel on the island of Sipan has a stunning beachfront location, attentive helpful staff, spacious rooms, and fresh and varied breakfast.

All in all, it’s a perfect place for a chilled peaceful holiday around Dubrovnik. The ferry connects the island with Dubrovnik six times a day, and a ticket costs 23 Kn per person.


Villa Franka Lopud – $$$

Villa Franka is a private home offering two apartments to rent. This traditional stone house is located in Lopud island’s only village, within walking distance to bars and restaurants.

Apartments are clean, comfy, and well-equipped. Each apartment has a lovely terrace perfect for chilling. Hosts are very friendly and nothing seems too much trouble for them.


Dubrovnik family hotels

The majority of Dubrovnik hotels accept children. However, some hotels charge children the same price as adults, and in this way discourage families with children to stay there.

For instance, in hotel Excelsior all kids of 3 years and older pay 50€ extra per night when staying in the same room with two paying adults. The same price an extra adult pay.

On the other hand, some hotels have a children policy that encourages families with children to choose them for their stay in Dubrovnik. One such a hotel is Valamar Collection Dubrovnik President which allows one kid up to 11 years of age to stay for free when sharing a room with two paying adults.

But while many hotels accept children, hotels Valamar Club Dubrovnik and Elaphusa in Cavtat are 100% family-friendly hotels in Dubrovnik.

Valamar Club Dubrovnik

Valamar Club Dubrovnik – $$$

In Valamar Club Dubrovnik children up to 13 years of age stay and eat for free when staying in the room with two paying adults, and when using the existing beds.

The hotel has an all-inclusive light formula meaning that you get 3 meals a day and unlimited select drinks free of charge during mealtime.

Besides, Valamar Club Dubrovnik offers action-packed children entertainment program and interconnecting rooms.


Remisens Epidaurus Cavtat

Hotel Epidaurus Cavtat – $$$

This low-key 3star hotel in Cavtat features a great seafront location with direct access to the pebbly beach, two outdoor swimming pools, and 312 simple but stylish rooms. The hotel was last refurbished in 2017.

The variety of food at the buffet is great, and the staff is very attentive. Hotel Epidaurus and Cavtat are a great alternative to staying in crowded Dubrovnik.


Dubrovnik beach hotels

I think that Dubrovnik is actually one of the very few places in Croatia that people don't visit for beaches, swimming, or other fun-under-the-sun. People actually visit it for all other reasons: wonderful history and architecture, beautiful old town, 2 km long city walls, GOT filming locations, etc.

Sometimes this makes us forget that Dubrovnik is a coastal town and a great place to spend summer holidays by the beach.

So if besides history and culture, you would also like to profit from Dubrovnik beaches, you perhaps want to choose one of Dubrovnik beach hotels.

The most popular Dubrovnik beaches include Banje, and Sveti Jakov beaches in the Ploce area; Cava, and Copacabana beaches in Babin Kuk neighborhood; Lapad Bay in Lapad; and Dance in Pile neighborhood.

Some hotels, like hotel Excelsior, Valamar Argosy, Valamar Club Dubrovnik, or hotel Kompas are located in the vicinity of these beaches; while some other hotels benefit from the more secluded location and their own beach.

Best Dubrovnik beach hotels are Valamar President, Villa Dubrovnik, and hotel Bellevue.

Dubrovnik apartments

Apartments are the single most popular accommodation option in Croatia and Dubrovnik is no different.

If you want more space, a fully-equipped kitchen where you can prepare your own meals, a chance to stay with a local family, and overall more affordable prices, then renting an apartment in Dubrovnik old town or elsewhere can be the right thing to do.

Fear not, long gone are shabby places with old furniture and family photos on the walls, reminding you that you are sleeping in the owner’s very own bed. Or a bed of his mother.

Today, many Dubrovnik apartments are new, modern, and furnished by professional interior designers. In fact, many apartments look better than many hotels, and often offer better amenities like an espresso coffee machine, microwave, dish-washer, a washing machine, etc..

Booking.com offers the largest choice of apartments in Dubrovnik. And so does the Airbnb. Sign up for the Airbnb here to get $$$$ credit for your first trip!

Best hostels in Dubrovnik

Lots of backpackers visit Dubrovnik every year making it one of the most popular backpacking destinations in Croatia.

This became even more evident after Game of Thrones was filmed in Dubrovnik.

And while Dubrovnik is considered one of the most expensive destinations in Croatia, you can still find affordable accommodation, especially if you don’t mind sharing a room and a bathroom with strangers. However, the majority of Dubrovnik hostels also offer private rooms and bathrooms if you need more privacy and willing to pay a bit more.

For the affordable stay in old town check Hostel Angelina or check Hostel 365 For U, a top-rated Dubrovnik hostel.

Find here all the best hostels in Dubrovnik.

Villas in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik doesn’t lack accommodation options and one of them worth mentioning is certainly villas to rent.

From old stone manors to ultra-modern hideaways, villas are a perfect choice for large groups of family or friends traveling together.

Located within the town or in the vicinity, villas offer ample space, luxurious amenities, private swimming pools, gardens, complete privacy, and often spectacular views.

Whether you are looking for a heritage home, one of many restored nobleman’s manors hidden behind unassuming stone walls and surrounded by Mediterranean gardens or you look for a lavish modern home with clean lines and spectacular views (or why not both!), you will find it in Dubrovnik.

Booking.com has a decent choice of villas in Dubrovnik, and so does the HomeAway. However, you can also check some agencies specialized exclusively in villa rental like Luxury Croatian Villas.

Further reading: VILLAS IN CROATIA

Camping in Dubrovnik

Croatia is a popular camping destination and you will find a great choice of campsites from Istria to the north to Konavle to the south.

However, the number of campsites seems to diminish as you travel from north to south. And also their size.

Istria, a northern Adriatic region, has lots of campsites and the majority of them are big, featuring at least 1.000 pitches. As you move south toward Dubrovnik the campsites get less frequent and they rather tend to be smaller and family-run.

Camping Solitudo, owned and managed by Valamar Hotels & Resorts, is the only camping in the town.

The campsite is located on the Babin Kuk peninsula within a 20-minute bus ride from the old town.

The campsite is open seasonally from April to October. It features 400 pitches and can accommodate about 1.200 people in a single day. Besides touring pitches camping Solitudo also offers accommodation in mobile homes.

The campsite is by the sea, and guests can use facilities like an outdoor swimming pool and children's entertainment program at the nearby hotel.

A grocery store, a bar, and a grill-restaurant are all available at the campsite.

Car Rental in Dubrovnik

If you fly into Dubrovnik airport and plan to stay in the town, you actually don't need a car. Car in Dubrovnik can be more hustle than anything else.

Parking places are scarce, and they are expensive. Besides, streets are often narrow, and jam-packed with cars. Dubrovnik public transport is good, cabs are plentiful, and walking is always an option. So, if you plan only to visit Dubrovnik, don't even think about renting a car.

However, if you plan to spend just a couple of days here and then travel up the coast to Split or Peljesac, renting a car might be a good idea, and much better than using buses. A car gives you more freedom, and it's much faster to travel by car than by bus.

You might also plan to do day trips from Dubrovnik on your own, and you will need a car. In that case, consider renting a car only for days you will actually need it.

Few tips for renting a car in Dubrovnik:

  • Rent your car well in advance if you plan to visit in July and August.
  • Book early in order to secure the best price available.
  • The smaller the car, the easier it is to park it. And also, the cheaper it is.

You can expect to pay 80 € a day for a mini size car in a high season. The same car you can find for as low as 20 € in a low season.

BOOK A CAR RENTAL NOW AND SAVE! or Go here to read our full guide on Car rental Croatia!

Things to do in Dubrovnik

There are loads of things to do in Dubrovnik for everybody's taste and budget. Whether you stay in Dubrovnik for a few days or an entire week, you won't get bored. Below you will find some Dubrovnik tours and activities that we recommend:

Here is the full list of things to do in Dubrovnik with an additional 45 tours, day trips, and activities!

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