Must-try Restaurants In Zagreb Croatia | Croatia Restaurant Guide

Zagreb restaurants: must-try restaurants in Zagreb

I think that I will need to start visiting Zagreb more often. The town is changing so fast and I seriously want to be a part of that change. New, exciting restaurants open way too often, and my bucket list keeps growing. If I don't pick up my game, I'll be the last one to experience any of them.

Must-try Restaurants In Zagreb Croatia | Croatia Restaurant Guide

Must-try Restaurants In Zagreb Croatia | Croatia Restaurant Guide

And I love good food too much to accept this without a remorse. The other day we went to Zagreb and we had a lunch at the Lari & Penati restaurant located in Petrinjska street, in downtown Zagreb. Now, this place have already been there for over two years, and we just made it there. Can you feel my pain?

Here is the list of Zagreb Restaurants, some already established landmarks when it comes to eating out in Zagreb, others exciting upstarts everybody wants to try out.

Must-try Zagreb restaurants

#1: Without a doubt, the 5/4 restaurant is at the top of my bucket list regarding Zagreb restaurants I must try out. The restaurant's offer is based on a simple concept: traditional, and sometimes forgotten, Croatian dishes elevated and interpreted in a modern way. The restaurant serves 5, 7, and 9 course tasting menus. All the ingredients are locally grown or foraged. Restaurant is located in the downtown, two tram stations from the Main Square. It's open from 12.00 pm to 3.00 pm for lunch, and from 7.00 pm to 11.00 pm for diner. The restaurant 5/4 is the hottest restaurant in Zagreb at the moment. For a cheaper experience, come for a lunchtime, when a 3-course menu is offered for 20 euro.

Contacts: Dukljaninova 1, Zagreb; t: +385 91 4616 654; e: [email protected];

#2: The restaurant Lari & Penati is a tiny restaurant located in Petrinjska Street. It has a nice street terrace. The menu changes daily, and sometimes it can feel limited. However, the food is fresh and tasty. Goid choice of Croatian wines by glass. There is a small parking next to the restaurant (a big plus considering the scarce parking places in the downtown). The staff is friendly. We've enjoyed our lunch there.

Contacts: Petrinjska 42a, Zagreb; t: +385 1 4655 776;

Must-try Zagreb Restaurants: Tac

Must-try Zagreb Restaurants / Photo credit: Restaurant Tac

#3: Located in the middle of Zagreb's residential area, the restaurant Tac, one of the best Zagreb restaurants, is located far from main touristy routes. The restaurant serves traditional Croatian food prepared to perfection and sourced from the best local producers. A friend of mine, who is a passionate foodie, claims that he's eaten the best meal of his life at the restaurant Tac. Interior is rustic, and the atmosphere is laid back.

Contacts: Vrhovec 140, Zagreb; t: 385 1 3776 757; e: [email protected];

#4: Located in the heart of downtown, Bistro Karlo is elegantly furnished, small upscale restaurant  with place for maybe 30 people. The menu is limited, and changes weekly (and sometimes daily). Run by famous Croatian sommelier, the wine list is extensive, and almost all the wines can be ordered by glass (Yay!). The bistro Karlo offers daily 3-course menu at lunchtime for about 15 euro per person. For dinner there are at least two tasting menus on offer. The dishes are inventive, tasty and come with a great wine pairings (if you fancy it).

Contacts: Gunduliceva 16, Zagreb; t: 385 1 4833 175;

#5: Restaurant Apetit city is a very popular restaurant in Zagreb. It's another place that takes a modern approach to the traditional Croatian cuisine. Their food is based on the Central-European flavors and a touch of the Mediterranean. Some people find it pretentious and expensive, however the restaurant Apetit city is institution in Zagreb. The restaurant is located in the city center, but in a tiny quiet side street.

Contacts: Masarykova 18, Zagreb; t: 385 1 4811 077; e: [email protected];

Have you tried out any of these restaurants? Do you have another restaurant to recommend in Zagreb? Let us know in the comments below. 

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  1. Mary Cecchini
    Mary Cecchini says:

    Hello Frank! Your website is such a great resource! I’m hosting a group of women on a trip through Croatia in a few weeks, and your site has been incredibly valuable, especially for restaurants! Do you have a go-to pizza restaurant in Zagreb? I’d like to take my group to a casual restaurant the day they arrive. On their first day, after after flying from the states, I want to keep the first dinner somewhat simple. We’re staying at a hotel downtown, so ideally I can find a place with great food but also a nice environment. This is our only night in Zagreb, so hoping they can experience the energy of the city while out for dinner!

    • Frank G
      Frank G says:

      Haven’t checked it yet, Tea. It’s in that business district of Zagreb, and I rarley go there. But thanks for the tip, I’ll make sure to try it out.

  2. William livingston
    William livingston says:

    We just ate at 5/4. Best meal ever. Place was great looking and great music. Had a wonderful time. Thank you for the info. Is it on your bucket list or have you eaten there? If not, eat there soon. We are on our way to istria and can’t wait to try toklarija.

    • Frank G
      Frank G says:

      Hi William, thanks so much for stopping by, and sorry for my belated reply. How was Toklarija? I haven’t eaten in Toklarija yet, ’cause the owner can be moody, and I don’t take moody owners very well. But the food should be great.

  3. Saundra Prince
    Saundra Prince says:

    We loved the delicious food at Sesame Restaurant and wanted to go back a second time but forgot to make reservations and could not get a table. We had a second level outside table with a wonderful view.
    Alexandria, Virginia USA

    • Frank G
      Frank G says:

      Thanks so much for your comment, Saundra! And also for your recommendation. I’ll check Sesame restaurant next time I am in Zagreb. How did you like Croatia?

    • Frank G
      Frank G says:

      Thanks for pointing out that Prasac is closed down. Didn’t know that. Removed it from the list. As for Dino I’ve heard that he’s after a new venture somewhere in Split.

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