Where to stay in Rovinj, Croatia

Are you visiting Rovinj but you aren’t sure where to stay in Rovinj? Our Rovinj accommodation guide is here to help!

If you are visiting Croatia, and Istria in particular, there is a good chance you’ll end up visiting Rovinj. Located in the northern Adriatic region of Istria, Rovinj is one of the nicest and most popular towns in Croatia

The charming old town is located on a small, hilly peninsula with narrow cobblestone streets, colorful houses, lovely bars and restaurants, a small harbor, and cute art galleries.

Rovinj Accommodation: Where To Stay In Rovinj, Illustration
Rovinj Accommodation: Where To Stay In Rovinj, Illustration

In Rovinj, you will find a variety of accommodation choices. Rovinj is a small town and wherever you stay you are not more than a 40-minute walk from the old town and the beach. 

Generally speaking, accommodation in Rovinj is better than in the rest of Istria and Croatia. 

Visitors can choose between three 5-star hotels, two of them: Grand Park Hotel Rovinj and Monte Mulini – members of the prestige luxury alliance –  Leading Hotels of the World. 

Rovinj also offers a wide range of accommodations for all types of travelers. In Rovinj’s old town, you’ll find charming apartments, as well as small hotels, and B&Bs. Accommodation offered outside of the old town consists of vacation rentals, full-service hotels with more than 200 rooms, large tourist resorts, campsites, and holiday parks. The most popular include hotel Eden, family hotel Amarin, and campsite Polari.

A majority of hotels in Rovinj are owned and managed by Maistra Hotel Group, a well-established Croatian hotel chain. 

Some 4-star hotels in Rovinj, particularly island hotel Istra, offer the best value for money. There are really no budget hotels in Rovinj, but you will find lots of small boutique hotels. 

You will find an array of accommodations in Rovinj offering bed and breakfast along with other facilities like a shared garden and pool, or a wine bar. There are two seaside resorts in Rovinj: Amarin and Villas Rubin Resort. 

From cozy apartments in the old town to luxurious, brand-new spacious apartments near the beach, Rovinj vacation rentals will satisfy everybody’s budget and style.

There are two types of Rovinj villas: newly built large holiday homes with a swimming pool located on the outskirts and outside of Rovinj, and cozy renovated historical houses in Rovinj old town.

You can also find a couple of guesthouses and hostels that offer budget accommodation in Rovinj.

Let us help you decide where to stay in Rovinj!

Best neighborhoods to stay in Rovinj

Different people have different preferences when it comes to the location of their accommodation; some prefer to be amidst hustle and bustle, in the town’s center, while others prefer peace and quiet.

Rovinj is a small town and wherever you stay you are not more than a 40-minute walk from the old town, and certainly even less from the nearest beach.

Rovinj old town is the best place to stay for the first time. The southern neighborhood is the best place to stay in Rovinj for the beaches. The east part of the town is the best place for a budget stay in Rovinj. Islands, and north and south neighborhoods are also great areas in Rovinj for families with children.

Where to Stay in Rovinj Old Town

Rovinj old town is set on a hilly (mostly) car-free peninsula and it brings a charming array of densely packed houses, a series of narrow steps, intriguing courtyards and passages, cobbled streets, and town squares, bars, restaurants, and art galleries.

Rovinj old town is definitely the best place to stay in Rovinj if:

  • you don’t mind some noise (from bars, restaurants, passers-by, and street cleaners),
  • don’t travel by car, or don’t mind parking away from your accommodation in Rovinj,
  • don’t mind paying extra for prime location, and
  • not looking for Rovinj hotels with extra facilities (like wellness and spa, or a dedicated beach)

In Rovinj’s old town, you’ll find lovely apartments, as well as small hotels, and B&Bs.

The Mariva Downtown Apartment, run by our friends Marina and Leara, benefits from its central yet quiet sidestreet location. The apartment is modern, comfortable, and well-equipped, and it comes with private parking.

Recently renovated, chic Apartments Casa De Amicis offers 6 beautifully appointed and colorful apartments in Rovinj old town.

The Spirito Santo Palazzo Storico is a lovely boutique hotel located in a historic building that dates back to 1920. The hotel features 7 double rooms.

Rovinj Accommodation in Wider town area

The wider town area consists of apartment buildings and family houses of the newer dates, but in the immediate vicinity of the old town. This area is a good place because the old town and the beaches are within easy walking distance.

On the other hand, this area is a bit quieter than the old town, as it’s less touristy, more residential, and has fewer bars, and restaurants where people gather and tend to become noisy.

You won’t find any big hotels in this area, only apartment rentals, and a couple of small B&Bs. You will generally find two types of private apartments here: ones that are located in apartment buildings, and others that are located in private houses. Choose one that feels a better fit for your needs, and make sure that the parking place is provided if you travel by car.

Stay at the Villa Dobravac if you like a tranquil garden, friendly owners who are also winemakers and farmers, 5 comfy double rooms, and a copious breakfast.

Located halfway between the old town and the beach, hotel Delfin offers 12 contemporary rooms, a lovely onsite restaurant, free bikes, and valet parking.

A family home converted into apartments to rent, Apartments Cvek offers a quiet location within a walking distance of the old town, free bikes, a shared garden, and daily cleaning.

South of the old town

This is an excellent area to stay in Rovinj! It stretches from the former tobacco factory all the way to the Villas Rubin Resort and Camping Polari to the south.

This area is characterized by a seaside promenade that connects the old town, and Punta Corrente Forest Park – a lovely green area perfect for walking, cycling, jogging, swimming, and rock climbing. Guests also choose it for its vicinity to the town, and to the beaches, both 10-30 min walk depending on the exact location.

You’ll find here some of the landmark hotels like Grand Park Hotel Rovinj, Hotel Monte Mulini, Hotel Lone Rovinj, and hotel Eden Rovinj, as well as a few smaller independent hotels like Hotel Arupinum, and multi-story family houses many of them offering apartments to rent.

A family house featuring apartments Paulino is a wonderful property owned and run by our friends Josipa and Lino. The house is well-kept and has a great location within walking distance from the Punta Corrente Forest park, the beaches, and the town. It also has a shared garden and provides private parking for its guests.

One of the most popular hotels in Rovinj, Hotel Eden features 325 rooms, an indoor swimming pool, a wellness, and spa center, and the hotel’s beach. Eden is open year-round.

Small bed and breakfast within walking distance of the sea, Residence Vaal has stylish interiors, friendly staff, and private onsite parking.

North of the old town

This area stretches from the old town all the way to the north to Amarin Resort and Valsaline camping. It is also popular among tourists, although when compared with the southern area, this part is rougher around the edges.

Back in time, this was an industrial part of the town (and it still partly is due to Mirna, a fish processing plant). Resorts and neighborhoods in this area that are further north, unfortunately, don’t have a nice promenade connecting them to the old town.

Instead, you need either to walk along the main street (and it doesn’t even have a sidewalk all the way) or take a car. Other options include buses or taxi boats, but they are mainly available in the high season.

Positive characteristics of this area include lovely views over Rovinj’s old town and an interesting coastline with a few nice pebble beaches.

A lovely family-run guesthouse, Casa Alice, offers a warm friendly atmosphere, daily homemade cookies, and an outdoor swimming pool. The property is a 20-minute walk from the old town.

Amazing seafront location and magnificent views over the sea and the old town Rovinj, as well as friendly owners, make Apartments Figarola guests’ preferred vacation rental in Rovinj.

East of the old town

This area consists of family homes, many of them featuring apartment rentals. The area is nicely arranged, and many houses have small gardens. And it is also quiet. It spreads from the old town along Istarska Street and further in direction of Bale, and Polari campsite.

This area is a bit out of the old town and the beaches. It takes about a 20-minute walk to reach both: the closest beach, and Rovinj old town. Here you will also find big supermarkets like Lidl, and Konzum, a big DM drugstore, but also two gas stations.

This area is a bit less appealing than others, but nevertheless, it’s still a nice neighborhood to stay in. It’s quiet, easy to get in and out of town, close to big supermarkets, and not too far from the old town and Rovinj beaches.

Villa Nina B&B is our favorite property in this part of the town. Run by our friends Marino and Elvina, they offer accommodation in apartments and rooms with optional breafast. Highly recommended!

Stay in one of 18 double rooms in the recently opened Residence Rovinj. The property is new, stylish, and modern with an onsite restaurant, free parking, and WiFi.

Best accommodation in Rovinj

If you don’t have time to read the whole post, here are the 10 best places to stay in Rovinj!

Where to stay in Rovinj: Location on the map

The map below can help you get a better idea about where to stay in Rovinj. We shared all the recommended accommodations in Rovinj on this map. Click on the icon to check each accommodation.

Rovinj Hotels

In Rovinj, a majority of hotels are owned and run by Maistra Hotel Group including Grand Hotel Park Rovinj, Monte Mulini, Hotel Lone Rovinj, Hotel Eden Rovinj, Adriatic, Island Hotels Istra, and Katarina, and Family Hotel Amarin.


The same company also owns and runs Polari, Vestar, and Amarin campsites, and Amarin and Villas Rubin resorts.

Grand Park Hotel Rovin, Lobby bar, View over Rovinj

In the old town, you will find small independent Rovinj hotels and cozy B&Bs like Spirito Santo, or hotel Angelo D’Oro. Out of the old town you have Arupinum, Delfin, Villa Dobravac, etc.

Hotels in Rovinj are mostly 4* and 5* and a few 3-star properties. Rovinj hotels tend to be expensive. A rule of thumb is that hotels in Rovinj are 20% more expensive than comparable hotels in Porec or Pula.

All Rovinj hotels offer breakfast included in the price of a room. Some hotels also offer a half-board formula but the diner will set you back an additional 15€ to 20€ per person per day.

Many Rovinj hotels run an early bird discount for bookings made until mid-February. Some 5-star hotels run rolling early booking discounts: the discount applies for all bookings made at least 60 days before the arrival day.

Many hotels in Rovinj also use dynamic pricing. The fewer available rooms Rovinj hotels have, the more expensive they get. And vice versa.

Rovinj hotels also have seasonal prices. Prices are at their peak in July and August. Other seasons follow Bavarian school holidays. When the German holidays are in May, you might secure a super deal for hotels in Rovinj for stays in June. When holidays are in June, then Rovinj hotels usually run special deals for May.

Hotels in Rovinj open in March and close in November. Hotel Lone, Hotel Eden Rovinj, Grand Hotel Park, Family Amarin, and Adriatic are open all year.

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Rovinj luxury hotels

Rovinj is the only destination in Istria that offers a variety of lifestyle and luxury hotels. All these hotels are brand new and from an architectural standpoint, really impressive and beautiful.

Below you’ll find the best lifestyle and Rovinj luxury hotels.

Hotel Park in Rovinj, Outdoor swimming pool, view

Grand Hotel Park Rovinj

Grand Park Hotel Rovinj is the new landmark hotel in Rovinj that opened in 2019. Architectural design is signed by 3LHD, and interior design is by famed Italian designer Piero Lissoni, the same designer behind Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam.

Hotel Park Rovinj features 209 rooms and suites. The majority of rooms have wonderful views over Rovinj’s old town and the sea. Rooms are spacious, beautifully appointed, and comfy with large terraces opening toward the sea and the town.

Other facilities include a 50 m-long indoor swimming pool, a Wellness and spa center, 6 different bars and restaurants, a seaside promenade with 13 designer stores, a garage, and a large ACI marina in front of the hotel. The Cap Aureo restaurant is great!


Hotel Monte Mulini, Rovinj, outdoor swimming pool, front of the hotel

Hotel Monte Mulini

Monte Mulini, a member of the Leading Hotels of the world, is not only the most luxurious hotel in Rovinj but one of the best hotels in the entire Croatia (as voted on Tripadvisor for five years in a row). From the season 2023, hotel Monte Mulini is an adults-only hotel (no kids below 16 years of age is admitted to the hotel).

Monte Mulini features 113 spacious rooms and suites. Each room has a balcony or a terrace, a well-designed bathroom with double sinks, a rain shower, a separate bathtub, and Molton Brown toiletries. In addition, suites also feature a kitchenette with a microwave, kitchen sink, and a few hob rings.

Other on-site facilities also include wonderfully maintained gardens, a heated outdoor pool, a pebble beach, two restaurants (read about our experience at Monte Mulini’s restaurant), and a wellness and spa center featuring an indoor pool, saunas, gym, and treatment rooms. An indoor corridor connects the hotel Monte Mulini with the neighboring hotel Lone and guests of Monte Mulini can also use the facilities of hotel Lone (but not vice versa).

The hotel beach is just below the hotel. It’s newly arranged with awesome sun loungers, great bars, showers, changing cabins, and toilets.

Breakfast is included in the room price.


Photo credit: Hotel Lone Rovinj

Hotel Lone

The only design hotel in Croatia, Hotel Lone Rovinj is a 5-star, state-of-art property featuring 248 rooms and suites. Located in a bay of the same name, hotel Lone is set at the entrance to the Golden Cape forest park, and just a 15-minute walk from the old town.

This Rovinj hotel is modern, with comfy and spacious rooms (30 m2 at least), a large wellness and spa area featuring an indoor pool, saunas, gym and treatment rooms, awesome sushi restaurant Tekka, a large outdoor pool, and a lovely new beach area.

Some rooms feature a private hot tub on a balcony. Hotel Lone is, at the moment, the hippest and one of the most popular hotels in Croatia.


All Suite Istra Hotel, Interior

All-suite hotel Istria

Although often overlooked by the majority of visitors to Rovinj, due to its small size (only 34 suites) and off-the-radar island location, the all-suite hotel Istra is actually a great small hotel to consider for your holidays in Rovinj.

This small hotel is located next to the bigger and better-known Island Hotel Istra, and while it benefits from hotel Istra’s facilities, like wellness & spa, and the outdoor swimming pool, all-suite hotel Istra has its own reception, and breakfast served within the historical castle.


Rovinj family hotels and 4-star hotels in Rovinj

While many Rovinj hotels are kids-friendly in the sense that they offer entertainment programs for children, family rooms, and kid-friendly meals, they don’t only cater to families with kids, but rather to a wide range of clients including families with children. Hotels that kids love include Island Hotel Istra Rovinj and Hotel Lone Rovinj. But family hotel Amarin is the only true family hotel in Rovinj.

There are a handful of 4-star hotels in Rovinj offering perhaps the best value for money compared with all other hotels in Rovinj. Two of them, hotel Istra Rovinj and hotel Eden Rovinj, are large full-service hotels featuring over 300 rooms, while other 4-star hotels are small boutique hotels with less than 25 rooms.

Family Hotel Amarin in Rovinj, Standard Room, interior

Amarin Family Hotel

Opened in 2016, the Amarin family hotel Rovinj is simply the best family hotel in all of Croatia. Rooms are sleek and modern, with large balconies overlooking the sea, and the rooms facing south have also a view over Rovinj. For the best views ask for rooms on higher floors.

A full board meal plan includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner with soft drinks and water free of charge during the meals.

Kids’ clubs, rich entertainment programs for children, tons of toys and games for kids, outdoor activities, and indoor swimming pools make Amarin a perfect choice for families with children, especially for kids up to 12 years of age.

Other facilities include a wellness & spa center, two beach bars, restaurants, and a small lobby bar. The hotel is open all year round.


Hotel Istra in Rovinj, Arial View

Island Hotel Istra

Families and couples cohabit happily on Rovinj’s Red Island. Island Hotel Istra Rovinj is a large family-friendly hotel featuring 325 rooms. However, there is an additional small hotel, All-suite Istra, featuring 34 suites suitable for couples.

Island Hotel Istra features an indoor and outdoor pool, wellness, and spa center, buffet restaurant, and a large children’s playroom.

Additionally, there is a wonderful a la carte restaurant La Serra set in a 19th-century castle. A buffet restaurant in the main building was completely renovated in 2017.

The entire area where the hotel is located consists of two small islands, St. Andrew Island (Red Island) and Maskin Island. The two are connected by a causeway and a pebbly beach. Both islands are car-free.


A double room in Arupinum Hotel

Hotel Arupinum

This small family-run hotel features only 20 rooms. Located close to Lone Hotel, the hotel is just a 15-minute walk from the old town. Rooms are superb, very modern, and well-fitted with comfy beds, a balcony, flat-screen TV, complimentary WiFi, and bathrooms with a walk-in shower and a bathtub.

Other facilities include an outdoor swimming pool and a good on-site restaurant. Buffet breakfast is excellent and included in the room price.


Hotel Eden in Rovinj, Exterior, Garden

Hotel Eden

Hotel Eden is one of the most popular hotels in Rovinj, and for a long time, it has been considered the best Rovinj hotel before Maistra built three brand new 5-star properties.

However, Eden might as well still be a go-to hotel for those who search for the best value for money Rovinj hotel. Eden is open year-round, and with 325 rooms it is one of the largest hotels in Rovinj. Hotel rooms were last refurbished in 2017, giving them a light, sleek look. All rooms have balconies overlooking the greenery.

The hotel beach is just a stone-throw away, while the large outdoor pool is shared with a sister hotel, Lone. Eden also has a wellness & spa center, meeting facilities, a gym, a buffet restaurant, and a few bars.


Hotel Delfin Rovinj
Photo credit: Hotel Delfin Rovinj

Hotel Delfin

Hotel Delfin is conveniently located, halfway between Rovinj old town, and Lone Bay beaches. It’s just across the street from the sea, and from higher floors, the hotel offers wonderful views of the old town and the sea. The staff is friendly, and the breakfast is excellent. The rooms are modern and nicely decorated. It’s worth paying extra for the room with a balcony.


Budget hotels in Rovinj

As you will see when you start looking for your perfect Rovinj hotel, there are no budget hotels in Rovinj. Even three-star hotels get expensive, especially in the summer season. However, we’ll present here a couple of 3-star properties that, while maybe not budget per se, are still the cheapest hotels in Rovinj.

Hotel Katarina Rovinj
Photo credit: Hotel Katarina Rovinj

Island hotel Katarina

This 3-star property, dating back from the early 20th century, is located on the small island of St. Catherine. The island is 600 m off the coast of Rovinj and only a 10 min boat ride from the old town.

Island Hotel Katarina is, for us, the best 3-star Rovinj hotel. Lush gardens, historical buildings, a short boat ride from Rovinj, air-conditioned rooms, an outdoor swimming pool, and lovely views over Rovinj are all great reasons to choose Island Hotel Katarina for your stay in Rovinj.

The only problem is that Katarina is a very popular hotel in Rovinj which drives prices beyond what one might expect to pay for a 3-star hotel.


Boutique Hotel Lili Rovinj, double room

Boutique Hotel Lili

Boutique Hotel Lili has been around for years, and for a long time, it has been the best hotel for a budget stay in Rovinj. However, it went through extensive renovations in 2021, and while still affordable, it’s more expensive than before. That said the hotel’s interior is much more pleasant than before. Breakfast, staff, and location make it worth the money. The rooms are recently renovated, modern, and super clean. Boutique Hotel Lili is a good choice for a short stay in Rovinj if you are looking for budget Rovinj accommodation.


Boutique hotels in Rovinj

Rovinj’s old town is full of charming boutique hotels. They are a great option for your stay in Rovinj especially if you are looking for personalized service, intimate property without big crowds if you enjoy the old-world charm, and if you don’t care for the extra facilities like a gym, a swimming pool, or a spa. We list below a few boutique hotels in Rovinj worth checking out.

Hotel Adriatic Rovinj, double room with a seating area

Hotel Adriatic

This charming hotel, located in Rovinj’s old town, at the main square, is the oldest hotel in Rovinj. Built by a family Löffler from Vienna, it first opened its door back in 1913.

Today, Adriatic is a wonderful art hotel with a traditional exterior, but very eclectic, urban, and cosmopolitan interiors. Although it is technically a 4-star property, the hotel Adriatic feels like a 5-star property, particularly in its looks.

Hotel Adriatic positions itself not as a hotel, but as Rovinj’s living room. The entire hotel is designed by 15 renowned artists, and each of its 18 rooms and suites features an original art installation.

The hotel also features a stylish bar and brasserie easily compared to hip and urban bars of New York, London, or Melbourne.

Guests can use boats free of charge to cross over to the St. Catherine’s and St. Andrew’s Islands, as hotel Adriatic doesn’t have its own beach.


The Melegran Hotel in Rovinj, double room

The Melegran

A lovely boutique hotel that opened in 2018, The Melgrano features 8 rooms scattered over four floors in a historical building located within the old town of Rovinj.

The hotel has an interesting contemporary design with some quirky details like an Olivetti typewriter in each room.


A lobby area of Angelo D'Oro hotel in Rovinj

Hotel Angelo D’Oro

Quaint and charming, hotel Angelo D’Oro is located in the heart of the old town. The staff is very helpful, and friendly. Breakfast is served in a lovely garden. Rooms vary in size with some rooms being on the smallish side. However, they are clean and come with a comfy bed and a great shower (who really needs more?!).

If you travel by car, a public parking lot is close by, and charges apply. However, the staff can pick you up with a golf cart and bring you to the hotel.


Boutique hotel Spirito Santo in Rovinj, Outside building

Spirito Santo Palazzo Storico

This small boutique hotel in Rovinj’s old town is housed inside a historic building dating back to 1920. The hotel has 7 double rooms. Each room is unique in its own right. They vary in size and facilities, some featuring wonderful loggia, others a terrace, or a fireplace. However, all rooms are elegantly furnished, incorporating old elements, like wooden beams and stone walls with contemporary furniture. The hotel also has an onsite wine bar and a bistro serving simple dishes like pasta, or cold cuts.


Bed and breakfast Rovinj

If you are looking for a small and intimate family-run bed and breakfast, Rovinj gets you covered. You will find an array of accommodations in Rovinj offering bed and breakfast along with other facilities like a shared garden and pool, or a wine bar. Below you will find a Rovinj bed and breakfast that we recommend.

Villa Dobravac, cozy outdoor patio

Villa Dobravac

Just enough away from the city center to have a nice and relaxing holiday away from the hustle and bustle, but yet within a short walk from the old town, Villa Dobravac features 5 double rooms and one apartment. The rooms are modern and well-furnished. There is a nice garden in front of the property, as well as a wine bar. The owners are winemakers and farmers. So good wine and fresh produce are guaranteed when you stay at Villa Dobravac. The staff is friendly.


Residence Vaal in Rovinj, room

Residence Vaal

Residence Vaal is a brand new Rovinj bed and breakfast. A short walking distance from the sea, and from the Punta Corrente forest park makes this small bed and breakfast Rovinj a perfect choice if you visit Rovinj in summer. Friendly staff,  breakfast included in the price of a room, modern, clean rooms with balconies, and stylish interiors are the main characteristics of Residence Vaal.


Casa Alice, Rovinj, swimming pool

Casa Alice

This lovely family-run guesthouse features spacious, and spotlessly clean double rooms, and studios. Owners produce their own wine and olive oil that you can taste and enjoy at the property. Casa Alice is a 20-minute walk from Rovinj’s old town. The staff, as well as the owners, are very welcoming, helpful, and friendly. A very good breakfast often features homemade pastries and cakes (try to beat that!). The outdoor swimming pool is a great place to relax, mingle with other guests, or just enjoy a glass of wine.


Residence Rovinj, open space living, dining and kitchen

Residence Rovinj

Residence Rovinj offers accommodation in 18 modern and stylish double rooms, and one fully-furnished two-bedroom apartment. Continental breakfast is served in an onsite restaurant, and it is included in the price. Other facilities and services include free onsite parking and WiFi.


Rovinj Resorts

There are two seaside resorts in Rovinj: Amarin and Villas Rubin Resort. Both Rovinj resorts are owned and run by Maistra Hospitality Group.

Amarin Resort is located 4 km north, while Villas Rubin is located 2 km south of Rovinj’s old town.

Both Rovinj resorts offer a variety of accommodation, entertainment, basic sports facilities, bars, and restaurants.

Although each of those two resorts in Rovinj has its own advantages and positive sides, we are generally not too crazy about this kind of accommodation. And to be completely honest, with so many beautiful Rovinj apartments we don’t really understand why anybody would stay in a 300- or 400-unit resort on the outskirts of the town. Besides, the rental price of these apartments is also usually higher than the price of a similarly-sized Rovinj Airbnbs.

Now that we explained all that we didn’t like about resorts in Rovinj, let us tell you about a few things we do like.

The sea and the beaches are within walking distance. Both resorts are right by the sea, and you don’t need to use your car to get to the beach. You simply walk from your unit to the beach. And you don’t need to fight for your spot at the beach. You come, you swim, and you walk back to your apartment. And then you repeat it.

All public transport options (boat, bus, or tourist train) have a scheduled stop at the resort. Again, no need to walk anywhere. They will all come directly to your resort. However, public transport is only available in the summer season. The off-season is more challenging.

An outdoor swimming pool is available in both resorts, a facility rarely available in Rovinj apartments.

As for prices, the situation is similar to hotels; seasonal prices follow German and European school holidays; prices change dynamically with the demand; an early booking discount is valid for bookings made until mid-February.

Amarin Resort, outdoor swimming pool at twilight

Amarin Resort

Amarin Resort is a large complex located a few kilometers from the old town. There are bus and boat shuttles to and from the town throughout the day, and you can also reach the town by bicycle.

Amarin consists of an apartment complex and a campsite. An apartment complex features two-story buildings with studio, one-, and two-bedroom apartments, some of them are renovated in 2014. New, Premium one- and two-bedroom apartments are awesome; very modern, and well-equipped. The older apartments, although comfortable, aren’t as nice as the new ones. If you are considering staying here, it’s definitely worth paying more for the Premium apartments. You can check our full post on Amarin Resort.

The resort has everything you need for a holiday: a grocery store, restaurants (in a resort, and a couple more within a walking distance), sports facilities, and rental equipment (mini-golf, table tennis, tennis, pedal boats, bicycles, etc.), a large outdoor pool (gets crowded in high season), beaches, etc.

Besides apartment rental, the resort also offers a bed and breakfast formula.


Villas Rubin, outdoor swimming pool with slides and sea view

Villas Rubin

Located 3 km south of Rovinj, Villas Rubin is a large holiday village featuring 272 apartments and 88 rooms. All apartments come with a kitchenette, a living room with a dining area, and a terrace. Some apartments are air-conditioned. Superior apartments are on the seafront.

Rooms at Villas Rubin are basic but comfortable. All rooms have a double bed and an extra sofa bed for one person. They all can accommodate 3 people and are all air-conditioned.

WiFi is available in common areas, and it’s free of charge. Free parking is available in front of each unit.

Villas Rubin facilities include a large outdoor swimming pool, buffet restaurant, a pizzeria, a couple of bars, and a variety of sports facilities, like tennis courts, table tennis, and a multipurpose sports field.


Rovinj apartments

From cozy apartments in the old town to luxurious, brand-new spacious apartments near the beach, Rovinj has something for everybody’s budget and style.

Many Rovinj apartments have been updated in recent years, with superb design, and amenities to make you feel like in a hotel.

If you aren’t sure if you should stay in an apartment in Rovinj, or a hotel, here are a few advantages of Rovinj apartments over hotel stays.

Rovinj apartments, all come with a fully-equipped kitchen, or at least with a kitchenette. Eating out can be fun for a few days but try to do it for a week, and your stomach is set for a catastrophe. This is where the kitchen comes in handy.

Other important things to look for in a particular apartment Rovinj are parking if you travel by car, a number of bedrooms (how many people are you, do you prefer to have a separate room or stay in a studio), does the owner provides basic supplies like toilet paper, shower gel, etc. or should you bring them with you. The last time we stayed in an apartment rental, it was in Venice and we had to buy everything ourselves which was inconvenient, to say the least. I wouldn’t mind paying extra for that if they just provided it.

Rovinj apartments also keep seasonal prices, with July and August being the most expensive time of the year to stay in Rovinj. But they do care less about dynamically changing the prices. This is mostly due to the fact that many owners have only one unit to rent, and once it’s booked, it’s kind of useless to change the price.

Check Airbnb and Booking.com for the best choice of apartments in Rovinj.

Interior of the Mariva Downtown Studio in Rovinj Croatia

Mariva Downtown Studio

This brand new studio is located in the heart of the old town, yet in a quiet sidestreet providing a peaceful night’s sleep. The studio belongs to our friend Marin. It is modern, tastefully decorated, and comes with all mod cons like large flatscreen TV, free WiFi, dishwasher, microwave, espresso coffee machine, etc… Private parking is close by and provided free of charge.


Apartments Paulino, arrival

Apartments Paulino

Another great vacation rental run by our good friends Josipa and Lino. Located in a quiet, residential area of Rovinj, the house consists of four fully furnished, modern, and comfy apartments.

Three apartments are on the ground floor, each around 45 m2, and consist of one bedroom, bathroom, open-floor kitchen, dining and living room, and a terrace. Each apartment accommodates two persons. The first-floor two-bedroom apartment is spacious (120 m2), fully equipped, and can accommodate up to 4 persons.

All apartments are air-conditioned and come with free WiFi and a parking space.


Villa Nina in Rovinj, garden

Villa Nina B&B

Our friend Marino and his lovely wife run this wonderful property located in a residential part of Rovinj, just a 20-minute walk from the old town. The property consists of 4 apartments and one double room to rent. The owners live on the site, and they are super friendly. They also serve optional breakfast.

Apartments are brand new, each has a terrace or a balcony. Nina apartments can accommodate 2 to 5 persons. They are comfortable, well-furnished, and can also be booked with breakfast. Free WiFi and parking are available for all guests.


Residence Porta Antica, Rovinj, Interior

Residence Porta Antica

Located at the waterfront, right downtown, Residence Porta Antica consists of seven self-catering apartments. This is a perfect choice for those who like to stay in the town’s center and don’t mind all hustle and bustle that comes with it. Apartments are located in a historical building, without an elevator. Thus, some people can find it difficult to climb steep, narrow stairs leading up to the apartments.

All apartments come with a kitchenette, free WiFi, flat-screen TV, and air-conditioner, and some also offer awesome sea views. The residence Porta Antica doesn’t dispose of its own parking, but public parking is available nearby and charges apply.


Casa de Amicis, Rovinj, studio apartment, interior

Casa De Amicis Apartments

Located in the heart of the old town of Rovinj, Casa De Amicis offers 6 Rovinj apartments. Their apartments are some of the most playful and colorful apartments in the old town. Apartments are completely renovated, with all mod cons, while still keeping their historical charm. Apartments are either studio or one-bedroom apartments, but duplex apartments are big with extra sleeping space on the gallery, and they can accommodate up to 5 adults.


Apartments Cvek, Rovinj, garden, pergola

Apartments Cvek

Once a large family house, Apartments Cvek is today completely converted into Rovinj apartments and rooms to rent. The property is run professionally with reception, staff, and even bikes included in the price of the rental. The apartments are nicely decorated and spacious. Parking is provided onsite free of charge. The shared garden offers a few toys for children as well as a small above-ground swimming pool for kids.


Apartments Figarola, Rovinj, seafront and sea-facing terrace

Apartments Figarola

This family-run guesthouse is as close to the sea as it gets. But not only that you have wonderful sea views from the apartments Figarola, but you also have wonderful views over Rovinj’s old town. This seafront location is hard to beat. The guesthouse features three studio apartments and one two-bedroom apartment. A distance to the town is a bit of a stretch, but you can look into renting a bike, or get a boat service or a bus from the nearby Amarin Hotel.


Rovinj Villas

You will generally find two types of Rovinj villas: newly built large holiday homes with a swimming pool located in the neighboring villages outside of Rovinj, and cozy renovated historical houses in Rovinj’s old town.

In Rovinj’s old town, holiday homes don’t have the splendor of new villas with a pool, neither they have space, especially outdoor space with a garden and swimming pool. But these villas have charm, feel cozy, and give local flavor to your stay in Rovinj. You will also be in the heart of the action, and feel like a local.

Newer villas, on the other hand, give you more peace and quiet. They are often located in a quiet area, on the outskirts of Rovinj, or in the villages in the vicinity. They also provide more outdoor space, privacy, and better facilities like a swimming pool, and private parking.

Holiday Home Bo, Rovinj, a bedroom with a terrace

Holiday Home Bo

Holiday home Bo is located in the heart of the action, in Rovinj old town, just steps away from St. Euphemia Church. The house is 120 m2 but it spreads over four floors. This spacious and modern two-bedroom, three-bathroom house has a large terrace for dining al fresco on the top floor. The owners are friendly and helpful.


Casa Peru, Kurili near Rovinj, outside

Casa Peru Kurili

Casa Peru is a lovely new villa located on a large plot of land in the small village of Kurili, only 14 km from Rovinj, yet the location is very private. It has its own outdoor swimming pool. The interior is very stylish, clean, and cozy. It has three bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, an open-concept living room, a dining area, and a fully-equipped kitchen. The outdoor BBQ area with a dining table and chairs is perfect for eating al fresco on hot summer days.


Villa Puntulina, Krmed, air view

Villa Puntulina Bale

This is a wonderful property located in a small hamlet, 24 km away from Rovinj, with only four houses, all semi-detached. Villa Puntulina is a corner property with plenty of privacy. This villa can be a good choice for your holidays in Rovinj. It also makes a great base to explore Rovinj and Istria. The villa has five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a fully-equipped kitchen, an open space living, and dining area, a front porch, a terrace with BBQ for dining al fresco, 50 m2 outdoor swimming pool, an enclosed garden, private parking, and most importantly, it has lots of charm.


Rovinj hostels

Istria, with an exemption of Pula, isn’t a place with too many hostels. I think a few things contribute to that: public transport is very poor in Istria (and trains aren’t a viable travel option at all), and the majority of backpackers plan their itinerary based on ease of transport (among other things) as the majority don’t travel by their own car.

However, you can find a couple of guesthouses offering budget accommodation in Rovinj.

Interior of a room at the Rooms and Apartments Matosevic in Rovinj

Rooms and Apartments Matosevic

This is not your typical hostel, but it is the closest you can get if looking for a budget hostel-like stay in Rovinj.

Located in the eastern part of the town, some 20-minute walk from the center, Rooms and Apartments Matosevic are well-appointed, air-conditioned, spotlessly clean, and all have balconies, private bathrooms, flat-screen TV, a fridge, and Wi-Fi. Studio apartments also come with a kitchenette.

The hosts are very friendly and accommodating. The location is quiet. And, some parking spots are right on-site while others are nearby. Parking is free of charge.


Guesthouse Djak

Although technically not a hostel, guesthouse Djaki attracts young backpackers due to its central location, clean rooms, and affordable prices (at least for Rovinj). It is a typical multi-story Rovinj home with narrow and steep stairs. The rooms are basic but very clean, and comfy. They don’t come with A/C but the owners provide a powerful fan in each room. En plus, the owners are super friendly, and with extensive local knowledge that they happily share.


Mobile homes

Mobile homes are hugely popular in Europe, and Rovinj is no different. In Croatia, mobile homes are always found within campsites. But they are super comfy cottages with all mod cons and a great alternative to Rovinj apartments for a few reasons.

While mobile homes have a relatively small surface (most often 32 m2), they are perfectly arranged to fit two or three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a fully equipped kitchen. Besides, they come with a large covered terrace of about 20 m2. This is where you will spend most of your time.

Another advantage of a mobile home versus an apartment Rovinj is that a mobile home is a detached, standalone house. This fact alone guarantees more privacy. You’ll feel like renting an uber-small villa.

Mobile homes in Rovinj come with different facilities. Some mobile homes have shared swimming pools, some come with a private whirlpool, some are right at the seafront, and others benefit from the tranquility of natural forests.

Since all mobile homes in Rovinj are within campsites, and all campsites here are by the sea, when staying in the mobile home you are always within a walking distance from the sea, never further than 300 m.

However, the big downside of mobile homes is their rental price. These small 32 m2 units rent for as expensive as 400 € per day. You can rent many real 170 m2 villas in Istria for that price.

Mobile homes have seasonal prices just like hotels. Prices and seasons basically follow European school holidays, but even more so German (Bavarian) school holidays.

Prices dynamically change with the demand. And usually, the sooner you book the better deal you should get.
Prices also drop dramatically with the first week of September.

Campsite Vestar, Mobile homes Superior, Arial View

Vestar Mobile Homes Superior

In Vestar, there are almost 120 mobile homes of different types. However, for us, Superior mobile homes are hard to beat.

They are located in a car-free zone, on hilly terrain, surrounded by typical Mediterranean greenery: oleanders, lavender, rosemary, immortelle, holm oak trees, and alike. Some mobile homes are in the first row above the sea, while others enjoy an elevated position and nice views. Some Superior mobile homes are two-, and others are three-bedroom houses.

Mobile homes are small, only 32 m2, but have everything one might need: two-or three-bedroom, two-bathroom with showers, a well-fitted kitchen, dining room, and a really large terrace. They are enough apart one from the other to provide privacy. Long chairs are provided, although we, as usual, rather used our hammocks.

Rovinj is a 30-minute bike ride, and the cycling trail passes by the sea.


Camping Ulika Rovinj, Mobile Homes with a spa tub

Boutique Mobile Homes Ulika

Best known for its onsite restaurant – Barba Danilo, camping Ulika isn’t only a good place to eat, but also a great place to stay in Rovinj. Camping Ulika offers accommodation in 10 stylish, yet atypical mobile homes.

Mobile homes in Ulika don’t have a kitchen, they consist only of a double bedroom and ensuite bathroom, as well as a large terrace. In a way, they are nothing short of open-air hotel rooms. Breakfast is delivered in a picnic basket at your terrace at your convenience, in other words whenever you feel like having breakfast. Noon? And why not?!


Rovinj Campings

Rovinj offers accommodation in over 10 campings and mini campsites. Mini campsites are campsites with a max capacity of 200 people or approximately 65 plots.

Valalta camping is the only naturist campsite in Rovinj. For those who wonder, naturism has little to do with people who love nature (although they might do) but it rather means that people like to vacation naked.

Campings are open from Easter until October. Rovinj campings offer various types of pitches. Some pitches are close to the sea, and some are fully serviced with water, electric hookups, and even drainage. Distance to the sea and on-pitch services determine the type and price of the touring pitch.

Prices change with the seasons, and seasons (you guess by now!)  follow European and particularly Bavarian school holidays. Prices for tent and touring pitches are normally fixed and don’t change dynamically (only seasonally), but Maistra camping introduced dynamic pricing in 2023 for their campsites. .

When calculating a daily price for Rovinj campings, you need to add a price of a person (adult, child) to the price of the pitch (depends on pitch type), and additional services or charges (like a pet, extra car, additional electricity, etc.).

All campsites can be booked online, at their respective websites. Croatian camping union (KUH) runs the Camping.hr website, a great place to check all Croatian campsites, Rovinj campings included, in one place. They also have a booking engine on their website, but you are better off booking your pitch directly from a campsite because campings keep full availability for all pitch types only on their website.

Today, you don’t need to pitch your own tent to stay at campsites. In Croatia, like in the rest of Europe, campsites are turning into luxurious holiday parks with an amplitude of activities, facilities, and accommodations. Rovinj’s campsites are no exception.

Campsite Polari

Camping Polari Rovinj
Where to stay in Rovinj | Camping Polari Rovinj

Camping Polari is the biggest camping in Rovinj. It can accommodate over 5000 people in a single day. Accommodation options include touring pitches, mobile homes, glamping, and standard tents to rent.

Polari is a 10-minute drive from Rovinj’s old town, but guests can also reach Rovinj by bicycle via a cycling trail along the shore.

Camping Polari also offers a variety of activities, entertainment for kids and adults, a large outdoor swimming pool, a spray park, sports facilities, a few restaurants, snack bars, and cafes.

Read more here.

Campsite Ulika

Camping Ulika Rovinj
Where to stay in Rovinj | Camping Ulika Rovinj

This small, family-run campsite shines anew as a 4-star property after some serious facility improvements it went through in the winter of 2017. It’s also the home of Barba Danilo restaurant. The campsite also features an outdoor pool, camping pitches, and mobile homes to rent.

Camping Vestar

Where to stay in Rovinj | Camping Vestar Rovinj
Where to stay in Rovinj | Camping Vestar Rovinj

Camping Vestar is one of our favorite campsites in all of Croatia. Although it can accommodate over 2000 guests in a single day, Vestar doesn’t feel that big.

Beautiful nature, many islets in the vicinity (pretty to look at, but also great to go for a swim), cycling trail to Rovinj old town,  pebbly beach, large swimming pool with separate spray park and smaller but deeper diving pool, variety of accommodation, decent quality pizzeria and burger joint, beach bar, and above everything a harbor for small pleasure boats set Vestar apart from all other campsites in Rovinj.

Read more here.

A Quick Guide To Rovinj, Croatia

Below, we give you a quick guide to Rovinj, Croatia, including the best time to visit, things to do, where to eat, and information about parking, car rental, souvenirs, and bars.

You can also check our comprehensive Rovinj Croatia Travel Guide!

Best Time To Travel To Rovinj

In terms of weather, the optimal time to visit Rovinj is from June through September when the climate is most favorable.

However, the best overall month to consider for a trip to Rovinj is September, striking a balance between pleasant weather, affordable accommodatyion rates, and manageable crowd sizes.

For those traveling on a budget, May and October present an ideal opportunity. During these months, the accommodation prices are significantly more affordable, allowing travelers to enjoy the beauty of Rovinj without breaking the bank.

Things to do in Rovinj

We’ve written a full post on what to do in Rovinj, but below we give you a couple of the most popular Rovinj things to do, tours, and day trips.

Restaurants in Rovinj

Rovinj offers a diverse culinary scene for food enthusiasts, ranging from traditional eateries to Michelin-starred restaurants. You simply can’t go wrong with restaurants in Rovinj!

For those seeking an authentic taste of Rovinj, Orca, and Kantinon offer traditional Istrian cuisine in a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Barba Danilo and Cap Aureo cater to those desiring fine dining experiences, serving sophisticated dishes with a creative twist.

Rovinj boasts two Michelin-starred establishments, Monte and Agli Amici, which offer a blend of local and international flavors in their exquisite menus.

Articok, our personal favorite, stands out for its innovative use of seasonal and local ingredients in its dishes, providing a unique gastronomic experience.

Rovinj Car Rental

Renting a car in Rovinj is easier with our tips. During the high season (July through the first week of September), car rental in Rovinj is scarce due to high demand. We highly recommend booking a car in advance. In Rovinj, you’ll find local companies like Vetura and Greenway, as well as international ones like Sixt and Enterprise. For the best selection, visit the Rentalcars.com website where you can compare prices, conditions, and types of vehicles, and book instantly.

Compare prices and book your car rental here!

Rovinj parking

Rovinj, a popular destination in Istria, Croatia, offers limited parking options during heavy tourist seasons and rainy days.

The main parking lots, Mala and Velika Valdibora, are closed parking areas with hourly fees.

Street parking is another option, divided into four zones with varying regulations and fees. Hourly tickets are available and cost between 0.5 € and 2 €, depending on the season and the zone. Daily tickets are also available for all zones at a cost of 15 € per day. Payment can be made through automatic pay machines or by sending text messages.

The parking is also available in the garage of the Grand Park Hotel Rovinj, and it costs 4 € per hour.

Below is the map of all Rovinj parking.

Map of Rovinj Parking
Rovinj Parking | Photo credit: Komunalni servis

Rovinj Souvenirs

Discover the charm of Rovinj’s shopping scene, where high-end fashion stores are replaced by small artisanal shops, art galleries, and local jewelers. Unique souvenirs can be found at Profumo di Rovigno, while Lungomare Plaza offers Croatian and international designer products. Don’t miss Ribica Atelier’s beautiful handmade arts and crafts, including hand-painted coffee cups and unique “Tintorama” sardine cans capturing Rovinj’s history. Explore these special and delightful shopping experiences in Rovinj.

Rovinj nightlife

Rovinj may not be the perfect place for those looking for late-night parties. However, it has a lot to offer in terms of lovely bars that serve a variety of drinks and provide some night entertainment like live music and DJ nights. These bars in Rovinj are set in stunning locations that make for a perfect ambiance.

Some of the popular places to visit for daytime beer or late-night cocktails include the waterfront Mediterraneo Cocktail Bar, the fancy Monte Mulini Beach Club, the Cuban-inspired Havana Cocktail Bar, and the low-key Circolo Bar. These are our top picks.

If you have any questions regarding accommodation in Rovinj, leave a comment below.


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