Restaurant Wine Vault Rovinj: Chef’s Table

Restaurant Wine Vault Rovinj is a fine dining restaurant located at a 5star luxury hotel Monte Mulini in Rovinj. Executive chef at the restaurant Wine Vault Rovinj is Tom Gretic, Croatian star chef, best of the best, legend, and Frank’s new hero.

Restaurant Wine Vault Rovinj: Frank at Chef’s Table

Restaurant Wine Vault Croatia | Croatia Restaurant Guide
Restaurant Wine Vault Croatia | Croatia Restaurant Guide

Frank is the kind of a man who knows his way around the kitchen. He cooks and he does it well (see Franks Cookbook). Frank also goes to restaurants to find out what others cook. Food is sometimes good, sometimes great but Frank can always think to himself „I can do better.“. Frank has never been swept of his feet by a chef in a Croatian restaurant, until last week.

As all men Frank is a true master of his domain. He will not ask for directions, he will shoot first and ask questions last. He has done it all. Been around the world done the same thing twice. And he does not admit defeat. Always the last man standing – until last week.

What happened last week?

Frank visited Tom Gretic’s Chef’s table in a restaurant Wine Vault Rovinj – French restaurant – in a 5star boutique hotel Monte Mulini. Feeling the pulse of the kitchen, chefs at their best, sommeliers at their smoothest, extraordinary cuisine prepared before your very eyes. In short, the best food Frank has ever had (Don’t tell his mother).

The price Frank paid was not cheap. Frank would do it again. How much do you pay for a divine experience not intended for mere mortals?

Restaurant Wine Vault Rovinj: Watch and Learn
It’s a show. Watch. Admire. Learn.

How did it happen?

Well, Frank made some calls. And at 20:00 hours the battle began. Frank met Tom. Mano y mano. A battle of epic proportion. Good  vs. Evil. Frank vs. Tom. Beastly appetite vs. supreme cuisine française. It took 14 rounds for Tom to take Frank down. 14 amazing courses blended with 14 magnificent wines. After the first K.O., Frank got back up and managed two desserts.

In short, Frank found a better man, a better cook. Yet, when Frank came home, in the kitchen of his own. He felt his powers coming back. Frank remains the master of his domain, king of the castle. Ready to face Tom again in the near future.

This article is written by Frank’s friend. A stand-up guy. Dalmatian. Tall. Family man. Funny. 14-courses down guy. A guy who takes no photos when he eats. I hope he might contribute more to this blog.

Photos are provided by the man himself. Tom Gretic, thanks!

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30 thoughts on “Restaurant Wine Vault Rovinj: Chef’s Table”

  1. Hi Frank,

    Just fell in love with your site. We are VERY off-the-beaten-path, make-no-plans, go-where-the-locals-recommend type travelers. Some destinations revolve around a tip for a ridiculous hike ending with the most fantastic sunset, others mean we drive to the small town from which a local chef has a special cheese made exclusively for him, and more than likely small, family-run, minimal intervention wineries will make up a big part of our travels as well…

    Anyway, Croatia is next this June and one stop will most certainly be for the most exquisite, innovative, local chef’s dining experience. Should that stop be Chef’s Table in Rovijn? 22 courses is no problem for us! ;)

    PS. ANY and ALL other tips for the rest of the country are welcome though we are tearing through your site for anything we can learn :) Feel free to email me directly. Thanks!!!!

  2. We just came back from Vegas and after eating a 4 or 5 course buffet meal at one of the casinos on Fremont St, I can honestly say we had great value for money. Then I read this post about a 14 course meal and I thinking, “How on earth is that even possible?” Kudos to them for succeeding, it sounds like a real heavyweight battle ensued!!

  3. This was definitely my ultimate food experience in Croatia! And I thought that the cook was just overrated. So i even came with a bit of an attitude. Man, not at all. He’s really good.

  4. Food was awesome. And the fact that you are actually eating in the kitchen and watch the show, is amazing! Grill is on its way.

  5. Thank, Globalmouse! And I wasn’t even close to beat the record. Felt like a chicken compared with the previous attendants :)

  6. Once you start, it actually go pretty easy. And with all that wine you don’t realize how full you are until it’s already too late :)

  7. What a well-written fun post!! 14 courses?? Wow!!

    My husband likes to cook as well! Maybe both of you can have a showdown someday and I can be the judge (and eat it…I won’t play favorites, I promise lol)

  8. 14 courses??! Wowsers! That sounds amazing…but I’m really not sure I could imagine that much and certainly not 2 desserts!! Very impressive!!

  9. 14 courses? And, the record is 22? You just made me hungry with almost zero pictures–impressive. Loved this post and the way it was written! Frank, I’m glad you’re back in your domain :)

  10. I am glad to read that Frank finally had his ultimate food experience in Croatia!:) 14 dishes and 14 wines seem just simply stunning!

  11. Thanks, Greg! We had a fabulous time, for sure. Felt a bit full for the next 5 days, but it was all worth it :)

  12. Thanks, Samantha! The record is 22-courses. But I couldn’t beat that. I haven’t even come close. It was truly memorable and delicious dinner.

  13. Lol, Milene! It’s a great cusine, really. One dish better than the other. We’ll call you to be our jury next time :)

  14. Thanks, Sam! It was really delicious. So sorry I couldn’t eat more. The record for the Chef’s table at this restaurant is 22 courses.

  15. Holy crap 14 courses? That sounds heavenly. I never had a gourmet meal exactly but would not say no to one… whatever that is in the first picture looks yummy

  16. The Most Interesting Man in Croatia meets The Iron Chef.

    14 courses and 14 wines – sounds like a fabulous time with a fabulous chef.

    I am going to go eat something now.

  17. That sounds like a tough battle but I´m sure Frank will take out Tom the next time and hopefully I´m in the jury ;-)

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