Foodie’s Guide to the Best Split Restaurants: Where To Eat In Split, Croatia

If you would like to know where to eat in Split, in this post we share all of our favorite Split restaurants. We love eating out in Split! Anytime we travel south, we stop in Split just to try out another Split restaurant.

The only problem with restaurants in Split is the constant change: the old favorites changing hands, or just losing their charm and quality (hello Fife!), and new ones emerging, just to see them changing a chef or a concept and then losing it again or closing permanently (like O'Zlata).

Best Split Restaurants: Where To Eat in Split, Illustration
Best Split Restaurants: Where To Eat in Split, Illustration

But don't worry, we keep track and keep this list of the best restaurants in Split constantly updated.

From fine dining restaurants to affordable local taverns and fast food joints, Split, Croatia food offer is diverse and there is something for all budgets. Traditional food in Split is mainly Mediterranean.

Upscale and fine dining restaurants in Split use fresh local produce to prepare mouth-watering and eye-appealing dishes; have great chefs lead their kitchen teams, and are at the higher end when it comes to price.

Many mid-scale restaurants have the rustic look of a traditional tavern and serve regional specialties prepared in a traditional way.

In Split there are a couple of specialty pizzerias, using only top-notch ingredients and innovative toppings, like Basta Gourmet Bar.

If you feel like having a few tapas, or a simple cheese and prosciutto platter instead of a full meal, you can do so at a couple of interesting food and wine bars in Split. Our favorite food and wine bar in Split is Zinflandel's!

Whether your morning routine includes eggs, bacon, avocado toast, or a smoothie, you'll be able to enjoy your perfect breakfast in Split. Kat's Kitchen Deli is locals' favorite breakfast spot.

In Split, there is a decent number of restaurants with various vegan and vegetarian options. Bakeries in Split, are all over the town, and they can be a great place to have a cheap and quick bite on the go.

And, if you are looking for the best places to have a dessert in Split, then the Os Kolac pastry shop is the place to visit!

Below is our list of Split restaurants not to miss on your next visit to Split.

Top Split restaurants


Food in Split

Similar to other places in Croatia, 90% of the Split restaurants serve the same menu. It is a grill, pizza, pasta, or risotto. Full stop. However, there are always restaurants that are trying harder than others to stay true to themselves and their heritage, using local produce, and serving traditional and regional dishes either in a fine dining manner or in a casual setting.

Traditional food in Split is mainly Mediterranean. It includes grilled whole fish with swiss chard, grilled veggies or boiled potatoes, stews with various legumes like squid stew with broad beans, lamb stew with green peas, or fish stew with chickpeas, various shellfish and shrimps in white wine sauce, fried small fish, and very popular black risotto, but also boiled veal with tomato sauce, pork or veal chops, grilled beef tenderloin or various pasta dishes.

Many restaurants also serve a blend of Mediterranean and Balkan cuisine. They offer dishes like cevapi (grilled skinless minced meat sausages usually served with a red pepper spread, onions, and fries), meat and veggies screwers, and platters of grilled meat.

Grilled and fried calamari are also omnipresent, especially in restaurants catering mainly to tourists.

Food Prices in Split, Croatia

From fine dining restaurants to affordable local taverns and fast food joints, Split, Croatia food offer is diverse and there is something for all budgets.

Prices of food in Split are still affordable although, they have been rising constantly and the price difference with other towns, like Dubrovnik or Hvar, is getting smaller.

A three-course menu in an upscale restaurant will set you back 70 € – 100 € per person. A similar menu, in a mid-scale restaurant or a good local tavern, will cost anywhere between 40 € to 70 €.

If you want to eat well in Split, but don't want to break the bank, look for local taverns serving a daily lunch menu (called marenda here!). Marenda is a mid-day meal for workers. These meals usually cost anywhere between 6 € to 10 € depending on the place, food choice, and serving size. A popular place for a marenda in Split is Ostarija u Vidakovi, near Bacvice beach. Many modern-day taverns, like Villa Spiza, also have single dishes, like a plate of beans with pasta, or a veal risotto, or a tuna steak with swiss chard) in the range of 10 € to 13 €. They can serve as a cheap but nourishing meal.

A cheap meal in Split can be a piece of burek (savory phyllo-dough pie with various fillings), or a pizza cut and it will only cost 2.5 €. A big portion of cevapi (10 pcs), or a whole pie of pizza in a local pizzeria, will set you back 8 €. Pasta with various sauces costs anywhere from 8 € to 13 €, and it is another cheap meal in Split.

Upscale and fine dining

You'll have lots of choices when it comes to eating out in Split. However, fine dining upscale restaurants are few but they all offer amazing food experiences.

Upscale and fine dining restaurants in Split use fresh local produce to prepare mouth-watering and eye-appealing dishes; have great chefs behind their kitchen teams, and are at the higher end when it comes to price.

Expect to pay anywhere between 70 to 100 € per person for a three-course meal with a glass of wine.

Zrno Soli is a fine dining restaurant located in the town's marina. The stunning location, literally two steps from the beach, the most beautiful terrace, dangerously good food, and Hrvoje Zirojevic, one of Croatia's best chefs in charge of the kitchen, are reasons why locals love eating in the restaurant Dvor. In Kadena, you can expect imaginative dishes based on the best local ingredients and inspired by traditional Croatian cuisine, but prepared and presented in a modern way. Konoba Nikola, a family-run tavern, is one of the most popular places to have seafood in and around Split.

Have your pick among these top fine-dining restaurants in Split, Croatia!

Zrno soli

Zrno Soli is a fine dining restaurant located in the town's marina. The restaurant has a beautiful terrace overlooking the sea, boats in the marina, and the town. The view over the lighted town is especially nice at nighttime.

The food is fresh, well-cooked, and innovative, but it is not spectacular. However, it is a very good restaurant with beautiful views and friendly and efficient service.

This is an upscale restaurant and the prices are high (as expected for such a place). This is one of the few fine dining Split restaurants that offer a 6-course tasting menu that can also be paired with wines.

Contacts | a: Uvala baluni 8, Split | t: +385 21 399 333 | e: [email protected]

Restaurant Dvor

The best outdoor dining in Split, Croatia - Restaurant Dvor
The best outdoor dining in Split, Croatia | Photo credit: Restaurant Dvor

The stunning location, literally two steps from the beach, the most beautiful terrace, dangerously good food, and Hrvoje Zirojevic, one of Croatia's best chefs in charge of the kitchen, are reasons why locals love eating in the restaurant Dvor.

Under the attentive eye of chef Hrvoje Zirojevic, the team of chefs prepares top-quality and creative dishes such as raw tuna stuffed with goose liver, pork crackling candy with bacon chips, smoked sea risotto, or ravioli in wild rabbit sauce. Their meat and fish dishes are also good (although we prefer their selection of cold and hot starters), many are prepared on a charcoal grill, and they have very good desserts.

Restaurant Dvor is located a 20-minute walk from the old town. Make a reservation in advance to get one of their best tables. The place is not cheap, but it is a good value for money.

Contacts | a: Put Firula 14 | t: +385 21 571 513 | e: [email protected] | Facebook Page

Restaurant Kadena

A modern interior of the fine dining restaurant Kadena | Photo credit: Restaurant Kadena

Braco Sanjin, a chef in charge of Kadena's kitchen, is a well-known and established name in the Croatian restaurant world. Along with Hrvoje Zirojevic and Ivan Pazanin, he is a leader of the Split gastronomic scene.

In Kadena, you can expect imaginative dishes based on the best local ingredients and inspired by traditional Croatian cuisine, but prepared and presented in a modern way.

The restaurant is located in the Zenta neighborhood. This is an upscale restaurant that serves Croatian classic dishes in an elegant way. From the outdoor terrace, Kadena offers wonderful views over the sea and the nearby islands of Brac and Solta. While we can only say the best things about Kadena's food and service, we find that the restaurant is rather too large for our taste.

Contacts | a: Ivana pl. Zajca 4, Split | t: +385 21 389 400 | Website

Konoba Nikola Stobrec

Konoba Nikola, a family-run tavern, is one of the most popular places to have seafood in and around Split. Actually, for us, konoba Nikola is the best seafood restaurant in Split. The seafood here is fresh, local, and simply as good as it gets. Everything here is prepared in a simple way, so fish remains flavorful and tender.

The restaurant is a bit hard to find, as it is outside of Split, in neighboring Stobrec, but well worth the trip. If we had to choose only one restaurant in Split to eat at, that would be konoba Nikola.

Contacts | a: Ivankova 42, Stobrec, | t: +385 91 1110 113 | Tripadvisor

Mid-scale local restaurants

You'll find two types of mid-scale restaurants in Split: konoba or a tavern, and contemporary restaurants.

The word Konoba signifies a typical restaurant found in coastal Croatia with a simple rustic interior (think wooden beams, exposed stone walls, wooden benches, and like). Originally, these places served simple, tasty, nutritious, and affordable dishes. But, today many konoba are rather mid-scale restaurants serving dishes well over 15 €. However, many mid-scale restaurants have the rustic look of traditional taverns, and still serve regional specialties prepared in a traditional way, their dishes are just not as affordable as they used to be.

Expect to pay 40 € to 70 € per person for a three-course meal with drinks. An average price of a dish is around 15 €, but within the menu, you will find many dishes in the range of 11 €. So, here you can eat cheap or expensive, depending on your mood and the type of dishes you choose.

Konoba Fetivi

Interior of Konoba Fetivi in Split, Croatia

Konoba Fetivi, located close to the harbor, is a small, family-run restaurant with a great atmosphere and excellent food. The restaurant can accommodate approximately 30 people, half inside, and half at their outdoor terrace. Reservations are needed, especially during the summer.

Tavern offers traditional regional dishes mostly based on seafood, but they have meat dishes as well. Offer changes with the season. Food is prepared in a simple way. Everything served here is very fresh and tasty. The service is friendly. This konoba is more expensive than the others listed here. It is one of the highly recommended Split restaurants.

Contacts | a: Tomića Stine 3 | t: +385 21 355 152 | Facebook Page

Villa Spiza

Interior of Villa Spiza in Split

Villa Spiza is a tiny, charming restaurant located in a small alley in the old town. This little hole-in-the-wall place could be a bit difficult to find, but don't just give up. If you get lost, just ask the locals. There are only two tables for two outside and counter seating for 7-8 inside. Counter seating inside has direct views over the kitchen.

The food is fresh and locally sourced. There is a daily menu based on what's available and fresh. If you are looking for a fine dining and intimate atmosphere, this is not a place for you. But if you like authentic, fresh, and unpretentious food, prepared in a simple way, this is a place to choose.

The prices are reasonable. Portions are a bit moderate, but it is still great value for the money. Now that Fife lost its touch, Villa Spliza is our favorite place to eat in Split. This is one of the must-visit Split restaurants.

Contacts | Kružićeva 3 | m: +385 91 152 1249 | Facebook Page

Tavern Kod Hvaranina

Tavern Kod Hvaranina

Tavern Kod Hvaranina is a shabby-looking restaurant, just out of the Palace walls. The restaurant has a really weary look, but the food is very good. Besides, I like places with such an interior as they make me feel nostalgic, reminding me of some other times.

It is a small, family-run restaurant, and you feel it. The food is homely, fresh, and tasty. They serve a very good traditional baby beef stew with gnocchi (Cro. pasticada). Seafood served here comes from local fishermen. Service can vary from great to poor. The prices are reasonable.

Contacts | a: Ban Mladenova 9, Split | m: +385 91 767 5891

Uje Oil Bar

Split Restaurants: Interior of the Uje Oil Bar

Uje Oil Bar is a tapas-style restaurant, located at the heart of Split old town. The place has a very good vibe, friendly staff, tasty food, excellent choice of olive oils and wines. The food is served on wooden boards and in tinware. The warm dishes' menu is updated daily, while cold cuts, marinated fish, and a choice of olive oils are available daily. The prices are reasonable.

Contacts | a: Dominisova 3, Split | m: +385 95 200 8008 | Facebook Page


The Articok is not a typical konoba. It is a tiny, modern restaurant just outside the Diocletian Palace. They try to distinguish themselves by some original and quirky dishes, like gin gazpacho or gnudi pasta. However, the place is not pretentious. In fact, the service is one of the friendliest you'll find in all Split restaurants.

Prices are a bit high while the portions are a bit small. However, the food is fresh, tasty, innovative, and definitely worth a visit.

Contacts | a: Ulica bana Josipa Jelacica 19, Split | t: +385 21 819 324 | Website

Konoba Matoni

This lovely tavern with vaulted ceilings is located near Bacvice beach. It offers typical Dalmatian (Mediterranean) dishes, made of fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

It's a real gem, and one of the rare places in Split where vegetarians (and even vegans) can indulge in more succulent and elaborate food (instead of eating side dishes in fish / meat-focused restaurants). The menu changes seasonally.

Contacts | a: Prilaz brace Kaliterna, Split, | t: +385 21 278 457 | Website

Corto Maltese

Opened in April 2015, Corto Maltese quickly gained regular patrons for its cozy interior, laid-back atmosphere, friendly staff, great food, big portions, and affordable prices.

Food is fresh and made on the spot. Corto Maltese is more of a hangout place than your typical restaurant. It serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but you can also just pop up here for a coffee, or a local beer. Good value for money.

Contacts | a: Obrov ul. 7, Split, | t: +385 21 587 201 | Tripadvisor


We like this unpretentious restaurant located in Firule neighborhood, just across the tennis courts. The food is excellent and super fresh. Besides the items on the menu, there are always a couple of daily dishes written on a chalkboard. We always go with the daily dish and have never had a bad meal here.

Prices are affordable, and the staff is friendly.

Contacts | a: Put Firula 47, Split, | t: +385 21 571 540 | Tripadvisor

Pizzeria in Split

Many places in Split feature pizza on their menu, but that doesn't make them great pizzerias. I used to love eating pizza in Croatia. Many places had a wood-burning oven and made a thin crust pizzas. And, many still do. However, in the last few years, I found that pizzas got worse, mostly due to using bad-quality cheese (if that sticky mass is cheese at all).

So now, we don't eat pizza longer in just any pizzeria in town. We look for specialty pizzerias.

In Split there are a couple of specialty pizzerias, using only top-notch ingredients and innovative toppings. Pizza in these places can cost up to 30% more than in ordinary pizzerias, but they are well worth the money.

Pizza starts at around 10 € per simple Margherita and can go up to 15 € depending on the garnishing.

Our favorite pizzerias in Split are BASTA and BOKAMORRA.

Food & Wine Bars

If you feel like having a few tapas, or a simple cheese and prosciutto platter instead of a full meal, you can do so at a couple of interesting food and wine bars in Split. They are also great places to learn about Croatian wines.

It's not always easy to pick the wine you like among so many labels that you aren't familiar with. Thus, the best way to make yourself familiar with Croatian wines is through wine tasting. This way you can sample various wines, and do so under the guidance of a skillful local sommelier.

Here are some of our favorite wine bars in Split.

MoNIKa's Wine Bar

Monika is a great little bar with a cozy interior, central location, friendly owner and staff, and perhaps the best wine tasting in town. Paired with the wine, the bar also serves tasteful tapas.

The owner, Monika, is a sommelier and winemaker herself, and many of the wines included in wine tasting come from her family's estate.

A must-visit bar if you like wine!

Contacts | a: Ban Mladenova 1, Split, | t: +385 98 177 6162 | Facebook

Food & Wine Bar Zinfandel

Wine Bar Zinfandel

Food & Wine Bar Zinfandel is located in the old part of Split. The place is modern and chic. The design is contemporary with brick walls and big floor-to-ceiling windows that can open completely.

Zinfandel has over 100 international and Croatian wines on offer, as well as a wide choice of seasonal tapas and cold platters. Look for their lunchtime specials when you get a free glass of house wine with food, or sometimes they just put all the items on the menu at half price.

Contacts | a: Ulica Marka Marulica 2, Split | t: 385 21 355 135 | Facebook Page

Bokeria Kitchen & Wine

Where to eat in Split: Bokeria Kitchen & WIne

Bokeria is a new star on Split's restaurants' sky. Open in 2015, the owners of this place were inspired by Barcelona's famed market – La Boqueria. This is the exact vibe they created in their restaurant in Split.

The two-story interior is beautifully decorated, modern, and airy. The menu includes a selection of Croatian tapas-style dishes, but also full meals. The menu changes seasonally. Excellent choice of Croatian wines!

Contacts | a: Domaldova 8, Split | t: +385 21 355 577 | Facebook

Best restaurants in Split to have breakfast

Croatians aren't big breakfast eaters unless you consider coffee as food. Therefore, restaurants serving breakfast or brunch didn't exist just a couple of years ago.

But in the last few years, restaurants serving breakfast started popping up. Whether your morning routine includes eggs, bacon, avocado toast, or a smoothie, you'll be able to enjoy it in Split.

Here are two of our favorite breakfast spots in Split. Both places also serve lunch and dinner.

Kat's Kitchen Deli

Located a little bit out of the center, close to Mestrovic Museum and Jezinac beach, Kat's Kitchen Deli is kind of a hidden gem, frequented more by locals than tourists.

The restaurant serves breakfast, brunch, and lunch, but no dinner. They use organic and locally sourced ingredients, and free-range eggs, and the dishes are artfully presented on plates. This is also a good place for vegans and vegetarians.

Classics include dishes like protein omelet, their own homemade almond milk, raw cakes, and innovative salads. This is a great little place with tasty food and friendly staff. Besides items on the menu, Kat's Kitchen Deli offers one main dish and one salad that changes daily. Definitely worth a visit!

Contacts | a: Ulica Antuna Mihanovica 33, Split | t: +385 21 582 880 | Website

Ciri Biri Bela

A lovely courtyard terrace, fresh local ingredients, innovative dishes, extensive wine, and cocktail list, and friendly staff make Ciri Biri Bela a popular eatery for locals and tourists alike. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But, unfortunately, are closed off the season, from November to April.

They offer a great variety of dishes for breakfast from poached eggs and omelets to fresh salads and fruit platters, and everything in-between, even the New York-style bagels.

Contacts | a: Plinarska ulica 6, Split | t: +385 95 798 4963 | Website

The best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Split, Croatia

Pandora GreenBox Vegan Restaurant
Pandora GreenBox Vegan Restaurant

Eating vegetarian in Split isn't all that difficult. Although you will find yourself more often picking things you can eat from the ordinary menu than reading through a thoughtfully crafted menu with vegetarians in mind.

Vegan, on the other hand, is still a kind of vague term in Croatia, especially in smaller towns and villages where you might have trouble finding things to eat in restaurants. Luckily, Split isn't one of those places. In Split, there is a decent number of restaurants with various vegan and vegetarian options.

Some of them we have already mentioned above, like Kat's Kitchen Deli and Ciri Biri Bela. Both use organic local produce and offer a variety of dishes that suit a vegetarian and vegan diet. And if they don't fit completely, the kitchen staff is ready to adjust the dish to your dietary style. Just talk to them.

Some of the other vegetarian- and vegan-friendly restaurants in Split we list below.


A tiny cafe serving vegan dishes, raw cakes, freshly squeezed juices, and smoothies. The menu is quite diverse offering bowls and burritos, as well as various plates and salads. Veg is a must-stop restaurant in Split for all vegetarians and vegans.

Contacts | a: Ujeviceva poljana 5, Split | t: +385 98 448 476 | Facebook

Pandora GreenBox

This beautifully decorated restaurant serves yummy vegan and vegetarian dishes like beetroot risotto, eggplant parmigiana, pea soup with smoked tofu, etc. They also have a good choice of freshly squeezed juices, smoothies, a good choice of wines, beers, and cocktails. Prices are moderate, averaging about 70 Kn (10 €) per dish.

Contacts | a: Obrov 4, Split | t: +385 21 236 120 | Facebook

Bakeries in Split

Bakeries in Croatia are extremely popular, and Split is no different. You'll find them on every corner in the town.

The majority of bakeries in Split offer white bread in various forms like baguettes, loaves, rolls, etc… Other popular items to find in the bakeries include various kinds of sweet and savory pastries including phyllo dough pies with different fillings (burek), a sweet roll buhtla made of yeast dough, and filled with jam or chocolate, croissant, donuts, etc.

Bakeries in Split can be a great place to have a cheap and quick bite on the go. You can grab something for as cheap as 1 or 2 €.

Locals claim that Pita-Jelo in Put Plokita 81 Street makes the best burek in town. The Kruscic in Obrov 6 Street is the best artisan bakery. A chain of bakeries Bobis is a real Split institution since they've been serving bread and pastries since 1949. Bobis also makes traditional cookies and nougat that you can take home as a souvenir or a gift for someone.

Where to eat the best desserts in Split

Os Kolac, a pastry shop in Split
Photo credit: Os Kolac

There are many places in Split serving cakes and ice creams, but to be honest with you, we don't recommend eating them just anywhere. Some are too industrial for our tasty, others contain too much margarine, and some are simply too sweet.

Bobis is the most popular place for various confections. It is a large company from Split with a long tradition and many outlets throughout the town. Although industrial, locals like their cakes, especially sweet bread sold during Easter, mandulat – a dessert made of almonds and honey, similar Italian torrone, and dry cakes like krostule (sweet crispy fried pastry), rafioli (shortbread cookies filled with almonds), and breskvice (peach-shaped cookies filled with jam and rum). Since many of these cookies and confections are sold sealed, they can make a good souvenir to bring home.

However, if you are looking for the best places to have a dessert in Split, then Os' Kolac pastry shop is the place to visit!

Below are our suggestions for the best places to have a dessert in Split.

Os kolac

Os kolac, in our opinion, isn't only the best cake shop in Split, but in all of Croatia. If you like sweets, you absolutely must visit this place.

The owner and the head pastry chef, Tea Mamut, not only studied pastry at the prestigious Culinary Institute of America, but she also worked in two famed New Your City restaurants – Jean Georges and Daniel, and learned the skill alongside the best international pastry chefs, like Dominique Ansel, Johnny Iuzzini, and Rene Frank,

All this experience as well as her passion for pastry shows in the cakes she makes. They are simply another level and some of the best we ever had.

Contacts | a: Ciril Metodova 4, Split | t: +385 21 480 444 | Website

Luka's Ice Cream and Cakes

If you feel like having ice cream, head to Luka's Ice Cream and Cakes shop.  We find Luka's Ice Cream the best in town. There is a great variety of flavors with new flavors being introduced on a daily basis. Don't miss his lavender or yogurt and rosemary ice cream.

Contacts | a: Svaciceva 2, Split | t: +385 91 908 0678 | Facebook

Fast food & cheap eateries in Split

Kantun Paulina, the best cevapi in Split
Kantun Paulina, the best cevapi in Split

Fast-food eateries are popular in Split, In fact, you”ll find them scattered throughout the town, from places serving pizza cuts, sandwiches, burek with various fillings, to international fast-food chains like McDonald's, and KFC.

Below we list a few of locals' favorite fast-food and cheap eateries in Split.

Rizzo Sandwiches

Rizzo has been serving sandwiches in Split since 1992, and today it has four locations in Split. They have great homemade bread (the secret of a good sandwich is good bread), and a variety of subway-style sandwiches, as well as bruschettas. Sandwiches come in two sizes: big, and small. Prices vary from 2.40 € to 4.3 € depending on the stuffing. You can also choose extra ingredients for an additional 0.5 € – 0.8 € per ingredient.

Contacts | a: Tonciceva 4, Split, | Website

Kod None

A no-frill grab-and-go kind of place serving good old greasy full-of-carb food, like fried calamari, pizza, cevapi (sausage-shaped grilled minced meat), pljeskavica (Balkan-style patties), soparnik (Swiss chard pie), and alike. Great place if you feel like having a bite on the go, getting full quickly for very little money.

Contacts | a: Bosanska 4, Split

Tavern Tri Volta

Tavern Tri Volta (Zalogajnica Dioklecijan) is a truly special place for the people of Split. This restaurant has been here for 40 years. There are no fancy signs, and very few tourists come in.

The place is not decorated in a fashionable way. The crowd is mixed, young and old, many people know each other, and the atmosphere is convivial.

The food is honest and homemade, it is an excellent place to taste working-class Dalmatian plates. I love this place and the story about it. For those of you who understand Croatian, there is an excellent interview with the owner of the restaurant in Slobodna Dalmacija.

Contacts | a: Dosud 9, Split | t: +385 21 346 683

Kantun Paulina

Kantun Paulina, located in the Varos neighborhood, is a takeaway joint, serving the best cevapi in Split for over 37 years. They also serve other fast food like beef patties and grilled chicken breasts. It is cheap! There is always a queue (which should be a good sign!).

Contacts | a: Matosica 1, Split

Where to eat in Split, Croatia: Location on the map

Have you eaten in any of Split restaurants? What kind of restaurants do you choose when visiting a new place? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Just been on tavern Buffet Fife.

    That was just disgusting. had to send back my fries back twice to the kitchen and still were not eatable.

    All meals were served cold or were poorly reheated with microwave. The table wine was ok. Service was ok. No card accepted, just cash but it is not expensive.

    It’s been mi tenth time in croatia (I have a boat there, but I am moving it to Greece:)))) the locals are really destroying the attractiveness of the country.

    Enjoy Greece: great warm welcoming people, excellent food, wonderful islands.

    Will never go back there.

    • Thanks for letting us know, Stephen! So sorry about your experience. We have removed Fife now as you are not the first one to report a disappointing meal. As for the rest, I can’t really agree. But if you’ll enjoy Greece more, it’s great for you!

  2. Hi Frank,
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    Tonight I will go to Bokeria:-)
    Thanks for the suggestions.

  3. We loved our month in Split and loved trying some delicious new foods! Just came across this article and we ate at a few on this list on our last trip that were really really great, but there are plenty more that we have not tried yet…we will be back in Croatia in a few weeks, if we make our way back to Split we will try some of these for sure. And perhaps get another Cevapi from Kantun Paulina while we are at it as you are right, they do do the best cevapi :)

  4. Hey Frank, your website has been insanely helpful, my wife and I got married a year ago, we didn’t take a honeymoon, and she’s now pregnant! So…we’re celebrating a honeymoon/anniversary/baby-moon these first two weeks of July coming up!!! So crazy excited, and usually I am a travel-planning maniac (I work in the food/wine business so I plan around those things usually haha!) but I’ve been crazy busy and am leaving Friday! I’m wondering if I can email you with some questions, we’ll be in Split and a handful of other spots. THANKS!

  5. Thanks for the info, Frank G :)
    I will be sailing through the Dalmatian Islands on the first week of July – we are a group of 8 – and we will have one late dinner (after 22:30) at the arrival day and a lunch the next day in Split.
    What can you recommend us? We like great food at cool places (don’t we all ;-))
    If you have suggestions regarding what to see on the islands, let me know :)

    • Hi Cristina,
      late night dinner should definitely be arranged in advance. Most restaurants keeps kitchen open until 23 (while dining room works longer). It all depends what you look for. My favorite fish restaurant in and around Split is Nikola in Stobrec (although not cheap, it is a good value for money). Other places to consider: Konoba Fetivi, Pimpinella, Uje Oil Bar, Matoni. Hope this helps! Enjoy it!

  6. Hi Frank, the other night we went to Tavern Kod Hvaranina in Split. Very cosy place. Local feel with good food and nice people. Thanks for the recommendation. Tavern Kod Hvaranina does take credit cards, so you can update your post ;-D

  7. I’ll be using your recommendations. We’re in Split now and will be here for the next 6 weeks. Plenty of time to try out all these restaurants.And you mention the Trg Sperun area – that’s exactly our spot!
    Will let you know if we come across anything we can recommend.
    Frank (bbqboy)

    • Thanks so much Fred! So glad that you loved Uje and Dvor. But, like you said, there are so many great places to eat in Split. Sometimes it’s difficult to decide where to go :).

  8. Oh we had some great meals in Split. It’s probably my fondest memory of the town actually. Although I can’t remember every place we tried I do remember Tavern Buffet Fife – SO GOOD! This looks like a great list – and clearly well researched. I only wish we had an opportunity to try some of your recommendations!

  9. I ADORE Villa Spiza. I have been a few times and I think I ate some of the best food of my life there :) I love it how the menu is handwritten and simply pulled out of a spiral notebook!

  10. Another massive thumbs up for buffet Fife from me. I was actually based in Trogir, 30 km from Split, so didn’t have much time to fully explore the city :(
    One of Frank’s reviews alerted me to Fife and it was also recommended in my Lonely Planet guide to Croatia, too.
    Portions were way too big, but they seem to be aware of this and happily provide containers for people to take home what they can’t manage! Great chicken ‘cordon bleu’, stuffed with ham and cheese, fries and a great side salad and carafe of house red wine – 77 kuna! The wine alone would cost that in England ;)
    Sadly, not enough time to locate Zinfandel or Paradox, but should I ever be in the fine city again, ……….

    Thanks for the recommendation Frank.

  11. Frank, Split must be the only place I have actually been to out of all great places in Croatia I keep reading about on your blog. Too bad I didn’t know about all these restaurant choices when I actually did visit. But I shall definitely keep them in mind for next time, especially Tavern Buffet Five. “As local as it gets” and “very affordable” are perfectly describing the kind of place I like to frequent for my meals and the only thing left to hope is that they also serve some vegetarian options… :)

  12. How interesting that most of the places serve the same menu. Since we’re traveling with kids, we tend to go to the more relaxed and loud restaurants. I think Villa Spiza sounds very interesting, and I am intrigued by serving food on a wood board as they do at Uje Oil Bar.

  13. I know who’s blog to keep close by when we get to Croatia. We are on our way there in the next year or so. I don’t think we’ll get further than Sicily.
    I just love being part of Sunday Traveler.
    Maybe my blog can find some direction now. Not that I want to live and write in a box. My boat’s a bit bigger than a box mind you. So maybe I’m live in a big box that floats.

    • Patricia, let us know if you visit Croatia. It’s a sailing paradise, and I sure hope you’ll experience it for yourself. We dream of living on a boat. Seriously! Since we still hold a full time job, the only condition would be to remain working somewhere along the coast. Not such a hard thing to commit to :). Fair winds!

  14. I’ll have to tuck this one away as I have a friend who has offered me a stay at her Split apartment. I seek out eateries that make simple regional food well whether that’s a small family run place in a back alley or a high end restaurant. That cheese plate looks divine.

  15. What is hanging from the ceiling at Zinfandel? I ate at a place in Spain that had legs of ham hanging in a similar fashion, but not sure if that’s what they are. Given what you say about the typical menus in Split, this is a really handy list to ensure better meals.

  16. I haven’t been there! Definitely now adding to my list. I’m a fan of local places, but will definitely branch out and try just about anything once. Sometimes twice. ;) – Heather, Life of a Traveling Navy Wife

    • Thanks for your comment, Heather! If you like local places, you’d enjoy Split. I too like to try just about anything … once :)

  17. Hi

    My husband and me are going to Split in a few weeks. I am vegetarian and not having been to Croatia before, wondered what is on offer for veggies?

  18. Frank
    Next time when you arrive in Split, tray sea food restaurant /konoba Nikola(Stobrec) this is just few km out of Split,100% fresh daily see food.
    Restaurant has just 6, 7 tables and food is amazing.
    Price similar with Zrno Soli.

    • Hi Igor,
      thanks for stopping by and for the heads up! Konoba Nikola in Stobrec sounds like a place I could really enjoy. Love small restaurants ising fresh produce. Will check it up for sure. Thanks again!

  19. went to Tavern Fife this summer on recommendation locals at the tourist office.
    Great atmosphere, good fresh and tasty food, huge portions (1 portion could feed 2 people) very reasonable priced and we were not rushed. I recommend it and will go again. Another recommendation seem to be Villa Spiza, but …. could not find it…. will try harder next time :)

    • We traveled to Split in October this year and our Airbnb hosts recommended Tavern Fife, I agree with Our Adventure in Croatia…great atmosphere and food, we were not rushed either, and enjoyed the company of the other guests at the table we were sat at. We liked it so much we ate there 3 times during our stay! I highly recommend their specialty Pasticada with the Gnocci, excellent.

    • Hi Joyce, thanks so much for stopping by and for your comment. Seems like tavern Fife is coming up to be a number one place to eat in Split. Have you visited any other restaurant in Split?

    • Hi Frank,
      Nice selection of new and old there. I’d also add Konoba Marjan to the list (at Senjska,1 – just off Trg Sperun at the west end of the Riva). It’s another family run place and the fish is really superb as is their Pasticada.
      That whole area around Trg Sperun has become the restaurant district of Split (Matejuska and Hvaranin that you mentioned are also there, along with at least half a dozen others), which is great for us as we live just up the road!
      I’m glad you found some of the more tucked away gems like Villa Spiza, Tri Volta and Makrovega. They are worth searching for. Villa Spiza has a great feel and superb home cooked food – but get there early if you want the best choice because ‘when it’s gone, it’s gone’. Tri Volta is an institution and there’s nothing better than whiling away an afternoon looking out towards Brac from their terrace while watching lost tourists ambling by. And it’s even worth carnivores trying the veggie stuff at Makrovega – I have and I must say it was really tasty. The set menus are very good value there as well.

    • Hi guys, thanks for stopping by. I really like that area around Trg Sperun. And thanks for heads up on Konoba Marjan. I’ll need to try it out on my next visit to Split.

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