Tavern Buffet Fife Split: Love at first sight

Tavern Buffet Fife Split is one of my favorite places to eat in Split. It's good, homemade, hearty, fresh, and affordable. Can you ask for more?!

Buffet Fife Split Croatia | Croatia Restaurant Guide
Buffet Fife Split Croatia | Croatia Restaurant Guide

If you spent some time reading my blog, you've probably figured out how much I love to eat. And if you haven't, let me tell you that it is one of my biggest pleasures in life. Along with a wine. OK, and few other things. Point closed – I love to eat!

I visited Split few days ago with Vera and my in-laws. It was a lovely trip and it lifted our spirits after our disappointing trip to Dubrovnik few days earlier. Dubrovnik is really getting old if you ask me. And too expensive for what it offers. Split, on the other hand, is so refreshing, bustling and just amazing that I cannot stop bragging about it.

Tavern Buffet Fife Split: eat like a local

Tavern Buffet Fife Split is located in an old neighborhood of Matejuska, not far from the Palace walls. Just walk by the sea, pass Riva (a seaside promenade), and you'll arrive right at Fife. I loved the place from the moment I've seen it.

Located in a small, traditional stone house, with an outdoor terrace, tavern Fife is an institution for people of Split. You immediately notice a laid back attitude and a healthy balance between tourists and locals.

Even a Japanese tourist next to our table looked like he knew his way around. Judging by his order, it wasn't his first time here.

Tavern Fife is actually located in two houses, one across the small street from the other. One of them features a kitchen, a counter with drinks and one corner-sitting for maybe 6 people. That's all.

In front there is a lovely terrace. One part of the terrace is covered and partly closed, while the rest is open summer terrace. This means that even in a winter time you can eat outside. Yay! The other house features indoor dining room. 

Tavern Fife Split: meat balls
Delicious meat balls at tavern Fife Split

Tavern Buffet Fife Split offers traditional Dalmatian dishes, cooked old fashion style. My advise would be not to go by the menu. Instead, just ask what's their daily special. We were four people.

We ordered cod stew (cro. bakalar na brujet), meat balls with some french fries, and boiled veal with potatoes and tomato sauce. My mother-in-law even got excited when served boiled meat, along with boiled potatoes and salsa. She said this is exactly how traditionally boiled meat was served.

Tavern Fife Split: cod stew
Cod stew at tavern Fife Split

Everything was delicious. And portions are large (not as large as they used to be; but still plenty to eat). We drank some white table wine (nothing to brag about; but, hey, we didn't pretend that we are in an upscale restaurant with an extensive wine list). And the water comes in a pitcher free of charge (unless you ask for a bottled water).

The total cost for four of us was 30 euros. Try to beat that! Excellent value for money.

Contacts: a: Trumbiceva obala 11; t: +385 21 345 223;

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16 thoughts on “Tavern Buffet Fife Split: Love at first sight”

  1. Visiting Split in September and this place appeals to us. You say the meal for four was 30 Euros. Do they accept Euros as well as Croation kuna? Also do they accept Visa at these smaller restaurants?

    • Hi Roger,
      Fife got a bit touristy, but I still think it’s good value for money. Last year they didn’t accept credit cards, but not sure if they’ve changed that policy since. You can pay with euros too, but then at the restaurant they’ll do their own currency conversion, and also often they will give you change in Kuna. Have fun!

  2. That cod stew looks amazing! I love a good stew, unfortunately they don’t really have them in Buenos Aires, or maybe I haven’t searched good enough. Also the meat balls yum!

  3. We LOVED this restaurant when we were in Split! We must have eaten there three or four times…every time it was cheap and delicious. Plus sitting with other people led to some interesting conversations! Thanks for sharing…safe travels!

    • Thanks Travis! I am madly in love with this place. It’s so authentic, and yet prices are really affordable. So glad you are sharing my enthusiasm for the Buffet Fife.

  4. The fried squid here is fab, and the portion was huge! Went down well with plenty of cheap, table wine :) Highly recommended for the budget traveller

    • Hi Steph, thanks so much for stopping by. Glad you share my opinion on this restaurant. We were seriously blown away. Excellent food, very affordable, and big portions. Any other you can recommend in Split?

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