Zinfandel Split: food and wine bar

If you've been around my blog for a while, you already know how much I love Split. Actually, it is my favorite town in Croatia. Except for the beaches. One of the reasons I love Split so much, it is town's exciting restaurant scene.

Food & Wine Bar Zinfandel Split Croatia | Croatia Restaurant Guide
Food & Wine Bar Zinfandel Split Croatia | Croatia Restaurant Guide

OK, it's nowhere as exciting as in Montreal, Copenhagen or San Sebastian. But restaurants in Split are many, they are vibrant and offer the good food.

I went to Split in October and browsed through the old town in search of a great place to eat. Since it was a short stop on our way home, we didn't have time to take a long meal. But we also wanted something better than just a pizza point.

Initially we wanted to try out the new oil bar Uje, that offers daily specials along with variety of Croatian cheeses, cold cuts, and different kinds of olive oils to sample. However, it was a middle of the afternoon, and oil bar Uje was pretty deserted. Instead, we opted for the wine bar Zinfandel.

Food and Wine Bar Zinfandel Split
Food and Wine Bar Zinfandel Split

Zinfandel Split: Review

Located in a small alleyway within the Palace walls, just off the seaside promenade, wine bar Zinfandel is nicely decorated. There is a long counter with hanging lamps and prosciutto (this is where they got me :) ). On chalkboard you'll find all the daily specials. But you can also go by a menu and just choose what pleases you. The front of the wine bar is open, and if you sit at any of the tables right off the street, you can smoke. There is no outdoor terrace.

Interior at Food and Wine Bar Zinfandel Split
Interior at Food and Wine Bar Zinfandel Split

We came in the early afternoon. Few customers were there, but overall it was rather a slow afternoon at Zinfandel. The waitress explained the menu, and their afternoon special deal: basically everything you order costs the same fix price during the certain afternoon hours. This was cool way to try to attract some business during the afternoon dead hours. However, since we didn't have much time for a long lunch, we just ordered some simple dishes from the menu and not from the daily offer.

Food and Wine Bar Zinfandel: Tapenade
Tapenade served in a St. Jacob shell, Zinfandel Split

We ordered a homemade olive pate, french fries and garlic aioli dipping sauce. Everything we ordered was presented nicely. French fries came served in a small aluminium bucket, garlic aioli sauce and pate in a St. Jacob shell.

Food and Wine Bar Zinfandel: French fries
French fries with a sauce, Zinfandel Split


Pate was good, but not exceptional. Aoili sauce, wasn't actually aioli, it was more tartar sauce, and french fries were tasty, but not homemade. They were frozen.They have a good choice of wine by glass. And we enjoyed some Istrian Malvasia with our meal.

Waitress was very friendly. She was actually Australian born Croatian, who moved to Croatia six months ago. She was excellent. The bill came at 200 kn (approx. 25 euro).

Although the food wasn't the greatest, it was fine. We also didn't taste any first course dish, or dessert. Maybe they were better than our choice of starters (junk :) ). However, we would come back to the food and wine bar Zinfandel. Location is good, staff is friendly, and atmosphere is vibrant. Well done!

Contact: a: Ulica Marka Marulica 2, Split; t: 385 21 355 135;

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