Our Guide to the 52 must-try Croatian food, Illustration

Croatian Food: 52 must-try Croatian Dishes

One of the many reasons to visit Croatia is to experience its delicious cuisine. Croatian food is influenced by neighboring countries and the various nations that have ruled the area throughout history.

Our Guide To Best Craft Beers In Croatia

Beginner’s Guide to the Best Croatian Beer

Croatian beer has just become way more exciting! The craft beer has arrived in Croatia through the side door not so long ago, but now it totally took off. Craft beer momentum is shaking the country.

Chiavalon Olive Oil | Croatia Things To Do

Chiavalon Olive Oil: last chance to pick up a virgin!

I hope you haven’t had a bad thoughts when you read a title. It’s got nothing to do with, well people, but everything to do with olive oil. And this is actual a slogan for Chiavalon Olive Oil, bien sûr extra virgin olive oil.

Restaurant Ficovic in Ston

Ficovic in Ston, a casual eatery by the sea

I’ve meant to write about Ficovic restaurant in Hodilje near Ston for some time, but for some reason I’ve never done it. It’s time to fix this. Located in Hodilje, a small coastal village just few kilometers north of Ston, on the Peljesac peninsula, Ficovic is a no-frills eatery by the sea, and with its own small beach.

Croatia Wines | Frano Milos Winery Peljesac

Croatia Wines: A visit to the Milos Winery

Few months ago we were in Komarna and we were contemplating visiting few wineries on the Peljesac peninsula. I called a friend of mine Emil, who also happens to be one of the best Croatian sommeliers, to ask him which winery on the peninsula we should visit. His immediate answer was – Frano Milos Winery. Milos makes great wines and his Stagnum has won many awards, but then again so many wines here did well in this regard.