Olive Oil Tasting

I had another great experience – Extra Virgine Olive Oil Tasting in Istria. I went for olive oil tasting at Belic Family. Belic Family are one of the best olive oil producers in Istria. They produce 11 different extra virgin olive oils under the brand Oleum Viride. The name itself was used by ancient Romans for olive oil produced from medium ripe olives.

Belic Family are truly inspiring people who think of an olive oil as a life philosophy. As Mr. Belic said, olives are fruits and olive oil is a fruit juice. They specialized in single-sort olive oils. Ten extra virgine olive oils they offer under Oleum Viride brand are single-sort olive oil, while only one is mixed sort called Selekcija. Duilio & Bosiljka Belic take great care of the entire production cycle: their olives are hand picked to avoid any damage to the fruit, they are picked at the medium stage of ripening, carried in a baskets of max. 22 kg, and cold pressed within 12 hours.

I’ve learnt that olive oils are like wines, offering variety of taste. When paired with different food, they create taste sensation to match each meal. Food served by Belic Family is based on simple concept: eating without heating.

Belic Extra Virgine Olive Oil
Extra Virgine Olive Oil

Our pairing menus included: Picholine olive oil served with mozzarella cheese, grape and mandarin; followed by Selekcija olive oil served with fresh anchovies marinated in a mandarin juice; Itrana olive oil with salmon; Buza olive oil with salted anchovies and mandarin; Frantoio served with cod pâté; Leccino olive oil served with Vanilla Ice Cream; Ascolana Tenera served with curd and honey; and finally Istrarska Bjelica served with Chocolate Ice Cream.

Book Oleum Viride Olive Oil Tasting at Belic Family either in Rabac (Creska 34; m: +385 98 909 2523; e-mail: info@oleabb.hr) or in Zagreb (Selska cesta 92c; m: +385 99 228 4999; e-mail: info@oleabb.hr).

Olive Oil Tasting Room at Belic in Rabac
Olive Oil Tasting Room

You can buy Oleum Viride oils directly from the owners, or in the >selected stores in Croatia. Their olive oils are exported in UK, Italy and Austria. In UK, you’ll find them at London’s Borough Market and Fortnum & Mason.


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