Foodie’s Guide to the Best Restaurants in Rovinj

Are you curious about where to eat in Rovinj on your next visit to the town? Sit back and relax, we are here to help! In this post, we share the 17 best restaurants in Rovinj for every budget and lifestyle.

From good old Rovinj seafood classics to 7 € mid-morning snacks, we bring you here some of the best eateries in Rovinj that locals like!

We love eating out in Rovinj, and we always recommend guests of our villa to go and eat in Rovinj rather than in Porec. Although I must admit, the Porec restaurants scene has improved massively too.

Many restaurants in Rovinj look attractive from the outside. Located at the seafront, within the old town, or overlooking it, they all have amazing settings. You can not easily distinguish just by its look, whether the restaurant is good or not. However, don’t get fooled by a charming terrace, many are just mediocre places catering to tourists. Here is my list of restaurants in Rovinj worth seeking out.

how much does it cost to eat in restaurants rovinJ?

How much you will pay to eat out in Rovinj restaurants, depends on the type of restaurant you choose, and the number of courses. There are so many restaurants in Rovinj, that everybody can find a place within its own price range. 

A few restaurants in the old town offer lunch menus for tourists for as cheap as 10€ to 15€ for a full meal, including a dessert. However, these restaurants aren’t on our list below. 

Best Restaurants In Rovinj Croatia: Where To Eat in Rovinj, Illustration
Best Restaurants In Rovinj Croatia: Where To Eat in Rovinj, Illustration

In Rovinj’s top fine dining restaurants ($$$$), a 5- or 6-course tasting menu, will set you back around 160 € (175 $, 140£) per person, without drinks.

Upscale restaurants ($$$) charge anywhere between 60 € to 90 € (70 $ to 100 $ / 57 £ to 80 £) per person for a three-course meal. 

In mid-range restaurants and local taverns ($$) expect to pay anywhere between 40 € (45 $, 28 £) to 55 € (35 $, 48 £) for a three-course meal. 

Cheap restaurants in Rovinj ($) serve dishes in the range of 7 € to 15 €.

Marenda, a preset lunch aimed at locals, costs anywhere between 6.5 € to 10 €, but very few places in Rovinj still serve them, especially in the summer season. 

Burgers go from as low as 7 € (7.5 $, 6 £) to as high as 15 € (16.5 $, 13 £), ice cream scoop is 2.2 € (1.8 $, 1.9 £), and pizza is anywhere between 50 Kn (6.5€, 7.5$, 5.6£) for a basic Margherita to as much as 14 € (15.2 $, 12.3 £) for a Naples-style pizza with seafood. 

Where to eat in Rovinj, Croatia

You will find below various types of Rovinj restaurants, from simple pizzerias, and small mom-and-pop eateries, to serious fine dining establishments with crisp white tablecloths and multi-course feasts. Whatever your style, you’ll find something for yourself. As for us, we like the most to eat at the Maestral and Konoba Jure.

Here you have it! See below a handful of restaurants in Rovinj that every foodie will be happy to eat at.

Fine Dining Rovinj Restaurants 

Places that abound in high-class hotels are sure to abound in fine-dining restaurants. One fact simply follows another. Rovinj is just such a place! Rovinj’s high-class hotels attract guests who like to dine in high-end fine-dining restaurants. Add to that the fact that Rovinj has always had good and quality restaurants, regardless of the category, and you’ll understand why we consider it one of the centers of Istrian gastronomy and a place that every foodie should visit in Istria and Croatia.

Monte is one of the most sought-after restaurants in Rovinj and the first restaurant in Croatia to receive a Michelin star. Cap Aureo, located within Grand Hotel Park, is a new shining star on Rovinj’s gastronomic sky. The chef Jeffry Vella is really pushing the boundaries and making a difference with his veggie-centered 5-, 7- and 10-course tasting menus. Agli Amici is a sister property of the famed Agli Amici restaurant in Udine, Italy. Enjoy Italian hospitality and wonderful 3-course menus in the magnificent setting of this seafront restaurant. Located in Monte Mulini, a 5-star hotel, the Wine Vault manages to stay under the radar despite its excellent food and even better wine list with nearly 220 wine labels from around the world. 

Restaurant Monte – $$$$

Restaurant Monte in Rovinj, dining room
Photo credit:

The first Croatian Michelin-star restaurant, Monte has always been a world apart. Monte is located in the old town, just below the St. Euphemia Church.

The restaurant offers excellent food and a lovely atmosphere (although it might come as a bit stiff at times). It offers a 3, 4, and 6-course menu. The service is very attentive. Restaurant Monte is super expensive, but it is worth the money.

Contacts: Montalbano 75, Rovinj | t: +385 52 830 203 | e: | Website | Closed: November-Easter

Restaurant Cap Aureo – $$$$

Terrace of the restaurant Cap Aureo in the Grand Park Hotel Rovinj
Photo credit:

This is a fine-dining restaurant within the 5star Grand Park Hotel Rovinj. Run by chef Jeffry Vella, who, since arriving from Malta to Croatia, has been cooking in some of the best Croatian restaurants like 360° in Dubrovnik, Zinfandel, and Barbieri’s in Zagreb, is Cap Aureo’s creative force.

The food is sublime, creative, unique, and presented in an artistic manner. It is also heavily based on veggies which is quite a refreshment and novelty for the Croatian dining scene.

Contacts: A. Smareglie bb, Rovinj | t: 385 52 642 035 | Website

Agli Amici Rovinj – $$$$

Outdoor terrace of the Agli Amici Rovinj restaurant
Photo credit:

This is another cooperation between a top-notch Michelin-starred Italian restaurant from Udine and hotel company Maistra from Rovinj that started in 2021.

Run by brother-sister duo,  Emanuele and Michela Scarello, a two-Michelin star restaurant Agli Amici has a 130 years old tradition and has been considered one of the best restaurants in Italy for a long time.

Their Rovinj restaurant opened in mid-June 2021, and it gained patrons quickly for their succulent food but also Italian hospitality and a spectacular overall experience. The location is also sublime, just above the beautiful town marina and below Grand Park Hotel Rovinj.

Contacts: Grand Park Hotel Rovinj, Rovinj | t: +385 52 632 000 | Website

Restaurant Wine Vault – $$$$

Interior dining room at the restaurant Wine Vault in Rovinj
Photo credit: Wine Vault

Located on the ground floor of the luxurious Monte Mulini Hotel, Restaurant Wine Vault is best known for its elaborate wine list with over 600 wines, and for its Chef’s Table experience.

There is a table for six right in the kitchen and from there the staff takes you on an unforgettable journey through as many courses as you can eat. And each course is paired with great wine.

The restaurant has a nice atmosphere, exquisite food, and good and professional service. It is pricey!

Contacts: A. Smareglie bb, Rovinj | t: 385 52 636 017 | | Website | Closed: November-Easter

Upscale Restaurants

From classic Mediterranean restaurants to sushi kingdoms, Rovinj’s upscale restaurants offer an interesting mix for everybody’s taste and style.

If you want to have dinner in upscale restaurants in Rovinj, but are not ready for a 6- or more courses dinner with sometimes overly serious waiters and too formal environment, below we bring you several restaurants in Rovinj that offer a wonderful atmosphere, some of them in an excellent position right next to the sea, and excellent food made with high-quality locally sourced ingredients.

Tekka by Lone is the only serious high-quality Japanese restaurant in Istria. La Puntulina, besides excellent food, has the most amazing outdoor terrace in the entire Rovinj. Dine like royalty at La Serra, located in the 19th-century castle. Giannino, one of the oldest restaurants in Rovinj, is still rocking Rovinj’s seafood and fish offer.

Restaurant Tekka by Lone – $$$

Outdoor terrace of the sushi restaurant in Rovinj - Tekka by Lone
Photo credit:

One of our favorite restaurants in Zagreb has opened its second location in Rovinj, within hotel Lone. It is a well-established and sought Japanese restaurant serving some of the best in-town sushi, sashimi, big rolls, nigiri, tempura, wok, uramaki, teppanyaki, hosomaki, and sake.

Contacts: Hotel Lone, Rovinj | t: +385 52 632 000 | Tripadvisor | Open year-round

Restaurant Puntulina – $$$

Bird's View of the Puntulina's seafront terrace
Awesome seafront dining at the Puntulina restaurant in Rovinj

Restaurant Puntulina is a bit pricey, a fine dining restaurant with excellent food, and an amazing location right at the waterfront. This restaurant trades heavily on its location. Located at the top of Santa Croce Street, Puntulina has terraces that cascade down the rocks to the sea. Great place for a romantic dinner.

Contacts:  Sv. Kriza 38, Rovinj | t: +385 52 813 186 | Closed: December-March

Restaurant La Serra (ex. Lanterna) – $$$

Romantic terrace for dining al fresco at La Serra restaurant on the Red Island in Rovinj
La Serra, terrace

Restaurant La Serra (ex. Lanterna) is located on the nearby St. Andrew Island (Red Island). This classy restaurant has a wonderful seafront terrace, and it’s situated in an old castle dating back to the late 19th century.

This is a perfect place in Rovinj for a romantic dinner. It takes twenty minutes by boat to reach the island. Boats depart hourly from April to October.

Contacts: Crveni otok 1, Rovinj | t: +385 52 802 580

Restaurant Giannino – $$

Interior at the restaurant Giannino in Rovinj
Interior at the restaurant Giannino in Rovinj

Restaurant Giannino is located on a quiet residential street within the old town. It has a lovely outdoor terrace and serves sublime seafood (and a few meat dishes). Service is friendly, and prices are affordable. Make sure to taste their baby shrimps in vinegar.

Contacts: a: Agusta Ferrija 38, Rovinj | t: +385 52 813402 | Working hours: 10 am-3 pm, 6 pm-11 pm | Closed: November-Easter

Mid-range Restaurants and Local taverns

If you are looking for a place where you can eat for a whole week and never get tired, then local taverns are places to go. They use fresh ingredients to make hearty dishes and comfort food. Whether you are in a search of a plate of Istrian homemade pasta, squid stew, calamari in a white wine sauce, or some good grilled fish or meat, these restaurants won’t disappoint.

Barba Danilo has a small and concise menu, but what they do, they do the best! The smallest restaurant in Rovinj, Male Madlene takes less than a dozen guests at a time. Maestral’s top location and extensive menu can make you believe it is a tourist trap, but it is actually one of the best places to eat in Rovinj. Jure and Orca are where most locals go to eat of all the places on our list. Harbor-side terrace and rustic interiors combined with delicious food make Kantinon Rovinj’s popular dining spot. Tutto Bene has all the right ingredients to make you eat there: cozy vibe, great food, friendly staff, and fair prices. Pizzeria Zita serves the best pizza in town.

Restaurant Barba Danilo – $$

Restaurant Barba Danilo is located on the outskirts of Rovinj, within a small, family-run campsite Ulika. This restaurant used to make the most innovative yet not pretentious, and super yummy dishes. But unfortunately, they have changed their concept. This is not to say that the food isn’t good anymore. Quite opposite, it is excellent, but they lost their innovative part. Anyways, this is a great place to eat the classic Mediterranean in Rovinj – lots of succulent fish and seafood dishes, but also some meat classics like steak tartar, and Fiorentina. Attentive service, fair prices, and a quiet location out of the old town make Barba Danilo also an attractive restaurant for a pleasant dinner in Rovinj.

The restaurant is very popular, so make sure you make a reservation in advance.

Contacts: Address: Polari bb, Rovinj | t: +385 91 121 9487 | Tripadvisor | Facebook | Closed: November-Easter

Restaurant Male Madlene – $$

Lovely intimate seafront terrace of the restaurant Male Madlene in Rovinj
Photo credit: Male Madlene

Restaurant Male Madlene is a special little place in the old town. The restaurant has only 3 tables inside and a terrace on the seafront. It serves finger food. The food is tasty and beautifully arranged on the plate. However, it is a bit expensive and the portions are small. A good place to go for a pre-dinner snack.

Contacts: Svetog Kriza 28, Rovinj

Maestral – $$

Fisherman's pie in the restaurant Maestral
Fisherman’s pie and a variety of starters at the restaurant Maestral in Rovinj

We love eating out in Maestral, and many times we wish we had a similar place in Porec. It’s our go-to place for a slice of fisherman’s pie (a focaccia-like dough filled with salty anchovies, shredded onions, and chopped tomatoes), then tuna tartare, as well as squid stew served with creamy polenta. We could eat these three dishes every day.

The restaurant has only outdoor seating, is right by the harbor, and with lovely views over Rovinj’s old town. Oh, and they also have a wide menu including pizzas, pasta, grilled sardines, and the like.

Contacts: Obala Vladimira Nazora, Rovinj | t: 385 52 830 565 | Tripadvisor | Closed: November-Easter

Konoba Jure – $$

This is another place where we like to eat in Rovinj. Jure is located in a residential part of Rovinj. The location isn’t what draws people to Jure, neither is the restaurant’s setting. What makes Jure popular is its food: fresh, locally sourced ingredients and well-prepared dishes just like mum would do at home. Oh, and the french fries are homemade (not frozen!). Something that seems impossible to find these days in Croatian restaurants.

Contacts: Cademia 22, Rovinj | t: 385 52 813 397 | Tripadvisor | Open year-round, closed on Wednesday in winter

Konoba Kantinon – $$

Waiter at the harbor side terrace of Konoba Kantinon in Rovinj
Harborside terrace at the Konoba Kantinon

In 2021, Kantinon had some kind of a big comeback. It used to be one of our favorite places to eat in Rovinj, for the food and the atmosphere, but in the last couple of years, the place went downhill with quite inconsistent quality of the food (sometimes it was great, and sometimes not so great). But with the new chef in charge, in 2021, it was seriously one of the really good places where to eat in Rovinj.

Located at Rovinj’s waterfront, overlooking the old town, the tavern Kantinon offers a cozy and casual atmosphere featuring the typical decor of an Istrian tavern. The dishes are based on fresh, local produce. Here you can taste traditional Istrian dishes, including calamari with potatoes simmered in their own sauce, shellfish in white wine, and homemade aubergine gnocchi. Meat lovers can enjoy dishes like steak tagliatta, T-bone, or roasted chicken. 

Contacts: Obala Alzo Rismondo 18, Rovinj | t: +385 52 816 075 | e:

Tutto Bene – $$

Wonderful food, incredible hospitality, and friendliness of the staff and the owner Josip, as well as attention to detail, turned Tutto Bene into one of the most popular restaurants in Rovinj. 

The restaurant serves traditional Croatian dishes but with a modern twist and lovely plating. Make sure you taste their seared tuna on a bed of avocado cream, octopus stew, and shellfish with homemade noodles. Bread is homemade, and you also get a chance to taste some. of the premium Croatian olive oil

Contacts: Ulica E. de Amicis 16, Rovinj | t: +385 95 852 4383 | e:

Restaurant Orca – $$

Restaurant Orca terrace
Restaurant Orca

Restaurant Orca is located in the residential area of Rovinj. It is a family-run restaurant serving Istrian and Mediterranean dishes. The produce is fresh and local. It is honest, homemade food. This restaurant used to be very popular among locals. And it still is to a certain extent. However, we find that in the last few years, the quality went down a lot. We live it on our list because some of our friends still claim it to be their favorite. So, we leave it for you to judge!

Contacts: Gripole 70, Rovinj | t: +385 52 816 851 | e: | Website | Open year-round, closed on Tuesday in winter

Pizzeria zita – $$

Opened in 2020, by a few Italians, pizzeria Zita is the first (and so far the only) pizzeria in Rovinj that serves Naples-style pizza with fluffy, soft dough and raised edge (called cornicione).

Pizzas are excellent and come with a wide choice of toppings. The prices are higher than in other pizzerias in Rovinj. Expect to pay 90 Kn for a pizza. 

Contacts: Ul. Driovier 24, Rovinj | t: +385 52 229 688

Budget restaurants in Rovinj

Nothing seems budget these days :), however below we share some restaurants in Rovinj where you can eat cheaply. Whether you look for something on the go, a proper sit-down dinner, hearty Croatian fares, Asiatic stir-fry, or just a plate of local charcuterie, you’ll find it in Rovinj.

Grota, located in the middle of Rovinj’s farmers market, is as authentic and as local as it gets. Tunaholic is a popular Croatian chain of fish and seafood snacks. Wok.About serves simple Asian dishes like stir-fry, curry, and bao buns. Gelateria Italia makes the yummiest ice cream in town! Dario offers cheap pizzas, grilled dishes, pasta, and daily prix-fixe lunches.

Grota – $

One of Grota’s charcuterie plates

For a quick bite head to Rovinj’s green market. Grab a seat at one of the wooden barreled tables at the Grota bar, order a plate of local cheese, prosciutto, and a glass of wine, and soak up the atmosphere.

Contacts: Valdibora bb, Rovinj | Tripadvisor | Open year-round

Tunaholic – $

This high-quality fast food offers bar service, tuna burgers, sandwiches, fish and chips, and other seafood snacks served in a friendly on-the-go format. Lots of fried stuff there, so don’t pretend to go there if on a diet. Fries are frozen!

Contacts: Zdenac 11, Rovinj | Google Maps 

Wok.About – $

This tiny street food joint offers Asian classics like Pad Thai, Katsu Chicken, fried noodles, rice, curries, and various other wok dishes. Served in an on-the-go format, they can also be enjoyed at the small counter in front, or a sea-facing terrace in the back of the fast food.

Contacts: Prolaz Marina, Rovinj | Google Maps

Gelateria Italia – $

Gelateria Italia, Rovinj

Our favorite place for ice cream, not only in Rovinj but in the entire Istria, Gelateria Italia is run by an Italian couple from Brescia. They make real Italian gelato, and flavors vary from one day to another. While the wife is behind the counter, you can often see the husband preparing the ice cream in the next room divided only by the glass wall.

Contacts: Campitellijev trg 60, Rovinj | Tripadvisor | Closed: mid-October-Easter

Restaurant and Pizzeria Dario – $

If you are after a cheap cooked meal, head to the restaurant Dario during lunchtime. Dario offers marenda, a daily dish for 6-8 € including beans and sausages, stuffed bell peppers, gulasch, and like.

Contacts: Brace Bozic 3, Rovinj | t: +385 52 830 555 | Facebook | Open year-round

Rovinj restaurants on the map

Have you tried out any of these restaurants in Rovinj? Do you have any other restaurant in Rovinj to recommend? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Hi,
    Do you have any restaurant recommendations for Vis? Looking for great food, don’t really care about view etc. Also, Have you tried Apetit in Split?

  2. Hi Frank,

    Great blog I did research on a number of websites and yours included the top restaurants incl in the all the others,
    I stayed in Hotel Monte Mulini for the last week..Awesome hotel with great staff and food,
    I ate in 5 of the restaurants listed above, the poorist was Pizzeria Da Sergio I liked the thin bases but it was soggy from half way in and I have had much better.
    From there on the restaurants only got better. Puntulina was lovley and the seafood to a high recommendation would be to walk up the church to watch the sun set and then down to the restauarnt for a late sitting, much more comfortable temp and you wont be blinded by the low sun.
    We enjoyed Giannino even more we ate out in the square and had a magnificent Turbot cooked in a large dish for two which was deboned and portioned up at the table and there own house white wine is excellent and good value.
    The Wine Vault was very good as well and the head waiter was excellent with choices of different glasses of wines with each course and the food is of a very high standard.

    And finally the Monte with out doubt one of the finest meals I’ve ever had, we knew it was going to be expensive but it is good value for the quality of the food and wine, We also had the terrace table the only outside table for 2 which was perfect..We counted 12 dishes of various sizes put in front of us along with 6 different wines with the 6 courses of the Red munu the bill came to €360 including two glasses of Rose to start with. My recommendation would be leave it till your last night as no where else measures up to it !

  3. Restaurant Graciano is excellent, great venue, fantastic view of the harbor, delicious food and friendly waiters. Graciano has it all for a moderate price. Tipico Old Town is also worth trying.

  4. I highly recommend Male Madlene Restaurant, we dined there tonight and it was one of those never to be forgotten experiences. Tiny, exquisite, only 3 or 4 tables, food cooked with love and the setting sublime sitting right on the waters edge watching the sun setting. A four course dinner either fish or meat, made fresh just for you and light,tasty, delicious, it was lick the plate, my highest award.

  5. Tutto Bene
    Ulica E. de Amicisa – Via E. de Amicis 16, Rovinj.
    This place is really worth a visit! Great food, wine and lovely athmosphere :)

  6. My partner & I sampled the delights at the Lanterna restaurant last year whilst staying at the Hotel Istra. It was our last night there, so decided to have a special meal in beautiful surroundings. We were not disappointed, the food was excellent, as was the service! We watched the sun go down as we dined…couldn’t have asked for more! Would definately recommend!

  7. Phenomenal Blog, really enjoyed Puntalina, food pretty good but pricey well worth it for view. Monte very good food but for the price a little over priced particularly the wine, the food was worth it. Pizza da Sergio was auful worst pizza in a long time. I had a seafood pizza poor quality frozen fish not nice my wife had one with rocket and prosciutto but there was no prosciutto on it. The guy next to us couldn’t eat his. Maybe they were having a bad day but I would suggest you ask some other people or give it another visit. Thanks for excellent blogg, Owen

  8. Staying at Hotel Eden in Ravinj in July
    What delights are we needing/ must seeing in and around the area. Is the public transport system easy and reliable to navigate?

  9. Hi MIlvia, thanks for stopping by. Great choice of destination and the hotel. Monte Mulini is one of the best hotels (perhaps the best) in Croatia. You can do it without a car: you can visit local islands: St. Andrew’s (or Red Island), and Sv. Katarina. Both islands are small, and each feature a hotel. But they have lovely parks, and on Red Island there is a nice restaurant – Lanterna. You can arrange olive oil tasting and / or wine tasting with a hotel, or two wine bars in town (San Tommaso and Piassa Grande). However, maybe you can rent a car for a day if you’d like to visit Istrian hinterland: like hilltop towns of Groznjan and Motovun; or to visit an olive oil producer (we recommend Chiavalon in Vodnjan), or wine producer (like Kabola, or Kozlovic). Have a great time and let us know if we can help with anything else.

  10. Hi Frank
    We wil be spending a week at Monte Mulini in July, just wondering whether we need to hire a car to get to places or is there enough to do within walking/cycling distance for the week , thats including some island hopping if possible and if any are close enough for day trips besides St Anthony

  11. Hi Frank! We discovered your blog just in time for our 10 days in Croatia. We are in the midst of trip around the world. Rovinj was a highlight to be sure, and we arrived just in time for the St Euphemia festival, complete with wine tasting event and grape stomping competitions. We loved our time there, even though it was hard to pry ourselves away from Hvar. We’re writing about our travels at if you want to take a look! We’d love to collaborate, if you are interested please get in touch!


  12. Hi Razvan, porcini mushrooms you can find in Istria. Many tavern serving traditional dishes serve them. I believe they do have them a year around. Usually thy serve them with pasta. Check the tavern Stari podrum in Momjan. Just email them and ask if they have porcini at the time you’ll be visiting. They can even put some aside for you. You can also check with tavern Toncic in Zrenj. And tavern Nono in Petrovija. Let us know if we can help with anything else.

  13. Frank, I am planning a trip in the fall to Split , Dubrovnik and Hvar. But besides fresh seafood I am also a lover of porcini mushrooms (experienced in Italy last year and still dreaming about) and I understand these are to be had in the Istrian peninsula. So now I am thinking of adding Rovinj as a fourth base for my trip, just for this reason. Trying to find more specifics through Google I came up with little information. Can you give me any insight when and where I should go porcini (and maybe even truffle) mushroom dishes?

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