Restaurant Orca in Rovinj, Croatia: Where Locals Eat

The Orca Rovinj restaurant is among the locals’ favorite dining options in the town. Restaurant Orca serves traditional food, including seafood and meat dishes, from stews and braised veal to grilled whole fish and beefsteaks. 

Restaurant Orca in Rovinj, Croatia, offers delicious cuisine, fresh ingredients, fair-sized portions, and convenience.

If you happen to be in Rovinj and are craving some delicious, homemade food while soaking in the local atmosphere, then you should definitely consider visiting the Orca restaurant. This restaurant is always buzzing, not just during dinner but even during lunchtime and even on weekdays. Many business people are known to frequent this restaurant during their lunch break for a bite to eat.

In this blog post, we’ll take you on a food journey to this beautiful restaurant and give you an insight into what makes Orca Rovinj so popular.

Restaurant Orca Rovinj: Overview

CuisineIstrian, MediterraneanServiceFriendly, Efficient
StyleLively eatery that locals love, featuring a large dining room centered around a big open fire fireplace, serving hearty dishes from the Istrian hinterland and fresh fish and seafood from the coast.Vegetarian / VeganSome vegetarian pasta, salads and side dishes are available, but no vegan options.
Type Of FoodSeafood, Meat, Pasta, Risotto, Roast (peka)Capacity60 inside, 100 outside
Recommended DishesVeal or lamb roast, Homemade pasta with ox, venison or seafood stew, Oven-baked fish with potatoesDistance to the center of Rovinj3.5 km
Price RangeStarters 15€-20€, Main Dishes: 25€ to 40€Credit CardsAccepted
AmbianceCasual, FunWorking HoursDaily, except on Tuesdays, 11 am – 10 pm
Car access / ParkingYesReservationsNeeded For Dinner In Summer
Best ForGroups, FamiliesAddressGripole 70, Rovinj, Croatia
Awards / GuidesN/AContactt: +385 52 816 851 | Website

Dining At Restaurant Orca Rovinj: What To Expect

Many restaurants in Rovinj are better than Orca in terms of their location, ambiance, and scenic views. Orca restaurant in Rovinj lacks all these attributes.

It does not have fancy table settings or a famous chef in its kitchen, nor does it offer scenic seafront seating. In fact, it is situated in one of the worst locations among all restaurants in Rovinj. The restaurant is located on the main road, right after the big roundabout at the entrance of Rovinj.

Orca Rovinj, Grilled Calamari

The dining room is huge and unremarkable, and with two terraces, it easily accommodates 150 people. It overlooks its own parking.

However, none of these matters because food is the only reason people come to Orca. Restaurant Orca is a family-owned restaurant that has been around for almost 30 years.

Here are four reasons to eat at the Restaurant Orca in Rovinj, Croatia.

  • Traditional cuisine
  • Friendly Staff
  • Fair-sized portions
  • Convenience

Traditional cuisine

Orca restaurant is known for its delicious traditional Istrian cuisine. Their menu features typical Istrian dishes such as Istrian pasta (fuzi) with ox stew, truffles, or venison, Octopus salad, Scampi in white wine sauce (buzara), Veal or lamb roast (peka), and Grilled fish.

Restaurant Orca Rovinj, Croatia, Scampi

Many ingredients used in their dishes are locally sourced, ensuring freshness and authenticity in taste. The chefs at Orca have mastered the art of preparing traditional Istrian food, making it a must-visit destination for foodies.

Friendly staff

Orca is renowned for the friendliness of its staff. In a time when it is increasingly challenging to find and retain dedicated employees, Orca stands out with a team that has remained unchanged for years. Some have been with the company since the beginning, a testament to its strong work culture and employee satisfaction.

Moreover, the owners of Orca, now representing the second generation of the same family that manages the establishment., are also present and continue actively participating in the restaurant’s day-to-day operations.

Good-sized portions

Restaurant Orca, Rovinj, Prosciutto

At Orca Rovinj, you’ll never leave hungry. You can expect to get your money’s worth with Orca’s generous portions. Whether it’s pasta, seafood, or meat dishes, the servings satisfy your appetite and leave you content. This makes it an excellent choice for families with children or those seeking their money’s worth.


Located on the main road and with its own parking lot, Restaurant Orca offers convenience to its guests. Whether staying in Rovinj or just passing through, it’s easy to stop by and enjoy a delicious meal at Orca. Its proximity to popular tourist destinations makes it a great option for those looking to combine sightseeing with a tasty meal.

Final Verdict: Add Restaurant Orca Rovinj to Your Must-Visit List

Overall, Restaurant Orca Rovinj is a must-visit for anyone looking to experience the best traditional Istrian cuisine in a casual setting. With its fresh ingredients, generous portions, and convenient location, it’s no wonder that Orca has become a popular choice for locals and tourists alike. So next time you’re in Istria, stop by and indulge in some mouth-watering dishes at Restaurant Orca. You won’t be disappointed!

Our experience at Restaurant Orca Rovinj

We frequented Orca restaurant often, and while most of our meals were unforgettable, some were not up to par. It’s difficult to choose a specific experience to share, so we’ll describe the types of dishes you can expect instead.

Restaurant Orca, Rovinj, Crab salade

Orca is a popular spot for locals, whether for special occasions or a casual lunch of stuffed peppers and mashed potatoes. We’ve also enjoyed memorable seafood dinners and sampled incredible prosciutto, among the best we’ve had.

Restaurant Orca Rovinj, Outside

We come for the crab and scampi pasta or a simple crab salad in late winter, while early spring brings scrambled eggs with wild asparagus and prosciutto. At Orca, seafood is always fresh from the Adriatic, and their meat is prime grade and flavorful. They also offer spit-roasted lamb, lamb and veal peka, and other delicious dishes.

The service is exceptional, with friendly and knowledgeable staff who make you feel welcome.

During summer, however, the restaurant can get very busy, and the quality of ingredients, preparation, and service may suffer, but this is a common issue throughout Croatia.

Prices are affordable, but not cheap. You can expect to pay around 15€ for a plate of pasta, fish costs about 25€ per portion, steak is around 30€, while their house wine is around 15€ per liter.

If in Rovinj, make sure you eat at the restaurant Orca. It’s among the best restaurants in Rovinj to eat traditional Istrian dishes.

Have you been to the restaurant Orca? What’s your favorite restaurant in Rovinj? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Hi Frank,

    My partner and I would love to visit here! It is exactly the type of place that we are looking for.

    However, I cannot seem to find any information on how to reserve a table? Or do you not need one?

    My plan is to have a late lunch here before we explore more Rovinj at night. Is this a good idea or should we go for dinner and explore Rovinj first?

  2. Hi Yuri, so sorry to hear that. We eat often in Orca, and while in high season is nowhere close to off season experience, we still eat very good there. But we also mostly eat fish, shellfish and other seafood in Orca. We have only eaten veal peka once there, and while meat was very good, we found potatoes to be rather warmed up not cooked on order.

  3. Went here on your recommendation and we were slightly let down. The veal peka was pretty good but everything else was VERY off.
    Especially the fig “cheesecake”. I don’t know how this is considered cheesecake as it’s basically just a fig preserve pie. Seriously no cheese.
    Frank, we really love your blog but this review needs revising. It might be that a lot has changed since the original owner died 8 months ago and the restaurant is under new ownership.

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