Best Beaches In Dubrovnik | Croatia Beaches Guide

Dubrovnik beaches: where to swim in Dubrovnik

We don't usually hear many stories about Dubrovnik beaches. When thinking of Dubrovnik, we think about its historical town, eclectic bars, museums and its high prices. However, Dubrovnik is the southernmost town in Croatia, with lots of sunny days throughout the year, and swimming at one of many Dubrovnik beaches is one of the main activities people enjoy in Dubrovnik.

Best Beaches In Dubrovnik | Croatia Beaches Guide

Best Beaches In Dubrovnik | Croatia Beaches Guide

I said it many times before, but sometimes I like to repeat myself :), Croatian definition of a beach includes any area that people use to swim. Rocky beach is probably not how you imagine the beach. It is rather a rocky coast appropriate for cliff jumping, that may or may not have metal ladders to get you out of the sea. Dubrovnik is not an exemption from this rule. Although there are some pebble beaches in and around Dubrovnik (and even some sandy beaches!), many are just rocky areas people use to get in and out of the sea.

Dubrovnik Beaches: Banja Beach

Banje Beach is very close to Dubrovnik old town

Popular Dubrovnik beaches

Banje Beach is the most popular beach in Dubrovnik, especially among tourists. Its location is spot on. Banje is the closest beaches to the old town, just off Ploce Gate. There are about 100 stairs from the road to the beach (and as many going up after a day at the beach. Ouch!). The beach is made of small pebbles and gravel. Unless you are used to this kind of beach, you'll probably need a swimming shoes.

Banje beach is run by EastWest Beach Club. If you like to hang here, you'll need to rent a deck chair. But a deck chair will not buy you an admission to the toilets (you pay them separately, should you need them). You can also rent a sun umbrella, and beach towels. Drinks and food are available, as well as massages; additional charges apply. The small, rocky part of the beach is free for public (no need to rent anything in order to enjoy the beach!). Rocky area closer to the town is free, while the rest is run by EastWest Beach Club. If you want to hang on that part, you'll need to rent a deck chair.

Dubrovnik Beaches: Sv. Jakov Beach

Dubrovnik Beaches

Sv. Jakov Beach is located further uphill from Banje Beach. Once you pass Banje Beach just keep walking for another 15-20 minutes. Sv. Jakov beach is located very close to Hotel Villa Dubrovnik, a superb 5-star hotel. Being further from the old town, this beach is much less crowded than Banje Beach. You can still get a very nice view over the old town, and the island Lokrum.  The beach is pebble and rocky. There are lots of stairs to take to reach the beach. If you like a less crowded beach and you don't mind to walk a bit further, this is a nice beach in Dubrovnik to spend a day at. Don't forget to bring a lunch (you don't want to climb those stairs twice :). Kayak and jet ski rental available on the beach.

Dubrovnik Beaches: Cave Beach

Cave beach is maybe the most interesting beach in Dubrovnik

Betina Cave Beach is a small cave beach. This beach is a real gem. It's only reachable from the sea. The cave makes it nice and cool even during the hot summer days (this beach gets only few hours of sun a day). The pebbles are nice and rounded. The best way to explore this beach is to book one of the kayaking tours that stops here for swimming and relaxation. Although I must say kayaking tours have made this beach much busier that it used to be (and destroyed a bit of its charm).

Sulici Beach is the closest beach to the Pile Gate. This beach is not very popular (meaning also less crowds!), but the water is crystal clear, and the old town is just meters away. Sulici beach is very small and consists of cemented plateaus and small pebble beach.

Dubrovnik Beaches: Dance Beach

The oldest beach in Dubrovnik

Dance Beach is very popular among the locals. This is the oldest beach in Dubrovnik. You'll often see locals playing water polo at the beach.  It's located close to the Pile Gate, 200 m from the old town. The beach is mostly rocky. There is a nice monastery above the beach. The nuns ring the bells for all the ships that pass by.

Lapad Beach is the largest beach in Dubrovnik. It's located in Lapad Bay. There are lots of bars nearby, and many beach activities on offer for visitors. This beach is partly pebble, partly cemented and rocky. It's not my favorite beach. It looks a bit messy.

Copacabana beach is a nice pebble beach located below Valamar hotels. Copacabana beach is facing Dubrovnik bridge. This beach gets too crowded for my taste (lots of hotels and a camping nearby).

Dubrovnik Beaches: Sunj

Sandy beach Sunj on the island of Lopud

Sunj Beach is a sandy beach located on the island of Lopud, at the far end from the main village. This is one of the summer spots for the families. The beach is nice, sheltered, and not too crowded (although it can get busy). There are low key beach shack restaurants, a public toilet, and a small changing cabin at the beach. You can reach the beach by boat, on foot (from the village it's about 20 minutes long walk), and by taxi golf cart.

Have you swum at any of Dubrovnik beaches? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Patrick
    Patrick says:

    Lapad beach is dead. . This year, they have extended and “modernized” this nice little beach. The cosy bar / fish restaurant has been closed and pulled down, all trees and bushes have been ripped off and the “useful surface” doubled. Now, it’s concrete everywhere , ugly lines of loungers ( about 400 of them on an area as large as a football ground) , costing over 10 euros a day), posh and snobbish expensive restaurants, trendy cafes and loud music. I’ll never return !

  2. Bernard
    Bernard says:

    Hey Frank, thanks for all the useful info, very well done!
    I am intrigued by kumari beach and the slovenic hotel ruins. How is the beach itself? Any thoughts?

  3. Trudy
    Trudy says:

    Hi Frank. We are from New Zealand and will be visiting Croatia in July 2018. We have already been to Bol, Brac over 10 years ago and thoroughly loved it. This time we have children, aged 6 and 7 and would like to know the best places to go with children. Ideally we would like somewhere close to Split or Dubrovnik (happy to travel 1-2 hours) but would like a place with great beaches, lots of things to do for kids but at the same time with the beautiful history and architecture. Where would you suggest? Makarska riviera looks wonderful but does it have the architecture and history? Bol was lovely as it had a mix. Thanks for your help!

  4. Stephanie T.
    Stephanie T. says:

    We are vacationing in Dubrovnik first week of August. It’s my 60th birthday AND our 35th wedding anniversary.

    Can you recommend any sandy beaches
    And must see places/tours?
    Also some good restaurants for the special celebrations? Thank you

  5. Donna
    Donna says:

    Hi Frank,
    Our family of 4 (2adult daughters) will be visiting Split for 3 days and Dubrovnik for 3 days. Any suggestions? Which beaches are free and how is Copacabana beach? We will be staying on the peninsula in Dubrovnik.

  6. Mark
    Mark says:

    Good afternoon,

    I’m visiting Dubrovnik next week, could you give me advice on the best beaches to visit. Look forward to your views.



  7. Samantha
    Samantha says:

    Hi Frank, We’re heading to Dubrovnik in July. Would you recommend Sunjbeach as a good option for a family with young children? We are from Southern African, have never been to Croatia & prefer Sandy beaches. What would you suggest?

  8. NLM
    NLM says:

    HI Frank, thanks for this. I am in training for a Swim Trek in Montenegro later in June. I will be working in Croatia beforehand and saying in Lapad. My question is about swimming – the beaches are irrelevant. I will be using Lapad Bay as my training ground – I saw a photo on Google which suggest it is roped off so boats don’t go right into the bay – is this the case? Also do you know the distance of the circuit of Lapad Bay or across from one side to the other? Are you aware of any regular local simmers or swimming clubs?

  9. TomHarty
    TomHarty says:

    Hi Frank
    On our way from Ireland end May to 8th June to Dubrovnik, Planning on relaxed holiday close to sandy beaches!
    My wife and I would like to find a sailing boat with skipper for 3/4 days to explore local islands and coast. I am a young 68

    • Frank G
      Frank G says:

      Hi Sydney, thanks for stopping by. I believe that the sea won’t be worm enough in mid-May. But it all depends what you are used to. The temperature will probably be around 20 degrees C. Have fun in Dubrovnik, and let us know if we can help with anything.

  10. Ana Lynn
    Ana Lynn says:

    That’s one thing I have never done in my Croatian life: been to Dubrovnik. I joke around that it’s the cursed city for my family because my grandfather was there with his first wife for their honeymoon and got divorced; the same thing happened to my uncle and my mother. So I am staying clear of Dubrovnik for now :D. Although, maybe I am the one to break the “curse” since this is my second marriage.

  11. mon ika
    mon ika says:

    I am ready to swim 😀
    Your pics are just a confirmation! hehe

    Nice post. I did swim in Croatia in the sea in the month of Nov and seeing the weather here now, I am seriously getting to read to hop in 🙂 Am I crazy? Yes, always!

  12. Travis
    Travis says:

    Awesome guide! We really enjoyed Sv. Jakov beach…we stopped there after exploring the abandoned and destroyed Hotel Belvedere and it was fantastic. Since it was September there was only about 3 or 4 people there and it was a beautiful 30 degree afternoon. Banje was nice too, but pretty crowded (plus I hate when beaches are not “free”). We also found swimming near the city pretty enjoyable. Thanks for sharing!

    • Frank G
      Frank G says:

      Glad you’ve enjoyed it! It’s a bit busier during July /August, but nowhere as much as Banje Beach. I also have my personal policy for the beaches that are not “free” 🙂

  13. SJ @ Chasing the Donkey
    SJ @ Chasing the Donkey says:

    Ohhh so many more beaches for us to explore. I feel slack that we live here, and yery have not done any of these beaches. Thanks for this very handy list!


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