11 Best Dubrovnik beaches: where to swim in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik, the southernmost town in Croatia, is not only popular for its walled old town but also for the numerous beaches along its shoreline.

Dubrovnik not only attracts visitors with its cultural and historic patrimonial but also with a plethora of beautiful beaches in Dubrovnik.

Yet, when thinking of Dubrovnik, we tend to think about its medieval old town, city walls, museums, lovely restaurants, eclectic wine bars, and high prices.

The Best Dubrovnik Beaches, Illustration
The Best Dubrovnik Beaches, Illustration

But Dubrovnik is also a wonderful resort town and a great place to laze, relax and swim at many beaches in Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik is a great beach destination for those in search of a beach vacation in Croatia.

Whether you look for sandy, pebbly, or rocky beaches with ample cliff jumping opportunities, popular or off-the-beaten-path, family- or dog-friendly beaches, there are great beaches in Dubrovnik to satisfy different styles. 

Here, we share the best beaches in and around Dubrovnik! 

11 Top Beaches in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik offers a variety of beaches for you to choose from. Below, we list some popular Dubrovnik beaches and tips for a great beach holiday in Dubrovnik.

  • Banje Beach: Dubrovnik’s most popular beach, located near the old town
  • Porporela and Buza: Swimming spots within Dubrovnik’s old town
  • Sveti Jakov Beach: Perfect for sunset views.
  • Betina (Cave Beach): A small cave beach accessible only by sea.
  • Sulic Beach: A hidden gem near the old town and Pile Gate.
  • Dance Beach: The oldest local beach in Dubrovnik.
  • Lokrum Island Beaches: Ideal for cliff jumping.
  • Lapad Beach (Sunset Beach): The largest beach in Dubrovnik.
  • Copacabana Beach: The place to see and be seen, with cocktails and parties.
  • Coral Beach Club: A fancy beach with great views, loungers, and music.

You’ll also like to know that the majority of seaside hotels in Dubrovnik have dedicated beaches for their guests. If you are traveling with a dog, head to Mandrac Beach, the only officially dog-friendly beach in Dubrovnik.

1. Banje Beach

Banje Beach
Banje beach is a nice pebbly beach near the old town

Banje Beach is the most popular beach in Dubrovnik, especially among tourists. Its location is spot on! Banje is the closest beach to the old town, only 350 m from the Ploce Gate, or about a 4-minute walk.

It is a beautiful pebbly beach with an old town as a unique and beautiful backdrop. 

There are about 100 stairs from the road to the beach (and as many going up after a day at the beach. Ouch!). 

The EastWest Beach Club runs the part of the beach. They keep their deck chairs spread out along the central part of the beach. And, sure, if you want to use them, you need to pay. The same goes for the sun umbrellas and beach towels. Drinks and food are available, as well as massages and toilets. Additional charges apply.

The small, rocky part of the beach closer to the town is accessible for the public (no need to rent anything in order to enjoy the beach!).

See it on the map!

2. Porporela

Porporela Breakwater in Dubrovnik
Porporela breakwater and St. John fortress

Porporela, a breakwater and the lighthouse in Dubrovnik’s old harbor, is also an excellent place for a quick swim in the old town of Dubrovnik. It is one of the two swimming spots within the walled town. The other one is Buza Beach.

A cemented platform, metal ladder steps to access the sea, a bar, a water polo field, and friendly locals are all you will find at Porporela.

If you feel like taking a dip in the Adriatic while exploring Dubrovnik’s walled city, Porporela is the place to go. 

See it on the map.

3. Buza Beach

Buza Beach Dubrovnik
Buza Beach is a great spot for a quick swim in the old town of Dubrovnik

This beach is not really a beach but rather a series of cliffs and cemented platforms with metal ladder stairs that ease access in and out of the sea. 

However, it’s another convenient place for a quick dip in the Adriatic while roaming Dubrovnik’s old town.

Have a drink in the popular cliff bar of the same name once you get out of the water.  

Location on map.

4. Sv. Jakov Beach

Sveti Jakov Beach
A lovely pebbly beach Sveti Jakov

Sveti Jakov Beach (Saint Jacob Beach) is located further down from Banje Beach, perhaps another 15-20 minutes walk.

The beach is located very close to the Hotel Villa Dubrovnik, a superb 5-star hotel. Being further from the old town, this beach is much less crowded. 

You still get nice views over the old town and Lokrum Island. Sveti Jakov Beach is a perfect beach in Dubrovnik for sunsets. 

If you like a less crowded beach and don’t mind walking a bit further, this is one of the good beaches in Dubrovnik to spend a day. 

The beach is pebbly and rocky. Reaching Sveti Jakov Beach takes 163 stairs, so it is a beach for fit people. 

Kayak and jet ski rentals are available on the beach, as well as snacks and drinks, deck chairs, and sun umbrellas. 

Location on the map!

5. Betina Cave Beach

Betina Cave Beach
A small cave beach in Dubrovnik from the sea

Betina, better known among tourists as a Cave Beach, is a small cave beach, only reachable from the sea. This is the most unusual beach in Dubrovnik. 

The cave makes it nice and cool even during the hot summer days (this beach gets only a few hours of sun a day). The pebbles are nice and rounded. 

The best way to explore Cave Beach is to book one of the kayaking tours that stop here for swimming and relaxation.

Although, sea kayaking tours have made this beach much busier than it used to be (and destroyed a bit of its charm). You can read about the kayaking experience in Dubrovnik on our blog.

See Betina Beach on the map!

6. Sulic Beach

Beach Sulic
Photo credit: Ala Mizerija Beach Bar

Sulic Beach is only 400 m or a 5-minute walk from Dubrovnik’s old town. Along with Banje and Dance, it is the closest beach to the old town. This small hidden beach is a real gem popular among locals.

Although the water here is crystal clear, and the old town is just meters away, Sulic Beach remains less popular and less crowded. 

The Sulic beach is very small, consisting of cemented plateaus and a small pebbly beach. It is a great beach for snorkeling and has some good jumping spots. 

The facilities include two beach bars, Ala Mizerija and Dodo Beach Bar, as well as kayak rental.

Location on the map!

7. Dance Beach

Dance Beach, Dubrovnik
A cemented platform at the Dance Beach

Dance Beach is the oldest beach in Dubrovnik and one of the most popular Dubrovnik beaches among the locals. The beach is only 800 m, about a 10-minute walk from the old town.

Here locals come for a swim but also to play water polo. Water polo is the single most popular sport in Dubrovnik. You will see water polo fields at many beaches in Dubrovnik. 

Dance Beach is located close to the Pile Gate, 200 m from the old town. The beach is mostly rocky. There is a nice monastery above the beach.

The nuns ring the bells for all the ships that pass by. Also, on the way to the beach, you pass by Gradac Park. Here you can get a nice view of the Lovrijenac Fortress.

A small beach shack serves drinks during the summer. Other facilities include showers and toilets. Dogs are tolerated at Dance Beach.

See it on the map!

8. Lokrum Island Beaches

Lokrum Island, Cliffs and Sea Kayaks
Hugh rocks along the coast of Lokrum

Lokrum Island has many beaches along its shores, including a nude beach at the southern tip of the island. The island of Lokrum is a popular spot for swimming in Dubrovnik for locals and tourists alike. Beaches here are mostly rocky – large rocks sit just above the sea and have various heights and layers that provide some privacy. 

Lokrum Island is the best place in Dubrovnik for cliff jumping! Actually, water shoes and cliff jumping are a must for swimmers at Lokrum Island beaches!

There are outdoor showers and a couple of beach bars hidden in the woods. You can reach Lokrum by boat. The boat departs every half an hour from the old port. The ticket costs €27 ($29.70, £23.30) per adult and €5 ($5.50, £4.30) for children from 5 to 18 years of age. Children below 5 are free of charge.

The island is a nature reserve covered in lush vegetation, primarily pines, cypresses, and various Mediterranean shrubs. It offers a few other attractions besides swimming. 

You can hike to the tower at the top of the island. 360° views are incredible, especially over the old town of Dubrovnik. A small botanical garden with roaming peacocks and wild rabbits is lovely. The Benedictine monastery keeps GoT’s Iron Throne replica and information about filming. The saltwater lake or Lokrum’s own Dead Sea, is another highlight of the island. Because of its high concentration of salt, here you float more than usual.

Location on the map!

9. Lapad Beach (Sunset Beach)

Located in Lapad Bay, Lapad Beach, also known as Sunset Beach, is the largest beach in Dubrovnik. As its name implies,  this is an excellent beach in Dubrovnik for sunsets. 

The beach is partly pebble, partly cemented, and rocky. It has all facilities: changing cabins, deck chairs, sun umbrellas rental, children’s playground, beach volleyball terrain, etc. There are lots of bars nearby, and many beach activities. It is a perfect beach for families with children because of all the facilities, easy sea access, and lots of activities for kids. 

You can easily reach this beach on foot if you are staying in one of many hotels in the Lapad peninsula. Or, you can also take bus no. 4 from the Pile bus stop in the old town towards the Hotel Palace. Get off at the stop Lapadski Dvori, near the hotels Komodor, Uvala, and Grand Hotel Park.

A 500m-long car-free promenade from Ulica Kralja Tomislava Street is lined with cafe bars, ice cream parlors, restaurants, and swimwear shops. This small area of Dubrovnik reminds me completely of any small beach town in Croatia. You even forget for the moment that you are in Dubrovnik, as there is a complete change of scenery and vibe.

This car-free seaside promenade continues from Lapad Bay and its beach to the Babin Kuk area, past hotels More, Neptun, and Royal, all the way to Valamar Hotels and the Copacabana beach. 

If you decide to take this walk, we highly recommend you stop at the Cave Bar More. It is a unique bar to have a drink. If you like sweets, the Pastry & Cocktail Bar Slatki Kantun, also in the Hotel More, is a must!

Find Sunset Beach on the map!

10. Copacabana Beach

Located in the Babin Kuk area, just beneath the hotel Valamar Club Dubrovnik, Copacabana Beach is a nice pebbly beach in a sheltered bay. 

There is an attractive beach bar at one side with fancy deck chairs and private white cabanas, towel service, sun umbrellas, DJ music, and unfortunately shaky service and overpriced drinks, food, and rental equipment. 

Copacabana Beach is the place to be if you want to see and be seen, sip cocktails, and party. The beach gets crowded with locals and tourists alike.

However, you can still enjoy the beach without all the fancy extras. Just drop your towel anywhere and have drinks and food with you.

If you are staying in the Lapad peninsula or in Babin Kuk, you can reach the beach on foot. From the old town, take bus number 6 towards Babin Kuk and get off at the second-last bus stop (Dulcica 3).

See this beach on the map!

11. Coral Beach Club

Coral Beach Club in Dubrovnik at sunset
Photo credit: Coral Beach Club

A fancy beach club located between Sunset and Copacabana beaches, Coral Beach Club is a fancy beach bar with a lovely beach, great views, comfortable loungers, food and drinks service, and non-stop music. There is a small pier from where people jump and rocky shores just next to the beach. 

This is a good beach in Dubrovnik for young groups and couples. Food and drinks are pricey, and the service is slow sometimes. However, the food is good, the shingle beach is nice, the sunbeds are comfortable, and the sunsets are stunning. 

Find it on the map!

Best beaches around Dubrovnik

If you have extra time, venture out of town and explore the beaches near Dubrovnik. These beaches, just a short car or bus ride from Dubrovnik’s Old Town, offer more affordable prices for drinks, food, and beach rentals compared to Dubrovnik’s beaches. They also have a more local feel.

Find below the amazing beaches near Dubrovnik!

  • Sunj Beach on Lopud Island: If you’re looking for sandy beaches, this is the place to be!
  • Vrbica Beach: Among the most secluded beaches in Dubrovnik.
  • Stikovica Beach: Great local beach with a beach bar and a restaurant
  • Veliki Zal: A beautiful pebbly beach with good facilities.
  • Kupari Beach: A beautiful beach below the abandoned Kupari Resort that has an interesting history.
  • Srebreno Beach and Mlini Beach: Excellent beaches for families with children.
  • Plat Beach: Quiet and secluded with lots of shade and good facilities.
  • Luka Cilipi Beach: A rocky beach with a clean sea, cliff jumping, and a beach bar.
  • Pasjaca Beach: The most photographed Dubrovnik beach, known for its dramatic looks.

Get ready to explore these stunning beaches and make unforgettable memories!

1. Sunj Beach

Sandy Beach Sunj on Lopud Island
Sunj is a lovely sandy beach Dubrovnik

If you are looking for Dubrovnik sandy beaches, Sunj Beach on Lopud Island is where you should be heading! Sunj Beach is actually the only sandy beach in Dubrovnik, or rather near Dubrovnik. 

It is located on the uninhabited bay of the island of Lopud, on the opposite side of the only village on the island. The beach is popular among tourists and locals alike. Sunj Beach is among the best beaches for kids in Dubrovnik due to its shallow bottom and sandy sea bed.

The beach is nice, sheltered, and not too crowded (although it can get busy). There are low-key beach shack restaurants, a public toilet, and a small changing cabin at the beach. You can reach the beach by boat, on foot (from the village, it’s about a 20-minute long walk), and by golf cart. Many residents offer a transfer service from the village to the beach.

When you are already on the island, stop at the restaurant Obala, locally known as Kod Frke, and taste their yummy seafood stew (buzara locally).

Find Sunj Beach on Google Maps!

2. Vrbica Beach

Vrbica Beach is a small pebbly beach 8 km northwest of Dubrovnik’s old town. You can take any of the following buses to reach the beach: 12 to Slano, 15 to Ston, 21 to Orebic, 22 to Imotica, 26 to Majkovi, and 35 to Brsecine.

However, none of the buses stop right next to the beach. Instead, you will need to walk a bit on the main road in order to reach the beach.

If you take your car there, the parking is along the main road, and it is limited in the high season. You can reach the beach exclusively on foot from the main road.

This limited access makes Vrbica a quiet and serene beach, never crowded. There are no services at the beach, no beach bar, changing cabins, or showers. Vrbica Beach is one of the most secluded beaches in and around Dubrovnik. 

Location on the map!

3. Stikovica Beach

People sunbathing at the Stikovica Beach near Dubrovnik
Photo credit: Steven Feather via Flickr

Stikovica is another nice beach in the Zaton area that is popular among locals. The beach is a bit down the road from Vrbica Beach, 10 km northwest of the Pile Gate. It has easier access compared with Vrbica, and it has more facilities. It is also more crowded.

You can rent beach chairs as well as sun umbrellas. There is also a bar on the beach. In Stikovica, you can plan a nice lunch or dinner at the Tavern Veranda, a local restaurant serving great food for reasonable prices.

This beach mainly gets busy in the afternoon because many local families from Dubrovnik come here to refresh and swim after work. 

Take bus no 12, 15, 21, 22, 26, or 35 to reach Stikovica Beach. If you visit by car, remember that parking is limited in the high season.

See Stikovica Beach on Google Maps!

4. Veliki Zal Beach

This is the last beach on our list that is located northwest of Dubrovnik, along the Dubrovnik Riviera.

Veliki Zal is a beautiful pebbly beach with good facilities located along D8 road, 25 km northwest of Dubrovnik. Although local buses pass by this beach, they don’t have a scheduled stop there. So, to reach this beach, you will need your transport.

Since the only way to reach this beach is by your transport, the beach isn’t very crowded during the week. On weekends it gets busier with locals. 

There is a parking area above the beach and a limited number of places down there. The beach has good facilities, including sun loungers and parasols rental, various water sports, including kayak and jet ski rental, as well as a full-service beach bar serving drinks and a variety of snacks. The prices are much more reasonable than in town. You can get a chair and a sun umbrella for less than 10€ daily.

See it on the map!

5. Kupari Beach

Kupari is a lovely beach beneath the Kupari Resort with an exciting history. A former military resort from the 1960s, Kupari Resort, is still in ruins today. This decline started in the 90s during the Homeland War when the Yugoslav Army even used phosphorus bombs to burn all resort’s properties floor by floor. Anyways, even today, the Kupari Resort remains in ruins, and nature is claiming back all buildings.

The Kupari Beach is nice, composed of tiny sand-like pebbles, and super popular. Also, when swimming at this Dubrovnik beach, you’ll witness the most unique backdrop of facades full of missile holes.

Deck chairs and sun umbrellas rental is available, and hiring both costs less than 10€. You can also rent a sunbed with a palm umbrella. There is also a beach bar serving drinks and some basic food. Ample parking is free of charge. 

You can easily reach this beach from Dubrovnik on bus no 10, 11, 16, 16A, 23A, 25, 27, and 38. The beach is 10 km southeast of Dubrovnik.

Location on the map!

6. Srebreno Beach

Srebreno Beach
Aerial view of the Srebreno Beach | Photo credit: xbrchx via Depositphotos

Srebreno, just like Kupari, occupies a neighboring bay and is located in the village of Srebreno, 11 km southeast of Dubrovnik.

The beach spreads from the Hotel Sheraton Riviera to Mlini Beach. The beach is nice and pebbly, long but narrow. There are changing cabins and showers with fresh water on the beach.

It’s popular among locals and tourists, and it gets easily crowded in the high season. Trees on one side of the beach make enough shade. There are also beach bars and bistros along the promenade that encircles the beach. Various water sports are also available. 

Srebreno Beach is an excellent beach for families with children because of easy access, shallow water, a seabed made of almost sand-like fine pebbles, and lots of facilities. 

You can easily reach this beach from Dubrovnik on bus no 10, 11, 16, 16A, 23A, 25, 27, and 38. 

Here is Srebreno Beach on the map!

7. Mlini Beach

Mlini Beach
Nice pebbly beach in the small resort town of Mlini

Mlini is a small lovely coastal village with all the necessary tourist facilities, like the grocery and souvenir stores, bars, restaurants, and an array of accommodations, including a lovely 4-star hotel and villas Mlini, right at the seafront.

There are a couple of pebbly beaches in Mlini. But, the most exciting and most beautiful is the small beach Mlini at the far end of the village towards Srebreno.

This beach is made of tiny pebbles and offers easy and shallow access to the sea. The beach itself isn’t shaded, but there is plenty of shade at the rocks at either end of the beach, as well as above the promenade.

Bars, restaurants, and ice cream parlors are all in the vicinity. Buses no 10, 11, 16, 16A, 23A, 25, 27, and 38 will get you there in a short time. The beach is 11 km southeast of Dubrovnik.

Check the Mlini Beach location on the map!

8. Plat Beach

Smokvjenac Plat Beach
Photo credit: Apartment 4M

If you continue driving southeast along this coastal road, a bit further away, 14 km from Dubrovnik, you will arrive at the beach Plat. The beach is located just at the edge of the village of the same name.

Plat is easily one of the best beaches in Dubrovnik. It is a quiet, secluded, pebbly beach with lots of shade in the back and good facilities in the vicinity. Parking is also convenient, within 100 m of the beach. But in the high season, the number of parking places is limited.

In the vicinity, you will find a few other beaches, like the beach Pod Maslovom and beach Bucanj, which are also nice.

Buses 10, 11, 16,  25, 27, and 38 will get you to Plat. Check the location on Google Maps!

You can also reach Mlini, Srebreno, Kupari, and Plat by boat. You can find a schedule and prices here.

9. Luka Cilipi

This small rocky beach is popular among locals from Cavtat and surrounding villages. You won’t find too many tourists here. The sea is crystal clear, the rocks perfect for cliff jumping, and the small beach bar is a great place to chill throughout the day.

The car parking isn’t far away from the beach. However, you will need to walk. And it is rather a steep walk from the parking to the beach and vice versa.

Find Luka Cilipi Beach on Google maps!

10. Pasjaca Beach

Pasjaca Beach in Popovici near Dubrovnik
Pasjaca Beach in Popovici near Dubrovnik

Pasjaca Beach is 30 km southeast of Dubrovnik. In recent years, due to its dramatic and super Instagrammable looks, it has become especially popular among tourists.

The beach is accessible by a set of pathways and stairs carved into the side of the hill. It is steep in some places and not recommended for small kids or if you have difficulties walking. During WWII, people dug tunnels and kept throwing stones over the hill. Eventually, the sea crushed the stones and formed this wonderful beach.

Pasjaca beach is small, and it gets crowded. It doesn’t have any facilities or shade. And, to be completely honest, I haven’t felt 100% safe staying there for a long time as it seemed to me that the rocks could start rolling from above at any time.

Here is Pasjaca’s location on a map!

Dog-friendly beaches in Dubrovnik

Mandrac Beach is the only dog-friendly beach in Dubrovnik. The beach is small, without shade, but it provides easy access to the sea, showers for dogs, and parking. It is really the only designated beach for dogs in Dubrovnik. 

You can also bring your furry friends for a swim at some other Dubrovnik beaches, but these beaches aren’t official dog beaches. Thus, other swimmers might complain. These beaches include Boninovo, Gradac, and Dance Beach. 

Hotels Beaches in Dubrovnik 

Besides the Dubrovnik beaches mentioned above, many hotels in Dubrovnik with direct sea access have dedicated beaches for their guests. 

Hotel Bellevue is located above a lovely beach made of fine pebbles in a sheltered bay. A small part of the beach is designated for hotel guests, while the rest is free for public use. Cliffs surround the beach and provide some good rocks for cliff diving. A lovely small sea cave near the beach is interesting to swim into and explore. There are a lot of stairs to reach the beach.

Guests of the Valamar President Hotel will like to know that a fully serviced half-moon-shaped pebble beach is right in front of the hotel with direct elevator access. Here, canopy sun loungers, towel service, watersports, diving center, beach bar, and Miramare restaurant are all available for an extra fee.

The beach of Hotel Excelsior consists of a paved deck with comfy sun loungers and sun umbrellas, table-side service, and the coolest and most photographed natural outdoor pool carved into the rocks.

A beach at Villa Dubrovnik is private, consisting of various paved patios with deck chairs, sun umbrellas, beachside service, and lovely views over Dubrovnik’s old town. The metal ladder provides easy access to the sea. 

Where to find the best beaches in Dubrovnik: Location on the map

Dubrovnik Beaches Tips Before You Go

In order to get the most out of your day swimming in Dubrovnik, we would like to share a few more tips with you. Find below our suggestions on things to bring to the Dubrovnik beach as well as our recommendation of the best Dubrovnik beach hotels.

A packing list for Dubrovnik beaches

If you wonder what to bring to the beach in Dubrovnik, you are in a good place. We’ll cover a few items we think are essential or can be handy to have with you whether you plan to spend a day, a half-day, or just a couple of hours at the beach.

Water Shoes

I usually use my Crocks for getting into the water. But the truth is they float a lot and not everybody will find them comfortable. Vera, on the other hand, has a beautiful Crocs LiteRide sandals. They are comfortable to go into the water and don’t float as much as standard crocs. But, they do come with elastic stripes and these seem to wear off quickly in the water.

View on Amazon


Sunscreen almost goes without saying! With everything we know today about the danger the UV rays can cause to our skin, we can’t ignore the need to use sunscreen when in the sun.

Look for a sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30, higher if your skin is extremely pale. We recommend CeraVe Sunscreen SPF 50. It is 100% mineral, and it contains ceramides and hyaluronic acid.

Beach mat or inflatable bed

While you can rent a deck chair at many Dubrovnik beaches, some of you might find it pricey, and some pricey (like 65 € expensive). Anyway, one thing is sure, Croatian beaches (and Dubrovnik is no different) ask for something soft to sit or lay on.

I don’t know about you, but I am done with being uncomfortable and sitting on the rocks all day long. I always bring a hammock to the beach, but in the majority of beaches in Dubrovnik, this isn’t a viable option as you won’t find a place to hang it.

Instead opt for a simple mat, the softer the better. I wouldn’t go with those nylon mats, because they are only good to keep sand away. You better go with a yoga mat, or even better an inflatable lounger air chair.

Beach towel

Without a doubt, the best beach towel needs to be fast-drying and lightweight and compact, so you can easily pack it and carry around. The best travel towels are microfiber towels. They simply tick all the boxes that a traveler might ask for. Lightweight, easy to dry, absorbent, compact, soft, warm. They are so versatile that we can’t imagine traveling without one. The microfiber towel makes a perfect travel companion.

We recommend the Shandali microfiber travel towel.

Beach chair

If you travel by car and you visit the beach with parking in the vicinity, then the best is to bring a small and foldable beach chair. They are easy to carry and offer maximum comfort. We don’t live far from the beach, and in summer we spend many days by the sea. We always carry two beach chairs and a cooler with the food. Some of the best dinners we had were our beach picnic dinners!

Check out this lightweight multicolor foldable beach chair!


It’s not always easy to find proper shade on beaches in Dubrovnik. And when you have a beach that offers shaded parts, these areas get taken first. That’s why the best way to protect yourself from the strong summer sun is to wear a hat.

As a navigation officer, I have spent lots of time on the sea in the sun, and I have very photodamaged skin. This is the reason, a few years ago, my dermatologist urged me to protect my skin and to wear a hat. And that’s exactly what I do now.

I like a straw hat boater and have one for the beach. I also have a lightweight canvas hat that’s easier to wear in everyday situations. For women, we recommend this lovely straw hat with a foldable brim or this stylish Scala cotton hat that comes in over 30 different colors.


Some people can’t stand wearing sunglasses. However, we are a complete opposite. We can’t imagine going out without them. Anyways, no visit to the beach is complete without a pair of sunglasses. We both have a pair of Persol sunglasses, and can’t recommend them enough. Persol is one of the few brands that still use crystal lenses.

View on Amazon!


Unless you plan to visit Lokrum nude beach, you’ll need a swimming suit to swim in Dubrovnik. The best is to bring two swimming suits, so you can change and stay dry between the swims.

Check these stylish retro swimming suits: COCOSHIP Retro 50s two-piece high waist swimming suit and COCOSHIP Retro One Piece Backless Swimsuit.

For guys, we recommend these quick-drying Kanu Surf Men’s Barracuda Swim Trunks that come in many colors and two lengths – standard and extended.

Swimsuit cover-up

Swimsuit cover-up is handy for a couple of reasons. It is easy to throw over you if you decide to take a walk on the beach or go for a drink. Sure, you can do it in your swimsuit but you might feel more comfortable getting something to partly cover you. Besides, it adds an extra level of sun protection!

We like this breezy, comfy, and quick-drying Jeasona women’s bathing suit cover-up. It comes in many colors.

Waterproof phone case

We like a lot Better safe than sorry saying. We bring it up in order to help you decide whether you need to invest in a waterproof phone case or not. So, before taking your phone to the beach, think about that saying!

This JOTO Universal Waterproof Pouch not only protects your phone but the clear window on both sides also allows you to use it for the awesome underwater shots. You can easily use the touch screen through the case.

Portable charger

Unbelievable, but the day at the beach drains the phone battery quickly. We both read e-books on our phones, plus we always take a few photos here and there, and we also often listen to the podcasts. For this reason, we both have portable chargers.

If you plan on bringing a portable charger to a beach in Dubrovnik, we recommend you go for size, weight, and portability rather than max performance. When traveling you need to keep your luggage size down.

Check this Anker PowerCore+ Mini on Amazon!

Beach Hotels in Dubrovnik

There are many hotels in Dubrovnik on the beach. They offer facilities like a designated beach for hotel guests with sun loungers and sun umbrellas, towel service, water activities, evening entertainment, swimming pools, massage and spa center, and all other perks you could expect in any summer resort.

The best Dubrovnik beach hotels are in the Lapad and Babin Kuk areas. Here you’ll find all the big Croatian hotel chains like Valamar Hotels & Resorts, Royal Hotels & Resort, Maestral Hotels, and Adriatic Luxury Hotels.

Here is our list of recommended Dubrovnik beach hotels.

Valamar President Hotel

Valamar President Hotel

We like Valamar President hotel because it’s perhaps the most low-key 5-star property in Dubrovnik. The hotel lies directly at the beachfront. The Valamar President Hotels is a hillside property with the entrance at the street level, but all rooms are actually on the lower levels. All rooms face the sea and have spacious balconies with small roof gardens.

The hotel has a private quiet beach with the first-class service for its guests. Sun loungers, umbrellas, canopy beds, and beach towels are free of charge for hotel guests. There is also an occasional daytime and evening entertainment program. A beach bar and restaurant Miramare serves drinks and light snacks.

Just 200 m from the hotel beach, you can also enjoy Coral Beach Club, as well as the infamous Copacabana beach that’s 300 m from the hotel.

Valamar President Hotel is also the only 5-star property that offers a half-board meal plan. All others offer breakfast-only.

It is also one of the most affordable 5-star hotels in Dubrovnik.


Hotel More

Hotel More great beach hotel in Dubrovnik

This independent boutique hotel, located right at the seafront in Lapad Bay, features 77 rooms, 8 suites, two well-maintained swimming pools, a really great pastry, and cocktail bar Slatki kantun, and a unique Cave bar, a bar carved into a natural cave under the hotel.

The guests also like the hotel More for their friendly service throughout the hotel, quiet location, and beautiful scenery. A majority of rooms have a balcony, and many are overlooking the sea.


Hotel Kompas

Hotels in Dubrovnik on the beach, Hotel Kompas

A lovely 4-star property with contemporary design has a superb seafront location overlooking Lapad beach. Rooms are spacious featuring modern furnishings, comfy beds, well-equipped bathrooms, and excellent soundproofing. It’s worth paying more for a sea-facing room with a balcony.

The indoor spa is small but luxurious. The hotel also features an indoor and outdoor swimming pool.


Have you swum at any of Dubrovnik beaches? Let us know in the comments below!


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22 thoughts on “11 Best Dubrovnik beaches: where to swim in Dubrovnik, Croatia”

  1. Lapad beach is dead. . This year, they have extended and “modernized” this nice little beach. The cosy bar / fish restaurant has been closed and pulled down, all trees and bushes have been ripped off and the “useful surface” doubled. Now, it’s concrete everywhere , ugly lines of loungers ( about 400 of them on an area as large as a football ground) , costing over 10 euros a day), posh and snobbish expensive restaurants, trendy cafes and loud music. I’ll never return !

  2. Hey Frank, thanks for all the useful info, very well done!
    I am intrigued by kumari beach and the slovenic hotel ruins. How is the beach itself? Any thoughts?

  3. Hi Frank. We are from New Zealand and will be visiting Croatia in July 2018. We have already been to Bol, Brac over 10 years ago and thoroughly loved it. This time we have children, aged 6 and 7 and would like to know the best places to go with children. Ideally we would like somewhere close to Split or Dubrovnik (happy to travel 1-2 hours) but would like a place with great beaches, lots of things to do for kids but at the same time with the beautiful history and architecture. Where would you suggest? Makarska riviera looks wonderful but does it have the architecture and history? Bol was lovely as it had a mix. Thanks for your help!

  4. We are vacationing in Dubrovnik first week of August. It’s my 60th birthday AND our 35th wedding anniversary.

    Can you recommend any sandy beaches
    And must see places/tours?
    Also some good restaurants for the special celebrations? Thank you

  5. Hi Frank,
    Our family of 4 (2adult daughters) will be visiting Split for 3 days and Dubrovnik for 3 days. Any suggestions? Which beaches are free and how is Copacabana beach? We will be staying on the peninsula in Dubrovnik.

  6. Good afternoon,

    I’m visiting Dubrovnik next week, could you give me advice on the best beaches to visit. Look forward to your views.



  7. Hi Frank, We’re heading to Dubrovnik in July. Would you recommend Sunjbeach as a good option for a family with young children? We are from Southern African, have never been to Croatia & prefer Sandy beaches. What would you suggest?

  8. HI Frank, thanks for this. I am in training for a Swim Trek in Montenegro later in June. I will be working in Croatia beforehand and saying in Lapad. My question is about swimming – the beaches are irrelevant. I will be using Lapad Bay as my training ground – I saw a photo on Google which suggest it is roped off so boats don’t go right into the bay – is this the case? Also do you know the distance of the circuit of Lapad Bay or across from one side to the other? Are you aware of any regular local simmers or swimming clubs?

  9. Hi Frank
    On our way from Ireland end May to 8th June to Dubrovnik, Planning on relaxed holiday close to sandy beaches!
    My wife and I would like to find a sailing boat with skipper for 3/4 days to explore local islands and coast. I am a young 68

  10. Hi Sydney, thanks for stopping by. I believe that the sea won’t be worm enough in mid-May. But it all depends what you are used to. The temperature will probably be around 20 degrees C. Have fun in Dubrovnik, and let us know if we can help with anything.

  11. For some reason Lapad beach doesn’t fit us. Maybe because of all the kiosks, and just the general feel.

  12. That’s one thing I have never done in my Croatian life: been to Dubrovnik. I joke around that it’s the cursed city for my family because my grandfather was there with his first wife for their honeymoon and got divorced; the same thing happened to my uncle and my mother. So I am staying clear of Dubrovnik for now :D. Although, maybe I am the one to break the “curse” since this is my second marriage.

  13. I am ready to swim :D
    Your pics are just a confirmation! hehe

    Nice post. I did swim in Croatia in the sea in the month of Nov and seeing the weather here now, I am seriously getting to read to hop in :-) Am I crazy? Yes, always!

  14. Glad you’ve enjoyed it! It’s a bit busier during July /August, but nowhere as much as Banje Beach. I also have my personal policy for the beaches that are not “free” :)

  15. Awesome guide! We really enjoyed Sv. Jakov beach…we stopped there after exploring the abandoned and destroyed Hotel Belvedere and it was fantastic. Since it was September there was only about 3 or 4 people there and it was a beautiful 30 degree afternoon. Banje was nice too, but pretty crowded (plus I hate when beaches are not “free”). We also found swimming near the city pretty enjoyable. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Ohhh so many more beaches for us to explore. I feel slack that we live here, and yery have not done any of these beaches. Thanks for this very handy list!

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