Dubrovnik, we are taking a break

It is official, and I decided to say it out loud – Dubrovnik, we are taking a break. The town won’t miss me. It’s not like I am important or anything. But on my side, I won’t miss Dubrovnik either. Dubrovnik, I’m breaking up with you! The relationship hasn’t worked from the very beginning. But you are one of the finest and most beautiful towns I’ve seen. For that reason I gave you more chances than you probably deserved. Besides, I had my eye on Split for a while. And now with a new highway all the way to Ploce, and no borders to cross, I can reach Split in less time than Dubrovnik. It’s definitely time to take a break.

Dubrovnik, we are taking a break
Town gates get really crowded during the summer months

In retrospect: you are really getting too crowded. Gosh, in summertime there is a traffic police for people at your town gates. The food in the old town is, to put it nicely, mediocre (respect to few places that try to keep it up). The drinks cost double, and sometimes triple to what we normally pay in Croatia. And they don’t come with an exceptional service. They don’t make for a memorable experience. Shops are just not worth a mention. The last time I actually entered one, the saleswoman screamed on a customer for not having a change. Is that really a job of a customer?

I still love walking your town walls. I still love taking photos of your marvelous details. I still love the views over the old town. I still love your rooftops. But as I said, this is getting old and I need a break. This will also help me save a lot of money. You kept ripping me off. Three coffees and a glass of sparkling wine for 14 euros. Really?! Four sandwiches and four bottles of water another 28 euros?! In Split we had an entire lunch with drinks for that money. This is so not cool.

I might be back. I really liked you a lot. But I definitely need a break. So, here it is, we are officially on a break.


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13 thoughts on “Dubrovnik, we are taking a break”

  1. Hi Lulu, I think that Split would be perfect for a young couple as yourself. It’s fun, affordable and has lots of great little restaurants and bars. You can hike the Marjan Hill, or visit the Krka waterfalls for the great hikes. Nearby Omis has also lots of things to do for adventure seeking travelers (rock climbing, zip-lining, rafting). The only downside of Split – it’s crowded (but It can be a good thing too).

  2. WHAT would you recommend someone (young 25-year old couple who love good food, dancing and drinking, hiking and sailing?) where would you tell us to go?

  3. Hi Jen, thanks for stopping by and for your comment. We love Cavtat. We actually go often there when we are in the area, just for a stroll and a drink by the sea. Yes, 3.00 am can be a safe time to enjoy Stradun :-)

  4. I’m American, husband is from Dubrovnik (actually Cavtat, south of Dbv.) We live in the U.S. but visit home almost every summer, and boy do we hear ya! So sad that it’s rediculously expensive, and sooo busy, especially for locals! Glad people enjoy a visit, but it’s becoming a big tourist trap that makes running simple errands a difficult task! However, there are still many beautiful places to see and less expensive restaurants to visit around the dubrovnik area! In my opinion it’s still worth a visit, but save your stroll down Stradun in old town for 3am!

  5. Hi Heather, if you don’t like crowd, choose definitely spring or fall. It’s lovely town to visit. Just a bit expensive compared with the rest of Croatia. And really crowded at certain times of the year.

  6. Yikes, that’s frightening! I experienced some serious crowds during my two years in China and have no interest in encountering them elsewhere. Should I ever go to Dubrovnik, it will be in the off season!

  7. Hi Arie, thanks for stopping by. I love Dubrovnik, but just noticed lately that I don’t enjoy it that much anymore. What do you think about Split?

  8. Good article, I’m afraid it will only get worse though. When I first got there you could have half a liter of beer near the city walls with view of the Adriatic for less than 2 euros. Now they turned it into some fancy jazzy place and you pay almost 4 euros for a tiny bottle of beer. In the summer it´s really much too crowded in the Old Town, it is beautiful but to enjoy it you should avoid it between June and September.

  9. Oooo, I need to browse more on your page (I am new here :-) to find THOSE places in Istria with little cookies and olives etc! I haven’t found those!

  10. Hi Monika, Dubrovnik is really beautiful. I wouldn’t mind paying as long as I have an extraordinary experience. You are right, 14 euros doesn’t sound much, but in Istria (e.g. Rovinj) the same order would cost me around 8 euros. And coffee would come with a little cookie, and sparkling wine with a bowl of crisps and olives.

  11. Humor is very important and glad you took it that way! At the end what matters is that you guys explored, discovered, experienced, and if it is NOT your thing: then on the next one! Split, Split .. yes thinking of it too. So now you guys live like in between those 2 areas?

    And maybe I do not know but the 14€-s seemed okay to me but the 28€??? That is more of a crazy Nyc price range, wow! Thanks for the post, it is always good to be informed and learn about other places!

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