Dubrovnik Bars & Nightlife

Dubrovnik bars & nightlife scene is pretty vibrant, although it does depend on the time of the year you visit. Winter in the old town is pretty quiet, and many Dubrovnik bars close for the winter. Naturally, with less crowd, the nightlife in Dubrovnik cease to exist.

However, on the Lapad peninsula bars keep buzzing with locals and students all year around.

Best Bars In Dubrovnik Croatia | Croatia Restaurant Guide
Best Bars In Dubrovnik Croatia | Croatia Restaurant Guide

Whether you want to relax on the cool terrace or dance the night away at the hottest bars – the choice is yours. Dubrovnik has something for everyone.

Guide to Dubrovnik Bars & Nightlife

Tucked away in a small alley in the heart of Dubrovnik’s old town, D’Vino Wine Bar is our favorite bar in Dubrovnik. OK, any bar offering a choice of wine by the glass is our favorite bar. D’Vino Bar serves over 60 international and local wines by the glass. The bar is very small inside but has a nice outdoor terrace and a cozy atmosphere. They also offer small bites to nibble along with your wine and have wine-tasting specials. If you’ve never tasted or you are not familiar with Croatian wines, this is an excellent way to discover them.

Dubrovnik Bars and Nightlife: Buza Bar
Dubrovnik Bars: Buza Bar in Dubrovnik seen from the city walls

Named one of ten great European seaside bars, Buza Bar is probably Dubrovnik’s most popular place among tourists. It’s located outside of the city walls and right above the sea. The setting is truly unique and dramatic. As its name says, this place is a real hole in the wall. Buza bar offers stunning views, sea breezes galore, beautiful sunsets, and probably the most expensive drinks in the town. But the bar is one of its kind, and a must-see if you visit Dubrovnik.

There are very few bars in the Old Town frequented by locals, and the Galerie bar is one of them. Located on one of the side streets with steep narrow steps, Galerie Bar is one of the longest-running bars in the Old Town. This bar is famous for its cocktail buckets (yep! the cocktails are served in large buckets), Galerie bar is popular among a younger crowd.

Another locals’ favorite bar is the Casablanca bar. Casablanca bar is also located on a side street with steep narrow steps, and just like Galerie, they serve great cocktails. The bar has a cool pillow seating on the steps.

Dubrovnik Bars and Nightlife: Cave Bar More
Dubrovnik Bars / Photo credit: Cave Bar More

Pub Dubrovnik offers craft beer and a variety of other drinks (especially whisky). There is food, there is music and it is open to 2 am. What more to ask?

Love bar is the only rooftop terrace in Dubrovnik. It is located 4km from the city center (approx. 10min drive), just round the corner from the Gruž harbourfront. The Interior is small but they have 140 sqm of terrace. There is a good choice of shots, cocktails, and mojitos. Whenever the mint is part of the drink, you know it is fresh since it is grown in pots out on the terrace.

If you look for an unusual romantic place, try Cave Bar More. This bar is located in the hotel More. The bar is built in a natural cave but also has a wonderful seafront terrace. Cave Bar is an excellent place to sit and relax and enjoy the stunning setting and scenery.

If you enjoy live performances and jazz music, Jazz bar Troubadour located behind Dubrovnik Cathedral is a place for you. The bar is very small inside but has a nice corner terrace. However, the place is a little bit worn out and expensive for my taste.

Dubrovnik Bars and Nightlife: The Gaffe Pub
Dubrovnik Bars / Photo credit: The Gaffe Pub

If you enjoy a pint of beer or two, there are three Irish pubs in the old town: Pub Karaka, The Gaffe Pub, and Katie O’Connors. The Gaffe Pub serves also food (daily lunch menus, burgers, and alike). The other two don’t serve food as they are both smoking places. Each pub has big TVs and sports channels.

At Banje, the town’s popular beach, you’ll find the EastWest Beach Club. You can rent a waiter-serviced lounger during the day. It attracts a crowd that likes to see and be seen. It’s pricey. The only thing, in my opinion, that sets it apart is its superb beachfront location with wonderful views over the old town.

Culture Club Revelin is located in the old Dubrovnik fortress. That said, the club has an amazing interior, and it still comes as one of the most popular late-night clubs in Dubrovnik. However, don’t raise your expectations, as Dubrovnik late-night fun is not really top-notch.

Another late-night spot in Dubrovnik is Club Lazareti. Located in the former maritime quarantine, Club Lazareti hosts cinema nights, club nights, live music, and other live performances.


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  1. Hi !!! I’m coming in August with 3 girlfriends to celebrate my big 40 !! What would you recommend for a cool yet fun place to have dinner… cool bar or beach parties ? Something elegant too ;) Thanks a lot Sonia

  2. Hi Frank,

    I am visiting Dubrovnik with a couple of friends next weekend for 4 full days, and given that it’s still early season, what would you suggest we do/see while we are there? Exploring the old town is already on the agenda.


  3. Hi Aly,
    you can visit the island of Lokrum (very close to Dubrovnik), Elaphiti Islands, or Mljet National Park. Exploring Dubrovnik shouldn’t take more than two days, the rest you can spend visiting the islands around. They all are nice, very tranquil, and perfect for a day at the beach. You can also book a kayak tour, that’s a good way to explore the coast and enjoy the sea. Let us know if we can help with anything else.

  4. Hi Frank,

    I’m visiting Croatia in June but only for 5 days. We are flying into Dubrovnik and are totally lost as to what our top things to do should be. We are fans of anything that involves water and beaches, and of course exploring. It seems like there is SO much to do. We want to go to different islands if possible. Any direction would be great!! Your blog has been a huge help already! Thanks!

  5. Hi Saurabh,
    Dubrovnik isn’t that interesting during the NYE, as it used to be few years ago. These days many bars and restaurants in the old town remain closed. The same thing with Hvar. The best places to be for NYE in Croatia are Split, Zagreb, and Rijeka.

  6. Hi Frank,

    We want to visit Croatia over New Year Eve 2015 and would like to have your recommendation for a good place to celebrate the new year in Hvar or Dubrovnik. As you say, many bars close for the winter, so is there any interesting celebration on New Year eve?

    Are the clubs and party places open in December since it is winter and off-season for tourists? How is the nightlife at this time of the year?


  7. Hi Lesley, thanks for stopping by. The weather should be hot (over 30 degrees C) and dry. As for the price of local beer out of the old town anywhere around 15 kn (approx 2€) for a 0,33 l bottle, but in the old town as expensive as 30 kn (approx 4€).

  8. Hi Frank me and my husband are coming to dubrovnic in August can you please advise what the weather usual like and the price on local beer thanks

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