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Rovinj nightlife is not the most exciting in Croatia. There are loads of bars in the old town, but they are mostly chill out places, not dance ‘till dawn kind of places. If you like to sip a cocktail or a glass of wine while watching the world go by, than Rovinj nightlife will fit you perfectly.

If you are looking for a good nightlife fun, then you’ll be better off in Porec or Umag. The Steel Club is the only night club in Rovinj.

Best Cafes, Bars, and Clubs in Rovinj

Best bars, clubs and cafes in Rovinj, Illustration

Mediterraneo Cocktail Bar (location) is THE best bar in Rovinj. This unique bar has an amazing setting, right at the seafront, offering beautiful sunsets. The seating is unconventional in crafted mix-and-match chairs, or on cushions on the rocks by the sea. The night lights add to the cozy and romantic atmosphere. The staff is super friendly, the setting is romantic, sunsets are lovely, and a drink list is extensive, and the prices are not too high. It’s open only from April to October.

If you feel like having a glass of local wine with or without a plate of homemade charcuterie, then Spacio Grota (location) is the place to go. Located at Rovinj’s farmer market, it is a day bar, a simple place to enjoy a glass of wine and watch the world go by.

Havana (location) is a cocktail bar with a Cuban feel. It has a huge, outdoor terrace. It is decorated with lots of wood and subtle lightening. It has warm and welcoming atmosphere, great music, and overall party vibe.

Steel Bar & Club (location) is the only nightclub in Rovinj. Since its opening in 2018, it has hosted many well-known DJs and held a great deal of concerts. It is opened even outside the season and has space for a thousand guests. Since the music ranges from techno, hip hop, rock, house, Balkan, everybody can find something for themselves.

Caffe bar XL (location) is one of the favorite cafes in Rovinj for locals and tourists alike. The bar is located in the garden next to the St Euphemia church and has a beautiful view of the sea. It is a good place if you want to relax and spend the evening in the cozy atmosphere.

Barrel Bar (location) is a small and cozy bar, definitely worth visiting when you are in Rovinj. Although it is located in the heart of city, you will need to look for it since it is hidden in one of Rovinj’s passages. Beside drinks, you can order plates of cheese and prosciutto but have in mind that you can only pay cash.

Caffe Cinema (location) is a well-known address in Rovinj for drinks both in summer and winter. A coffee before 11 am comes with a small complimentary croissant. Sun-bathed terrace is specially attractive in wintertime. Evenings are for cocktails, and a live music. Just prepare enough cash since they do not accept cards.

Circolo (location) serves a wide range of drinks including non-alcoholic cocktails and prices are affordable. On weekends, especially off-season, the bar has night entertainment like a pub quiz, and live music.

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  1. In Rovinj, check with San Tomasso, or Dobravac. Both wine producers have small bars in town (San Tomasso at the seaside promenade, and Dobravac at their villa, 10-minute walk fromthe town – but in lovely garden). If you don’t mind to drive, then check Kozlovic, Damjanic, or Trapan.

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