Why Barba Danilo Restaurant Should Be Your Top Choice in Rovinj, Croatia

If you are a foodie exploring Rovinj and Istria and have yet to check out Barba Danilo Restaurant, you are missing out on something special.

This restaurant offers a unique blend of flavors and local ingredients that will tantalize your tastebuds beyond words.

Situated on the outskirts of Rovinj, in a family-owned campsite, Barba Danilo is among the great restaurants in Rovinj, known for its fresh ingredients, exquisite dishes, and exceptional service.

Barba Danilo, Rovinj : Overview

CuisineIstrian, ItalianServiceFriendly, Efficient, Unobtrusive
StyleA perfect blend of fine dining elegance with the comforting flavors of home-cooked meals.Vegetarian / VeganSome vegetarian pasta and side dishes are available, but no vegan options.
Type Of FoodSeafood, Meat, Pasta, RisottoCapacity40 inside, 50 outside
Recommended DishesTuna or beef tartar, Boneless veal shank, Grilled fish, Gnocchi in seafood stewDistance to the center of Rovinj4 km
Price RangeStarters 10€-15€, Main Dishes: 20€ to 40€Credit CardsAccepted
AmbianceSerene, RomanticWorking HoursDaily, 5 pm – 11 pm (in spring and fall closed on Wednesdays)
Car access / ParkingYesReservationsNeeded
Best ForCouples, FoodiesAddressPolari 25, Rovinj, Croatia
Awards / GuidesFalstaff Gourmet GuideContactm: +385 91 1219 487 | Website

Dining At Barba Danilo

We dined at the Barba Danilo restaurant in Rovinj for the first time back in 2015. Since then, we have eaten at Barba Danilo countless times without exception, every year. We have watched Barba Danilo change the concept, cooks, menus, and decor. Nevertheless, for all those years- consistently good food, friendly service, an interesting wine list, and fresh ingredients, make Barba Danilo among the best restaurants in Rovinj. We have brought many friends to dine here, and not once have we heard a bad word about the dining experience at Barba Danilo!

Assortment of cold and warm starters at the restaurant Barba Danilo in Rovinj, Croatia
Assortment of cold and warm starters at the restaurants Barba Danilo in Rovinj, Croatia

Here are five reasons Barba Danilo Restaurant should be on your radar when visiting Rovinj, Croatia.

  • Fresh, high-quality ingredients
  • Friendly service
  • Serene location
  • Unpretentious yet exquisite dishes
  • Good value for money

Fresh and High-Quality Ingredients

At Barba Danilo, freshness is key to all their dishes. You can be sure your plate’s fish and seafood were freshly caught that day. The dishes are made with high-quality ingredients, making you return for more. They utilize the local ingredients, from the olive oil to the wine, to bring out the authentic flavors of the Istrian cuisine.

Friendly Service

From the moment you walk into Barba Danilo, you’ll feel the warmth of the owners and staff, who are ready to take your orders and guide you through the extensive menu. The owners, Sandi and Tomo, are also your servers. They are knowledgeable and offer great recommendations for food and wine. This is especially handy if you are not familiar with Croatian wines. They also ensure you have everything you need for an unforgettable dining experience.

Slow-cooked veal shank at the restaurant Barba Danilo in Rovinj, Croatia
Slow-cooked veal shank at the restaurant Barba Danilo in Rovinj, Croatia

Serene Ambience

The restaurant’s location is another surprising element of Barba Danilo. It’s located on the outskirts of Rovinj, in a family-owned boutique campsite. It might sound unattractive, but believe us when we say, that the ambience is great, with a cozy outdoor seating area near the swimming pool.

Unpretentious yet exquisite dishes

Barba Danilo offers a range of dishes to suit every taste. You’ll find grilled and baked fish, seafood pasta, and traditional Istrian dishes. Apart from seafood, there are options for vegetarians and those who prefer meat dishes. Whatever you crave, you’ll find it on their menu.

Seafood pasta at the restaurant Barba Danilo in Rovinj, Croatia
Seafood pasta at the restaurant Barba Danilo in Rovinj, Croatia

Good value for money

Don’t be fooled by the top-class dining experience; Barba Danilo is also affordable. Despite the reasonable prices, you’ll be surprised by the quality of the dishes, the ambiance, and the service.

Final Verdict: Barba Danilo, A Culinary Gem in Rovinj Not To Be Missed

If you are a foodie or an adventurer looking for the best restaurants in Rovinj, then Barba Danilo should be on your list. With its friendly staff, serene atmosphere, fresh ingredients, and excellent service, Barba Danilo offers an exceptional dining experience worth every penny. Don’t miss out on this gem in one of Croatia’s most beautiful cities.

Our experience of Barba Danilo, Rovinj

Read below about our first experience dining at Barba Danilo almost ten years ago.

When we first heard about Barba Danilo, a family-run restaurant on the outskirts of Rovinj, I must admit that the name and location of this place didn’t impress us, nor did it make us rush to try it out. It rather made me question it, and I resisted it for a while.

But when we finally made it to Barba Danilo, we were simply blown away by this mind-blowing place, its owners, its service, and its food. We loved it so much that within a day, we went back to eat the same meal. It was that good! Simply beyond words.

Restaurant Barba Danilo Rovinj | Croatia
Restaurant Barba Danilo Rovinj | We’ve chosen a fish menu

Barba Danilo in Rovinj is a family-run restaurant that recently changed hands from the mother and father to their two children.

The interior is lovely, colorful, and elegant, with two partly separate dining areas. One at the entrance can accommodate 8-10 people and ensures privacy for a group of this size, while the other dining area can accommodate 30 people. The restaurant has a beautiful outdoor terrace for eating al fresco on a warm day, which can accommodate an additional 50 patrons. The atmosphere is warm, and the staff is very friendly.

Barba Danilo is equally famous for its fish and meat dishes. Both times we ate here, we had their fish specialties. As I have already mentioned, both times we had the same meal.

Sandi, our waiter and the owner offered to serve us a selection of their seafood dishes, and we were more than happy to follow his lead.

Restaurant Barba Danilo Rovinj | Croatia
Restaurant Barba Danilo Rovinj | Awesome nine dishes that we’ve tasted

We started our meal with a choice of cold starters: smoked seabass mousse, octopus carpaccio, marinated anchovies, bonito tartar, and tuna carpaccio. We loved everything, but if I had to choose a favorite, my vote would go to bonito tartar. I have eaten it before at the Konoba Tramerka in Volosko, and it was just as good. Both places are worth visiting, if only for the bonito tartar.

Next, we had a choice of warm dishes: cuttlefish tagliata, grilled tuna and bonito in sesame seeds, braised calamari with barley, and octopus with polenta in a zucchini and cherry tomato sauce.

Restaurant Barba Danilo Rovinj | Croatia
Restaurant Barba Danilo Rovinj | Seared tuna with sesame seeds

Everything was super yummy. I had never had such a tasty cuttlefish. Sandi explained that they took an idea from Italian beef tagliata and applied the method to cuttlefish. Large cuttlefish are first cooked until tender, then sliced and finished in a pan with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, spices, and Gran Padano cheese. The result is awesome. The cuttlefish was delicious.

For dessert, we ordered mascarpone with dry figs and Barba Danilo’s interpretation of a cheesecake. We loved the cheesecake served with cherry coulis.
With lunch, we drank two glasses of table wine (Malvazija Ravelico), a bottle of water, two shots of schnapps, and two coffees. The price was 270 kn per person. Not cheap, but it’s totally worth it.

This is one of the best places we have eaten in Istria and, at the moment, among our favorite restaurants in Rovinj. The food is super delicious, the owners are nice and friendly, and the atmosphere is convivial. You can notice many locals and repeaters.

Restaurant Barba Danilo Rovinj | Croatia
Restaurant Barba Danilo Rovinj | Yummy cuttlefish was our favorite dish of the day

At the table next to ours, people ordered a fish soup. They first chose a fish from a fish tray, and a soup was made only for them, on the spot. No pieces of fish in the soup, but the whole beast, from head to tail. You know the kind of fish soup your mum makes at home.

Barba Danilo: location On The Map

Any questions or thoughts on restaurant Barba Danilo Rovinj? Let us know in the comments below.


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