Korta Katarina Winery

We both really like wines. More than wines itself, we like the story around the wines, the story of each winemaker and the wines (s)he produces. Behind each and every one there is a story of tradition, hard labor and above all the story of passion. But as we’ve experienced the other day at Korta Katarina Winery, it is not always the case. We simply got disappointed visiting the Korta Katarina Winery. I had some friends visiting from Canada and decided to do some sightseeing on Peljesac Peninsula. We took a wine road through Dingac region, ended up in Potomje. Did some wine tasting in Maderazza Winery. Bought few bottles and continued toward Orebic with a plan to visit, what we believed a highlight of our trip, a Korta Katarina Winery.

Korta Katarina Winery, Orebic
Korta Katarina Winery, Orebic

Winery was not yet officially open, although we couldn’t have found this information online as their website was down for couple of days and on their facebook page they simply didn’t give such an information. So finally, we arrived at Korta Katarina. Property has been fully restored and it’s really beautiful. The location is just stunning, right at the seafront with a beautiful beach just beneath it.

We met a very nice man who explained everything about winery not yet being open and suggested us to go up to the Winery itself as the store manager might be there and eventually show us the future winery. We took our chance, and were happy to actually see a girl sitting inside. As we approach the building, she simply ignored us. She looked at us through the glass door but pretended not to see us.

We are the kind of people who don’t get discouraged easily, so we knocked on the window next to her and ask if they were open. We expected at least that she would have greeted us and maybe would have given us information on when they were planning to open, where we could eventually buy their wine, maybe the story of their winery, vineyards and the wine they make, like they did in Potomje at Maderazza Winery. Nothing of that happened! Instead she told us to get off the private property?!

Being their customer already and really looking forward to opening of their winery in Orebic, I was completely shocked to be treated like a thief. She didn’t bother. She just turned her back and continued surfing on Internet. Amazing!

I live in Istria and I’m a regular at any wine happening in the county. I’ve been in the most of wineries in Istria and I have never experienced something similar. People working at the wineries are normally proud of their wines, and take any opportunity to talk about the process of wine-making or wines they produce. All I wanted was to buy a bottle of their wine. That’s why we have come all the way down to Orebic. Just to be told to piss off. Way to go, Korta Katarina!

My guess is that Korta Katarina wine is superior to any other you can find on the market. Because as we witnessed, customer care is not something they take seriously at Korta Katarina. We are done with visiting Korta Katarina Winery. Korta Katarina might make a good wine but to treat their customers like thieves doesn’t seem like a nice thing to do, especially not on the long run.

I know other great wineries with very good wine, and I’ll certainly be going somewhere else. To hear the story of tradition, hard labor and passion. There is much more in the glass of wine than a good taste. Cheers!


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