Ficovic in Ston, a casual eatery by the sea

I’ve meant to write about Ficovic restaurant in Hodilje near Ston for some time, but for some reason I’ve never done it. It’s time to fix this. Located in Hodilje, a small coastal village just few kilometers north of Ston, on the Peljesac peninsula, Ficovic is a no-frills eatery by the sea, and with its own small beach.

Restaurant Ficovic in Ston
Restaurant Ficovic in Ston

At Ficovic you can have a swim between two courses, and simply come at the table in your swimming suit without feeling impolite or weird. This is what summer dining should actually be about, isn’t it?! Nothing can beat dipping your feet in the sea while you wait for your food.

Menu here is simple, but food is perfectly prepared and sublime: fresh shellfish, crustaceans, fish, and other seafood served grilled, marinated, baked,  in a white wine, with a risotto, or with pasta.

Restaurant Ficovic in Ston
Restaurant Ficovic in Ston

The chef here is Nada, who runs the place along with the rest of her family: a husband, Jadro, and three children. The kitchen is tiny, smaller than in many homes, and you can’t believe that all that wonderful food is prepared there by one person.

We come to Ficovic at least a couple of times a year. Which is plenty considering that we live 800 km north of the restaurant :). For appetizer we always eat grilled scallops and clams, and some mussels à la buzzara (a traditional seafood sauce with white wine, garlic, parsley; and it might or might not have tomato paste and breadcrumbs).

Mussels here are fresh, and well-prepared, with lots of garlic, olive oil, and just a bit of breadcrumbs (I find that so many places in Croatia, go nuts with breadcrumbs, making a sauce just too thick. Luckily, this isn’t a case with Ficovic).

Restaurant Ficovic in Ston
Restaurant Ficovic in Ston

For a main, we go with a black and white risottos. White risotto is made with shrimps, and black risotto with squids using a squid’s ink to make it black in color.

Fish is also excellent here, but we don’t normally order it for a simple reason that we often make grilled fish at home. And when in a restaurant, we always try to eat what we don’t usually cook ourselves.

Prices, you wonder?! Well, it’s not cheap, but the the food is fresh and well-prepared, and the setting is amazing.

Expect to pay 40 kn for one kilo of mussels, risotto is 70 kn, a coffee only 7 kn, a liter of table wine 80 kn.

Ficovic Hodilje: Location on map & contacts

Contacts | Hodilje 30, Ston | m: +385 98 165 4085

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