Three reasons to visit Peljesac peninsula this summer (photos)

The Peljesac peninsula is probably one of the best kept secrets of Croatia. The second largest peninsula in Croatia, Peljesac is still off the main touristy routes. However, this beautiful region located in the southern Croatia is just one hour drive from Dubrovnik. It’s famed for its red wine, historical town of Ston with 5.5 km long fortification walls, and for its seafood, particularly seashells. But I think you should visit the Peljesac peninsula this summer for the totally different reasons.  

Reasons to visit the Peljesac peninsula this summer

#1: Sleepy villages

Peljesac is dotted with small, picturesque villages waiting to be explored. The peninsula has a surface of 348 km² and just over 8.000 inhabitants. Almost 80% of them lives in two largest settlement on the peninsula – Orebic, and Ston. Can you imagine how tiny are the other villages?  I simply love to explore these small sleepy villages on the peninsula. There is something about the way they look, the sounds and scents I sense there, that make me feel like stepping back in time.

Reasons to visit the Peljesac peninsula: Drace
Small village of Drace is located on the north shore of the Peljesac peninsula
Reasons to visit the Peljesac peninsula: Podobuce
Podobuce, our favorite village on the south shore of the Peljesac peninsula
Reasons to visit the Peljesac peninsula: Trstenik
Trstenik, a small seaside village on the Peljesac, is a home to the Grgich Winery
Reasons to visit the Peljesac peninsula: Duba Village
Reasons to visit the Peljesac peninsula: sleepy villages

#2: Scenery

The Peljesac peninsula is a mountainous region. The mountains rise sharply from the sea creating a dramatic scenery.  As you drive along the peninsula, you’ll be awarded with some of the best views out there. My favorite scenic drive takes me from the village of Trstenik, through the wine growing region of Dingac, all the way to the village of Orebic. Enough talking, enjoy the photos!

Reasons to visit the Peljesac peninsula: Scenery Drace
Drace Bay, at the northern shores of Peljesac, is dotted with small islands. The views over the islands are stunning.
Reasons to visit the Peljesac peninsula: Postup
Reasons to visit the Peljesac peninsula: Stunning views over the wine growing region of  Postup
Reasons to visit the Peljesac peninsula: View over Biokovo
Views from Peljesac over the mainland and the mountain Biokovo are breathtaking.
Reasons to visit the Peljesac peninsula: Ston Bay
The best seashells in Croatia are grown in a bay of Ston.

#3: Beaches

From Loviste and Trpanj in the north to Ston in the south, Peljesac hides some of the most amazing beaches you can find anywhere in Croatia. One of my favorite pastime is to get my camera, and drive along the coast in a search of a new hidden beach I don’t know about yet. Although most of the beaches here are pebbly beaches (beautiful, small and perfectly round pebbles), Peljesac has some sandy beaches too.

Reasons to visit the Peljesac peninsula: Borak
Small pebble beach in Borak. Amazing color of the sea too.
Reasons to visit the Peljesac peninsula: Orebic
Beautiful beach in Orebic
Reasons to visit the Peljesac peninsula: Divna
The Divna Beach at the northern shores of the peninsula
Reasons to visit the Peljesac peninsula: Duba
Few kilometers north of the Divna beach (previous photo), you’ll find this pretty beach in the village of Duba
Reasons to visit the Peljesac peninsula: Prapratno
Village Prapratno, near Ston, has a wonderful sandy beach.

What do you think about the peninsula of Peljesac? Is it worth a visit? Let us know in the comments below.

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49 thoughts on “Three reasons to visit Peljesac peninsula this summer (photos)”

  1. Frank,

    Would you suggest Orebic or Ston to stay in while visiting to see it all? We want to visit the wineries and beaches. We only have two nights maybe three if we fall in love. Thanks

  2. Hi J.,
    sorry for my late reply. It’s almost the same, as Orebic and Viganj are really close one to another. We lean a bit more toward Viganj, ’cause it has a bit more laid back vibe due to all surfers who stay there.
    Have an awesome time on the peninsula!
    Let us know if we can help with anything else.

  3. Hello Frank,
    We have decided and are coming to see this beautiful place this year. We will be there beginning of September and are planning to stay for 8 nights. We are divided between staying either in Viganj or Orebic. We are after some peace and quiet and more than anything some good food. Can you help decide?


  4. Hahaha… David, I’m never cold in Croatia, but then again I’m Canadian. We take cold differently :). During the day, the weather should be warm enough, however nights can still get chilly (as well as occasional rainy days). So yes, bring warmer clothing along with few shorts.

  5. Thanks for the suggestions. Traveling with another couple. Do you think the weather will be warm enough for the wives to wear shorts or do they need to bring warmer clothing? Maybe your partner can answer a “girly” question for us.

  6. Hi David, thanks for stopping by. Peljesac is wonderful. You can rent an apartment, and we suggest you stay either in Orebic or Ston as other places can be pretty deserted at this time of the year. Alternatively, check Villa Dorida in Komarna, nice seafront property with gorgeous views over Peljesac peninsula. Villa Dorida can be a great base to explore Peljesac, Dubrovnik, Mljet, Korcula and even Mostar in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Happy holidays, and let us know if we can help with anything else.

  7. After reading your blog, Peljesac peninsula sounds like a place we should go later this month as we drive down the coast from Split. Are accommodations readily available this time of year? We don’t like to plan ahead and prefer a local B&B to a large resort hotel. Suggestions?

  8. Tento rok sme boli v Orebiči na poloostrove Pelješac a je tam krásne, vaše slová sú pravdivé. Čisté more dobré víno úžasní ľudia, radi tam pojdeme znova.Vaše informácie sú skvelé a fotky krásne, realita je ešte krajšia.

  9. Hello! Love your photos of Croatia. My husband are coming to Croatia at the end of September and are trying to figure out the places not to be missed. We start our travels in Dubrovnik and I do not want to miss the Peljesac Peninsula. Any suggestions on good places to stay on the Peninsula? Also which Islands should not be missed, we were thinking of spending time on Vis. We are huge foodies and cannot wait to enjoy croatian wine and cuisine!
    Thank you!

  10. Hi Sharon, thanks so much for stopping by. Orebic is probably your best option for your stay on the peninsula. It’s pretty, the largest town on the peninsula (still very small). From there hou can easily visit Korcula. Korta Katarina Winery is within a walking distance if you like wine. Abd the beaches are prety.

  11. Hello Frank. A friend and I will be travelling to Croatia mid September, The plan is to take a 2 night cruise from Split to Dubrovnik. From Dubrovnik I would like to visit Peljesac and possibly spend 2 nights here, I have looked at the different towns and cannot decide which would be the best option as they are all stunning. Can you please advise?
    Other places that I would like to see in the short time we are there, are Korcula, Hvar and Brac. Any advice or comments on these?
    Appreciate your suggestions and advice. Thank you

  12. If it’s half as nice as Dubrovnik and the Dalmation coast it must be worth it. Thanks for a place to dream about.

  13. Thanks, Constance. So glad to hear that you enjoyed our photos. Croatia is really pretty. If you decide to visit, please get in touch.

  14. I am in awe with the breathtaking beauty of Croatia and the Peljesac peninsula is no exception. I love all the pictures and I love the fact that there is a variety of natural scenery – beautiful beaches, spectacular mountains, and breathtaking coastal views. What a great place to kick of your shoes and stay for awhile!!

  15. Oh, the view of Trstenik is so pretty. I think I would enjoy wandering around these seaside villages.

  16. I would absolutely love to visit Peljesac. It looks amazing and I can see why Podobuce is a favorite of yours. I can hang out at the beach or the wineries. Once again, you’ve added more inspiration to keep moving Croatia up my list.

  17. Thanks for stopping by, Bryna! So true, the nature never stops surprising us. Borak is lovely and it has couple of small beaches, one nicer than the other.

  18. That photo of the small pebble beach in Borak. Just… wow! The colours you can find in nature are just spectacular!

  19. Oh my goodness. That shot of Trstenik village, I would gladly get lost there never to be found again(well until the next trip). This place looks like one for the travel places to visit soon. Great post as always.

  20. Thanks, Brianna! The peninsula of Peljesac is really special. And that wine road is absolutely worth a visit.

  21. Thanks, Jessica! So glad that you’ve joined us for the Sunday Traveler. Don’t forget to come back next week :)

  22. Thanks for stopping by, Lorna! Wow, yes the 2.5 m depth sounds challenging. Where will you be sailing this year?

  23. Thanks for stopping by, Ming! Glad to hear that your brother enjoyed his time in Zagreb. If you decide to visit Croatia, please get in touch.

  24. Thanks for stopping by, Leigh! From what I could read about your adventures, I’m sure you would really enjoy Croatia. Lots of mountains to hike, and awesome (although sometimes demanding) cycling routes. When you decide to make it here, please do let us know and we would be happy to help with anything you might need in Croatia.

  25. What a compelling set of photos! I’d love to visit Croatia – and hike the mountains, bike the roads, drink teh wine. One day soon I hope.

  26. Those are three very good reasons to visit this part of Croatia! I would love to stumble upon sleepy villages or new beaches. There is such gorgeous scenery there!

  27. Frank, I always love to read your posts and look at your amazing photos! Everytime I show them to my husband and say WE HAVE TO VISIT Croatia for fun and visit all these amazing places! We love beaches and water and croatia has so much of it that we didnt know about until we started reading your blog! Thanks so much!! :) and Happy Easter!

  28. Peljesac peninsula is a beautiful place, I especially love the clear waters of the beaches and the breathtaking view of the mountain Biokovo.

  29. I like that the water is so clear at that Borak beach that I can see the pebbly bottom in your photo. What are those lines in the water in the Bay of Ston? The contrast between the verdant, green vineyards of Postup and the beautifully blue water and sky is incredible.

  30. Do wine tasting – Vines have flourished on the Peljesac peninsula since the time of the Greeks, and some fine wines are produced, notably the celebrated Dingac wine (also known as the King of Croatian red wines) from the plavac mali grapes which are similar to the Californian Zinfandel.

  31. Looks absolutely stunning. Your blog is always making me want to do a decent driving holiday of Croatia, stopping off at all these magnificent spots!

  32. Scenery looks beautiful, especially the mountain. I’ve never been to anywhere in Croatia, but my brother just returned from Zagreb and had lots of great things to say. Would love to make it over there myself, sometime!

  33. What a beautiful place guys. It’s always great to hear about local secrets, especially in a country that in stretches is completely overrun with tourists. have you ever tried climbing the Biokovo mountain? Bet it’s amazing! Thanks guys and happy easter!

  34. Beautiful pix. My partner @sailwithrob and I sailed to Ston two summers ago. The narrow passage was a little scary as the depth was just 2.5 mtrs. But it was so worth the effort. Will definitely be going back. We are now very excited about this year’s sailing season, which kicks off for us in May.

  35. Ooh, that looks lovely. I had the chance to go there a couple of years ago for work. But couldn’t get things arranged in time. Too bad!!

    Have a great Sunday,

    PS. I’ve put a link to you and the other #SundayTraveler hosts on my link partner page. I hope that’s okay? If I’ve missed someone, let me know.

  36. This place looks fabulous! All your posts make me want to go visit Croatia!

    Thanks for the invite to the linkup! I can’t believe I haven’t taken part before. Just added the badge and my link:)

  37. Podobuce looks perfect – is there much more to the village than what is shown in the photo? Another inviting set of pictures of the Croatian coast – thanks!

  38. Thank you for the great suggestion Frank, Peljesac sounds and looks lovely! The scenery and beaches are obviously beautiful, but I personally am a big fan of little villages and so Podobuce could easily become my favorite as well. Although, I even like the sound of Ston with its fortification walls spanning across the peninsula and the only real challenge will be how to fit everything in this summer… :)

  39. It looks absolutely lovely! The views of the mountains and vineyards at the water’s edge are stunning.

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