Peljesac Travel Guide: Plan Your Visit To Peljesac Peninsula, Illustration

Peljesac Peninsula Travel Guide

Peljesac peninsula is the second largest peninsula in Croatia (after Istria), and it’s one of my favorite parts of Croatia (again, after Istria). Peljesac peninsula is famed for its rugged coast, pebble beaches, salt pans, fortification walls, sleepy villages, red wine – Plavac mali, and delicious oysters, and other seafood.

Peljesac Wine Tour | Explore Croatian Wines

Peljesac wine tour

I love so many places in Croatia, but Peljesac peninsula is really, really close to my heart. I simply love this part of Croatia. Funnily enough, one thing I love about it is the fact that there are fewer tourists who come here. And still, I can’t stop talking everybody into visiting Peljesac peninsula.

Small bay near Trstenik peljesac

Slow Roads Croatia: Trstenik Peljesac

Continuing with our Slow Roads Croatia series, we’ll take you through Trstenik Peljesac, a small village on the southern shores of the Peljesac peninsula. We’ve actually started this series recently with an idea to help you discover┬áthe less known (but still beautiful) places in Croatia. The places that locals love, but tourists rarely visit.