Borak Peljesac as seen from the hill

Slow Roads Croatia: Borak Peljesac

Borak Peljesac is a small village located on the south shores of the peninsula Peljesac. It lies by the sea, at the foot of Dingac slopes, and it's one of the very few settlements in the wine- growing Dingac region.

Borak is a charming seaside village comprised of family houses, a small tavern (with a lovely seafront terrace), and a couple of beaches. However if you are in search of a place to unwind , enjoy the sea, sunsets, and beautiful vistas, you'll love Borak. We certainly do!

Borak Peljesac as seen from the hill

Borak Peljesac as seen from the hill

Being located at the foot of the hill, it offers many hiking and cycling opportunities. Hike starts in the village, and takes you uphill until you reach a small asphalted road half way up. Here you are already at the heart of Dingac, a wine-growing region, and a home of Croatian best red wine.

Views are beautiful, one of the best views we've experienced in Croatia. They stretch wide and far. In front of you is an open Adriatic sea and contours of the island of Lastovo, one of the furthest islands from the mainland Croatia. Green vineyards, perfectly contrasting the blueness of the Adriatic, are below you. On your left you'll see the island of Mljet, and on your right the island of Korcula with its archipelago consisting of many islets.

You can continue your hike in both directions: south to the village of Trstenik, or north toward Dingac tunnel and Potomje or even further to the Postup region. If you don't like hiking or cycling, you can also explore this region by car. The road through Dingac is asphalted, rather narrow but without lots of traffic.

A walk through Borak Peljesac – in photos

I won't try to tell you that there is much more in Borak Peljesac than what you'll see on these photos. ‘Cause, there isn't anything more. But it's pretty. That, my friends, we'll probably agree.

Borak Peljesac: small beac at the end of the village

This small tranquil beach is located at the end of Borak Peljesac

Did you notice the color of the sea. All those shades of blue and green?

Borak Peljesac: color of the sea

Borak Peljesac: look closer – isn't this sea color simply stunning?

Not yet convinced? The main village's beach is captured on the following photo. And believe me, it's even nicer than shown here.

Borak Peljesac: main beach

The main beach in Borak is gorgeous. Finest pebbles you can find. If they were just a bit smaller we'd call them sand 🙂

There is a small tavern in Borak, with a very breath-taking views. This tavern is run by Matusko family from Potomje. This family is one of the largest wine producers in this region.

Borak Peljesac: This is what I call a seafront terrace

It doesn't get any better – a wonderful place to enjoy the views while nibbling on fresh seafood

Did we mention hiking, cycling and even driving uphill from Borak for some of the best views to be found in Croatia?

Borak Peljesac: wonderful views from DIngac

Contrast between green vineyards and blue Adriatic are simply breath-taking. I can never get tired of this view.

Borak Peljesac, Views over the island of Korcula

And that was just the beginning. These views leave me speechless. If you wonder, that's view over the island of Korcula.

Borak Peljesac, narrow road

The road through DIngac is narrow.

We hope you've enjoyed discovering Borak Peljesac, a charming seaside village at the foot of Dingac slopes.

Do you like traveling off the beaten path, and discovering village like Borak Peljesac; Or you are more interested in visiting Croatia's main attractions and places? Let us know in comments below. 

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  1. Janine Serrurier
    Janine Serrurier says:

    This area looks fabulous. We are keen to discover this area surrounding Borak. Can you make a recommendation for accomodation. We d prefer something quiet in natural beauty. We’re keen on long distance swimming.

    • Frank G
      Frank G says:

      Hi Janine,
      thanks for your comment. Borak is wonderful, but it’s also somehow a bit remote. It all depends what you are looking for. There aren’t any hotels in Borak, just private accommodation. You can also check Podobuce, Viganj, Kucisca or Orebic (the last three being a bit larger villages with few bars, grocery stores and restaurants). YOu can also check a small village of Komarna, on the mainland, it seems like a place you might like (particularly Villa Dorida). Let me know if I can help with anything else.

  2. Anda
    Anda says:

    Croatia seems like heaven. I wanted to go there for so long and it never seems to be a good time. I keep looking at your pictures and reading your posts and feel more and more attracted to it.


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