Slow Roads Croatia: Trstenik Peljesac

Continuing with our Slow Roads Croatia series, we’ll take you through Trstenik Peljesac, a small village on the southern shores of the Peljesac peninsula. We’ve actually started this series recently with an idea to help you discover the less known (but still beautiful) places in Croatia. The places that locals love, but tourists rarely visit.

Small and sleepy villages that are waiting to be discovered.

Slow Roads Croatia: Trstenik Peljesac
This panorama of Trstenik Peljesac was taken coming back from the drive in Dingac region

We wanted to make it into a series of posts, but couldn’t decide on the name. We’ve reached out to our blogging buddy, Bob of the Piran Cafe (if you haven’t checked his blog yet, you better hurry up. He’s witty and has awesome photos). Anyway, he came up with a name for the series that we really like – Slow Roads Croatia (we’ve added Croatia; proving that we are way less inventive than Bob is).

We’ve already covered few places within this series, including the post on Zuljana Peljesac, and Istrian hilltop towns. We sure hope to introduce you to more places like this. OK, back to Trstenik Peljesac.

Sleepy, fishing village with very few people, Trstenik is located in a half-moon shaped bay. The village is tiny with only handful of houses. It’s a typical seaside village, with a nice pebble beach, a turquoise sea, and a long pier protecting it from the winds. There aren’t any hotels in Trstenik. If you’d like to make it a base for your holidays in Croatia, you can rent a holiday apartment, or a room from the locals.

Trstenik has few bars, a restaurant, and it’s home of the Grgich Winery. Famed Californian winemaker, Mike Grgich, is originally from Croatia. In 1996 he established Grgic Vina, his first winery in Croatia, in the village of Trstenik. This is a beautiful winery set in a restored former fortress on the steep hills of Trstenik. The winery produces a red wine Plavac Mali, and a white wine Posip. Both wines are native to this area. Some of his vineyards are located in Dingac area, and grow on a slope with almost 50 percent grade if not more. If you visit Trstenik, plan a visit to Grigic Winery too.

Trstenik is excellent place to explore the wine growing region of Dingac on foot, by car, or on bicycle. A narrow seaside road takes you from Trstenik through the Dingac all the way to the village of Potomje. The. Best. Vistas. Ever.

You can also take a small road from Trstenik and visit Zuljana, another beautiful village on the southern shores of the Peljesac peninsula.

A walk through Trstenik Peljesac – in photos

Trstenik Peljesac: Beautiful pebble beach
Narrow, but long pebble beach in Trstenik Peljesac


Trstenik Peljesac: pleasure boats docked in Trstenik Peljesac
Pleasure boats docked in Trstenik Peljesac


Trstenik Peljesac: seafront promenade dotted with palm trees, houses, and seafront bars' terraces in Trstenik Peljesac
Seafront promenade in Trstenik dotted with palm trees, houses, and seafront bars’ terraces


Panorama of Trstenik Peljesac
Trstenik Peljesac as seen from the main road


Small bay near Trstenik peljesac
A lonely house with its own beach, located among olive and pine trees

Have you visited Trstenik Peljesac? Would you like to visit it? Let us know in the comments below. 

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6 thoughts on “Slow Roads Croatia: Trstenik Peljesac”

  1. Been in Trestnik two times now – beautiful little place! Perfect for a coffee in the harbour. But it´s better to swim in Prapratno.

  2. Croatia is a beautiful country. I really need to spend more time in Istria, especially seeing how it is practically on my doorstep.

  3. Looks beautiful, definitely the kind of town we’d like to spend time in! I like the concept of this series, the bigger places are fine for short visits but little places like this would interest slow, long-term travelers looking for a place to chill out for a while.
    Frank (bbqboy)

  4. We love places that locals love and tourists usually don’t even know about in actual fact we always try to follow more of off the beaten path areas whilst travelling but it isn’t always easy. I grown to like fishing villages more and more since we’ve been to the south coast of France, there is something special about these places. Thanks for sharing! :)

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