Slow Roads Croatia: Zuljana Peljesac – a wonderful discovery

Following the success of our post on three reasons to visit the Peljesac peninsula, we decided to guide you through the hidden gems of this beautiful Croatian region. We’ll take you for a walk through Zuljana, a tiny village on the south shores of the Peljesac peninsula.

Zuljana Peljesac Peninsula | Croatia Travel Guide
Zuljana Peljesac Peninsula | Croatia Travel Guide

This is a typical seaside village with a lovely sandy beach, a long pier to protect it from the winds, dozen of beach houses lined up in a row, and a small campsite. There is not much to do in Zuljana.

It’s a place where you come to chill out by the sea, to enjoy the views, and to sip some good local red wine. Zuljana is a popular spot for divers. There are two diving centers in the village, and over 25 diving locations within an hour boat ride from the village.

The scenery is breath-taking. A perfect spot to enjoy the nature, and explore many hidden coves, bays and small pebble beaches in the area.

The main village beach is a sandy beach with shallow, warm waters. In the vicinity of the village, you’ll find many small peblle beaches with crystal clear waters.

The most popular is the Vucina beach located in the bay of the same name.  The village gets busy in the summer with locals, tourists, and day visitors from the neighboring interior villages. The rest of the year, the village is sleepy, peaceful and quite.

You can reach Zuljana from Dubrava, another small interior village located on the peninsula’s main road. However, you can also reach Zuljana by a coastal road from Trstenik.

This road has been asphalted recently. It’s a short, 5 km drive, on a narrow winding road, but the views are simply amazing. We’ve been constantly stopping to take photos. This is one of the scenic drives we highly recommend. Even better, cycle this road, or go hiking.

A walk through Zuljana Peljesac – in photos

Peljesac peninsula: Panorama of Zuljana
Panorama of Zuljana Peljesac peninsula


Quiet day in Zuljana, Peljesac peninsula
Quiet day in Zuljana Peljesac peninsula


Typical seaside village - Zuljana Peljesac Peninsula
Zuljana Peljesac peninsula – a typical seaside village


Beach in Zuljana, peljesac peninsula
Zuljana beach was quiet on this spring day when we visited


Beach in Zuljana, peljesac peninsula
A sandy beach in Zuljana, the Peljesac peninsula


Beautiful sea in Zuljana, Peljesac peninsula
The sea color in Zuljana is mesmerizing.

What do you think about Zuljana? Do you prefer to visit main touristy towns, or to discover small villages off the beaten path? Let us now in the comments below.

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21 thoughts on “Slow Roads Croatia: Zuljana Peljesac – a wonderful discovery”

  1. Yes, you will have no problem communicating with locals. Most speak English and other languages.

  2. Beautiful, love the cliffs – I can see that it could also be a good spot for hiking!
    Good job,
    Frank (bbqboy)

  3. Beautiful photos! I love off the beaten path places and this one is such a gem. Zuljana looks so lovely and I felt so at peace with your photos. It seems like the perfect place for a getaway.

  4. Zuljana looks like a peaceful place. I tend to like places with lots to do, but sometimes you have to slow down and just ‘be’ somewhere. This looks like a destination to do that. The water looks beautiful. Where’s my beach chair? ;-) Thank you! #SundayTraveler

  5. It looks gorgeous! I would love to be here right now! I have a question for you – do you find that in many of these villages in Croatia that people speak English at all? Would it be easy to travel there as someone who only speaks English? Thanks :)

  6. Pebble beaches and crystal clear waters… mmm sounds like heaven! Add a glass of local red wine and it sounds like a perfect day, especially at a quiet little place away from the touristy towns. The pictures are gorgeous!

  7. Looks fantastic. I didn’t know there was the possibility to go diving in the Adriatic… Zuljana looks like reason enough to visit Peljesac, but after last week’s post I am really dying to come for a visit!

  8. Your pictures are fantastic as usual! I need to make plans to go diving there sometime! I love your posts, they make me fall even more in love with Croatia!

  9. Great post! This looks like the perfect small town to kick back and relax in. Crystal clear water and a great beach -what else do you need. Plus the scenery in the backdrop is stunning! Thanks for sharing!

  10. The sandy beach looks wonderful, I can see the sand and softness of it. Love that it’s a quiet beach..I wouldn’t want it to get busy! Thanks for all the Croatia posts!

  11. I don’t mind stopping by a tourist town to have a look Frank, but I personally much rather like to explore the real villages with a local feel. Judging by your photos, Zuljana seems to be such a local place and in combination with your recommended places of Podobuce and Ston, there really seem to be a lot of good reasons to visit the beautiful Peljesac peninsula… :)

  12. If only I had one of those things they have on star-trek where it transports you somewhere else (not that I have watched star trek in about 20 years)… I would transport myself there, it looks so serene and beautiful! :)

  13. I can’t think of a better way to spend a spring afternoon than sitting with a glass of wine and a view of the harbor of Zuljana. This coastline is so unique, with its sharp hills right at the waterfront. Thanks for sharing, guys!

  14. I like the deep cobalt blue water in your photos, and also the bright flowers. Zuljana looks very peaceful. When I travel, I like a mix of both peaceful, off-the-beaten track places as well as busy cities with lots of things to see. Zuljana seems like a place to relax and catch my breath before heading out touring again.

  15. This looks like a great find. I love visiting out of season before the crowds arrive, getting the beach all to yourself.

  16. the color of the water is so amazingly blue! Looks like a lovely place!

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