Life is simple on Korcula Island

For our first post about the Korcula Island (more to come!), we reached out to Korcula locals, Rachael and John of Korcula Explorer. Originally from England, they have made Korcula their home few years ago. They love picnicking on the island, and wanted to share this simple pleasure of life with our readers. Enjoy it!

Tips On Korcula Island From Two British Expats | Croatia Travel Tips
Tips On Korcula Island From Two British Expats | Croatia Travel Tips

One of the simplest but most rewarding things you can do during your holiday to the Island of Korcula, is to pack up a picnic and find yourself an amazing view to enjoy it. You don’t have to lug a huge hamper around, just some tasty bites and maybe a bottle of local wine, simply enjoyed in a beautiful spot to create an unforgettable experience.

Korcula Island: First things first … 

Head to the nearest supermarket, bakery or delicatessen and pick up some freshly baked bread, some tasty cheese, perhaps paski sir a sheep’s cheese from the Island of Pag and a selection of cured meats, such as prsut a flavorsome Croatian cured ham. Or maybe try burek which is a traditional pastry filled with either minced meat, spinach, potato or cheese.

Korcula Island: The Bay of Orlandusa in Defora
Gorgeous Bay on the Korcula Island

So now you’ve got your food sorted, here are some great places around the island where we are sure you will enjoy your delicious picnic.

  • Walk or cycle through the vineyards and out to the lighthouse at Raznic in Lumbarda. Here you can find your own spot on the rocky little peninsular before taking to the incredible surrounding waters and enjoying views of the Pelješac whilst drying off after your swim.
Korcula Island views of Raznic
Korcula Island: Views of Raznic
  • The nature park of Kocje near Zrnovo has some fantastic places for you to picnic inside the park amongst the interesting rock formations, which are great fun scrambling over and under…whether you are a kid or not! Or if you get hungry on the way, pick a spot to stop and enjoy the wonderful views overlooking the sea between Korcula Island and the Peljesac.
  • Cara and Smokvica are the island’s central villages and are both peaceful places to stop, explore and have a picnic. They have a similar layout, with old stone houses scattered over the hillside. Take a walk up, find a spot and enjoy the views of the vineyards down below cultivating the Pošip and Plavac grapes, as well as the sea in the distance…stunning!
Korcula Island views of Smokvica
Korcula Island: Views of Smokvica
  • For some of the most beautiful and secluded bays on the island, head for the Defora region on the south east side of Korcula where you can enjoy your lunch and cool off in some of the most amazing waters you will find on the island. Choose from Orlandusa, Pavja Luka or Rasohatica.
  • Racisce is a picturesque old fishing and boat making village that just puts a smile on our faces every time we visit. Climb up the path behind, overlooking the town, find somewhere to sit and enjoy the view and see what we mean.
Korcula Island winter in the village of Racisce
Korcula Island: Winter in the village of Racisce
  • If you are in Vela Luka, drive or take a hike up Mount Hum (it’s a hill) where you can sit in or around the old fort and marvel at the stunning views of the sea and other nearby islands whilst munching down on your picnic!
  • Although a less explored town on the island, Blato has a fantastic newly developed park in the middle of town. It is beautifully landscaped, with lots of trees for shade and benches to sit and it also has a playground for the children.
Korcula Island: wonderful sunset in Korcula town
Wonderful sunset in Korcula town
  • After a day of exploring, head back to Korcula Old Town and get yourself a takeaway pizza from one of the many pizzerias (our favorite is ‘Amfora’, but most are very good). Take a short walk over to the shore just in front of the Sveti Nikola Monastery, where you can sit on the rocks right by the water and watch a beautiful sunset. A perfect way to end the day.
  • Finally, how about heading across the channel for wonderful views and an alternate perspective of Korcula Old Town and the island. Make you way up the hill to the Franciscan Monastery and the Church Our Lady of Angels above Orebic on the Peljesac, where your picnic will be accompanied with a breathtaking view.

Enjoy your picnic, enjoy the amazing views and make sure you keep the island clean and tidy. If you can’t find a bin to put your rubbish in, take it away with you until you can throw-it away properly!

If you plan on visiting Korcula, don’t forget to check the Korcula Explorer – Rachael and John’s travel agency. They can arrange your accommodation, excursions and transfers. Using their own experiences, local knowledge and the accounts of other visitors to the island, they can help you plan an unforgettable holiday to the Island of Korcula, Croatia. You can also find them on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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  1. This looks absolutely gorgeous. We recently visited Dubrovnik – our first trip to Croatia – and realised how much we want to go back and explore some more. Visiting the islands look like a perfect place to start!

  2. Looks like a beautiful place! Thanks Frank, Croatia gets higher and higher on the ‘I’d like to go there now’ places :)!

  3. Thanks guys for contributiong to our blog. We hope to share more of your stories from Korcula. It’s an amazing place!

  4. Thanks for the comment, Lauren! We need to explore the island more this summer. Thinking of visiting each of these places that Rachael and John mentioned in the post.

  5. Thanks for stopping by, Debbie! Did you enjoy your time in Dubrovnik? Islands are another world, and definitely worth exploring.

  6. Beautiful. I must explore your blog some more. I have only been to Dubrovnik but I vowed to return to explore.

  7. This looks like a beautiful place to spend some time, especially for a picnic! I love the villages and of course, the views!

  8. Thanks for sharing Korcula Island with Frank About Croatia followers :) We are looking forward to the summer and lots of picnics!!!

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