Hiking Dalmatia for the great views

Hiking Dalmatia will reward you with some of the best views you’ve ever seen. Dalmatian mountains are not extremely high, but they rise steeply from the sea, creating a dramatic scenery. The highest Dalmatian (and Croatian) mountain is Dinara, although its highest peak isn’t in Croatia but in Bosnia.

Hiking Dalmatia: View from the Dingac region
Hiking Dalmatia: View from the Dingac region

Hiking trails in Dalmatia are marked with white and red dots, and it’s easy to follow them. But don’t underestimate Dalmatian mountains. They are rugged, and can get very hot during the summer. Wear appropriate hiking shoes, bring lots of water, and never hike alone. Every summer many hikers and climbers either get lost, or even lose their lives here. Should you be in any kind of emergency, contact immediately Croatian Mountain Rescue Team (emergency phone: 112).

Having family in Dalmatia, we spend lots of time in this Croatian region. And one of our favorite things to do is to chase the best views (OK; besides beach hopping, restaurants quest, and visiting wineries).

Here are our favorite hiking places in Dalmatia.

Hiking Dalmatia: our favorite places offering stunning views

The Vidova Gora, island of Brac
This was an easy one. I mean you can actually reach the top by car. OK, that’s not really hiking but rather driving. Whatever. The views are stunning either way. For all the overachievers out there, and people who actually like hiking, the hike to the top is really nice.

Hiking Dalmatia: View from Vidova Gora on the island of Brac
From Sutvid, the highest peak on the Brac island you’ll enjoy great views over the Hvar and Vis islands

The highest peak is located at 780 m above the sea level. From there you’ll be able to see the island of Vis and Hvar, the famed Golden Cape beach, the Peljesac peninsula, and on a clear day as far as Italy. Although I must admit I’ve never actually seen Italy from Vidova Gora. But hey, it’s not like I check it everyday. Sometimes I just decide to believe (you know, like with Jesus). There is a restaurant at the top.

The Biokovo Mountain

Hiking Dalmatia: View over the Biokovo Mountain
Hiking Dalmatia: View over the Biokovo Mountain from the sea

I’ve never made it to the Sv. Jure, the highest peak of the Biokovo mountain (1762 m). But, I did hike (and even mountain-biked) the mountain at several spots. Above the campsite Dole there is a nice hiking trail to the village of Murava, and down to the village Igrane. The. Views. Are. Awesome. The fact that I mountain biked this trail should give you enough confidence to hike this trail yourself. Or even mountain bike it.

That great hike on the hill above the Dubrovnik Riviera whose name I don’t know

OK, I gave my best to find out the name of this hill. I asked my father in law, I asked my friends from Dubrovnik, but nobody seems to know it. The closest I got was with the name Tmor, confidently given to me by my business colleague from Dubrovnik who is an avid cyclist.  But it sounded to me like made up name. Let’s just call it THAT hill.

Hiking Dalmatia: Dubrovnik riviera
Hiking Dalmatia: The views from the old Napoleon road are breathtaking.


Anyway, the hike (or drive) starts at the village of Slano, and ends in the village of Trsteno. There are many hiking trails you can choose from, and lots of small half-abandoned villages on THAT hill. We usually follow the old Napoleon road. The views stretch out far and wide. If you decide to go with a car, bear in mind that the road is narrow, and you might run into a panic mode if you encounter a car from the opposite direction. However, keep calm, and look for the closest broader area (there are few on the road).

The Dingac area on the Peljesac peninsula

I experienced the most dramatic scenery in the wine growing region of Dingac. These are not your typical vineyards. The grapes grow on the steepest slopes I’ve ever seen. And I still cannot figure out how people can pick up the grapes on some parts without rolling down the hill. It takes just one small wrong step. Gone! Besides, the grapevine is the lowest growing grapevine I’ve ever seen.

Hiking Dalmatia: Dingac
Dingac region is beautiful winegrowning region. Check the grapevines in the right down corner. They are really steep.

The hike (or the drive for the time limited visitors) start in the village of Trstenik. It takes you through this stunning region (with lots of photo breaks), through the Dingac tunnel (man made tunnel with rough rocky walls) to the village of Potomje. The village of Potomje is the center of wine making on the peninsula. If you are not into wine making award yourself with a visit to the seaside village of Borak, located at the foot of a hill. There is a small restaurant with a nice seafront terrace, as well as couple of nice pebble beaches.

The Postup region

Hiking Dalmatia: Potomje
Hiking Dalmatia: From a winegrowing region of Potomje you can enjoy stunning vistas over the Korcula channel, the islands, the sea and the Zmijino Brdo Hill

Postup is also a wine growing region on the Peljesac peninsula. Vineyards are located on gentle hill slopes with lovely sea views. You can reach Postup from the Dingac region. However, this hike is pretty long. The other option is to reach the region by car, and then hike from there. The views over the vineyards, the Korcula island, and the sea are amazing. There is a small picturesque village of Podobuce where you can refresh at the end of your hike.

The Stolovi

Hiking Dalmatia: Stolovi
Hiking Dalmatia: Less known, Stolovi hill, above the village of Komarna offers stunning views.

The Stolovi is a hill above the village Komarna, in the southern Croatia. The hike is easy, the highest peak is at  400 m above the sea level. This area is pretty, hiking trails pass through the olive groves and vineyards. The views are amazing, some of the nicest I’ve ever seen. They stretch over the sea, the Peljesac peninsula, small islands, the Ston channel, and as far as the islands Brac and Hvar. There is a brand new winery at the top of the hill. You’ll also pass through many abandoned villages. Once up you can hike further all the way to the Smrdangrad Fortress, or to the Lake Kuti.


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  1. Hi Frank- I am confused. Your blog is great I however need help. We are visiting Hvar, Palmizana, Stari grad and jelsa(taking ferry from Split) and Dubrovnik. We are considering Budva, Kotor in Montenegro.

    What is the most breathtaking(guided preferably) hike in any area mentioned above?
    Yachts are very expensive. Looks like sailing/boating is only an option if one plans to be in the ocean for few days. Is there any option you know for two people for few hours?
    Since we are visiting in September, Lavender season will be over. Is it worth driving to grabje to see the green fields?
    We are thinking of renting a car in hvar. Will we able to take the car to palmizana with a ferry? Do we need to take the car to palmizana? I am assuming that we can drive from hear to stari grad and jelsa for day trips and then take the car for drive from hvar to dubrovnik.
    Is it totally different scenery/fun in budva and kotor? Any blog/suggestions for that? Is it worth going there or should we rather explore croatia only

  2. Thanks Ante! This, I’m not sure. I always thought that Rilic is above Zaostrog and not Zivogosce. I’ll check it further, and correct it if needed.

  3. And the highest point on Brac is not called Sutvid..its Vidova Gora. Sutvid is the highest point of the Rilic Mountain ;)

  4. And the picture you posted under the Title “the biokovo mountain” is not Biokovo it’s actually called Rilic..

  5. Well..croatian mountains arent high compared to the real high mountains like the alps, etc..but..Biokovo actually is the highest mountain closest to the seashore on the whole Mediterranean.

  6. Hi Michelle, it probably will happen. InIstria many villages came back to life in the exact same way. However, many properties have multiple owners, and many don’t live in Croatia any longer (but in USA, Australia, etc.). Sometimes it’s hard even to track them all down. This is the reason that many properties remain abandoned. Thanks for reading, and for your comment.

  7. Hi Frank!
    Your blog is amazing, thank you so much. This article is awesome.. I’m curious – you mentioned abandoned villages. Is that a phenomenon, in Croatia? Do you think people will start buying these properties, or will they just stay as ruins?
    Just wondering, thanks!
    Best, Michelle :)

  8. Love this post! Croatia high on our list of countries to visit and we always love a hike with great views. I’m definitely keeping this list close.
    Frank (bbqboy)

  9. Thanks! But at the end we always come to the point that Dalmatia is all about the nature (thank you, creator! :) ).

  10. Thanks, Mary! I always need a reward at the end of the long hike :). And like with anything else in life, all rewards come with an effort (this pattern should be changed :) ).

  11. Bob, glad you like that one. This is practicaly our backyard as my parents live in a seaside village at the foot of Stolovi. Let us know when you are free to visit, and we’ll be happy to have you.

  12. Thanks for your comment, Jeremy! Glad you like it. We have yet to visit New Zealand but it’s sure on our bucket list. Happy travels.

  13. Hi Leah, thanks for stopping by. The best hiking areas in Croatia are: Paklenica National Park, and Omis in Dalmatia. Let us know if we can help in any other way.

  14. These are just stunning! Beautiful photos! Sometimes, it’s worth the long hike and be rewarded with these gorgeous views. I love the Postup one with the rolling vineyards. The seas look so calm.

  15. Wow! What stunning views! Yet another reason I have to keep bumping Croatia to the top of my list! By any chance do you guys know about any of the climbing areas in Croatia? I’d love to combine some favourite pastimes (beaching-hiking-climbing) on my visit to Croatia!

    Thanks for the great content guys- happy to share it. :-)

  16. Hiking is one of my favourite pastimes in Istria… the views are just breathtaking. I love these spectacular seaviews you’ve captured – proof that Dalmatia is the ideal hiking destination and is not only about beaches!

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