Did I tell you how awesome pizza in Croatia is?

Oh, yeah, pizza in Croatia is awesome! I am just another pizza aficionado. I am never that full not to be able to eat a slice of pizza. Pizza slice just after having a dinner? Sure, bring it on. Pizza for breakfast? I wouldn’t even need an alarm clock, if I knew that there is a pizza for breakfast. Not even during the work week. I would happily jump out of the bed. No questions asked. Even the Mondays would look awesome.

Pizza in Croatia
Pizza in Croatia

I will not go with a cliché and say that pizza in Croatia is the best in the world. But it’s pretty bad-ass. I challenge anybody to come and try it. And then deny it: pizza in Croatia is the best in the world!

The common ground of all good Croatian pizzeria is a wood-burning oven, thin crust, many choices of toppings, and abundance of tomato sauce aside.

I adore soaking my pizza in a tomato sauce. This is optional, and many people don’t share my affection for tomato sauce. However, in Croatia you can order it aside. And you can pour over it as much as you want.

We actually had a funny experience in Caserta in Italy. You know these moments when you are just being completely ignorant. And then you get totally surprised with the outcome. After visiting the palace of Caserta, we went for a pizza in a local pizzeria. When the waiter brought our pizza at the table, we happily asked for some extra tomato sauce. The next thing we know, the cook is standing in front of us, with a large pot of a tomato sauce and a ladle. He’s watching us in disbelief and screaming at us:  Crudo? Crudo?. I don’t need to tell you that the entire restaurant was staring at us. We quickly realized that we are not in a Croatian pizzeria. And that we just insulted a pizzaiolo!

Seriously, in Croatia I’ve eaten one of the best pizzas in my life. Point closed!

Did you try a pizza in Croatia? Share your experience in the comments below.


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36 thoughts on “Did I tell you how awesome pizza in Croatia is?”

  1. Hello Frank. I love your recommwndations.
    We just are at Marina in Novigrad and it was wonderful! Excellent.
    If ee are to go to umag, by boat for a Day Or Two, Where do you suggest the very Best pizza?
    All the best from a Canadian living in Denmark and sailing in Croatia.

  2. You are spot on. I totally agree . I was travelling back home to Australia via France and was sitting next to a French woman who was visiting Croatia for the second time as she absolutely loved it. I asked her what she like most and one of her responses was the PIZZA. I found it hilarious but she was adamant that she had nor eaten better pizza anywhere.

    My favourite pizza restaurant is on a beautiful island which is the closest island to the mainland in Croatia called Murter. There is a Pizzeria there called Tunga Re in the actual town namesake Murter which is to die for. Also another really good one s in a great restaurant called KEZO.

    But I’m now letting you in on a secret which could possibly be the best and most unique restaurant I have been to in the world (and I’ve travelled a lot). It is called Etno Village at the Solaris beach near the town of Sibenik. As Anthony Burdain said….. if you don’t go here your a blo..dy idiot : ) Do yourself a favour and Google it

  3. Hi Edward, so happy that you share my affection for Croatian pizza! Istrian one must come with prosciutto and maybe rocket salad, does it?! I know Jupiter, it’s been there for quite sometime. And Croatian wine is excellent – white in Istria, and red in Dalmatia. And if you order a house wine in a restaurant, it’s cheap and good. People underestimate Croatian cuisine, or just think of it under some other better known cuisine – like Italian. I’m working on one travel guide and they don’t even offer a choice of Croatian cuisine instead they told me to categorize restaurant offering typical Istrian food as Eastern European, or Italian. While it can have some common ground, it’s really not the same. Thanks again for stopping by. Glad to hear that you’ve enjoyed your holidays here. Cheers!

  4. Frank, you are spot on about the pizza in Croatia. We just spent two weeks there in June and loved the food in general and the pizza especially. Our favourite is the Istrian pizza, which we ate in Istria (Jupiter Pizzeria in Pula was really good), always with a great Croatian wine, another great find. We’re back in Vancouver now and made an Istrian pizza last night. Not quite the same, but the memories were there. Someone needs to open a Croatian restaurant here. Cheers, Edward

  5. This happens to me all the time, too. I stopped watching Bourdain’s No Reservations at night time, ’cause I always ended up having a late night snacks after watching it :)

  6. Reading this post reminds me that it’s getting late and I haven’t eaten dinner yet. Unfortunately, nothing looks as good as that pizza does!

  7. Hi Suzanne, so glad that Nick enjoyed Croatia so much to inspire all of you to visit it in the future. Split is really beautiful, and it has very nice vibe. It’s one of my favorite spots in Croatia too. Let us know if you need any info on Croatia while planning your trip here. We would be happy to help.

  8. Thanks for stopping by, Wendy! Glad to hear that your friend enjoyed it so much to be plotting how to move permanently here. Awesome!

  9. Hi Wendy. Yes, Croatia is beautiful, and I am not surprised your friend didn’t mention pizza. I’m just maybe too obsessed with this dish :)

  10. Thanks for stopping by, Taralyn! Yes, I love a thin crust pizza too. Otherwise, you just taste too much dough and not enough fresh ingredients from the toppings.

  11. I have a friend from Croatia who always tells me how beautiful it is, but she never mentioned the pizza! I’ll have to ask her. And now I want pizza!

  12. Yes please to the pizza.
    A friend of mine honeymooned in Croatia and is now plotting how to live there full time!

  13. I love pizza – I would never associate Croatia with pizza…silly me! I should tell you that I have been fairly unfamiliar with Croatia until recently. My son Nick who studies at UCLA went to Florence,Italy to study for four months. He was fortunate to travel all over Europe. However his favorite spot? Split. He LOVED IT. All of the kids (college kids) loved it. Their photos are amazing and they loved the food there. Nick has now inspired our daughter to travel there in April. My husband and I have put Croatia at the top of our list as well. I will be back to your blog again very soon and will share it with my family and friends. Visiting from SITS Suzanne

  14. Never tried it but it seems I should add it to my bucket list. I love how dishes can be adapted to various places. I’m sorry to hear you almost got clobbered by the pizza chef though :P

  15. I never knew pizza was so good in Croatia. I LOVE thin crust pizza cooked in those super hot pizza ovens. I might have to add Croatia to my bucket list. Love the blog. Visiting from the SITS girls comment love.

  16. Lol, Ana Lynn! I usually order Pepone pizza, that is just a fancy name for Slavonska (minus the egg). You are right about flavored crust, although I am not a huge fan of it. But you’ll not find it here.

  17. It sounds very good! Thanks for sharing with us what it is like. I’m coming by from #SITSBlogging.

  18. Hi Webly! Thanks for your comment and for the invitation. Would love to visit Haiti and try a pizza at Pizza Garden.

  19. I am not a big pizza fan, especially the ones that are made too quickly but a good brick oven pizza is always to die for. Hope to try one in Croatia and also invite you to try one in Haiti at Pizza Garden.

  20. Great post! We definitely had some (unexpectedly) wonderful pizza while we were in Croatia! It was definitely a welcome surprise, safe travels!

  21. You should have seen the expression on my husband’s name when he ordered Slavonska (since he likes everything HOT!!) and it came with an egg on top of it! Yes, we have awesome pizzas I’ll admit that. The only thing that I miss on Croatian pizza vs the American one (gasp! blasphemy! I know :( ) is the flavored crust. I haven’t seen that around here in my entire life (and mind you I was born and raised here).

  22. The first 5 lines made me laugh hard, haha, good one.

    “Frank”ly, I arrived here right after many years of being in the U.S. and right after those times pizza finally tasted gooood. I would like to say the pizza is really good here but want to be sure not only because we know how pizza is on the other side of the ocean.. But your post made me want to get a pizza .. like the next week! Thanks :-)

    I agree with the first comment, I was eating so many other type of food here but yeah let’s get a pizza next week! Bon appetit, Everyone!

  23. Whooops, lucky you came back alive!
    I always tell people to avoid pizza in Croatia, as we have SO many other things to try. But fine, I’ll admit its damn good, and I eat it often!

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