Konoba Tramerka Volosko Croatia | Croatia Restaurant Guide

Konoba Tramerka

Weekend was approaching and I really had some good plans ahead, but Friday afternoon brought a surprise… and at first not a pleasant one. The working Saturday :-(.

Konoba Tramerka Volosko Croatia | Croatia Restaurant Guide

Konoba Tramerka Volosko Croatia | Croatia Restaurant Guide

Ok, the work itself wasn't that terrible – I had to attend Coffee Festival in Opatija, Croatia. I decided to put aside the fact I had to but didn't choose to be there. And guess what?! It worked and turned out to be a great Saturday in Opatija.

The day before my colleague just couldn't stop talking about a little konoba in Volosko near Opatija. And my colleague is one of those people to whom you simply trust when it comes to food and wine.

{Konoba is very common eatery in Croatia, specially in the coastal region, most often set in an old, stone, probably renovated house in a countryside or a village. Konoba doesn't have extensive menu, but the food is normally provided from the local producers and farms, prepared and served by owner and his/her family members}.

Volosko is a little fishing village, that deserves the whole post for itself but lets just shortly say that it has three good restaurants: Konoba Tramerka, Plavi Podrum, and Valle Losca. All three places offer great food in an amazing setting.

Everybody in Croatia heard of those three places, and since I already had to spend my Saturday in Opatija, I decided to have a lunch at Konoba Tramerka.

Set in the narrow cobbled street just above the waterfront in Volosko, konoba Tramerka has only 4 tables outside, and can accommodate about 30 people inside. It is a beautiful, rustic place, with stone walls, vaulted ceilings and very intimate atmosphere.

Fish Tartar, Konoba Tramerka in Volosko

Fish Tartar

We started with some marinated anchovies and pilchards, proceeded with fish tartar made of Atlantic bonito (cro. Palamida), and for the main course we had a fish stew made of Thorn-back ray (cro. Gregada od raže).

With its friendly staff, great food, good choice of wine and reasonable prices, konoba Tramerka is really a good choice for dining out.

Since this first visit, we've been to konoba Tramerka many, many times. And we always enjoyed food here more than words can describe. If you are in Istria, or Kvarner region, make sure you stop for a superb meal at konoba Tramerka. For us, it's perheps, the best seafood restaurant in all Croatia.

Konoba Tramerka: Location on map

7 replies
  1. Roy
    Roy says:

    Hi Frank,

    Thank you for your suggestion. I’ve actually heard about Johnson from tasteofcroatia.com but felt that it might be too inaccessible without a car. I will try my luck with Tramerka and give them a call when I am about to leave.

  2. Roy
    Roy says:

    Hi Frank,

    Thank you for your posts, your blog has been a most helpful resource for my research on my upcoming trip. I just want to find out from you if scampi from Kvarner is usually available at Konoba Tramerka. Most reviews I’ve read about it are on fish but very little seafood and I am looking forward to try that famed scampi!

    • frankaboutcroatia
      frankaboutcroatia says:

      Hi Roy,
      honestly, I haven’t eaten scampi at Tramerka. Normally Kvarner scampi are at the season in May (when they catch them the most and they are on all menus and relatively cheap), but you can find them at other times as well. As far as I know, you get more chance to get Kvarner scampi at restaurant Johnson in Moscenicka Draga (review will be published shortly) and Martin Pescador. I would suggest you to call in advance and ask if scampi are fresh and from Kvarner Bay.

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