Restaurant Martin Pescador, Istria

Restaurant Martin Pescador is located in a little village Trget, not far from Rabac. Trget is a typical fishing village in Istria. To reach the restaurant Martin Pescador, you need to take a road that looks like abolished a long time ago. It runs along river Rasa. You would pass by funny looking port Rasa and a custom terminal.

It might seem like you made a wrong turn, and you’ve arrived in the middle of nowhere. Don’t give up and keep going. This road ends in village Trget, a tiny fishing village, at the estuary of river Rasa.

There are few family houses in Trget (no hotels!), lots of small boats and sailing boats anchored, and two restaurants. One of them is a restaurant Martin Pescador.

Restaurant Martin Pescador, Terrace
Terrace, Martin Pescador Restaurant

Martin Pescador is a fish restaurant. Fish is fresh from Adriatic, prices are fair. Great choice of shells and other sea food: crabs, lobsters, sea bass, anchovies, sardines, etc.

Istria Fish Restaurant
Crab Meat

We went for a lunch to restaurant Martin Pescador. The weather wasn’t great and we couldn’t eat outside. It was a shame, ’cause the terrace is nice and it is directly at the seafront, a meter from the sea. The interior of restaurant Martin Pescador is decorated with many ships’ details: magnetic compass, bearing reporter, some port holes, steering wheel. The bar is made of old wooden row boat.

Croatia Fish Restaurant
Bar At Restaurant Martin Pescador

There is a room with a fireplace and wooden benches, the style of traditional Istrian tavern. The other dining room is more formal with proper tables and chairs. At restaurant Martin Pescador, you get three different extra virgin olive olives to choose from. Single sort olive oil Salvela Buza, and multi-sort extra virgin olive oil Negri and Belic Selekcija. The house wine is Franc Arman Malvasia.

Restaurant Martin Pescador, Interior

For starters we chose crab and marinated sardines. Crab meat was simply prepared and served within scallop shell. Sardines were marinated in vinegar and served with chopped onions. Excellent!

Crab and Marinated Sardines, Croatia
Crab and Marinated Sardines

The meal continued with fried calamari – fresh calamari from Adriatic. Yes, you pay more, but they taste so much better. They are definitely worth the difference.

Fried Calamari From the Adriatic, Istria
Fried Calamari From the Adriatic

I like pasta a lot. So our natural choice were spaghetti with clams and tagliatelle with shrimps. Spaghetti was great, prepared with white wine, olive oil, parsley and breadcrumbs. The only little down side was that the quantity of shells was tiny. Portions are huge.

Spaghetti With Clams, Istria
Spaghetti With Clams

For desert I had the pancakes.

The total cost, for 3 persons, with wine, coffee and a bottle of water, 460 kn (approx. 60 euros, or 20 euros per person).

Restaurant Martin Pescador: contacts

Contact | a: Trget 20, Trget | t: +385 52 544 976

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  1. hola a todos mi familia y yo estuvimos en este restaurante hace 2 años ,lo recomiendo por su pescado fresco y bien cocinado y por su atencion ,somos gallegos de ourense ,saludos

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