5 reasons to visit Opatija in spring and fall

Visit Opatija, Croatia during the off-season (spring and fall) to fully appreciate it. The town became a popular resort for the international elite and Austrian-Hungarian nobility in the late 19th century.

Reasons To Visit Opatija Croatia | Croatia Travel Tips
Reasons To Visit Opatija Croatia | Croatia Travel Tips

Although, since that time, Opatija has fallen into a slow decline, it still attracts many tourist and it is especially popular in spring and fall.

I’ve already written about the reasons why you should not visit Opatija in summer. Now I want to do a justice to this resort town, and let you know why you need to visit Opatija during the off-season. It still has a lot to offer to its visitors, and it is a charming town. You just need to know when to visit. And in my opinion the perfect time to visit Opatija is in spring and fall.

Reasons to visit Opatija

#1: Wellness

Located between mountains and the sea, Opatija has always been known for its pure air and health beneficial aerosols. Since 19th century, visitors have been coming to Opatija to improve their general well-being.

Visiti Opatija: Wellness in Opatija
Visiti Opatija: Wellness in Opatija

Today many Opatija hotels feature spa & wellness centers. Most hotels feature interior swimming pool with sea water for maximum health benefits. It’s a great place to spend a wellness break.

#2: Walking

Opatija is often called Vienna by the sea due to its history and architecture. The town center still contains a great number of 19th century buildings. Its three parks, Angiolina Park, St. Jacob Park and Margarita Park, are monuments of garden architecture. They feature over hundred different varieties of plants originating from all over the world.

Visiti Opatija: Seafront promenade
Visiti Opatija: Seafront promenade

Its seafront promenade is a hundred years old and 12 km long. It is perfect for easy and pleasant walks by the sea. Another walking path is 5 km long Carmen Sylva forest promenade. Opatija is truly a great place if you enjoy long strolls through the parks and by the sea.

#3: Gastronomy

If you ask me, a perfect weekend break needs to include plenty of nice things to eat. And Opatija is a right place to do just that! From classy seafood restaurants to bistro style dining, it has something for everyone. The one thing in common to all these restaurants is really tasty food.

Fishing village Volosko is the real deal with its charming harbor and al fresco dining along the sea. My favorite place is konoba Tramerka.

Visit Opatija: Restaurants
Visit Opatija: Restaurants

Kastav, a charming hilltop town, is another gastronomy gem. Check out a fine dining restaurant Kukuriku. Or just enjoy local and casual dining at konoba Pul Kukuriku. The outdoor terrace offers amazing views over the bay. In Opatija itself, the hot spot restaurant is a restaurant Bevanda.

#4: Joie de vivre

Opatija is famous for its cafes. Many people from Zagreb go to Opatija just for a day to have a coffee at one of its terraces. Take the moment out of your day and enjoy an espresso or cafe latte in one of numerous Opatija cafes.

Visit Opatija: Beautiful cafes with outdoor terraces
Visit Opatija: Beautiful cafes with outdoor terraces

Regardless of the weather, watching the world go by on one of seafront terraces is the ultimate activity in Opatija. Check cafe Wagner for its homemade praline or cafe Kvarner for its homemade mignon.

#5: Accommodation Prices

Avoid hustle and bustle of summer crowd and profit of favorable accommodation rates of Opatija hotels. Accommodation rates drop down significantly in spring and fall.

Do you like weekend breaks? Where do you usually go on a weekend break? Let us know in the comments below?


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43 thoughts on “5 reasons to visit Opatija in spring and fall”

  1. We are going to Opitija during third week of September. Does that fall into your “good time to visit”? Will be trying a couple of the restaurants as we love good seafood and good wine!

  2. I last visited during springtime a few years ago, late March I think it was. It wasn’t cold and wasn’t warm, and there was a pleasant waft of nostalgia blowing on the chilly wind. We had a very pleasant long stroll, a great lunch and pretty good massages. Overall, quite nice. :)

  3. What a pretty place! You don’t even need all five reasons to convince me to want to go. :)

  4. Thanks, Nicole! Let us know if you come back, we’ll love to show you around. Love your story, btw, truly inspirational. Safe travels, and good luck with all your blogging projects.

  5. I love Croatia! Ive only seen such a very very small part of it but these photos make me want to see so much more! This place looks exactly like the type of place I would want to visit :)

  6. Thanks for stopping by, Erin! I’ve checked your blog. And just like you, I am more a red wine person, but here I learnt to appreciate white wine too. Let us know if you decide to visit, we would love to take you for a lunch.

  7. Love this post! We were invited on a press trip to experience the food and culture of the Kvarner region this past Fall and I can’t imagine a better time to visit. I wish we had additional time to explore Opatija on our own, but we were on a tight schedule afterwards. I definitely want to head back this year and spend a few days — friendly people, incredible food, and surprisingly great wines. We thoroughly enjoyed Opatija!

    And will defl check out this Sunday Traveler — I haven’t heard about it before!

  8. Hi Monika, Opatija is pretty. If you’ve done redesigning your site, come this Sunday to join us for the #SundayTraveler.

  9. Thanks Heather! The coffee culture is really strong in Croatia. People love to have their coffee outside, and to take their time while enjoying it.

  10. This looks like such a cute place! I’m currently dream-planning my trip to Croatia so will be filing this away. I would definitely enjoy sipping a coffee on one of those gorgeous terraces!

  11. Great recommendation – off-season is always the best. With you and Mrs. Chasing the Donkey singing the praises of Croatia, it’s hard to pick someplace else for our next southern European destination.

  12. I would love to be laying on that bed in the first picture…making getting a nice relaxing massage. I wouldn’t mind staying there for awhile…

  13. Thanks, Isabel. I read your lovely article about New Year’s Day trip. Love that old road by the sea from Istria to Opatija.

  14. Hi Ann, thanks for your comment. If you are coming into the Northern part, and in the off-season, you’ll be better in Istria than on the one of the nearby islands. You can visit Krk for a day (connected with a bridge to the mainland) or Cres (a short ferry hop).

  15. Since I’m thinking of going to Croatia during that time of the year, and only staying within the Northern part of the country… do you think it’s a better option over one of the nearby islands?

  16. I could use a nice wellness break right now – a place with good food and nice walking paths by the sea sounds about perfect!

  17. That terrace photo is stunning and you can see why you would travel there for just one day. I have added some many places to my Croatian travel wish list this weekend thanks to this link up! xx

  18. I agree – the best time to visit Opatija is during the off-season. I spent a very pleasant New Year’s Day there which I wrote about recently on Istria Outside My Window. I also really like the nearby town of Lovran and love the seaside promenade.

  19. Thanks A Southern Gypsy for your comment. Make a stop on your way back from SE Asia. If that ever happens. Maybe you fall in love with the region so much, that you stay there forever :-)

  20. Y’all really don’t have to keep giving me reasons to go back to Croatia…I get it, it’s an amazing country :D All joking aside, I really can’t wait to get back there and thanks for another great post :)

  21. Aerosols… although, they say that there is lots of laurel planted around, and vapors can make people go crazy :-). Don’t know if it’s true.

  22. Good point! Should add few suggestions on accommodation. They are renovating hotel Kvarner (the first Croatian hotel; built in 1884); So in 2014 that will definitely be a place to go.

  23. Well, I can definitely see how Opatija would improve my well-being… Croatia just keeps on giving! Lovely post, guys. Good luck!

  24. Yes, Travis. You still have a chunk of the country to discover. So there is a reason to come back. Let us know if you do so. We would love to show you around.

  25. We loved traveling through Croatia in the off season. The weather was still beautiful, but the crowds were so much thinner. I couldn’t imagine some of the places we visited in the summer! We had wanted to visit Opatija (It cam highly recommended by a few friends), but we just couldn’t fit it in during our all-to-short stay! We will definitely add it to the list for next time though! Safe travels!

  26. Hi Bruce,
    thanks for the tip. I know about Santa Croce, although I haven’t eaten there myself. I will certainly put it on my list for this spring / summer. Na moru is now a good reason to visit Cres again. Happy to share that there is a new old place opening in Rovinj tomorrow. Kantinon, I don’t know if you are familiar. The place is revamped and a new menu will be introduced. I will report back on the quality.

  27. Hi Frank

    My favourite fish restaurant until I visited Tramerka was in Valun, on Cres. Its called Na Moru. The fish is always perfectly cooked and the service is great. The restaurant is right next to sea, with great views. The stolno Malvasia is some of the best that I have tried.
    We also like Santa Croce in Rovinj – again really good seafood including excellent carpacio of brancin.


  28. Hi Bruce,
    thanks for your comment. I am so happy that you have enjoyed it. Is there any other place you have visited and would recommend me to check out?

  29. Hi Frank
    Mnay thanks for the tip about Konoba Tramerka – the best seafood that I have had in Croatia.
    Best wishes

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