Wine and dine events Istria

Wine and dine events Istria are held throughout the year. Some of wine and dine events Istria are more established and better known while others are locally known. But all wine and dine events Istria, if you ask Frank, are worth visiting. There is only one condition: you need to like eating well and drinking good wines. Taste buds have no reason to be bored in Istria with Frank’s list of the top wine and dine events Istria. Wine and die, I mean dine, Istrian way!

Top wine and dine events Istria


Wine and Dine Events Istria: Vinistra Wine fair
Selection of istrian wines

Vinistra is definitely one of the must visit wine and dine events Istria. It is the biggest wine fair in Istria. It takes place in May in Porec. The fair is open to public. The entrance fee is around 12 euros but you can taste as many wines as you want. There is also obligatory 3.5 € glass deposit that you get back once you return the glass. Beside general fair, there are special diners with wine pairing (additional fees apply).

Open Cellar Day

Wine and Dine Events Istria: Open Wie Cellars Day
Wine Cellar

The last Sunday if May, participating wine makers open their cellars for public. Tasting is free of charge. Simple food is served. If you like what you taste, we advise you to support he event by purchasing some wine.

Rural houses [agritourism] open days

Wine and Dine Events Istria: Rural Houses
Local eateries

This wine and dine events Istria gives you an economic way to immerse in the local food. Selected number of rural houses open their doors to the guests during the month of November. The deal is simple: you get a three course meal for 60 Kn (approx. 8,5 euros) per person.

Young Olive Oil Fair

Wine and Dine Events Istria: Young Olive Oil Fair
Young Olive Oil Fair

Every year in mid-November, Young Olive Oil fair takes place in Vodnjan, Istria. Olive oil producers from all over the country present their fresh olive oil. The entrance is free. However if you want to consume food and drinks you need to buy a glass (4.5 €), and food and drink vouchers (1 € a piece).

Restaurant Week

Wine and Dine Events Istria: Restaurant Week
design Food at Hotel Lone

Event takes place in early October. Participating restaurants all over Istria offer three course menus for fixed price of 14 €.

Wine fair Gracisce
Wine fair in Gracisce takes place every March/ April, on Easter Monday. This wine fair is interesting because it happens throughout the town, at the open air.

Truffle fair

Wine and Dine Events Istria: Truffles Fair
Truffles at Truffle Fair in Istria

Truffle fair in Livade takes place every Sunday during the month of October. Location is the village Livade, the center of Istrian truffle region. You can sample local wines and olive oils and truffle dishes. You can participate in truffle hunting demonstrations free of charge.

Prosciutto Fest Tinjan

Wine and Dine Events Istria: Prosciutto Fair
Istran ham – Prosciutto

Prosciutto fair in Tinjan takes place every October. The prosciutto producers from all over the country present their produce. Beside prosciutto, you can taste home made sausages, dry and smoked pork loin and other cured meat.

Sole Fish Days

Wine and Dine Events Istria: Sole Fish Days
Sole Fish Carpaccio in Istrian restaurant

From mid October to the end of November, selected restaurants in North-West Istria offer sole fish centered menus for affordable prices.

Seashells Days

Wine and Dine Events Istria: Seashells Days
Scallops in Novigrad

Throughout February and March, when seashells are at their best, selected restaurants in Istria offer seashells centered menus for affordable prices.

Wild asparagus Days
From mid March until mid May, wild asparagus are collected in the Istrian forests. Selected  restaurants offer menus based on this excellent product.

Istria Gourmet Festival Umag

Wine and Dine Events Istria: Gourmet Festival Umag
Gourmet Festival Umag

Every July, during ATP Tennis tournament in Umag, there is a gourmet festival. Istria Gourmet Festival program includes: three of the best local restaurants, along with local wine and olive oil producers, prepare daily local specialties for; Istria Gourmet Restaurant offers dinners and tastings for journalists and VIP guests, whilst the Association of Istrian Wine Producers organizes thematic evenings based on local wines. Gourmet Festival is definitely one of wine and dine events in Istria worth attending. Even more if you happen to be tennis enthusiast.

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