Restaurant Kornat Zadar

Restaurant Kornat Zadar is located at the Zadar seafront, just outside the city walls and not far from the sea organs. It is a popular fish restaurant in Zadar. This was Frank’s second time here. He enjoyed fresh fish and seafood and laid back but friendly service.

Restaurant Kornat Zadar: Overview

Restaurant Kornat is an upscale seafood restaurant in Zadar. Both times Frank went here for a business lunch.

Restaurant Kornat Zadar: Interior
Interior of the restaurant Kornat Zadar

The waiter was friendly, though a bit laid back. He proposed the restaurant’s menu. But Frank and his party was more interested in waiter’s suggestion than menu itself. The waiter proposed monkfish with black truffles and Istrian traditional pasta called fuzi. But they were in Dalmatia, not in Istria, and nobody was interested in eating Istrian dish in Dalmatia. Instead they wanted something more authentic.

Restaurant Kornat Zadar: Tune pate
Tuna pate

The waiter listed all the fresh fish they had that day. And he even brought it on a tray to the table.

The meal started with tuna pâté. For starter everybody had a plate of seafood appetizers: sardines in savor, marinated anchovies, marinated sea-bass, and marinated scampi. It was interesting, but a bit too acid.

Restaurant Kornat Zadar: Marinated seafood
Plate of marinated seafood

For the main meal, the whole group went with grilled fish, chard and potatoes, Adriatic squids and grilled scampi. People at Frank’s table found fish a bit too dry, but for Frank it was fine. He likes his fish well done. Accompanying wine was Istrian white wine Malvasia Benvenutti.

Restaurant Kornat Zadar: fish
Grilled fish, calamari and scampi

Choice of desserts was vast: chocolate cake, fig tart, lemon cake and pistachio cake. For his dessert Frank chose fig tart. Unfortunately they didn’t have any dessert wine. And instead the waiter served a glass of maraschino. Maraschino is a local liquor made of cherries.

Restaurant Kornat Zadar: Dessert
Fig tart

The bill was high, over 50 € per person. The fish was fresh and, at least for Frank, well prepared. However, marinated seafood they had for starter was too acid. Also, there is no attention to details, and no plate art to experience at the restaurant Kornat Zadar.

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